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Tom Brady, Patriots QB

Dec 2, 2009|

Tom Brady joins Dennis and Callahan to talk about the loss to Saints, the Tiger Woods situation and the new addition to his family

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It's our number two Dennison -- delegates is now officially qualify as as the patriot Wednesday as we have mark coffee with a quarterback sponsored by our great friends at Dunkin' Donuts joining us on AT&T outline AT&T your world delivered already good morning Tom. Morning guys it's -- to -- the -- the first -- last picture Wednesday. I guess it probably would be would it I am wondering Tom last week in thinking about the upcoming Monday Night Football game in New Orleans did it ever -- you. Even for a second but the game could possibly go as badly as it did or -- -- not wired that way to let negative thinking in your brain. Well I know I don't think it is really expected just -- And get beat by 21 points. You know it that we also very confident in the game and very confident in the airplane very comps in the week of preparation we had we just. Don't -- like that sometimes so you know we'll find ways to look to move on from Manhattan. Figure out you know the problems and we're getting together as a team today to. -- to stardom and and so. The real short week -- and -- got to move forward and they'll put this one behind that and -- I did is challenging and it may be you know at times because you're -- you're frustrated by the loss. You gotta take from it the good things that happened within. You know -- the bad thing. I'm sure you know and understand that the defense has taken considerable amount of criticism based on their performance -- -- and ask you to comment on the defense because that's not party your gig. What I'd like to know is how did the saints take away Welker and moss. From your arsenal Monday night Tom. You dumbed down for -- Well you know they they they had a good team and they are certainly very focused on those two. Yeah they're folks but Kevin -- to win. You know then they they had a good plan -- that we excuse well. You know so when we get opportunities. You know scored very important for -- to make -- one -- game we didn't we can do it. So. You know it's just. Minutes Saddam like YouTube you know -- all bad in terms of our electrocution since. Could -- we're just inconsistent enough without they would match the team that's can score some points. So. I believe the world is your first trading -- That's that's played football too football -- he gave you get frustrated then if you're -- -- mental toughness that the move forward and fight on you know. How often when you drop back when the you know 3638. Time to drop them back do you see something that is. Surprising or confusing when you say they had a good scheme does that mean that they it took you by surprise. Well teams find a way Europeans play us very differently than they play other and when when. It was an example. -- include buffalo you know buffaloes played very differently and then didn't patriots -- in. Every team comes up with different ways that the try to slow down and take away are the things that we do -- I think this team had a good plan. You know record that a lot of the attention was folks are really -- which means other players have to make complacent. -- made some plays. I would grab a ball decently it turns. We just when you get the ball in the end -- I think that's really what came down to. After the game they ask Drew Brees about being perfect and at the perfect rating is still believe me it was far from perfect there. Throws he'd like to have back things that'll keep them up. I assume there are things about that game that kept you up. The two picks the times room are in -- bothered you but the first one. I couldn't quite figure I was that was did you think Randy was gonna keep going on the slant or what happened on that one. Yeah well you know I think it's it's what we -- we you know I would think -- -- they knew they get another so it just. It's. It's it's that that doesn't come up very often in practice and stuff like that when you know I'd make the throw and you know he's figured out Nelson. I gotta do a better job of you know it's it's for quarterback Brett -- -- push toward you know we. We shouldn't Saturday morning and go to plays in practice from other quarterbacks and you know let's go to court simply you know let's not stored in their effort to your game you know -- we gain here so. I think that's what those plays were even if we completed their but it took two or three -- past rather than. You know what that wouldn't have happened and so that was just stay. You know that you got to eliminate so goes by the another. Highlighted at night the government social effect so -- And I'm sure neither was he Darren Sharper interception in the fourth quarter dominant and obviously not having access to the coach's film with a wide angle. From what we could see on television there didn't seem to be a patriot in the neighborhood can tell what capital a sharper interception. You know I got I got pushed around a little bit so. They -- I didn't see him I was trying to pull all the Lleyton. And accurate and I didn't see that he it's him and upper back there though. Do that let it go I -- myself rent four -- -- of former. There were couple of uneven moments of oh with -- appeared to be confusion you call a timeout before the snap. On second and six of the 44. In the second quarter and then in the third quarter. Ben had illegal formation was not set I'm sure there -- a couple other uneven moments was that. -- parts was that crowd noise was that they got you out of your rhythm what do you attribute those kind of non patriot kind of actions to in a particular game. Well I think you know both of the things you you know we as a team are you know there have been I guess you could -- struggled wouldn't -- You know over the course this season. The stakes -- -- release self inflicted it has nothing to do with what the defense is doing -- other trying to stop with just more of inducted them they've made some plays on third down the other I don't really good place. -- the Welker to Welker. One day can. -- where they just they covered us. And they've made the tackle for the first round and the bad guys they you know those good coverage. Of nobody could play you know -- other ones where. You know those. Those mistakes that we make that's historically what we're doing and so that's before the -- we -- we gotta do better job before the -- If everybody -- on the same principle would do and so. It felt that you know will obviously be supportive of -- this week in. Things that we did we definitely do that to get corrected itself. If they. No there's going to be there's going to be ensured they could be could we have got together can -- -- they'll be a tough state for everybody but that's the way it is when you lose the -- We've -- that entire two -- for those four losses they -- they're further but clearly get back to work and their folks on the next week. On the fourth and 41 McKenzie made the play and the the -- to it to Randy must that he just guessed right and in retrospect do you think. That may be it was sound too predictable -- maybe you -- you should have run something else on that play that when you get a veteran corner out there is. Is probably gonna guess and in this case guess right. Yet they you know he he he really nice play on the ball and we is the first week replaying it and it's pretty impressive growth there. You know play the way that you did either of these very good player for a long time and he. You know I think he just. At least -- on the play and really jump on jump on the route and knocked the ball -- so of the big platform obviously. No but that's. Record that I give him credit or mental. Tom do you have a theory as to how the replacement quarterbacks did so well against an offense that that is -- generally -- -- -- Much was said pregame the -- starting quarterbacks are out they lost their nickel back in the middle the game McCain can McAllister. Essentially -- off the street and play elected been in the system for a couple of years have been studying patriot film for longer than that. You know they're they're. You know they had they had -- they played well as a -- guys have never think that's sort of weapons but. What are you guys dinner -- order you know individual commitment is that it is there a team game and as a team they played very well they. If they. They -- they covered they they've they've been asking about you know we can lead to -- played very well -- we don't play well definitely their. That's what happened that we put on the other end of that -- -- parents. -- and you know where we've got to do a better job of playing big in the in the east campus situations where. When the really gold gets tough we got to dig deep and in. And play better -- we still a lot of football player with you know a month of practice to promote the game that we got farm waste there. Improve a lot of these statements were still obviously have the lead the division. You know this this week in the huge game for. Hopefully let them. And there will play a lot better that we played last week. And does not expect the desperate to come out with the same conference that you know we always have I would expect and what they're playing really well. -- all the signs denied it prior to the game a lot of people said this would be a statement game for the New Orleans Saints to validate ten and -- validate their franchise. The finally on the big stage take on the gold standard of the National Football -- been doing a patriots. Does that make a difference in the locker room in the minds of a team that looks at -- that way when they come out does that give them. Any kind of -- any kind of assistance when the when the ball is kicked off. I don't know I don't know -- -- and I'm sure I'm sure they're excited the player I mean we've we've. The work -- to play them to his epic. That definitely goes both ways and we don't expect that you -- commuters a rollover because you know doing the patriots are -- in the field either without. No we don't we've never approach like that we've put the working hand in. We put the preparation and -- there we go out there with confidence. We just we just didn't plays plays very well and that's when it comes down to its. Its. You know we've played two undefeated teams in the last three weeks and you know we didn't play our best neither one of those games let's wait to -- the law so. I would love to see -- played good for sixty minutes like we did a few other times this year. Not been an acuity -- -- but it. Obviously the outcome was very one -- when really one team plays. Try the best game you'd think player that I watched every game and other written everything they were just. There hit their blitzes they were hit their schemes they -- placed on fourth and four with a guy you don't make it a good place being in the right spot that's. So you know he's got to give them credit they've they've been certainly deserved it earned it and we didn't so. That's part of the competition. We got to file -- like particular energy back and give you do get -- back have a good week to practice and you know try to go back in and -- and play a lot better. Tom your reference to sixty minutes takes me to this question you have told Jerry and me on a number of occasions. The goal is the idea is the desire is to play to the end of the football game. If that's velocity applied in 2007. When you guys dropped by thirty points why did not apply on Monday night when you were down by 21 with five and half black. Well I think you know coach you know coach decided he he -- enough. You know he's he you -- want to get some of the guys in merits -- -- got some experience that you know he. Even if it you know prime -- okay. That's a surprise that come as a surprise to visit stunned me when when I saw Hoyer and. You know I think the way it would go and I don't think he felt -- much change. Did you have to be convinced. -- need to coach so you know an outlook for every step but yeah they're properly -- and we had plenty of opportunity go up there play a lot better. You know we didn't. Did you get a chance to watch and appreciate what would drew Greeks did out there I mean. And I didn't enjoy it but it was pretty impressive and I'm thinkin'. That it affected you guys I mean I know you tried to establish the run even in the second half but. They were -- so quick that column guess that affected you guys even on offense. Well they haven't been a -- -- good offense and they had good play makers and you know since I've had those nights where everything really go the way it looks -- and it they have no record that we see every one of their games this year. You know they've they've played pretty flawless. There aren't as an offense that's that's a good feeling when you play that way so. And it's it's stepped -- compliment keeps playing that way -- we don't make any mistake -- the good offense notes harper defense -- to keep up. But that's that's the way they played. Another -- and other David David -- could keep. You know that. I would say of happy -- -- tell him. They if they did what they needed to do. All of you can share this with us you spent a considerable portion of that last five and half minutes on the sideline talking with the head coach. It gets any sense of what the tone and tenor of that conversation was about. Well -- you know he's just he's just very frustrated you know and you know for sure if by the way between performance and it's happened that way out a couple of occasions -- -- We re going to no established lies that have taken place and try to make the corrections so. You know he ever once ever -- vessels searched their orbit searching for the writing after the insurgents for the right. -- approach for the game and done it. It's it's tough to win games and stuff to be continues in socially and operated. In. We've got to play good that we've got to play we play these fifteen spectacle -- their I think we can't play with mr. -- and they would put Miami we -- We can't make mistakes because you know they put their dangerous and may play well at all but -- played them four weeks ago so. Let this that very. You know huge point our season in and we got -- You know we gotta go out there and play play records that much better than -- last week certainly have you know try to play well for sixty minutes but what I can really quirky. It's on the heels of what's happening to Tiger Woods I think the word discipline has come to my mind of a number of occasions in the last couple days. And we look at great successful superstar athletes obviously discipline has to be a part of their Reza make weight room practice field in the game. Separate from at a -- if you would mind addressing separate from the Tiger Woods things specifically. Can you address the discipline required to say no. To all the stuff offered to rich handsome superstar athletes whether it's legitimate or otherwise. But my guess is that we have no idea. What's out there what's available to the people who fit that description of you know what I mean. You know what I think that's -- waited -- you know it's really for all for all the guys who. You know for the guys who who are the we were simplifying things that we sit around the table breakfast if they wanna Cadillac about that with a is that I think that people come up with their you know similar question that people get. One of the players are about his grandpa you know after Purdue car that they -- -- rookie. You don't think critically like you know but -- -- -- -- mature rated talk about that that you know it in. -- -- the big portion of the -- you're asking for. Because as a rookie. About they get a whole lot of though so. You know we're all you know we're all kind of been they've been in -- noticed that her request. Obviously for all what to do certain things would be different places from. But there are also offers some mean stuff that could come -- you -- you serious I'll take that it would probably boggle our imagination what's one that you've turned down. Legitimate or otherwise are amateur companies come to all the time and say please take our product. We know Peyton Manning's turn down nonpolitical at a at a. -- -- -- Well you know I don't wanna I don't want to name any names but yeah I mean there's there's opportunities that you have that either it would through your fit with. Maybe long term goals that you have heard the other ones that don't so. We're -- somewhat the face more water. You know that I really like the product I think -- you know they've -- great job of marketing unit I think it's a great company unit itself that I believe it and if you go forward so. The other stuff like that you know then there's other ones that you know. -- -- relive a -- less -- to a Burger King -- -- say the Oreo cookie that Peyton Manning I think he reached the limit when he and his brother were. And -- in the -- Europeans against Serena Williams and I can't picture Brady public in the Oreo cookie for for -- Probably about probably about but you know that's. Oh effective and hope -- get paid a lot of money criminal and so. There's a lot of opportunity for for -- professional -- to to make money to a different things off the field and because well it doesn't give away which -- doing on the field in the preparation takes to do that could really that's. That's what we all probably enjoy them also put into it the most. Throughout their win. Given it your best that a big games like that you know give the feature. They're frustrated. In. -- a part of what helped you move all this is say you know what we would agree we Cabrera we do that we did everything we could you know we. You know we practiced hard we didn't expect that outcome it's not like you're. It felt like to put them at Harvard there's no effort and enthusiasm and emotion. It doesn't mean about which -- you could plague it. And when when it like that you have those you can click goes you can quit playing mistake but. The purely intuitive you don't care about the preparation you're throwing in the -- them that I have a big problem and they're so little sense that that. That's followed that people about. Until we wrap of the discipline portion of this conversation taking a to a personal but you personally but but individually. As it takes a special. Disciplined guy. To say no to all the women in the hangers on the people wanna be a part of your life and get a piece of view you know went on endorsements -- bill -- endorsements -- product endorsement. There's people who wanna you know worm their way into your life and say. I spent some time without superstar and and I had him for awhile. You meet different people over the years and you know you it's pretty easy to sort through I think when I was young -- I was much more. Well not so much tempted just more. You know you wanna be nice to people in Maryland in in the you you've got to take every united on the very you know I'd look at that one. I trust everybody is you know vote the best thing but I think it would have the best intention in the end they. You know they don't it -- so you make a mistake and you're probably you know at this point in my life I've. -- -- my group of friends that I really enjoy spending time with that. Obviously very cute as. You know helped a lot also where. You know I I appropriate to what they -- I don't have that big social element our life anymore at -- just preferably a little work so. It's very it's probably a lot easier now than it used to be -- really. You know. Keep the likelihood that anger on. You know away from really what's going on. Do you feel sorry for Tiger Woods thirty a look at the situation say what adult. Anyone involved in a car accident. -- diplomat the diplomat well I mean it's I didn't know really know what happened at an event in. That tiger is always. You know -- -- like you say great discipline him and I would give him the benefit of the doubt he's. A great athlete -- -- -- You know done the right putting in you know he's been a great job -- the community in. You know golfer. That's. You know hopefully hopefully it's just it's what it what are. Nobody Greg our -- feared -- How often do you see teammates. You know rookies these guys with -- with who we don't cut up the -- the right women people up and a new -- escalate or -- ignore it I don't have a new car every day and you think. May be safe to them you're a dope. Yeah you know you -- political and at what got to find their way in the guys who really glad they're the ones who make good decisions essentially because so good decisions off the field. You know that's. That's a character trait to me making decisions and if they're bad decision maker off the field it's hard to think you're gonna be a a good decision maker on the field. -- ever want a -- that happens but it. You know if someone who's in the life off the field is really how to control. You know that's kind of the way it goes on the field of practice and meetings and if you see the guys that are really -- smart. Because the guys that laughed because they understand what it takes the clip that make the commitment to take -- in. Throughout the year that it cobra is really delighted that the vastly different from -- in my life since. Every decision is pretty broad based around my football career. Now what you know out of my completely. My eating habits right you know my nutrition and fitness routine. Their vacations schedule. You know there's there's never vacation we go okay we're so -- -- -- through it without Raikkonen you know. -- -- at their regular spam there are so. That's just that's part of your life it's part of the commitment you make in the you know there's a lot of benefits to that and in our life when you're able to beat that desperate person. No you fire organization where you start out by each other players like that you win and that's that's where truly rewarding. Let's take a shot at something near to a bottom of your handy at home with the mail and hammered a paintbrush. I'll take a shot at this it if you bought paint recently or going to buy -- soon. Leo by Blue Peter pink pink. It my dad didn't think they class. And told him my dead. And I haven't told him. A rodeo when that note this point. Well a second person -- she doesn't know. You know and she doesn't know. I know it's a pretty good feeling knowing something that nobody else knows. You heard that very intelligent woman but no I -- I wanted to find out she did that she's the go ahead so. You know be a little bit surprised there. Is it hard for you that are referenced the child by saying it or he or -- do you -- and accidentally confused about -- idiotic idea how to mess up. Vermont beltway -- well it's an accident and I don't think I've ever really slip -- believe of their crotch what do they have that it does slip -- so in the modern yet. No commitment to open everything is you know effects at this point to yellow gold yellow in the new -- there yellow yellow light green -- at what looks. He had a hand me downs. And actually had little Jack. I've got a path. Rare is this the Barbie palace in your Christmas should help -- -- epithet but. That's very very okay. BR Renaissance alliance power and called quarterback a question of the week comes to us from Bob. -- shedding Bob wants and -- -- Tom do you enjoy playing on Monday night's considering all the hoopla and the extended downtime. Yet you know I've said. Yeah it's by the play a Monday night there's no doubt about it it. It's it's a great experience for the player than you know you I think it's so much more coverage so. You know for your team but when you when you looted the worse because now it's Wednesday morning in that you still feel like it's. Early Tuesday morning which you're they are got to go into powerful they are working and so. They're they're obviously do we captors the top part. Especially on the road where you get back up in the morning. Some in I was appalled by eight that's right that'll wake it up its -- its borders when I went to bed need. Earlier today I guess earlier reports. So it's just it's just about you know given back there by the clock break get back focused and get back ready to work hard is -- -- prop this and in the this is where this where you -- future -- that the team just because you know man that was apparently the year yeah. Oh gets so much to play -- -- so much to gain and everything we worked for this point the mini camps and training camp. You don't for -- you mean it. They have the opportunity would last year I had no opportunity. You know. There were 74 with a lot of football left in. You know -- -- that it's about it's not like there's never hope that this just. We've got we've got to play better against good teams do you play better you know put their all round certainly. You know put better of those critical situations so that's sort of work on him and that's you know that it's gonna be and we'll see if for the team we can figure that out. Our bottled water Reebok Footwear gift certificate courtesy of Renaissance alliance agencies -- power and -- quarterback question to Tom. On W -- dot com slash QB question if -- threat on the air during the quarterback our you win a footwear gifts and having courtesy of Renaissance alliance agencies. The power to save you money and the clout to choose from dozens of insurance companies and since you mentioned smart water. -- mention it to your offensive line to our focus for every game you go on sacked. Your pals that smart water will donate 5000 dollar to the Boston centers for youth and families this is this is incentive for your goal line the contribution goes toward promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. At the organization's 46 community senators route the Boston area to all been very involved in this so far two games were Tom Jersey has been kept. Crisp and clean like his favorite water meaning smart waters committing ten grand of the cause. I guess -- like the CM commit like maybe you know. Five more games of that. We know it was a report a program perfect at a every great aren't aren't -- an idea we'll talk the next week. -- articulate about Tom Brady with Dennis and Callahan joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T your world delivered.

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