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Butter in Maine

Nov 27, 2009|

Mutt & Bradford get a surprise call from Brian Butterfield, bench coach for the Toronto Blue Jays to talk about Marco Scutaro and Alex Gonzalez.

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Water. -- But are you there. Oh yeah we -- chips are about that rob had -- stuffing and as you might get a feel this is someone else who movement that the calvary is coming to my defense right now right butter. Well I heard it worked -- patriots Friday that really the only reason I called back but it was. -- in touch with the -- in merlot but I guess not up unsettled for much. -- Of course the of course this is Brian Butterfield third base -- not our rob buddies -- -- -- -- -- -- call your little your little minions in the Marcos collateral call get a -- all of the show today buttered. If we get added to come you helped support in the market -- debate. You wanna go into first while -- analysis of the fourth into play. That would take a long time are being you know I've the only thing that has bothered me who had the whole process is there's been. -- too much. Time and effort on everybody's part. On requesting the coach's decision everybody's got to the leaders always got to go in a position to make the decision he made -- decision. And he's put a in my mind the best decision maker so what ball. And they. Completed the pass for a first down by a pretty large margin if you DVR -- slow it down. It's it would have been an easy -- view we gotta buy it and eighteen inches they spotted the ball and eighteen inches on the minus side in the thirty. And nobody called here's number twenty or what it was although -- This is this in April fool's goal here. 1018 and well butter got the first -- but well he asked you look at bird thus Burleson the -- he got his talking points on the Saturday brought up the the most who don't know -- no consultation by the refereed right butter. Not -- as you know in today's day and age. In baseball and football. Yeah ideas get it right that's why they have. A replay. And -- -- situations they're -- certain situations. In baseball because. Attempt McClellan didn't get any help from any of his other umpires went. You missed the call at third base with posada and then go up all a body like the way from third base. So how he got blocked out and and the -- without opening it. The umpires -- officials have an opportunity get it right. They always have -- up and get it right there's something that you can't change like a ball and strike. But it there's a lot of other things on the field but -- can't get right and consultation. Everybody is open consultation now another umpire should come run over. And alerted Tim McClelland the fact that both players were bought the piece by a wide margin and I guarantee that that play would have changed. And by the same token in the Indianapolis game. If you look at the end -- replay. You make the determination when Kevin's fault is that the quality that the ball pretty quick there with the public the top. And possessed the ball or is left with came down. Now switch to decide replay. And you see that it let he'll come down. On that thirty yard line. Is upper half is so it on the plus side of the thirty. The ball is resting in between the two threes and it at approximately and the -- unit is on the plus side. Yemen as you put that in your pipe and smoke I'm just stunned right now -- -- it's done -- doing -- of -- felt like break down how we get from other gonna help me out. Yeah you got all right I've been I've been saying the pluses of Marcus Kudrow who -- coach the last couple years give me your breakdown of market scooter. Here's here's my breakdown on Marco. -- an outstanding year for a it was. His first opportunity in every state big -- a player. And he took full advantage of it is the legitimate. Everyday shortstop. Is and are as good. It any hands I have ever coached in in Major League Baseball have been big -- fourteen years. And I have -- -- in Europe and great infielders this guy has no panic in his hand. I gonna catch the ball. Very intelligent use 34 years old take great care of themselves he's gonna he's gonna youthful body. Any cares about baseball these are all pre -- a lot of times you know you look across the other side of field then. You can see the -- -- our strength the running speed quickness. You could put the ball ability to get it here but a lot of times. As a scout or -- on the other -- you don't get up to denote the play here and having had Marco I can assure you. Cares about the being very popular. -- -- teammate got a lot of personalities that infectious personality. It teammate gravitate to -- And that a lot of things on the baseball build up when it hears about what you're trying to do effectively. He knows how to position and so he paid attention in advance -- no. Its own pictures and he knows the hitters around the league so. Before he got hurt without the in the year. He was leaving all of -- American League shortstop in -- -- by a wide margin that was before he got hurt. Now a lot of things can be factored into that number one obviously you have to have pictures that broke ground balls. To get opportunities detectable. A number two you have to have some type range. Which he does it's not great range but it I would considerate plus range. And also. You have to do being a position. And know how to the -- position yourself to take away yet now he is leading by. All I wanna state 78. -- -- before you went that would injury at the end of the year and even -- view and he ended up play a 143 is work. He was still up there I would I want it they in the top war in the American League poaching at the and that means a lot to get into a lot of ball obviously. And he doesn't give away extra oh no at the -- it can't hear on the year. And get one bad game a bad double -- exit where it reach. In a double header or you would have had six or seven era on the year now went coaches. Vote for these gold glove. They can not vote for anybody on their own team. And I had that privilege for me -- who -- was in doubt but gold glove winner in the American League now. I try to pay attention to what all -- who's doing around the league because that's what I do. That part of my job description so -- pay attention to what the shortstop who went epileptic goes into other than just catch the ball a poke ball accurately. I -- our site bright you're talking about given the gold glove this Bhutto if you had a vote how does he compare defensively. To the guy who is just -- -- as of yesterday Alice Gonzales. Alec in -- is an outstanding defender he's that he's one of the premier defenders in baseball. It and all you know in this day and age. I think that you have to factor in more than than just -- that. And and that's the thing that mark who was gonna is gonna give. Anybody whose side he's gonna give them the defense plot. He's proved himself to be an outstanding offensive where an eye on -- guy that walked. -- -- yet even nine walks for this year get on base. He can handle a -- indeed just about anything with it with the bat so. You factor in indeed that which is of Paramount importance. To yourself championship. Caliber team. You gotta be strong up note that we've been thought that that added bonus. Solid solid -- Bonner going to be back to your question mark. On balances. One of the -- club guys in baseball is ranges still. From what I it's the only other side and from what we've heard scout Rangers -- above average and he's a guy that you can trust. For a long period -- textbook instantly and not giveaway Dexter. But I want you to tune in because we're comin' up pretty soon as we said -- patriots patriots Friday and we're gonna have you know the guys that you follow Logan Mankins. Well yeah look Americans on an -- big fan so huge. Huge -- -- he played with a -- my goodness gracious you better you. A better you better have your head on as well when you went -- but the gitmo and meant that the player is not over these common and he's gonna punish people. And while I'm when we appreciate each job right now I appreciate the the help the PR exact got a -- Butterfield joining us from the -- blue jays batter Brian execute that it almost has the lawlessness -- growth and we thank you this young -- areas Brian -- area you know butter as he's known -- --

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