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Nov 16, 2009|

Boomer joins D&C to help us try to figure out what the heck Belichick was thinking

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Welcome back at the patriot Monday joining us on AT&T a -- as it does every Monday AT&T your world delivered a good friend Boomer Esiason. -- -- what I think we should talk about today. Any -- yes. Yeah I guess fourth in 228. That would probably be good places are thirty. You know you've been around the block a couple of times this is that your first rodeos that like to say have you seen with perhaps exception. -- -- trying to handoff to Larry is vodka. And Herm Edwards taking -- in for touch on the never should have happened. A decision as bad as head scratching of what you saw last night. Well you know I -- -- like to recruit -- there's only one coach in the NFL with one quarterback that would have the guts to do what Bill Belichick could last night and -- Bill Belichick -- -- but I -- from his perspective you know he's looking at the other team's offense. Moving -- -- the previous -- series -- -- like you lost complete momentum -- the football and -- and needed because -- so -- -- give the ball back to Peyton -- with this much time on the -- there's no way to -- -- -- the end -- So that they keep reduces the fact that you know -- -- -- Gulfport now. I don't agree with that because it and you're on your don't want to Europe lot of whatever laws. -- up your outside dropped forty. You're on the other side of the fifty. And that situation presented itself and unpredictable right now. But when you do it that he'd beat your own own real we are playing with fire -- You're the best coaching football and you make decisions like this. On a daily basis the most the time. These decisions -- to work out warm in Asia cup a look at this morning and you're gonna have to deal with it all the Monday morning quarterbacks like you -- I've already heard a number of people say -- bit of that -- the ball back. Peyton Manning it was a given would drive them down the field seventy to 75 yards to most people I would say eight. He threw two picks last night he through several wounded ducks that look like something I'd throw up there they had seven punts and they had 43. And -- it wasn't a given -- he would drive 75 yards and score touchdown. I'd never given that that's for sure but I do it all of us that you know watching the previous couple series though and you know I support quarter sort of on -- and they've got caught. I mean I'm just went right router I don't a group decision I don't because of where you are in the field it. -- pure keynote forty yards removed from where they -- that I can understand the situation. But he had come just told him how he's looking at. He's watched patent goes down the field he's watched patent get hot he knows it'd be -- running out of -- you know that they really take any pass rush from. And -- -- -- -- -- we want when the game we have to make. This one play. So I'm just -- that's always thinking about it I just old like where he has on the field. Making that decision because -- -- that might feeling might just might. Overall and have that whole professional football can't get a sense feeling of the whole thing I thought it was a reckless decision. What what did you think of the play -- Mercosur a question that to mean you'd you'd split Barca wide -- enemies. He's covered by a safety he didn't eat cut the ball I mean the player works it just didn't get the first thousand. Even that seemed a little strange at the at that time. Well you know it's a situation where Tom gave up they're not gonna copy the primary receiver or Thomas -- -- the defense and he's he's okay I gotta -- young Kevin -- that's where wanna go because nine content and what does Kevin -- -- undue economic I'm mr. -- right. That's what he's been doing my entire career. For the northern patriots on this one particular play one -- makes you know makes the tackle and you -- get the ball back for his team but I I'd still go back to the point where. You know it's where they are on the field. That's so I think hard for people to stomach I mean it myself I sat there and I wanted access while there's only one coach would want quarterback. In this league -- would have done exactly what knowing when -- and that was Bill Belichick and Tom -- -- Jim Caldwell. Of the Indianapolis -- around -- they had -- ever even attempt to disrupt. -- you've you've played for some unusual coaches some colorful characters in your career have you ever had a call from the silent like this one. Where you as a quarterback of -- As my coach lost his mind I mean. It actually report on the 49ers back in 1987 it was strike here it was he that was beginning -- supporters want strike. We get forced straight down so on I -- on all thirty yard line were up by six point against the 49ers we ran three plays deported aren't useful through their timeouts. There was about eight or nine may have let's also look -- -- get a -- out and instead of various safety. So much side to run up what place you can get from a walk out they -- it to tackle James Brooks on the line of scrimmage it was six seconds left on the clock. Joe want panic about built -- ball pitcher -- right court -- -- Gabler and not. A block from outlook there was going to be a mute irrevocably killed and I don't -- -- -- that would be the case bill -- this morning or last night Hillary analysts say that. Is because he does -- -- -- Obama's bigger. That led to a lot of credit. Don't you did you on -- do you believe that maybe he didn't just wanna win the game maybe he wanted to make a statement maybe he wanted to. Embarrass the colts may -- -- shove it down their throats and say listen you can't beat us. And and maybe a motion went into this emotion a little arrogance. Came into the. Begala. I think that. We hope that it checked. There a lot of things he does behind the scenes that we don't see a lot of lot of our decisions internal personnel and there's some prospect but he does okay but I didn't I never think that about him on the -- I've -- use. In the big picture of things have really simple well thought out football coach. Who makes decisions depending on. Probably in unfolding in front of them and he will take risks there's no question about that I thought that this was. It's unnecessary risk because the easy -- pretend to do would have been the pump the ball. That'd be practical up there and if you lose beginning. Okay we're sitting here this morning and they lose the game after putting the ball. Then word rip in their defense that will -- in the fact that they could keep -- many at the end zone in the fourth quarter but that's probably BE. Easy way to go but I'll tell you right now he even on the sideline he's thinking you know want. Italian football like the Peyton Manning watching in the previous couple her arms -- myself. I need to keep the ball weight problem so I understand why he made the decision. I don't agree with it simply because of where he was on the field applies. Over in my estimation it was one of those single most ill advised indefensible called imaginable and I'm wondering. Because post game for the public to seat. He demonstrated his usual unpredictable. A condescending and apologetic arrogance but I'm -- behind closed doors with this team. PacifiCorp to Randy Moss and Tom Brady an -- and the rest of the guys who are asses off by the way last night and apologize for that position the -- takes a -- take responsibility in front of -- team and said my bad I made the wrong call. He he he brought no one go it probably would. And you have a condescending and need to post came up press conference the awkwardness of at all it never changes could ever tell you that they win. Or they'll lose -- same thing. All the time bomb -- it is it's it's mind numbing sometimes when there was a game like this. I would imagine that. Bill we have discussions as to do shows and end -- happening in dubious almost focuses going to be on the -- and everybody's going to be talking about what kind of message -- and -- came up they were kind of message sent to newspapers but defense bump in the fourth quarter last I'm not at -- -- of that kind of apparently knew that I couldn't stop Peyton -- And does that does that does that message have a long term residents down the road residents. Down the road as well perhaps the other perspectives they've blown home field advantage here. -- it blown onto the VATICAN is no question about that but I on this so and I don't I think there's so much credibility. That coach Belichick has built up over the years. You know you gonna go through -- like every other coach a look at this morning and as teams lost I mean. In a down here you know Rex Ryan going to be roasted Tom Coughlin was most of last week for a couple positions immediately in the game. I mean that's just the nature of this business and because somebody Q what so passionate about their team. But they want their teams to win and they and they want their coaches each and every week go through these decisions and sometimes they were council president don't you know I just think that goal have a wake up this morning if you have any sleep last night at all probably not after that decision. You know probably sick there was -- and I think that the defense of players all week long -- going to be hearing about. How he made a decision to try to keep the -- off the field and and I do think that that is big negative shot towards. The players that tried to. You know and for the most part Bob optic Manitoba public or court and in the -- on pull up while -- there when they when they when they get that great field position. Did you ever as a quarterback when you have a guy like Sam White sand and a play that you in the did you ever veto it and just say that's that's not that's that doesn't work right here we need to do something else. Yeah I did. Not really sure it is -- sure that Tom Brady has done some of that and you -- -- you're never gonna get Tom Brady in any way shape or form ever second guess his head coach you'll never get that guys I mean good -- team is too buttoned up. You know even if Tom Brady felt like it was the wrong thing to do -- would never say that you know that I know that a -- -- apocalyptic talk committee. On you don't support -- coach 100% of what would. The net and head coach. But it over the patriots has given Tom Brady a career. That you know that very few of those would've ever had. Well what about assistant coaches do you think any of them sent -- the I don't -- -- -- time. Kidding me you didn't. Look around up there are so insecure about their jobs their job security and ever -- war. What do you think they did at the time when there were I mean he's got his headset on at some of say bill it's fourth and and who here yeah. -- budget there was this -- I guarantee you there's discussion and I guarantee you. In the double votes -- coaches in this news. Why I am a fan of in the Dakota might appear to have the call last night again because of where they were on the field with the only reason come up against that. One of the things about both projects that pipeline so good about them is that you all police is ahead of the team that is playing each other couple moderate gains were guys I've seen his team take safeties. Where you -- form and stability game against Denver Broncos and and popped the ball weigh in the united -- -- all the men and get the ball back and then probability would take them down the field remember back games. That decision sure you know both decisions a lot of times are never made by coaches. Because they don't have the guts. Or the key holiday spirit to make those decisions. The last night when that when it happened opposite Arabs and myself you know why -- Inevitably build -- Jack is going to be more reps appear than most coaches and -- he -- and and and again I'd say this if the other 45 drug mart also all over the fifty yard line. I completely understand I typed 100%. That. But because of where they were in their own -- That's why I question that this war. Bora we really simplify this and -- a dead horse but it's what we're gonna do until at least a week from now. Is not the litmus test that every coach I guess that every sport malicious narrow down a football. To put your team in the best position to win the game and it was simple quiet down to that and I understand that you know you you -- -- -- -- logical -- -- decision was. Did meet with this decision put his team in the best position to win the football game. Force that one moment. One he is watching. -- mini movie to open downfield in the fourth quarter. And and him obviously recognizing that the moment the but the heat of the game it completely on the other sideline. Com. I would be hard pressed to argue against the fact that he felt like he had to make that decision if they make the plate game is over and they don't give Peyton and the ball back with. Any significant time left on the clock. When I might look at it that way I'd say the only reason that -- Biotech make a decision like this is because he takes its gonna help -- in one. That there's no other -- -- motive here there's no other he wants to make everybody look like he knows what he's still on his head coach of the decision like this. There's not of that stuff goes and what it goes in I don't believe to be all worked so hard to try to progress how to win a game. That you know if you think for one moment that one guy is gonna make a decision because it's this selfless decision if you want to short video that he's the better coach he. He -- things that -- people don't know palm gear you guys would be mistaken I mean he beat you put common effort in the when every 10 years dissect this morning. As you guys are if not more. And again I'll say oh -- -- space. Audit merit. Because of where they were on the field it's the wrong decision and ultimately the outcome -- determined that but again I would not second guess them that they were twenty or thirty or further along -- where they war. How much do you think the other coaches and and front office personnel other people around the league are enjoying this this morning. Upton went -- not historic. I'm sure that -- NFL the bloodshed and political ought to hear a bit so a lot of people. Loosely dialogue the other people fell and that that talked mornings because you know if in the in the minds of some. Couldn't happen to a better person right and that's just the way it is not a competitive business slate com. But I cannot I think that -- dollar check it's worth it's it is his paycheck which. To me you're always has been -- -- -- -- ready to go next week your projects in the -- on armament. Have to go to Indianapolis or Pittsburgh or Cincinnati. And up to what are road playoff game in you know I would put my chances or put my money on the debate the patriots in that situation. It will grow much sure how many the other 31 coaches in the NFL. A smiled and relishing what happen to Belichick last night but I think I do all this Eric Mangini went to bed last night happy for the first time in about a year go to think. Of course right and -- that's right -- and -- broke -- and excruciating fashion and you know it takes a little blue. -- of those the collateral Eric Mangini but that lab will be shining brightly and but I -- Baltimore -- -- -- -- And speaking up speaking of Rex Ryan is there anything more. Culture intuitive. Re running back in the National Football League the taken the at the one yard line. The story goes against everything that these players -- taught but remember also that this is the discussion that they did it happened and -- -- -- of the plate -- plate as -- doesn't it if they're gonna let you score you you can't quote got to keep continue to clock are also a brilliant play yes but at the field -- goes -- and -- my goodness I can't even imagine how people would be reacting this morning so for Maurice Jones -- taken a rep William to begin there to keep the clock -- -- that the jets don't have -- part about terrific football -- as long as the field goal is executed properly which in this case and what. -- just now much is is Rex Ryan reeling right now Olmert has a month ago. I mean I was waiting for the parade down the canyon of heroes of me he was the savior he was a god in New York Giants jets Super Bowls also network -- Plus he was he took Belichick over his knee and spank them what. What's it like now for for Rex he sexy -- in New York. Well the back page of the New York Post that an aces train wrecks. Stupid (%expletive) church all but -- players -- blue. Did there there are some tough stuff going on right now on the Marcos Sanchez just -- it's something that topic I've ever seen. A player do it -- all my years covering NFL. Rookie quarterback right after the game. Wrote down notes. And opened his. Post game. Plus remarks -- -- it 92. And -- you'd put it the word that kind of speech so Oakley out and it was awkward and I I don't know what Mark Sanchez was pretty about it almost like he was speaking about it. That the game was on full holding your problem -- but he was more worried about the to prepare for press conference. That he was worried you know to try to when the -- -- And five of six they've lost and this was coming up the -- right. Yes to -- while the other yellow the other big discussion here is Rex Ryan gave his players -- state saw yeah. And -- they came out flat believe -- gave mr. defense was terrible person at the defense -- great the second half. Jack opened it first down at the last five minutes in the last stride so. You know the jets in the giant bow down here anyway are finding just. Crazy ways to lose games and I mean these coaches are polar bears are done here because they played well when the games. It's just the last two rival a lot of these games. Are coming back all the home -- So that other -- -- I mean would you be shocked if the if they've bounced back. Against the patriots on the road next week. I would be shocked are are really -- because you don't Sergio is as good as he's been at times you could see you -- Yzerman as a rookie quarterback. That is really really struggling in the -- you know despite throw it and like any rookie quarterback go -- it indicated going to be a really good player in the league for a long time to concede that he has all those attributes but you know here we are. Middle of week eleven. Call up into the -- effort yet at another just disheartening loss. I mean he's -- out what it needs to become a man and and the development pretty quickly because there's an awful lot of pressure on. You know over the last couple months we've been looking at the Bengals victories in winking and nodding and saying no whatever. And animosity credit -- first wanna say this is a different medical team Mike. Is that my consumers defense. As has spiked at that they can be two offensively another can be too defensively and other drug winking and nodding going -- more it appears the Bengals are for real. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you have a lot of cycle players on that team and I always think of one more analysts at the end of the games talking news in our cameras are watching Andy's old saying you know. You do the right thing they have the right thing always try to keep -- out of trouble blob blob law you don't -- one guy. And that's Ochocinco boot up and put his -- is not a -- last week that I thought that he was argued on and you know good lord knows spokesman that it felt kind of group who would now last Sunday. It did fine of 20000. Dollars for the it will bribes well last week. And out on populace orchestra -- ensure that they're. Should have been -- wondered how bright bright. But that's not -- why I mean obviously is too -- around the 20000 dollars as a make any difference to me keep doing it so it provides direct crisis grows -- -- it out. But the media think they have and he has created on on many occasions this year but yet they find on the that it took a -- but more importantly. It's the whole. The way that will do what it looks to whether Arkansas meat bursts. Aren't exactly. And then -- wanna do -- deal with you know bribes and you know also gambling issues that come and do it and just release sent to -- on not it's not the image you want. You think that's giving you sets aside the ego now that they are serious contenders and can't afford to. But -- Steve riskier disease still going to be Ochocinco going forward. I'd RB can help and so now the Arctic he's he -- -- our success I really do and as most wide receiver so -- this week but he's. Right now at the top analysts and might decide to sticky heat continues to make it jackets. So. And put himself on the point did you imagine Belichick put up -- product that the elect. -- as you talk about Marvin Lewis and you don't do the right thing can he turn around and and signed Larry Johnson now after making one of those speeches. Hook. No I don't. It's got registered knowing Mike Brown on the owner of the football in the way I do he's always won't get guys on the cheap. The second -- and you know that's exactly what apple -- -- parents and so to present nobody wanted to equipment from. And you wanna -- got them last year yet have really strong and that this season last year the side of to a minimal. Two year contract extension after the fact and the guys -- -- revelations so -- -- as always have a history. Picnic on -- scrap heap applause about the cost that much they get a lot -- -- -- we wrap -- up with this I can only expect that ESPN is hoping there will be a -- and -- factor tonight. People wanting to tune in to see the train wreck that is the Cleveland Browns are the making Google you go to Cleveland but I. I'm not -- oh man we got beat Carolina Miami did on Thursday. So I do I get all the watches walk in the public to at all but I have. Yet at that though Albion. -- -- the docket do appreciate the insight as always have a good week we'll talk -- that's -- a patriot Monday. Thought it could go wrong with provoke the most -- so. Don't buckle down and you know do you do your job what you got ghost there's -- -- deeply. Thanks a lot liberal talk and actually outside enjoying deficit Callahan. And AT&T hotline AT&T your world delivered.

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