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Tim Kelley, NECN Weather Man

Feb 9, 2010|

Mikey's old pal from NECN tells us what we have in store in terms of weather and a snow storm on Wednesday.

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-- -- 'cause they get seven. He's a well respected man about town. We're talking about Tim Kelly meteorologist for -- CNN. It. Back I'm better than expected that they have not around out any bar. When it's good you know every we all had our moments did we. Those but it it'll be eight -- why people are you there are about any yet there it you know. Idiot today out that any. Or at -- Avid gone from there for twelve years. I know you want to I was there -- differs six years of that network in men have been costs. And -- every six Ers all shall. Right area of server. Ever the -- of the night ahead forced goalie goalies. Jim Kelly is a meteorologist. Out of -- dual state we will mention that. -- -- Wait. One of the more respected. Meteorologists -- -- -- in all of New England course without question and answer what I everybody's curious what time snow gonna hit tomorrow and where and how much are we gonna get an elect -- comes along with -- -- snowstorm. When and where and how are so what do you have had expressed an -- that I'm sure yeah yeah. You -- air funny story -- -- I've picked the lock it it -- aperture -- opt in all -- it. Oh yeah I get it got to not eat eat and Eric -- Elkhart eight. And and a funny thing is that computer model is out that our lights out or it is real. Wedeman -- is that the lakers Bentley under article I thought it. What's the truth. It is we now now -- at the sixty now street art by Q tiger. -- the miner. Act act or. Read about and I now what what time you anticipate that if for the onset of this snowfall. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right. I know yard where you have to because it's a technology you'll ruin your common sense. Right yeah it yet yet -- well how's everybody over the house Mike the key displease. It looked like it are written better there is due at 8 o'clock -- Dick Clark -- the last few years did me. And I. News or he -- had some issues. And death house top Melville all the gang they're all good. -- at the box but it all layer op. Not stop you know we that corporate structure now. -- again whether it usually designed right now. And I remember -- to be the news you need is on right after this infomercial. And that you looked on but now we get -- like Jenny in out. You country out all eat yeah I'll pop and there were really print it out and you know worried. WW -- yeah. Course you because you're you regional regional network like any other. Tim Kelly nice talk radio buddy. Like oh you're you're fairly well -- well and not any -- -- --

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