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Brad Faxon, PGA Tour

Feb 19, 2010|

Fax joins D&C to break some news on today's Tiger Woods press conference

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan -- for a flat bread photo caption contest Friday the whole world turns her attention a TPC sawgrass. Today at 11 o'clock and I mean the whole world to -- a national event. Of this nature I mean this is like in a state of the -- -- -- a verdict if you win for being like yeah the OJ thing -- sure you know Clinton impeachment yeah yeah like that but there's no suspense here I mean none other than you and I -- the big bet on whether his -- yeah yeah. Whether you one's gonna be there but no one's expecting any surprises yet world -- What other than tiger would rather talk to about the subject so would we spent yesterday scouring the -- on -- help Brad -- 2000 jobs Brad -- and we found in Mexico blown down the first early season shipment of HGH. To get ready for the upcoming a golf season Brad -- how -- What are we. Expect expect -- where where in Mexico like old news and a nice place like slot last night. It's beautiful we're just outside Cancun that beautiful Maricopa resort -- Greg Norman designed the course the uneven you you couldn't get out for free but it -- -- particular case. And you're not getting up for free sunscreen -- internment done right. Arabic armored. Will -- 12 o'clock Central Park today and and yet. This jury this is a five sir please click and start expects illegals but. Now everybody out what what do you suspect. The feeling is at the X venture at your tournament on the PGA tour are they sick of it they wanna hear this are they roll their eyes something in between Brad what what's the take. I just match so well that it -- brat brat stop where central it'll be over. It's on and center right. This is -- I don't want you to miss it if you stop watching 12 central they'll be like. Ellen DeGeneres shall be on yet if tiger will be released on at 10:10 central 11 eastern. OK and sensual barometric I'm at my mobile TV followed out here. It. So you were saying well. Well it. -- Such a mixed bag out in between all the players in the chilling you know. Nota begay who went to him the boot tiger actually withdrew from the terminated earlier with a daily limit it is not an easy place or cheap place to get through. He would he would through city it attend a press conference. -- -- Michael Jordan contribute I know you would not going to be there. It's it's it's kind of ironic that he scheduled this truck company during that X venture that wayward he would. Dropped it and -- by country the first butler who dropped it. Who. You know commissioner finchem is allowing -- to do that after teepee -- progress which I don't know of the tigers -- trying to be life and or another thing it -- Pick it up you know where you yeah. Yeah everything with the surprise here in old invited. With the unreal three golf writers become. And they actually -- -- duck boat advocated. And Doug -- electric -- Where thinking about boycotting the poll because it you know you're not allowed that question is gonna be a prepared statement. And editorial. And -- opinion there are here. Are you know it's funny some people think that this may be great look I'm. Go to -- yes things are going finally become -- a -- around Orlando Roman go to the bastard war. Some people say hey look I'm done I'm retired yet -- you linked to a deal done well well. Well I never thought he could do anything that would you know take away from -- can't play golf but no I don't think that. But it it's funny to me why would -- -- Statement we're not that while request. What -- are you gonna -- and I'm. Well a -- my sense is Brad this is a process and this is just the first little baby step in the process. -- to -- this trial balloon out there let people see what he looks like and I mean physically whether he's damaged an emotionally what his demeanor areas. Again his statement out there again and I -- stunning bit of video announcement there's no press conference here. And then maybe have a stock where you gets a little mother traveled crumbs tossed two -- -- we see him play -- and -- -- or -- -- -- And then after that on May be bay hill and the masters I think this is just kind of opening the front door and peeking out standing on the porch and then running back inside for a little bit. Yeah there's there's no question and maybe -- go packed with Hillary had. -- I don't know how to -- a wanna find out whether you know. I've heard. You know the lead. There could be your Billy Payne at the masters who run the -- is that look got a lot. -- -- to be your first tournament back we don't want to circuits become literate yet you know at this year at. Permanent Torre kind of lawyer who are now the farmer insurer in the used to be the vehicle that tiger sponsors. There were. -- out there you know dragon. Kind behind them you know that I do don't -- about a block any part of. And if they think the masters would be the only turn meant on the face of God's green earth that would say noted tiger if you wanted to be the first one to come back when everybody else like welcome don't say please let's go get the ratings for -- No question on -- -- nobody should note tiger and you know I don't know boot drive -- that but fear this would mark Steinberg. Is that tiger's wishes and -- it's just very interest in the whole thing -- played out and you know that I don't know if you're you looked in the back home at the with a picture Carter -- running like he. You know long sleeved shirt result -- out look crappy and normal. I think they're trying to control this thing in my opinion if it Peter and appeared contrite. And then apologetic about everything who see I don't know I hope this is open is being sent the world again. The cropped out the -- well aware that -- -- -- with a sand wedge issue it which was nice but hey Brad tell us more Michael Jordan's going to be there and notably gay. And you that is not what else you know about it. Lot I know Tim finchem that that this stuff while the law that they're at sawgrass. I don't quite understand or tiger could very easily do this who. I'll work in Orlando where he lived in and control it even even more. You know I I noted a great profit percent at sawgrass to you know totally. Who have -- that Cadillac have allowed. Well how cold Coke what. What do I don't know out there and by little I know that what would a guy like nota begay withdraw from the term it would out of reason not the final -- -- we don't have a a popular allows you withdraw without being in particular insured so. I don't know I think tiger really want to present there that's that's why this thing is it more even -- in the streets and. What is your feeling and the feeling of your fellow professionals down there about his. Chances of -- back in the ground running of winning golf tournaments this year winning majors this year. Well there's -- No player out here that doesn't think he can do that I mean everybody knows that -- -- tigers in the best player ever and he's overcome. Any obstacle to -- speaking you'll try anything. Off the golf course there you know out of his mind it at any time in a maturity can do that again. And you know there's a mixed bag feeling between the players out here and there are some players. That are better may have been disappointed. At at how he handled it through what he's done and other players you know you know David -- would be one of those currently don't realize they're in the opposite side will be Kenny Perry ignited and they looked in need -- -- -- so. Regarding gotta feel it. Just above the what is the Viles say they used to be buddies. Well they were but you know you could you know do -- he turned into real feeling -- you know he's. Happily married got a couple control. You know it new life and and food Duvall and then my life where what were off friend and you know. I think he he's he's disappointed collide. The latest -- been handled and you know everybody's in shock of the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- don't know -- the -- can -- would be. It would be fantastic in the press conference if you laid out the actual timeline of when that happened instead of you know this stuff all guessing at all Crockett about a -- that would remove. You already in all things we -- about how does this affect me how -- tools affect the PGA players -- you guys sick of being asked about it -- do you do an interview does anybody do an interview were tiger at least isn't the first or second question. -- -- -- -- out of their miles M&M if you had enough. Well yeah you always travel a little interviews now about you are about golf because color. You know. I would pick pouring in this case but you know you kind of whatever you know you have to be about how well you just plain. -- -- -- A life -- on the way beyond golf -- For us what we don't get too many articles. And opinion for your radar online there. Entertainment. Now you're moving into the -- thing that we're just -- used to handle my credit analyst. Well it took. It's it's older people need to get overbooked -- that the outlook -- this popular throughout -- different. We're learning what golf. Will be like -- could be like without tiger. You know we we got a pretty good solid gold while old. -- who noted that they've done a great job in the economy. No no we don't have many open space on our. To treat them now. Well I guess that's one way to measure written at least give it to to this question the old cliche is -- all of this particular individual is not bigger than the game Barry Bonds Roger Clemens not bigger than baseball. Is tiger really of making people refile the cliche is. Tiger not big in the game of golf but I gotta tell you Brad if he's up play in all this year he -- out an entire year Natalie well. They should turn on the set -- you know you're there for crying out loud fills them last group. Right well you know fruitful and have to pick up the flak we got to have some other guys that they can do it in. You know I'd like cat. Saying the cliche nobody's figured -- you know guys like Arnold and Jack would actually say that. -- to ensure that out of tigers now or of the action you know. We thought that the great players tried to help. The big -- in between route a lot of different way and well I hope that our top players -- realize. Hey everybody says it's going to be tough for him to win back women and you might have to go on Oprah and cried because women are more offended by what he did the men. Public the wives spread the wives of the they pissed -- disgusted by his behavior. I think so well. I currently have cut -- hold small book -- -- has. Yet the tiger has. Yeah at this it's unbelievable and you know I think a lot of armor wondered what what are you gonna do -- local. I know in my situation I I pulled the flow. I'd be it would be about body part. Bibi spit in shipments are up you know human pretty well and that's of the speculation in fact you know Vegas has odds as to whether she will be there today. We read on radar online where he is begging her to show up in a show of solidarity and you seem to be resistant to that idea. Based on you know what you know about her personality in her her strength of character and all that you'd think she's going to allow herself to be used today as a prop in this press conference. No way absolutely not -- area. -- -- try to focus you. Know. Michael Jordan's going to be up in other Nike thugs gonna be there. -- -- Barkley got invited to feed show would you look at the tigers and the code and -- Brett Brett and I that thousand bucks big villa he says that eyes and know what wedeman elegant evening news is that I'm saying it and he's gonna be and golf attire he may or may not have happened is not. But he's -- -- I think he's gonna well the import is indoors or outdoors Brad. I thought a lot but my my assessment is my assumption is it's indoors so it looks to put a hat are. Jerry is saying he's gonna wear a -- -- something your shirt -- a couple of my point is -- -- want him to look like he has always look so this press conference was played back a thousand times a day for the next thousand years tiger looked the way he always -- not separate from the way you know tiger. Right this is that golf clothes yeah. My guess I mean this -- code but that doesn't do anybody good. Discussing it at that that's golf could do we're heading towards. Our addiction to change in my area you know right right right -- -- out old that would be traded -- tell us about that on yeah. And Ray Allen to be treated to not lose and it's awful and a suitable Jerry ion. I wouldn't be the arbiter here at that was I don't know whose parents and the first part of the discussion and we just. Never never that's -- don't drive Brandon to despite don't drag backs into this. It would also needed no facts it was the last time stamped eleven watch and -- those figures did you like to figure skating last night -- on on the Olympics. You know it's funny or or Mexico so not -- they have a lot of American kennel that we that the media Olympic but -- I heard it does not want next in aptly in the Olympic Games though -- haven't covered complete. Earlier. -- in opening. I gotta get very good night. Let's go there. Let me know while ago -- and you're cracked open and you know I -- that's you know I will. Well we'll talk you down the road there doctors -- Brad Faxon joining us on AT&T hot line from Mexico at the HGH comes from rice even after one ran shows 71 he's tied with David Duvall -- but it. Which is goodies that whole bunch of guys some good some good blossoms on the field. And children's leading yeah I would look all the guys at 71 even par. What's threat net how are torment the fax seven under will. No picks -- at the top of the leaderboard. Him now notes but again as yeah dentists to Jason gore Jeff Maggert. For a page and Calcavecchia. Jerry Kelly. Is still in the hunt John -- -- -- three under which pure. With the -- -- -- with the thought -- -- We're gonna take a break it's a caption contest free -- flat bread photo caption contest Friday -- by the way join us on AT&T -- AT&T better three G experience he broke news you know I'm no Michael -- always be there and illegal and you Nordegren woods will not.

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