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Jan 4, 2010|

Boomer joins D&C to recap the Pats loss to the Texans and the loss of Wes Welker. The boys also preview the first week of the NFL playoffs.

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Welcome back it's a patriot Monday the quarterback out with a different Boomer Esiason Ballmer joined us on the eighteenth -- hotline. AT&T a better 3 G experience good morning -- -- be the last person to wish you happy new year. Yes happy new year guys always good to talk to you again hopefully you're vacations worst of -- It was very very nice -- a off the topic seems to me that for all of B. -- well earned reputation the Bill Belichick has. For impeccable attention to deep -- was just me reported it seemed like he did not have a plan. For playing time yesterday he rested some of those injured starters and stars he played others -- gets -- which are not -- to criticize him for and that's like he's trying to win the game that the of the game he doesn't try to win the game by putting the rookie at. Did you make any sense out of what was his mindset going into and throughout the course of that game Ballmer. Well if you're -- -- -- and over the last report which I told you a few weeks ago that I really thought that Tom Brady was -- -- operatives. Is broken finger a unity shoulder injury. And so our pick went there's an opportunity to win the game that they'll go like it's probably parliament Eric and at one point sort of -- haywire there in the fourth quarter but. Get out there because now all of a -- -- throughout the turn our attention. In -- the -- expert -- and -- it turned out they -- -- the -- -- -- into the a bridge to anywhere they that the preceded it played Baltimore anyway -- -- I can't out fault adult supplying. Wes Welker was what we're getting hurt two in settlement in many -- like all -- stepped in nicely. And -- -- -- forward as the patriots have always done what I -- certainly. Try not political impact that too much so so weird game yesterday is no question about under the program when -- -- -- again because. Used in its good brawling in the in the pro ball down field now it seems to be vehicle fuel for the Patriots defense. Do it every chance over no Welker you know obviously playing week one. And and then going on the road does this -- -- team have a chance to win at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unabomber -- -- trend here this is more than just coincidence but they blew a ten point lead in Denver. A seventeen point lead in Indianapolis and fourteen point lead in Miami and yesterday another fourteen point lead. That's that's more than just a coincidence there there's there's some problems in the second at its. And I did you put your unit from -- -- on it and about it if there's any thing that's on Bill Belichick like. It's the fact that you're giving up these leads. What quarter -- when you play against passing teams you know Miami's passing -- project and it was not a -- player but you might think you're so your point passing teams you know and they start. You know rejoin your weaknesses in the secondary and a lack of pass rush on -- of that. You know you'd stop playing these good teams to get the ball on the field argument he's got in trouble and to combine a lack of a pass rush with. You know questionable. Secondary players would operate in the -- he uses it over the years from god like law topics and real people like that. You're gonna do it yourself in the situation like that and that's going to be the number. One party. Took going into the playoffs is how do you protect the lead and when you get it. Day a boomer what -- specifically do they lose without Welker in -- tell us from -- quarterback's perspective -- and we see and we see all the catches all the moves and all the act. But isn't there some subtleties there that may be we don't understand the average -- business and the way. Brady and Welker work together sight adjustments. And the little things little subtle things he does. Well look at copper zone or a security market if you will and poverty dropped back they can -- covered a lot of his inside routes. Or you know reading -- covered it could be reading and coverage that could be reading accommodations own coverage -- Common west over the years have developed such a report with one another -- almost like second nature that they've reached deep fences put together and they -- smoothly together that's like teams practice so much that's what they need. -- so much so -- people out on the field becomes second nature that the anxiety that we get in the way in the two things that I would say watching Welker and radio which years. Is that number one there is knowing excited to give it to them and number twos that there is it. Sixth sense that they both a possessed together and when -- -- guy catches many passes as well it's Walker's court over the years I would Tom -- uses quarterback to realize that not an easy. Are these issues development. If there's a team in the NFL that seems to be able -- withstand. Major losses like this it is the pitchers and they have done it time and again. Since Belichick has gotten there it's just now permitted me to you know -- step up until the shoes of one. Welcome but it seems like tough task for a man accused -- quarterback last year the command and replaced the most prolific receiver in the NFL those little subtleties that. That chemistry issues -- is it possible. Well I don't know that sort that'll be used boot. As well and and I'll work west. Very rarely ever drops out he doesn't have hands that's right and now all of a sudden. You know we're gonna step up in -- down now the intensity in Jordan doing an adamant it never. He content like the playoffs every player that you talked ever -- -- talked in the well will tell you now that the intensity as ramp up ever play -- You know lead to the next play. He can't -- drop in past. He kept in this in the -- indeed senses you gotta be able to be on the same page with the quarterback. The other things it does now it is also allows other teams really. They're cut straight out Randy Moss and that's why Benjamin Watson and increased baker. Of these guys now -- you know pick up another notch and let's face it Kevin Faulk was -- field yesterday and Kevin -- in my estimation over the last eight or nine. Years you know to -- trade patriots part may not be all for. Player but he -- on the field he's the difference maker 567 times -- game. Back guys make the plight somewhere to win a game or expanded to rise. Now all of a sudden I think Kevin -- become. The more prominent. Role -- in the Altman's. Boomer picking up oh boy you just touched upon obviously the ravens defensive coordinator job just got a little bit easier when Welker went down specifically from X and own a scheme standpoint is going to be. Blanket -- with whatever they have to do take him out and then take their chances with everybody else. I would say that's going to be the apply in London about the ravens. They're not -- defense that we remember you know what -- why it was there at their defense orbit -- they had Bart Scott and Ray Lewis Terrell slug him. Let readers all Bangkok now they are very questionable. Back Warner I think you know one of the reasons that the jets beat them. Is so good at that they're one of the best quarters and football girl read this well the ravens poll out that don't blitzed nearly as much at the jets do to. Not the same type of rape indeed parents. And Internet you know worries me about the ravens from the ravens perspective. Is that of their passing game and Joe Flacco that kind of hit the skids here at last month the seasons so there. This is not a hard fought off patent that calming hand that that should get ugly one as much trouble they used in wood or San Diego even. In Indianapolis. You don't see it seems that you know the scroll perverse irony of the injury again just to touch on -- one more time. Is that we have seen him over the course of the years just take hit after hit and bounce up like going to be. And and any blows out his ACL does MCL without being cut to me that's that's ironic and it's cruel the same time. While the other cool part of the value -- director Maxtor they're yeah. I mean this is a major knee injury it sound like you -- yell and and and you know which means -- major reconstruction. It was not a quarterback you're not Carson Palmer is not -- operated this is take a wide receiver who makes is -- underneath with. Quick you know moves and quick turns and the ability to split defenders and I don't necessarily on an and I know how. Competitive a west awkward angle kind of Kuwait Porter has what it means take him to be great on every given -- well now is gonna have to be great in rehab and an even if you law are the best rehab guide the reality is. That this is the year. Kind of injury might come back maybe next December but I would think you would be likely that you play at all next year. Is it fair to say and he'll never be the same. -- pop up that I think you know we start seeing guys. Good thing about west now is that because of when he heard his name one nickel and exit. -- you'll have been higher year and then reaped what five months for the seat -- again. So we might not demonize any uniform Monica about -- dispute that he should because. This goal -- -- get back as quickly as he can and to recap the hell out of the snake but all reality you know you're probably. What happened to him in 2000 and and he'll be back -- In 2000 all of them and by the time 2011. He can come home crowd while going to be rusty. That you should be 100% hopefully will be packed where he has heard. We always hear how hard it is to tie your shoes -- -- broken ribs does that make. Tom Brady's season is Pro Bowl season even more impressive to you Borman and he's done this with broken ribs. Well -- no question about -- and and and I knew that he was bothered by things I just couldn't confirm -- and cultural council confirmed yesterday on the haven't felt today. That he was pilot programs -- you know we've been talking about earlier -- He's got some great games there's no question. Especially at home on the road looks a little bit different today. But there's that there's just something not right and even though that he made to probe all would even know he's having a great season. He's party lenders and you'll never complained these guys. In archivist at the kind of guy you. There's no question something bothering him. Whether because finger you know what are -- beat the tip of the -- that probably broken the ribs shoulder but anybody who's played people polled sixteen game season. He's going to be banged up so I've drawn appeal there are no excuses I'm sure you recognize. Over is very different between broken ribs and cracked ribs and could Charlie not a -- cracked -- does if they're broken. You know you move around you can puncture -- lung and kill yourself. Yeah I don't brokered crack abnormalities got a problem what's put them and I'm sure that it's not very comfortable. Don't know what the outward up arms sometimes is such as what should be cheeseburger now again you know get back to the meat. I -- that that's the -- is married to supermodels cultures you ought efficient stop. That watercress for a holiday -- whatever -- order a bit. -- -- who else if anyone has the chance. Of the team's gonna see this weekend eight teams. Any amendment chance the winner and all other than again. I think so I think so I think I think doubtless replica took them think they're deep breath the last three weeks. Palm has really stepped to the for profit back to back. Shut up I think -- -- person I'm a franchise sisters something like equity number are -- public -- well you know they get that 300 bottom back situation that has playing great -- -- and burst on the scene over the last twelve weeks he's been fantastic. So to me that sort of nearly complete team. -- -- Green Bay Packers I don't take much out of the fact that they beat the cardinals way to beat him yesterday because obviously. Ken Whisenhunt an epic -- two game plans one. If Minnesota lost to -- in two. Minnesota -- -- so -- Minnesota one. In Arizona would have a chance to move up though. You know to elect was not replace current wars and arrested 37 girl so these. Game that happened yesterday that -- be replayed next week. I would do nick Green Day in my estimation has the best chance to repeated the winner because they can do everything great wide receivers are eager to argue it. And hope we Charles Woodson not -- along all. My game between -- Canadiens and the jets you know it's it didn't on the play there's no question about that some visible by the meadowlands. And ABC did everybody disservice by blue and make in the sounded. And then of course -- -- think Dallas beat Philadelphia again next week -- put -- better -- the more complete team that put up its exuberant about out. Yet a Philadelphia thing with -- -- they have something to play for you know the rhythms there's a reason they wanted to win a football and it didn't come close definite. Right I and an electric you know yes they don't in the game I think to about picked out to women in Japan L. Put up it was congress sexy pick opened last 56 weeks ago at one knows many games wrote it compliant well. Really -- in the last to -- -- -- -- plate giants and that -- and support of the art. So convention would hope that poll on the road in the ballot without the point as well on that then last couple weeks argued that not a good spot though the world will be good spot the movements. Who -- -- more impressive job of coaching in the end. Eric Mangini or Josh McDaniels. About not a deluge got you -- yeah. Our program and -- like you know. With the I'm not a big Eric Mangini -- I -- that he knows is football like nobody knows what's going on but I always think that the head coach of the of your franchise the most important art -- -- speaks to Japan. Every day -- -- and -- offseason. When you -- -- -- you have three Super Bowl rings is on your belt out Super Bowl rings as the defensive coordinator. You know with Beckham's a great deal of credibility as quirky and as all orders to go can be some times -- you always know that he has the winning formula because it has been proven true. When you look at these other -- Now committed Denver's there's a small man theory out there that Josh McDaniels is probably come along the players rebel against them. You know on -- Eric Mangini basically when he talks to people you want to put you to sleep there's no inspiration from a fan's perspective that's like to thank. Like the problem of getting part this week and -- finally out in arms and city. Two win that game. In Denver the way it did yesterday. Crowning achievement for Todd -- does not call while you're there. So tell us that can you give a share power rumored to jury we we'd look to you every week. Police said yesterday -- to probably be back on this team next how we don't believe that do we boomer. You don't want it's -- I I would swear to god I would secretary and other reports there. It's funny Morton's and drop the report -- PM. And I think he called -- CBS that hey guys just knowledge of -- Or -- -- yesterday that supposedly built at a clandestine meetings but the buffalo news agency that weather up well you know let's let's let's take it about the players wrote out wanna go to live but. You know epic scope -- that the it's nickel back. But I'm not social or that he's gonna go back this year especially. Like an uncapped year -- uncertainty with the CD day. In her own -- it's going to be will roll out although -- Given the fact that there could be no football player -- outlook. So should we assume Zoran gets fired at sun up and Shanahan gets fired I mean gets hired at sundown today -- actually -- you didn't expect commuted it. -- -- do -- and I and I just so all matter is get the contract on I believe that the contracts were signed. You know everything is basically going to be confirmed this week. It can pan it would go review policies in the usually when he got these sweepstake. Whether people free agency -- coaching topic like that they -- -- the back agent questioned as do they have a quarterback keep those spectators want to support these. Here's the back pages in front page news it is what the jets accomplished. Take a little bit of heat off the giants in in New York because as good as they were last night and that's a -- the giants have been I mean it's -- trouble yeah. -- A geek culture to their defense coordinators in trouble but he Jerry Reese they're general manager did not have -- great offseason. In terms of brilliant freeagent go to brought it a lot of reagents on the -- on the line. Not a which really pan out you have a lot of problems he proposed by linebacker courses -- then second errors and or by injuries all along -- lot of chirping go on between deepens coordinator in the players. That they're there aren't a very very. Weird situation -- build deep. But to be -- prop one. I think most of us believe it is going to be fine here the he he does not in comparison of franchise on the franchise. The Super Bowl I think they realize that it's really about the defense and rebelled. Here's what I don't understand -- over the weekend EU play hockey all the time we know you're quite the stud in the men's hockey league down there you don't find an accident and they're kicking the crap -- little accountant who you know try to Jessica dropped the gloves. You're up here you're up for the celebrity game. Order. It is it is a business celebrity game Phillies beat the celebrity's in the Fenway place where you in the stands for this you know and get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was invited to play on Pat LaFontaine team. On Saturday but I had to leave right after the game on Friday. The value back for CBS production meetings Saturday but I target. -- NHL NBC Fenway Park. There of the ball and what eight absolutely unbelievable. To head up an event I know that you know -- people who probably sit lower -- report it and the great. Vantage point out upon toppled down the first base line. I could see everything on the -- I'd thought it was an absolutely fantastic Japan and I was so proud to be there to support it. And on the cathartic Gary Bettman and regional commission artful moments ago three years ago he did the buffalo it was alt -- -- -- -- -- cargo but to me. This was the best one because you know this is -- hockey centric cities. -- -- city that on the Vietnam Roddy watt should be you know BC player out Friday night it's just that it's just a great -- forward and I just couldn't get over just how well was. You miss the opportunity to -- Jack Boller out -- Sutherland you could have good luck with -- Bloomberg thank that we're watching game together and -- remembered again -- can't -- And that is where and it took about get a feel -- it February big -- that. They extradited. -- it -- Jack are always ways about a 120 -- smokes two -- to Mexico and drugs during the game I. Saw. It. Good -- deal we start of the new year in the second season looking forward to our conversation continuing as long as. The patriots run continues thanks -- At least one more both sides and joining us on AT&T outline AT&T a better three G experience.

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