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Tom Brady, Patriots QB

Jan 4, 2010|

Brady joins John and Gerry for his first comments after the loss in Houston

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It is coffee with the quarterback brought to you by our great friends at Dunkin' Donuts Tom Brady joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T a better 3 G experience good morning Tom. Good to be back to -- back let me just far straight match you fastball down the middle. Do you know why you weren't allowed to finish the last 147. Of the game yesterday. Well we've we've talked about you know cricket talked about throughout throughout the week that you know -- was gonna get experiences -- so. That was the good experience for you know experience from the same quarter of the experience from it in the beginning and you have to cut one of those situations where I think they want to see how he how he did and there. But if bill were okay -- risking you and Randy and -- and I have no problem with that because you know football players play football -- -- that sort of supplement you wanted to play. Then why the change of heart at the end. Win if you go down a long term anyway amateur that. You know Brian running the two minute offense help to win a playoff game down the road at -- -- -- if if if he puts at risk for all the two series. Why the change apart with lesson to mr. -- second thought let's put that with the rookie Ian. Well you know I think that's he he want -- -- if you wanted to you know there's there's a lot of things that come up over the course of the game of the season. Are really unexpected and in. You know he wants to Seattle got different that's for autonomy put on -- be put -- on their of the first after the game on the one yard line backed up and it's. That's pretty terrible that would -- should you want this to be his first place. You know we've got we've gone into the game knowing that this was gonna -- Upon you know what the -- gonna go in the air at some point we're gonna feel we don't have a problem. It's good that it's a great idea which -- the rookie quarterback I was able to do that. But I know that that was just what was that's what we want to see in a different guys rotated throughout the day on. Offense and defense you know several got a lot of good experience in the -- and a coach sitting right after the games are back in so you know on. So. Did Mario Williams hit during intercept shouldn't play any kind of -- and you coming out. No it was like bill that oh my god he can get killed -- let's get about because they're putting runners back as you -- on -- on the bill. Mean I think we went of that game with you know obviously trying to win again. You know -- You know -- And we you'll want to win every game of course but. But the same title by title and a ticket that was if that game meant some more tests than it did then obviously things have been under for so. I don't think anyone's anger at on the fact that. You know we didn't we can come out of there with a victory -- I think we all feel real confident what we -- done. Had had you know we sold out in the game and course we sellout in the game but returned to certain plays you make called differently. You know that you may want to hold for the playoffs or you know certain things that we've been working on net. You know you wanna run against the ravens. That we practiced well we can practice known or not gonna play in the game so. You know its its its interest in -- precious state. Electric that I don't think the whole Lotta people lost sleep last night. That we can -- out of it and obviously. It would -- web. You know but we're really in the same position it would have been. It had won again. Want -- one last. One last question on that come before we get to west's did you know you were going back in when you came out the first time. So you like check out mentally and think okay in my my season's done time look at and then go to come back in this game. Now he told me you know I would overcome its kind of liquid that our brand as a necessity weeping openly -- now is that you don't go back into left. So you know at that point. It's -- on the pro. So you have a pretty good rapport with the coach did you go over with two minutes left and say not taken me out now -- -- -- -- arguably the greatest. Two minute quarterback who's ever played in this two minutes left it down one touchdown. -- wouldn't go out and then he takes a lot. Sir I'm -- record set I think if if there was great. I think it there was no real strong conviction for us to go out there when it gained a point that we would let. You know whether we with a third Q4 -- since he would win or lose and I think in the end of the day. All of that stuff was was someone decided anyways so you know they're they're going to be out there Russian and ratings going to be out there and routes and you know it just that's that's just the decision and that occurred senate I think we were -- now -- -- been in that game was much form. Important you know that we would've been but you know we've worked in I think we look at that the game and you know we're moving on -- the next opponent so. I was wondering how much the stock you put in that seeding thing and like did you we've convinced this the Bengals weren't. Gonna win the game against the jets or were you just thinkin'. On the seeding doesn't matter we know war -- at home next week. Well there was I think there was a lot of and I think for us you know you obviously want that -- as possible what that's that's. That's really a no brainer but. Whether you're the third or fourth in this situation it doesn't make awful lot that if you play one given on on the road Peterson vehicle Indian. You know for the foresee it could be either or. But depending on who wins 36 and so SP in the reaching you know now receive we win. Replacing Diego -- just a little bit more. I know which are getting into thereby. I don't think it makes a lot of difference and you gotta be put to good teams in in you know we're good to sell. It would although we've been through this year to be recede. You know simple practically got a lot to play for we -- we get get out tip of opponent that we played. And you know what can we know pretty well playing a couple times. In the last few years and going to be great count for a. Tom is the loss of west more than just. Nine or ten catches a game. It is an erosion of comfort zone. Between a quarterback and wide receiver where you know your on the same page with this guy cited adjustments all the things that that you know you're west have going for -- Yeah I mean you you can't you can't replace him. There's there's no doubt about that he's he's one of those guys that he's just. Nobody can substitute for -- -- think that they're going to be -- And he's he's everything four. It's incredible player leader in. You know I think is as well as football goes I mean its its kind of the way it works unfortunately and and we got to move on and and you know we've got to go out there and played every one I think in the prepared have to pick it up. It would kind of got to play better and -- -- raid that played better offensive line in the running back -- -- real. We all have to you know do more and I think that's the commitment that we're gonna make one another and and you know -- is as that we we -- -- more than me and Goldman -- lectures. You know the hard thing for anybody lot of ways it was a good thing from the popular. I think the west can do the same thing in use our coworkers since. It would have been around in. -- he's he's just he's everything has worked so. But in the short term you know that. He's got to look at it could be any it to be ankle sprain but someone else for this week and we definitely when the game and like like we always like vote really done. Some as best you can remember when west wasn't in there how do defense is react and respond with no Welker in the game as it applies to how they try to defend Randy. You have to -- one last it's one less player they have to worry about now obviously it's. But but that's. Electric said that there's going to be -- you know we're gonna evolve we'll visit offense -- It is very west local oriented offense and now. Nobody part of the advantage -- what -- really didn't know what pregnancy from -- now. Because you know we're gonna have to shift focus and you know they're really not sure where that focuses -- ago so. You know subway that's an advantage for a lot of things we've done with west that we don't do with anybody else in. We're gonna need to. -- and other areas to exploit. Use the count of Julian and and they have. In India and Chris Baker and Kevin and more than Fred in the all the other really great players often it would move the ball. A -- just add to this question but is element going to be the man for that spot or is this going to be third receiver by committee go forward. Well we're gonna have a certain sports receiver. You know -- second received and who knows I don't know I don't know -- an -- outward -- to put together good game plan. Based on what we see in a match -- with the ravens were gonna have to. You know try to exploit those that from -- it's it's not like it's. You know there's there's like equipment needs to be here a couple days but we're gonna have had the best stuff we've got and a you know it's it's ultimately about in the ball in hand you can do that a lot of different ways it's not just electoral. The slot receiver. Run the ball -- get bored -- Indian. Get the -- notable players that we have. Tom obviously you've been proved this in the one knows when you've been through and you came back nicely can hear them in the Pro Bowl and it it came in the playoffs. Can can west do that have you have you talked to him obviously was emotional and during the game we all got to see how he reacted he obviously knows he's done. Have you talked -- do you think. That you can help them through this. Sure sure he'd -- Yeah I mean it to. We're all gonna get through it -- he's gonna get through it. You know he's he's he's just that kind of person. -- he's he's just a fighter you know it's been a fighter and attack. You know whatever he needs to do -- -- that's just what he's always been successful. In. You know he's. You never bet against a guy like web content in his heart his commitment to where it takes is stronger than just that Leo is so. You know -- there we talked a little bit. But you know if he's gonna fight and fight through it furthers their to a can be pissed off but that's part of I think. Is because he -- competing so -- that would be the artwork. -- Hopefully. What do you mean it was a good thing for you to go through. Well I think it it it makes you realize a lot of things about your career and about you know would it. What it means that when you are out there. You know I think there's there's definitely. Very grateful that time you walk off the field field and it. Because -- just it's it's. Four orbits its. And it's a very not forgiving game. It just you never know -- that plays an account and probably on the west made that credit courses. You know it's and sure enough just this one time with -- -- right. Now because by the in the pocket with a with a come. So it's just it's one of those situations where. It's it's very. It said it's it doesn't stop for -- -- the rules right on and but you know we -- -- we -- him that he's made definite lead the world and make that commitment to him and you know it's like it's in the short term we gotta get over real quick and we we should be over now -- you realize we played in the yesterday. And actually we're going to be. -- appreciation aside what didn't you know at the beginning of your rehab. That you knew at the end of your rehab that you might share with west and make you wrote a little easier. Yeah I'm -- I think there's there's and. In fact I see this -- I think in the west makes all those smart decisions -- and he can make the decisions that right for him in. You know that. He's gonna go. It -- goes a little bit differently and that one got different uses. And it's it's just a different sort of have been receivers obviously it would be different. Than it was for me -- I can afford defect to -- that he brings the whole you know in the game entries can do that so. And you know which is okay in the -- really not certain where immigration -- but you're a slow down a lot but for west it's just about. You know logical to the process. I -- think he's he's artwork he's a hard workers and one. -- seemingly never seen so you can work just -- -- -- -- will through you know regular all season. -- -- He'll be back at some point better than ever know that. I -- way too much time with this one but Charley casserly yesterday reported that you were playing with three broken ribs. And ESPN had another report that to -- -- with a broken finger on your passing hand Karen comment. Report. Concluded. -- itself is still have that shoulders and a leader -- national problem. -- -- I feel really good now. Everyone breaks bones over the course of the year in. You know we feel pretty good bet that -- one. The rebate cramming with Julian -- and I know much of west's success is dependent on his relationship with the -- with the chemistry you have. On the way the adjustments he makes. Can AdAware and learn all that I know he's been practicing -- has been with the team all your McKinney cram the next weakened. Nowhere to go in and when to go there. You know doing the hard worker. You know in and -- different skill set that way so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Group of receivers when it went all out there but you know in the situation. -- Julian could probably do you think that -- it -- also do things that he does well. You're not going to be it would make -- in the west Welker you know they're just gonna have to allow him to. Which he does and -- do things he does in the thing that he does well so and they all can do things well that's where it on the all contribute. They're -- gonna have to contribute and they will contribute so -- -- -- a lot of you know hard work and effort put this week. And that's just the way it's going to be so. I'm excited that this week is here in the game and didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You haven't lost at home this year I don't believe who have lost their home the playoffs. You going to a game like this with any doubt at all I mean do you look at the game and can prepare for the game. Just convinced that you win again and in Foxborough. Well and I don't think I've ever got in the game they can art in this case. You know more about -- out there in. -- have a lot of confidence we can do. But in the -- always lose game that about it we play. A bad idea but all the -- some of that opening it's a very good teams that give us so we can handle what we played well. So. You know we got that we got to have a great week and we got to have a great -- practice it's a pretty tough team to prepare for their pretty. Exotic with fifteen men in. They have been that they have a good offense and defense and special teams in other -- somewhat different ways so. You know this this is a degree -- for -- -- -- your in the Pletcher plated too and the best that offer in. This 151 of the teams that consistently go with your defensively so. That's registry and that's -- -- appropriately in the -- -- in in the inside but -- so. They can do a lot of good things well and a -- -- And you. Obviously made the pro -- almost 4400. It's 28 touchdowns thirteen picks. 96 point two rating. Any of those numbers -- may give you great satisfaction and you come back here Don did you. The indeed in your mind was this a very successful -- personally -- regular season personally. And. I think there's there are things that I -- this so bad have a strong line is that the which has done a better job of I was. And protect in the football really important and in no assurance and few exceptions if your. You know what gains on the road those are the ones you gotta win that -- mental toughness and so. Regardless of all that weren't real good position now in. -- play home -- in. You know -- the incident with team will work yet fourth. Everything we worked for this year comes up this week and I'm excited for that we we've come a long ways between this year. All the individually have. Spent a lot of parts and but what if this week is you get kind of that second that's second -- right now this is. Excitement comes back a long season for everybody. It's a whole different. Feeling of intensity and emotion. Over the course the week of practice. They're just them that much work and it sharpened focus for a I'm excited for that. Some early in the third quarter you have little Joe lying session with a rookie and it's caught -- bar when a tree shoved it down I'm pretty sure you set at twelve letter word if I'm reading. Your lips correctly as the -- about right. I got a twelve letters of that word. Yeah too long sad about that by riverbed where I knew all about. I don't know I think -- just frustrated you know we convert on third down and you -- -- -- -- and then next. Yeah -- which Dan -- sent them that. Yet it's -- -- -- says more frustrated that we didn't -- on third down and it really goes. What got the coach told you like a breeze or or Manning you you were complain at all would you lobbied hard -- the human of one. In the in and got at least a few snaps. Yeah and at -- every every eighteen that a different and -- -- -- differently and and that situation. Cover and we played Miami a few years ago and we were and then. Were we were -- article in the game. And Matt basically put the vote in I think -- played the first series. I quickly. There when he threw the pick and you went back in. No on knows the play out is that left in the year. And that -- played basically go okay. You know Miami and we think Jacksonville -- and we can we're pretty much the same position as it was yesterday. So in enterprise where we had the first round bye and and I played itself. I would like -- and I think there's always -- benefit to going out there and play and now it's tough for those genes that. Wendell player of this weakening -- put it next week in three weeks before meaningful game. A long time in I would wanna be in that situation but. You know it's like you're gonna forget output for ordered up at practice today but -- that intensity is the beginning and so important. And not glad we -- out there and got up there played hard yesterday. Which with a one game but you know we didn't but I think there was still a lot of value that that we gains from. Alright -- -- wrap it up but he Renaissance alliance power and clout quarterback question of the week it comes to us from Bob in Miller's he wants an okay Tom. In what ways do you help lawyer during the week of practice in case he does see. You know we we participate in all the same meeting. We participate in the film work -- with with coach Belichick we participate in together. No there's nothing that we do that's different. -- pretty much together. Every second of the day. Every drill were pretty much together in -- so he prepared like -- is starting quarterback and does not what you need to -- is. We -- wish just that one step away from Vietnam there. With Saturday's most important thing for the quarterback to go to the call sheet the last for a minute reminders and he's been great help on game days very smart guys like by the way out -- played great yesterday -- Pakistan that was that was really good to get in that experiences and he did a great job. You -- it has all the time and baseball the former baseball where you get this you see guys talk and in the -- all the time and sometimes it's. Pitcher and pitcher what -- the case to be how you approach a particular batter batter talked about. How they approach a particular -- does that does that kind of conversation go on and football between two quarterbacks. Sure sure of course -- -- -- you see out there and tips that you have been in a way to future guys don't want him motivated. Things that the other defense so examiners all. There's a lot of those old tricks that you -- and inevitably we definitely communicate a -- in need to. Things about a quarterback stand back or a moment. I would want to -- that of course if it -- we're trying to figure out who would be your third. -- you know once again what happens in that emergency third. -- We'll Youkilis all at one point -- was there was -- so yeah. -- Do it but quarterback. And it's great quarterback but -- -- as the receivers -- so we'd be you know. We yup you know what could double. Our top bubbles one Reebok Footwear gifts -- courtesy of Renaissance alliance agencies submit. You're power and while quarterback question of the week on WEEI dot com. Slash QB question if that you read on the year to Tom during the quarterback -- with a footwear -- shouldn't get courtesy of Renaissance alliance agencies. The part of save you money in the -- to choose from dozens. Of insurance companies not gonna talk to you a happy new year and noble reported talking you hopefully after a victory. On Monday. Tom Brady -- Dennis and Callahan joining us on AT&T hotline AT&T a better. Three G experience.

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