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Dec 21, 2009|

Number 12, Tom Brady joins Butch and Christian to recap the win vs. the Bills

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But now -- read. Do this myself my name -- The copy with a quarterback proxy -- don't condone others horses America runs on Duncan. Joining us on the TNT hotline eighteen TA better three G experience I was photographer on because I know I'm one of his favorite people here in town but I know you. I'm much more in his good graces. Tom Brady joining which during the Christian -- now good morning Tom -- Let's. I have ordered their. But long on Iraq. You have a man -- to they were out this -- tells them you know little will now let me stop. He's -- -- -- lot of stories in here. You know you the chance now to tell Christian -- you hit it on the F for everybody here but first volley ball models are all good mile road you're firing back. We've got urban and worse yet you're worried about 430 broke the first time Internet was first have you met Christian would you think of. Yeah I get to advocate who like bring -- notably. And it. -- and I I. You know I get it into you are -- editor. Why the race. Oh. Afterward -- you know it is -- They come out from. I. In. Leaders -- Who wouldn't be -- -- and I it and I never played at. Or -- I'm doing great you don't with the church you go quickly through. A father who's doing where you in the middle of the season like this he didn't initially. And if I -- told NE PO it. Make sure you have your baby is him. When you're gone for the first six feet and you don't have -- -- you have an excuse for getting up at night Tom Tamar. Where all. -- -- that it would. A great are coming home. The we know other. -- not really exciting. -- -- -- -- Or you get two more acute care deliveries so you do an after thought -- As usually gets so much to talk Tebow but the first thing Christian I wanna ask you -- you quote Tom senior -- trees experience high winds. Yeah he's front of them while we won't -- -- -- when the and one you know I'm. -- Don't like -- Don't -- here. You're really great players like unit in. Booed but a lot more evident every -- -- and you know. I game which would like better that we all that every week. -- -- -- -- -- -- You're aware that now. That'll help them. But he added it probably is not over company. Yeah we we as a -- we have over a period. If we know we're gonna battling you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- You might be -- they've. Got to. -- the we gotta go there. -- you -- just real -- tests on. I'm lost little bit you know it's funny because people are some actually surprised at how much. You know you -- bill really everybody were from a stand up for -- come to his defense you know backed him you know back in his way back in his character. You know what you think you know maybe not so little bit but is that really necessary why should you know why -- people expect that that you guys. Well you know I get it you know we -- now locked room you know. If it weren't that but he. Here. They're really gonna help. You they're or as I like -- goal of broad they've always got -- we. And the they've figured -- one that can pull it out to gain entry those guys. Have all the others -- truck. And why. Are you recover it and I can. -- each other for the I don't know that when you. Go. -- We're all about it bigger battle lose over. We're ABC with their record for. -- -- You know is who's making it is it would make a big point about I'm really seem like you guys targeted him alive in this game. You know -- was in -- a little bit you know it is a really nice a lot of underneath stuff the and a really nice dollar -- -- -- because by the -- nice growth. You know. Every week of -- -- trying to figure out ways to give him the ball was it more this weekend. He's always. -- -- -- -- -- There that are read it pretty much whatever coverage there -- a lot of them but I Al. Well I'll buy on the boot. No but the right cover -- will get all new. -- -- -- -- -- We know it slightly at the they're you know how to do. A big deal -- Now in order to cut a session. -- have you. -- -- -- -- We have that. A lot is either -- -- a no here in in his daughter. Were already. -- -- yeah if you. Then it all man. Retired U humour for you remember that that it is that that's a -- which -- on every undecided situation isn't a trick pony man and so we have here Iranians. Particularly what I have always I don't know if not for that. Well all I haven't have you retired believing. That love that has -- -- well. For the this year you're right we're. -- we got all. -- -- that we we try to get or anybody gets -- don't any of -- though. -- I would give it. -- -- -- You know. -- If we could make. I'm Christian and I'm like a picnic -- where you're always nobody really going to open real quick of course. Christian I've been talking a lot about this this morning and you had a comment after the game about how you guys. Don't wanna be one dimensional obviously. On. I can imagine what it does like well. -- moss and Welker they're games when they're over we must say to yourself man I didn't try to get the ball to Randy enough or whatever. And then we go back to the 0304 patriots where the famous saying was that Tom Brady's -- she was one was always know you have different quarterback now. Now for your progression differently clearly if you have weapons like moss and welcome you have to get it to them but don't -- risk. Being or are being perceived by a defense has one dimensional because you're targeting those two guys so much. I have yet or are pushed it and I picked -- right you. The more you sort of guy more than ever go to I heard. Of they don't. All right what a cover -- government. All the not many that is where oh. At least one of those 20. We have run all law or should or should with the evidence or -- they do they do it. You know that we're trying to do you -- We got it on it whether or. And you've got you at home or go and -- -- They were a couple questions they. Or -- he had more to. Build an option. He's seeing guys you know since that euros daily you know really for me you know why wants to ignore those games seem like -- the first time they've really kind of got after west a little bit. -- slow him down yet he was dressed in what could really get loose. I'd be seen. You know does seem like you know people really kind of start to figure it out a little bit you know you with less -- Well I you know every every seemed to have a little for. Dayton. Where they. -- know. In the world at a certain. -- I think it's got I got I know what they're up. It ain't got but a lot when you know lot of -- Went in during the they'll say. We worked -- way it. -- -- -- -- They're so you know what -- back. It got it. All over -- -- they have these overlap. They have in the that. I mean we've brought. So a little bit about a little to protect their. Lately. And I just. We haven't got all the -- I know it's been frustrating I imagine it's been frustrating you not being able to put teams away this year I mean you've only -- whenever it's that was one loss over a seven year period when you -- after reportedly get three this year even yesterday. -- -- game he seemed to having control and all of a sudden it was one touchdown game of an onside -- coming and I saw us that the kind of blew me -- they put it yesterday you guys have run at the time it's probably more now 132 more ways. Then. The defense during your game two to number one in the NFL. So. -- controlling the games offensively yet you don't have the killer instinct are you results that's got to be frustrating -- We're yes we did he got it in the greater got down there in we have -- recruiters should really -- back. And if they let her. I -- put. Out. Are out there in the game but we -- we're. -- -- No you got it we're we're the -- Rumble all. You know when they know that we're gonna which is not what I -- it when it is a lot and cover while we're gonna go. Yes it was you know. Or your -- Like every yard. -- -- -- Router. Never did you like him or or -- which -- which. You. Will Boomer Esiason was -- numerous early said he are pretty windy when you. Half a buck Buffalo's scissors guys that are those who know don't wanna hear it was and he's driving rain. We've talked about running the ball you -- -- are -- are now. I got I've begun no. Jump on little bit beginning of the year now maximum really impressed of them as a Laurence Maroney. Seems like he's really you know -- in the coaching well and really try to do the right things. Divinity impacted the you know I know you're not running back is there anything you could tell you've been talking about or -- -- now -- Yeah they knew -- I think. -- running back like every issue about that I. And your -- right all whatever they can. -- -- Off the ocean power. Or all your own content on the tiger ever did they. -- -- Your -- -- yet that that they think there were people make of -- -- yet I it would. In the running game -- a down -- occur. They can read they oh. The whole -- for you to show that. I had everything I did not carry that he -- Are you gave it. -- It might be like you. -- -- at forty our. Air show and W would be that if you wait. But you are I. -- That's what we're gonna do. Schobel went and it got you low when someone of the league hit a sorry over talk to the -- in a situation like -- -- -- easily the best we'll play you almost -- rep read or call back Mara game and it. Who would you say to him at the time yeah -- credit though relation with the rest of course he's worked and it doesn't oh okay UK. And then it knows I'm I'm well. And I won't go -- vacation day. Who would you say. It. Did you see that -- represented at the if I can -- And you know yeah I was. Pregnant and I'm gonna get over a -- it's one rout of -- what are in possession. That would Christian I've been talking a lot about hold. Weekend and what it looks like two games ago and as you said he came in the locker room saw Tennessee beat Miami saw the jets lose and I -- two game lead in the division yet to games to go one at home in Jacksonville and then at Houston. Nothing's -- sure haven't -- which anything yet was how big was it to get a road win militants are you guys talk about. Yeah I mean we're gonna do pretty perfect. And I'll have. But. We don't all of us. So I would -- it it would do that -- And our government on the matter what it. We there were -- -- by the way. No one I'm sure Tennessee which if they. You're on we knew that all of -- bad they're huge plays that we but it. Got through about your -- you know. -- Game -- what they have their way. We -- There. Early game we -- that. Yet yet two games left you just through common sound in and taken a trip in Houston our favorite places you know come on you that you're -- -- in this market. We have used to be a locker and I'm gonna ask about Houston to. Beats out you know laughter I know I don't hazard is they're great I guess my thing is you know. A lot of guys who have I have I have left which is obviously everybody sits on and you really got a young team and it's an experienced team that. It hasn't really been in the situation for it at you have become -- do you have become more vocal leader. -- today OP last night -- -- really remember you be like a raw rock guy -- moreover lead by example of what this is now you're now you're the old dog now. I mean is this something you've got to be more vocal you stand up from the off than you do that. You know that that maturity and at the event at the end of the -- locker room you know how -- -- honorary chair -- real answer to that you've done that yet. You don't you you're you're you're always know before the game at the they would know there's nobody better I think it's true. And -- it. -- -- Pre game are you gradually -- -- and do it blasts. Here in the radio Leo that the. And then you know at the beginning at -- What. You would not be anything yet your. -- -- -- Today though. It. If we're. Your right with a group and. You know we are all here at park where way to drive by writing that it. If -- a couple yeah that's -- you know Mariano -- brave or Eddie you're. Where all the guys that if -- -- credible players leader. -- -- -- find those guys at UB -- too much from a group. Well. And they don't draw Leo you know it was expected later. It is okay here we on the weird that it was more palpable as leaders. He's certainly. A great -- one -- Your god wouldn't open my second. And the thing when I was. You know I would be a leader. -- You know there's a lot of guys that I didn't know where you're right it maybe a little different here. -- it wears you guys. Now at what your -- in the game in recent. So there's not -- good experience are. We knew we were -- and we do so we -- a lot or it. -- that we have. You see on the deal with. That we are out of other. That we got. -- Currently -- While -- two games left. 277. Teams I mean these are playoff games but these teams if not for you I even though you have a two game lead in the division Jacksonville played Indianapolis. Off Thursday and I lost 35 to 31. They could be coming to fox. -- first round went up on and if that plays itself out this playoff game for them Sunday when they come now. Yeah yeah -- -- to mean. We can't work in -- -- suggest that could -- Carol. We too strict law is. And it really wish them every that would happen. And we went straight. And Jack -- you -- there will go with much they can get. -- -- Lot of great way to bring the advocate advocate of alt -- or. -- No the what the history project will go. After we got to work -- -- if they. Everywhere that we can prevent or child. If we can well understand the challenges that they in turn. Do you have been well and it is you know on Christmas on Friday a little bit of -- -- week ever but he and the guys here. But -- At least come. So some people -- that would mean that. We're. -- time for the Renaissance alliance power and while quarterback question of the week. Comes must Robin Alston among the water and limb and say the answer this question is not Miami but rob wants to know which NFC east stadium aside from fox or do you enjoy playing in the most. Yeah a great question I know for me. But it's in the meadowlands. -- Waste and and when -- commitment to any two their. I'd never lost the the -- of this year. Though it. You know what the -- -- that they -- another way. That they were that they are great Robert yeah. -- -- That there in Miami where -- -- way. You know or so as a -- on the team big. -- I. Want to I guess I just don't want one last question for this is an easy one you should definitely knows cancer -- Michigan ever gonna get their act together. What's the provision didn't or will they ever gonna get their stuff together I mean he's not sitting here -- -- alumni checks what's going on. It's bad -- my. What would you mind if I go to the game there they have no explanation. We've had very few. -- Coach -- what are you a great coach who. Or -- for what part of a unit issue. Oh sure you have a brave bulls not around anymore soon afterward but the jerseys of I -- -- -- They're that's what -- while we're talking about college of the if you talk to Charlie Weis it'll be heard from. Yeah what it. And her ha ha I mean obviously -- -- -- -- -- -- there -- led by ethnic or what are the port. Have a vote -- regulation. Well I'm so. Yeah it goes -- it had. I really don't know. Well Tom congratulations. Do you edges Alan Benjamin. Gradualist on the -- yes today happy holidays are expected your -- take care grow our men and married in your home -- -- with. On radio on. -- like Tom Brady. On the AT&T. Hotline AT&T better three G experience which turned to Christian -- more when you combat.

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