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Tim Donaghy, Disgraced NBA Ref

Dec 8, 2009|

Tim Donaghy joins us to talk about his new book.

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Welcome back forth and final hour Dennis and Callahan. Disgraced NBA referee Tim -- he has spent eleven months of the twelve month sentence. Imprisoned he's out he's written a book called personal foul. You probably saw him on sixty minutes you might have seen them on Brian grumbles. Program as well on HBO -- enjoys on the -- -- -- -- how Mario. -- fine. This book to me seems as much as a story about a -- gone bad. As it is a story. That is an indictment of the lack of neutrality and integrity and fair competition in the NBA is that fair to say is that -- you intended Tim. I think it's it's there's says that there are biases that that they can place. Relationships. That and the people -- swing back and be. Obligated to that in and in particular Dick vet and end this sort of influenced outcomes of certain relationships -- -- players and coaches and owners the report do that. I'm just wondering because you know what you were doing was wrong. A -- -- your partner in crime. This described you as a guy who couldn't successfully -- on college and pro football but could with the NBA based on your inside knowledge. Was a moment in time TM a specific surrender point in your mind that you recall. Where you decide that you're going to step over the line. And bet on NBA games that you were officiating what was that mental wrestling match like in your brain that moment you made that decision. You know obviously personalize it in Tibet and the -- I was able to work climb out. I think -- just situation where. Over the years I realize that these things were predictable and it was easy for me to place that's on teams know one. I was unsuccessfully. Racing -- But do you remember the night you decided to place your first but because there had to get jumping off point where you said. I know this is wrong I know what could get a lot of trouble for this may -- I won't get caught I'm gonna go ahead and do that you're ever -- moment in time Tim. Yeah I do it was a situation where we sit at a country club with a friend tan. Now he's had that Philadelphia Daily News in -- comments to meet that. You know basically you know -- when these scheme and I couldn't pass up the opportunities. To say yes. I knew who was refereeing in one particular scene that night. -- point spread and use it happens to this -- I told and the fact that things. Now when -- is a veteran. Yeah when you say the habits of referees whether it's Dick about a specifically or others tell us what it is you know what these relationship exist that allowed you to. Understand or predict what the outcome of the game would be before the ball even gets tossed in the air. You know it was every night and every situation that we that but there were. Relationships. That excessive that would both positive and negative. -- use those relationships. To. Make up my own line on NBA -- compare that line to com. What was in newspaper have it was a difference of what five point -- would talk about -- So what you're saying a certain arrest either like or dislike certain players. What what players Rama the simplest if you don't mind sharing. I mean they're there were it was Allen Iverson Rasheed Wallace. Sometimes it's had to do with an owner Mark Cuban Robert -- Situations line news. Personal biases were common -- Of the prosecutor asked you which wraps bet on sports -- bet on games courses whatever went to casinos. And gave your list of sixty and you. -- fifty is that correct. I figured if -- but I think B&B a.'s own investigation concluded that com all succeed at that in some form or another. Over the course of the last few years. So why would not say why wouldn't they like you take advantage of their expertise why aren't more guys in. In the same predicament as you are. You know I'm not sure and I know there were people in this if elected gamble. You know unfortunately. Went across the line shouldn't even in the year I'm know there's been allegations that there were thirteen other people that work -- in this. Through changed Batiste. As far as he'd be able to confirm that -- not able to this time. Didn't you fix games. And subconsciously. Now now like I think that's the big misconception. That subconsciously -- this. To make when it's you know. Obviously it is one of these test it and going out making calls and things that -- wrong I'll. Pop up that -- -- is something I try to stay away from his vehicle was not to be tested. Certainly I was a correct calls on purpose of my best win that would have now -- protected by the FBI but in the range -- -- difficult. What you're saying you made incorrect calls to settle scores. -- way if if all other fish so you're not what other officials state made calls on Allen Iverson for bombing a Rasheed walls -- this. Just because they didn't like him so so they weren't doing what. You have to look at the problems in. There's too much subjectivity calls. -- option arms the ball every night but it's not call. But there's situation -- -- on people wanna start called upon violations on them they can be just. Tim why you didn't wanna make calls -- exposure to and have people figure out that you were doing this I would suggest that the other thing you didn't wanna do. Was -- off the mob who Hewitt said at some point in this entire process this team's gonna win tonight and -- -- down. Thousands and thousands verses you're what are what 2000 dollar bet you know a lot of ups of the -- -- -- correct. You know obviously. It was one occasion it'd. -- arms some phone calls to that. Why you throughout coach. But what go to San Antonio who. A -- to be thrown out first quarter and told them earlier that. That's. So. When do. They just called. First it down. -- just you know 10. Why would do that. Actual. Effect that would this have been Batiste. I'm not never really had contact him if initial meeting it was 00 between. Himself. It may. There was some. Switched. Bryant Gumbel ask Batiste if you thought you were fixing games have you thought you were consciously or unconsciously making calls. That would sway at for the way you were predictably game. And he paused and thought he said no comment is that but I will say this every time Tim -- Carnegie said this team was going to win I was pretty sure. That team was gonna win I mean he he pegged it like 78 the 79%. Of the hundred games you bet on you want. Right I would say that you know I've seen winning percentage. On the teams that I that. Operated rotten though com -- as far as you know and trying to sensationalize -- -- -- insinuate. That's -- teams. I just think he's he's trying to make it. You know put the pressure back on May. Are just a little bit -- games that you did not officiate you would call refereed is that day and talk to them and pick their brain prior to the game and that would help you. Figure out what to Gergen do with your bet that night correct. Yes. Basically fish for information. The search for problems sore or and that is that were existing and used that information to you know put in new line to working men and researches in the newspapers he has. I felt that the line should be changed by four or five points if I felt that laws. It's on the path in. My guess is that that's not a common practice an official from somewhere else calling a official or team of officials in Boston about what they know about the Celtics game on that particular night how did they not know what you were fishing for him. I think it was common because we were -- brands. Talk about damn time on the road -- in the hotel rooms with nothing to do you know you'd you'd -- which speak to each other on the phone and stories a mop and editor does. -- the players discussed. Situation on -- -- I haven't mentioned that I would use that information. Which one. I'm sure David Stern must be throwing up in his mouth hearing you on sixty minutes hearing you on HBO reading this book. It seems to me -- for all the the the inside view we get about you when your problems -- what you decided to do mistakenly. He'll buy visibly. The neutrality and the integrity and the fair competition that I think most people thought existed in the NBA according to you Tim really doesn't exist at all. I don't know that you know the fair competition really is from the same perspective I. They're well aware that you know for example stars are treated differently on the floor so. You know that's that's my queens here's that. Now if it is a you know and then we should queen has shown it is fair competition. Now let's go out properties to com make calls based on the rules in the rule book. And not and -- on the bottom line and not an -- on. Doing what. You know of the McCain needs it to be in a certain players remain in. But -- -- all of the integrity in my mind goes out the window if indeed -- Nevada is the NBA's manipulation refereed if they -- an NBA series extended for whatever reason we know the obvious reason that seven games better than five -- terribly. It's not a level -- I mean I would -- human. And values that write about in the book. You know. Many conversations with the matter and he queen that he was in -- go to guy and that he was put on certain -- and make sure uncertainty on. You don't seem like a stupid man I mean little. Ethically challenged perhaps but when you knew the mob was -- millions why just settle for two grand. I think at the time it was. A situation like just pick one of these detectors and hours trying to get through this season -- this whole mess would go away if they got involved and that somehow I it was built and be able to in my job. And you ended up 10000 grand. Four years a process you know roughly about a hundred and that. You know which used now go to casinos or. Pay off other bats or. I'm not sure that you -- licenses. Which was only about a third of your income per year correct. You -- to 300000 a year. And over four years you've got a hundred grants you were bringing about 25 grand a year in attacks and though -- true that's that's seems like a bad risk reward him. Yet but it obviously laws and obviously. Back on court situation assert that some bad choices and decisions in my life term back -- would buy. Now again. Talk about. And fiction. It rationally or -- -- -- -- well -- On it so you. Are or was a worry gambling addict. I think that's something that's you know it's obvious then. Go to treatment today. In the art. On the -- and the last couple years. Is he -- -- they're used to that the fight it. I don't think he urges the air because we talked about -- four daughters. Respect -- -- airline. That Tom is determined not not step -- You you don't. Think. Other. Officials are gambling on games but do you know that for a fact. No I don't know that for a fact. Obviously talk about change he's he's made claims that there a reason and our on his payroll so I don't have any knowledge of that than others statements. Now we ever she Wallace here in Boston now which we look for the that means they played tonight. It's how how would -- see -- we able to detect if the officials have a vendetta. And I call on the game on the level because they have a and after dislike of of our chief Wallace. Well army first -- and -- my whole situation. A lot of these viruses are. Stay in the closet. And being controlled. You know there's going to be social bodies are a lot quicker -- they -- before. Did you I can't give you any and so what what it would it's such. -- -- -- And assume the NBA is trying to stop you -- today as far as you know try to keep you off sixty minutes try to stop them we know the try to stop the book. Yet they they actually. What's been the -- may is that they went to offices. And I'll actually -- Also. Keep yes executive offices. Than try to. Deter that from top. Do you think any players gamble on the games. That's a Russian players make a lot of money it was -- that yesterday but they also spend a lot of money also not of the art and so. -- I would make prediction I would say yes it along the lines inside nation. People there are -- it's yes it's some. Tim which NBA star use the most -- by the NBA officiating crew is on this this AI story comes to mind is he the one. I don't know if he's the one because there were both positive and negative. Relationships with and -- sit there was one refereed actually kissed him of the captain's meeting before each game that he refereed. I would -- somebody like now unfortunately and now he's on your team right now but you know Rasheed Wallace's somebody's. Now I just don't believe anybody -- war. But but looking. It's probably because she was one of the smartest players in the league in and he was outspoken about out there were biases. Out relationships. You know refereeing. So so they got mad at him because he was telling the truth about their biases it right but they were mad at AI. Because he threatened in official and you guys didn't think he was punished severely enough. -- You write about the works the other way they like they -- for some guys and one official -- Isiah Thomas so much that he gave the next. What 39 free throws in one game and at the end of the game Isaiah sent -- a pair of sneakers. -- that they were actually. You know relationships with both positive and I actually read that. And in the situation. Told associates that on you're as a a refereed. It like. Problems in the and hopefully. All from the telephone with Isiah Thomas so. The situation. Told them that you're in after the you know something up from one or his address and it's -- -- injured. If you even get -- jerseys and sneakers just the America. Nothing he got them. -- -- -- -- never got back with because a lot of the system but. To. As far as you know what I know you say you have a watch an NBA game for a couple years do LeBron and Kobe get preferential treatment. Or extra scrutiny. You know obviously it's preferable treatment. Talk about the start of the -- Talk about com. Letting -- stay on the war at all -- make sure they step on -- -- plus of their their -- human preference preferential. And guess and Doc Rivers does too because everyone like stock right. I certainly had my -- might share the problems with stocks of -- -- -- pile -- Not a big fan you receiver. That's so I understand what did you like. I thought -- you know he was one of those guys that. You know. Put a lot of pressure -- -- reasons especially young robberies to try and manipulate and into evening in the back -- the calls and culture. It -- -- culture that is called coaching. And and the better coaches can to look better job of manipulating refereed. And he wasn't good at manipulating. No he was he was -- definitely I think he it will whole new level. The wait in line complained. Strong robberies. Of the way. -- What -- you imprisoned. You get kneecap. There was a guy who claims to be associated with. The mob and you're in plastic and platinum and you can. In the process of waiting to determine how opening it in operation I have some damage might use its effects. I can't help but think -- as we wrap this up the the whole that you dug for yourself the reputation the damage you did your reputation. The -- like what we're watching tiger go through now he's at the beginning of the process. Are you win this by yourself did you have people tell you this is how you get out of the -- write a book you you you say -- sorry you show contrition. A cry on sixty minutes which are about we generally ask about your your your your family. Is this all on your own being advised about this and and what advice might you effort tiger as he -- wandering aimlessly in his mansion in Florida right now. You know obviously. A supportive of friends -- in charge to write the book now from them. All officials as it is important message here. And unfortunately tiger. You know crossed the line and it's something that was wrong just like we all -- opportune. Times and you know before we. Crossed that -- We should take it step actually realize actions and -- back -- But the people of most talked about. Of -- the book is called personal file enjoy the conversation with you very interesting to know actually like tonight -- has -- a -- What is the we don't okay -- so we know but that it keeps a close. -- What else we keep in mind when. Global. Yeah now is provided -- -- -- don't know well till tonight at W thanks for much of the time to look at the book. -- disgraced NBA refereed the book is called personal files can pathetic amendments on sixty minutes -- focusing weakness at his own. Mean yes. Easel as amyloid forty nautical prints left them right well as former colleagues -- -- doing things about black and right. No one wants to cut some ice in the some sleazy booking agent. And help them out when there's refereeing careers over but it's good question I think he's he's alone tigers no longer he still viable right Korea's nominal billion dollars this good -- -- doesn't he's like the ultimate pariah. -- yeah nobody know on his side -- mean. There's people afraid of him and when he might say. And David Stern's turn off the list of the fifty officials even more than fifty officials who gamble on sports. And gamble. On horses that is and as as pathetic and as reprehensible what he did was. The cultural and he's talking about I'll say this I believe pretty much everything he says so as Rasheed. We feel living I don't believe is that he was somehow able to stop making calls that would in some way shape or form. We're subtle enough if they were -- a much isn't it okay I but the sixers and given back some great big juicy rationalizations in his mind right wasn't fixing game right. Because he was one of those emotional -- shortness -- -- endless. And up who made emotional call you think is emotional calls went against him and the mob in the modeling and pay grade YouTube pop -- through yeah album itself it's gotten it was an annual us. The irony in when he drama the game got the ball wasn't happy but he needed one of those who need one of those cases say usually it's just -- against I didn't do with a month to me do that today. Every other day. Different story we'll take a timeout double fault lies W buzzer beaters emails as we get up -- 10 o'clock.

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