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Casey Kelly, Red Sox Pitching Prospect

Jan 7, 2010|

Casey talked about his decision to choose professional baseball over college football, why he committed to play football at Tennessee over other big name college football programs, the decision to pitch full-time as opposed to playing shortstop, what he needs to improve on as a pitcher, how his father was a big influence on his game, and how he tries not to pay attention to his name in the trade rumors

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Let's talk a little baseball now with a guy you have heard a lot of you've read -- about I've read a lot about I don't know you've heard from him. I he will be part of a big event this Saturday. New stars for young stars it's presented by the Jimmy Fund council of Greater Boston it's an autograph signing event. Kind of an opportunity for you -- Meet mingle with some of the new -- younger players in the minor league or in the Red Sox organization but a couple of veterans as well Trot Nixon and Curt Schilling will be there. And this guy will be there as well Red Sox 2009 are minor league pitcher of the year Casey Kelly is on the line Casey it's -- Michael how are -- -- great you're looking forward dead meat a whole bunch of folks incited a whole bunch of autographs this weekend. Yet I am excited to meet the fans and now confront common in Boston and you know -- Help out with the great -- A case we're talking about your you're unusual background and that. And I had -- he had the opportunity to pitch in the minor leagues -- the opportunity to play the position in the minor leagues. And a chance to play big time college football let's start with the big time college football how close. Where you actually. You being a college football player. I mean that volatility is -- -- my first love but. Not act like that begins -- and -- are colleges -- not -- letters sent to the University of Tennessee in despite quarterback there and down. Now playing quarterback has -- colleges is unbelievable so a lot. United ethnic opposite from me but Eleanor is often done. -- -- we knew what I wanted to be of that not as. Now my time I might be as screwed up here. I know there was a transition air from from Phil Fulmer. To Lane Kiffin was formerly assigned with there was a Kiffin. Yet it is fault it was not my affection you -- -- a lot here it's a. And so what what was the what what was the draw to Tennessee overs series in schools like you know US I'm sure you heard from all the big timers what was the draw there. Or inaugurated he was just feel comfortable with the coaching and -- they had pop album that played all baseball and football as universally Tennessee and now. I think that maybe take them just because they've they've gone cute football and bit -- part -- -- You had an interesting opportunity this season in the minor leagues for the Red Sox and I got to give the Red Sox credit for giving you the chance to do this. You started the season and and you you spent half the season as a pitcher. A very good pitcher in the minor leagues is -- said the minor league pitcher of the year and then you have the opportunity to spend the second half of the season as a shortstop. Because you really wanted to be -- shortstop didn't. And yet we're yet to make a decision at the end of the season. If you like every every reader advocate practices and by about. Not I had I had a much on the you're displaying you know my first full season and not portrayed about. Note that transition between -- sort stop the I was at a at a meeting in the year just. Currently about what. If elected this season and learn to work on. -- on -- pre positioned and now you know McCain. And news. No brainer so -- that it hasn't fought on this. I'm extremely excited about it. What did you like you have to work on as a pitcher in and give better. I think you're experience. A lot of experience. Are these are focused on innings last year. You know -- -- -- laid eyes -- it so. I think under in -- -- that is not much you just learned must not. And and -- short amount Ayman. You know learn from other guys out they go about business and I think it. Getting as many innings of like hand. Is the big things from me. We should know you're going to be a pitcher going to be quarterback in college. It's so throw throw the ball on the football -- economics as. Now what what kind of what kind of quarterback. Well where you were you gotta be in college and what got a pitcher. Just in terms of guys who in the big leagues now so we can just. You get a picture of of your game what kind of quarterback are -- kind of pitcher. Armed quarterback I think -- of more of if you re kind of guy you know kind of approach our quarterback. You know so the ball -- lot you know kinda. Run out of pocket make it happen but I'm definitely not out of these actors my dual threat guy like like since he -- And but baseball I but -- thought that count -- Zack Greinke you know very athletic. You know Vegas pitches. Has Patricia look at them agency that -- Buick. You why is it safe to say the jurors your half season as a pitcher was more successful. -- your half season as a position player you hit to 22 as a shortstop this year do you think that if -- spent the entire year. As a position player that those offensive numbers would've been better. Is not a Catholic to take off after three months and -- come back. In the middle Yzerman definitely hit I think that stuff but you know spread out other. You know this vote on pitching and you know how much time at shortstop in -- -- actually you know -- -- didn't. Yeah it didn't work out there Leo wanted to puke but economic side about pitching in and I can't wait industry -- sat -- You don't like many major leaguers. And and many minor leaguers. Your dad has pro experience. Major League Baseball experience so what was that like. You know growing up knowing your dad was a Major League Baseball player does that rub off on you in any way in terms of how you approach sports or just just your lifestyle looking at some of the challenges. He had of being a pro baseball player. There does that mean they impact that he's bad on -- careers is unbelievable. We're just -- time let -- during the season and you know kind of is now an up and down the Miami based on. That the travel Wisconsin. Com obviously you know based on -- lot. That the other things in odd kind of you know gonna crop up -- common. It all on the top prospect of an organization. What about the business and elected them except for -- accurate -- electric. Of them this kind you know if anything is -- We're talking with a Red Sox prospect Casey Kelly who'll be part of the new stars for young star's autograph signing event. Saturday at 1115 at Gillian right across the street from Fenway Park. Casey let part of being a Major League player and especially a guy with a lot of upside is your name's gonna come up from time to time in. Rumored deals and you know this team is interest in acquiring Casey Kelly if they dealt that -- the Red Sox. How did you handle at this offseason when I kept reading your name come up in connection with some pretty big names out there. It's not it's a -- pretty funny cute I had no clue about it in some eyes you know best friends are back home I like him. He indicated we gave them out like what he's talking about like value in trade rumors with the blue jays and now looking like I don't know what you're talking about Saudi artery had no -- You know I don't I talk about the expensive netbook as. And neither happened side and the I've spoken you know what opulent and and you know feedback chilled because trades are seeking to challenge. And I and I'll -- decorated soldier about that too. Just the fact that you know. You might you might play your entire career with with a one team but it's unlikely. You get traded at any time I'm sure he is able to put that in perspective for. Yeah -- -- you adapt about it angels. On any play he came up isn't that they leave with the blue jays. Something he would -- that a couple of different scenes as a player and another collection a couple different and can sell you know it's it's definitely. You know I'd definitely -- they regret not and I hope that. Alms everything worked out -- it -- in nineteen in my whole career I'll let you know these days it's not yet. As the organization giving it given you an idea of where you're gonna start this coming season what level and where you might -- I think you know there's not really carried -- are you gonna be on this -- because now my -- basically. You know prove yourself and I think on the -- trying. You know on that they have the chance to compete first spot Dublin in. You know that definitely -- No object or write out to be in the best position can make it public scene in. I can't. If you bet -- you've been invited the Major League camp by the right. Yeah out the there are. And have you thought about what it's gonna be like to sit in the clubhouse with. With guys like you know Josh Beckett and Jon Lester and John Lackey in. And guys like that have you thought about how you can use their skills and abilities and experiences to help you. -- -- -- -- I think it -- talked about how wanna we have a you know. About their business and they've been so -- got on the career and the -- to be around them and watch how they -- in Moscow it Sobel and lots of that you look and -- I think that's gonna help me tremendously. You know under -- double there and you must significantly except that. Casey -- I grew up in Maine if you are at double like I can just tell you Portland in April is is very balmy. It'll be nice and warm for -- their will be like thirty. Moderate air it here in order. To ensure that it actually a good point that now that I think about it it is about the same. You're still -- used to root for the volunteers. -- JC you're RD avenue college football team now. Not think you know on military KeySpan -- -- for that in they had a copy and this year but. You know restrict the Oakland not open that's but. And again let it. Where in order there's a there's a good thing if you're gonna Tennessee. One of the positive things about playing the SEC. All along with playing get some some of the top players in the country. You would have had in my opinion whether the top five players a country on your team that bury it say Eric berry is ridiculous. Yeah is PW lack of an hour my creature -- is -- -- -- so that surrounded. When he stopped war. 'cause like he's in -- optic pressure. And then you knock -- you know. You know -- -- -- on the -- them and initiating yet. You know played unbelievable and I think it Jack in the first outlook panic with a to see that happened. I got draft out of the going somewhere it's -- in -- -- gonna go in the top ten it's about that there are there. Casey Kelly will be part of the news stars for young star's autograph signing event. On this Saturday 11158 Gillian threat across the street from Fenway Park all the benefit the Jimmy Fund council of Greater Boston. Case that we appreciates taken a few minutes your best of luck to you this year and as you go forward. There are out there take our guys that is Casey Kelly joining us the event this weekend this Saturday will include Manny Delcarmen. That we sex busy Ito Jeremy Hermida Casey Kelly Ryan Kalish Josh Redick Ryan Westmoreland. Trot Nixon and Curt Schilling while. Now they all won't be -- for all of the entire time I'm definitely gonna tell you that -- in advance but the -- that's a great list he sounds like. And engaging young man is an asset on pretty straight.

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