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Curt Schilling

Dec 17, 2009|

Curt joins the Big Show to discuss the Sox offseason moves, Lackey's 5 year deal and Mike Camerons defensive ability.

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I read back here to debate -- way it's a British Burleson rob Bradford in the house today and on the hotline right now is our buddy Curt Schilling. We missed pizza you know intelligent I've. Also cite the Brett Serbia so confusing to find -- -- -- -- like -- or -- number -- and what that five years ago. Like an -- replica it's from the African GAAP financial. You're asking him to find weapons of mass destruction that's -- asking him to -- -- -- how. That happens. Iowa though I've ever. I did you make this prediction last week that -- -- there was anyway that Jason Bay was gonna come back here because of that fifth year. I take it you're not surprised that they took the fifth year and the money. And win in two pitching. I am surprised the figure -- -- I'm I'm shocked and any team that -- past four years. Just about any pitcher sort Winston or somebody like that given given. Regardless -- modern medicine its arms fragile and and that this year -- but. You know what I mean if -- keep up the forty year contract the Nazi implement from a guy it's it's. The. And if you can't. Match them with power why don't you try to outwit them with a a a deeper pitching rotation the only way you do it is over paid an extra year. Yeah well you know what I'm not so sold on the fact that there -- chemical and third it's well. I mean I can't produce is not that debt off -- employer. Thought I am not certain number -- Leicester where it was at an above average I'm pretty -- him and Jason somewhere in the same neighborhood. You know he's not the producer but he also has played in profits like. You know -- and he is probably the gold standard for. Defense center -- -- but you're you're pitching you're looking at going up against that lineup is no Jason Bay is no Michael you don't know what you're gonna get with David Ortiz. That's scary lineup or is that wacky wonderful little scary for what. People have been because there's not Jason -- -- -- -- and so so I mean it would be you might get five -- muscle frontier. How does that ever giant -- to say I was committed to. You know remember some parts his guys played into. The lineup last year did they not have difficulty. Beating good pitching especially beating good pitching -- -- rolled up. They work matching good pitching good pitching necessarily you know I felt like last year they're they're they're pitching was -- operatives called the prophets school it was I mean. Kind of what's -- and ever -- -- -- also orders at any point during the season so but the content. And and and all. In due course that that transfer agent Casey Kotchman in the -- from the grind out of that you -- Arnold Robinson play. But the guy who took the course of the game he can have a duke was -- -- Oprah for -- meet it is beats of the you know. It's not be -- instead opportunism you know the gold standard offense was the 2004 Ramirez Ortiz. And ended sort of pale pale in comparison the I would like to think you're gonna seed David Ortiz that that that shows up the first papacy I think he's got some things Rubin. You know so I think he's going to be a presence -- it and it's gonna be can impressed -- your -- out because it's good -- short art exploded the effectively. You know if they -- that to find a way to get an Adrian Gonzales and not move to -- this might be the best deep it's into the game. Well well let's let's say is a style of beta thing about Kotchman in is that people classify him around here because they see him he was -- for eleven contending in. In play much and -- seem as an everyday player but. But you do think that. That they can basically to the standard is winning a World Series they can with the moves they made as they say here right now you think they could win a world. Oh absolutely absolutely Casey Kotchman in the you know I think use it in embarked economic -- -- at exit 285 to 300 guy. With an on base percentage that that certainly mimics what they've done already. So so on not beacon that they're going to be soft economy. It's obviously about -- pitcher -- pitching staff team you know they they just got another horse Walt literally. Or the future -- is no -- to -- up. Yeah -- and. They call it I'd I would I would you. YouTube to find it a chance to stand -- -- you do not realize how big -- lack he has until you meet him to -- -- and and he's got his company in your liberal he's gonna like in the angle. Yeah it got to make I mean he's he's the guy has pitched in some -- -- -- -- -- And on wealth so I mean my goodness if -- -- comes back and actually use in in cheapened. And tried to -- appoint electors would distribute -- -- people rotates. What do you think happens with Beckett after all this. I think -- right think they're gonna try and so item. I think. You know you're looking at probably a reader for your offer. Figure probably gonna have the plot in the neighborhood of fifty to 65. Why would be I would not look at five years now based on what Lackey justice not to. He won't amount to any wall I just think that you're gonna have to start out somewhere -- the three it's fifty to sixty it would if you wanna think about it. A wizard Michael. Tactic -- think this'll bring him up to a -- level prisoners competitive nature don't want. I Johnson got a lot of fire himself in in just had never felt like was the guy -- who who who at all -- a derogatory I don't think you were competed against the other pitchers is that. -- for me that was in the enormous mode later in it in in out. In a friendly way -- strike one up the guy made the right before and that'll I think Josh is got his own. The events for lack of better word that that are beginning to order united. I don't know how to honey -- civil situation obviously I think they've felt like okay it's time to move on from -- and and they wanna prioritize defense clearly and I know that it's completely subjective how much he's gonna improve. From last year but in your mind do you think that was the right move. While Obama huge. People like him write the book but he's not all that. I think -- -- -- he brings so much in the clubhouse. And it's such an undervalued and understated piece of applied. It's hard to explain to people. You know and and the culprit would -- Your locker room and and there's the cultural diversity and -- suspect in April. We've got a player that can bridge the gap between Latin players and English speaking. I wasn't I didn't get out after the red -- but. But that -- for -- I was -- at the concept is he. Subsequent starts at an impressive presence that he was very much the a leader. You know that's the question why that is is. Gotta step in and be that guy because I'm not thinking that there's anybody in the clubhouse that my camera as a guy who probably has the ability in the in the in the resonate to that and I beat the presence and the problem. These -- -- make that it's not it -- participatory because if you're not out of -- -- fiery -- -- went -- and says you know and not -- guy. You know what off. Some guys. -- -- -- -- -- What is strange to me is that you pay some team was she really believed that Max Ramirez is that good and upcoming player. That you. Hey another team nine million dollars to take Michael back to meet strict -- no he would not be happy. If you -- not a full time player this upcoming season but based on the fact that you're talking about powered by keeping Mike Lowell around. The three million dollars Arnold's gonna happen to David -- teach -- how this thing's gonna play some guy could get her now you suddenly you don't have a designated hitter. I know he wouldn't be totally happy not having a full time robot why would you. Well I like the team a lot better with him with a quarter. I think maybe there -- questions. Around it is it is -- -- questioning whether. You know physically he could be declared -- -- the before the repayment. That the immediately because. He I Celtic appointed by the -- reasonable speak extremely highly of -- -- think about Michael. And and they you know to me it says listen into Texas and -- and -- nine million -- predictably there a better team. And that I am not sure how are you get there obviously they believe it that I liked -- I don't get there unless there's some but also another shoe to drop. You talk about ranger was double the range of third you brought the point. Last week if the ball rocketing at the basement. Yeah that the brain to the quarters as the music is a two piece that -- mean they'll simply because. You know we talk about. -- a defense you'd never know what -- shortstop because the rate is directly affected by your third base in the second baseman. -- and for a third base in theory -- directly affected by a completely shortstop and you know Mike walls ranged in in the fact that his defense of rating went down last year manufacturer. How much stock I put in the -- was to go with that but it had to be a direct. Directly impacted by shortstop that in -- and in. You know again to take the position that requires little -- -- -- let the FB commit on the ball Michael's good as anybody communicable. But laterally if you're not a scout Roland and it doesn't matter mean you don't have enormous region Rangers have non. And and an ever. You know he was old guys caught the ball it was and now. So but he is Russell what's that other stuff to the table in fact alive I was surprised he'd hit a lot better than expected -- -- -- -- continuous basis. And and that was the -- the comic -- -- -- much. Hit -- -- had to play off marked the first three months last year come back that yeah officers. I think that's right they -- the I think RD exit exit opened to detect that immediately little too much to but he was forced to because they did the the also up. Analysts think so you don't and don't want allied I think at the end he wasn't playing probably as much he wanted to and you still have so many different. -- -- -- -- He was some. I've played -- Mike and -- actually go to decent offensive player but he was a much better offensive player than I expected it could be I think was. You know if the data to choose I think he was probably above average -- to prevent. The the -- of above average offensive players aging Gonzales. What what would you don't forget them I mean is is the every once thrown out the l.'s Barry the buckles Ellsbury and buckles. Is he would like where these guys -- you just say whatever it takes this is the guy yet again. Well again it is it's organizationally dependent -- Europeans that they -- and -- -- your roster here I think you know that I think that they that we can all. I think imply that we assume that this is not a -- here. So so they're they're trying to when the World Series and if you have a better chance of world serves European that the days of moral. With what you give up again and make them I mean again -- -- -- Oh and the put up those numbers in in that -- news is used pretty impressed at all and while you're out because -- -- numbers were were. Pop charts as well and I didn't see a lot while I was over there but that everything I've or the skies accords don't franchise player and you know I they they -- -- -- they want to do they they they dedicate themselves getting better defense when I again I would argue that depending on how they raised the defense you could duplicate but people it's all on. Consist -- route that camera Ellsbury to rule out the same time. And you've got Youkilis at third he's he's got a -- what the current problems you and then. Who wrote short they hope to protect the equity pepper that this could have to be of novelty that's what's. You have to score a few rounds or some of these. I -- did you get your money from -- yeah. I'm not the address. What's called a -- and what's the story here via. And Brett deducted might sodas from last week are you doing it's a 17750. What are your although we've got the Zito wouldn't -- -- gonna put. But the you can check but its its data for the third front at the company Christmas -- -- right -- -- -- back at least addresses tax situation. -- -- -- -- He's -- -- 95% below -- taxes -- -- very well good luck she'll ever get you -- -- a nice studio again if I have a Merry Christmas -- -- talk to assume. It's an area like court particularly appeal don't want alliant. It's double up the -- to mention.

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