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Nov 9, 2009|

The coach joins the show to talk about the win against Miami, the wildcat offense, Laurence Maroney, and playing in Indianapolis.

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Depiction it is patriots Monday life down here at Gillette Stadium to another time for -- -- with the coach Bill Belichick it's all presented by the right. Gridiron challenged in the gridiron jailed by visiting patriots dot com slash Verizon EXP for a chance to win. Weekly prize it was a pretty good you think they've threatened that's an -- objective measurement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And abilities -- the approaches that Leo. That. Where there -- style. The sports match it was expected. And that's what. It's come a long run I think it's a little bit more complicated than that so thank you -- was in the process of us the governor today. Very difficult coach got a record of -- obnoxious little -- was principally June GM has been blown by the Enron throughout history so the parent there holding that against me at a time when you -- -- convinced that Randy Moss probably would be good position that can -- just a little -- like Hamachi -- I was wrong so Larry Johnson's name pops up -- -- -- And some caller calls and says. -- do you think this chance that the patriots would at least consider that they would they don't notice that -- line where Woody's. Round of what he's said is his chance to pay to pick him -- You sincere prices right off the guy would raise -- -- -- Steve and I kind of laughed at you because it was the same reaction we get with Rodney Harrison and recount with rating laws have not read it tonight for me so there was still in. And in Randy Brady. July soft so Fred would like to know if there's any chance I would like Larry Johnson you'll ask a question you -- Levy's apartment. -- well. Well I haven't seen the wire -- -- and -- he'll be on there and I would doubt it. Would it be his ability order as a player right now could help her -- and much you know for the law they're a player like that that so on the wire similar to. Chris Chambers a came on list last week somebody will claim at a loss even if we claim them. I doubt that we would get them. But you know we -- decide whether or not we wanted to do that are not. And maybe at some well we'll talk about that I. I would think you'd -- before you get to us when you're dealing with a player like that that has this public baggage. Obviously you've got to venom out as a player but how much you and how do you do it. Figure out because obviously there were a lot of people who they say and thinks about Corey Dillon in the past. Divorcing -- things about rating laws you obviously came to different conclusions on both of those players how do you do that -- you -- out how do you find out. But the true stories. Well that's that's your question. And depends on what your options are sometimes the players sometimes it's coaches on Thompson's. From office people just in -- trying to find somebody that you feel like you can trust that really knows. How would be in your system not not how was somewhere else -- And Somerset circumstance but now grow deeper in our system and so I don't know who personal interviews you've had with those guys in -- to a lot of people frustrated who has yet but I had never met Corey we traded form and I had never talked to Randy and build. Randy. You know came -- -- Sunday morning at like 9 AM. The fourth -- 8 o'clock whatever was before the trade was done then so I had met those players until we you know actually. Made those deals so. Anyway so that in -- -- find somebody feel like giving accurate information. -- let's get to yesterday's game. Are we surprised at anything we talked. So much was made the wildcat they didn't use it until midway through that the second quarter they come out with a slight wrinkle in the the using Pat White out there. Anything surprise you what do they do differently you thought that they would come up with something. Different than what you've seen in the past. You know not too much we we expected when white was in there that it would be some type of option game which is wouldn't it had been and and that's what he does. And they you know they -- that speed option and we just didn't. Just in Houston played very well and and then and then they -- second time it -- the ball and it wouldn't support that very well. So you know fortunately those two places Purcell. And though they were things that we prepared for we just didn't you know when they came up when Justin. -- wells we would like to. That we talked about a half time and and in tried again second half couple times early -- get too much but so. You know -- they do what they do which is they changed things up a lot from the formations and plays that we saw. So popular too -- in formations where things that we got when he was a Carolina. In 2000. 42005. Point Clinton -- so sending the empty that was those were kind of looks that we got that he hadn't. I'm saying he had shown in the last five years but. Mentioned last five weeks so Clinton. So you know he dug out some things and -- stuff like that so it's in the justice maker in the game defensively. -- island and offensively the they tried to you know adult Lawson and Welker at times bottle com but that we did have some of that. And mandate they pressured somewhat the usually try to do and they know -- it's on their normal you know. Man coverage and and a little bit its own so. Those those kind of -- -- -- some adjustments during the game you know we have more on defense probably and so. Going Lanka for a second how -- -- written these people talk about the only announces that it. You're surprised you're surprised by anything here's a looks like a bunch of those plays -- just a fundamental breakdown here the -- outside backer took an inside orbits are not there. But outside beat. And didn't spray you know. Extended to the silent salute to the pursuit to get to you know we had enough people -- you know wasn't like -- had a cell number murder -- leverage we have enough people which is. They promised an assignment where you have. In some somebody on. Something on the on the inside Enron if there is once somebody on the quarterbacks on the pitch and so in -- Vietnam that both sides to that really you know accounts for six people. Oh so -- -- break those responsibilities now to include Justin. You know dismissed the -- Stay removed the use that -- while it gives. Defense is so important look at and think about them and practice of during the week. Doesn't does it take away from your preparation as the -- -- because you're kind of moral serving two masters news. Sure Ontario Dave if you wanna run that you get wrapped with some time to him and that's. You know like that particular model thing so. It's -- decide that you know if you commit time to you gotta use it and or that then it really it would make any sense of in the committed a second round pick who have been Pat White to learn. Did -- very -- so yeah and then there's that certainly takes time the consulate to prepare for both offensively you're gonna run. On dolls line wildcat and so it you're you're gonna have the -- announcements artwork and -- does I think the fear that think it probably in the long run Steve you do that what you're saying in his. Well once we get used to it becomes a normal thing for us and just kind of reviewed during the week whereas for the opponent it's a big deal and and they. Proportionally there's been a more time on a weekly basis that we are -- and so you know if you believe it that's way to. For coaches that this or any type of routine of when he brings in a way doesn't seems like sometimes a brilliant in when they're like Kenny was -- of time before all. They bring it in as any type of substitution. Methods that you can figure out. You know -- -- final thanks so I think a lot of times you see it within a series so if that is going good they might run -- you know two or three times and also if they a lot of times they'll run the same formation within a series so. They can kind of see your adjustment and then call the next play based on what you were in on the last play. Rather than wait until you get to the sideline and maybe the next time they called on the new series. Maybe make some kind of just ignorance -- the -- elective. See what -- ran in and get you in that and then and then run the play if they feel it will be good against the based on how. I -- and let's play -- for. -- it is thought process and to place the fourth and inches Brady himself apart count looks like trying to get them to move. -- moves instead. One where you running a play there we if you couldn't get them offside was he going to run that way to try to get the first down. That the plant yes we're -- call now we just. Treatment just wanted to play fathers there's a couple things they're just political players. That's -- so what what are we think in the air in that you get the field -- you know it's not guarantees obviously still have to kick it. Idea the two score lead with a minute fourteen left are you fearful they are at that they field -- gets blocked and so that gives them an opportunity to score. What's going through your editor you're looking at the various opportunities and how they can still win the game. Well right the I think at that point there was so. What about a minute of fourteen them a little over a minute on the game. And we have a seven point Leeds they says -- now in Iraq and they win. First of all fourth and inches if we pick that up the game's over ineligible. If we kicked a field goals two score game which. In any got a guy returned two kickoffs for touchdowns last week. You know that's an issue or you know I mean we've all seen ten points in a minute -- we on the product and happened so. And then just like we play the Jetsons oh was it 56 down there 06. You know were -- point one not the next point on fourteen. Or kick a field goals -- when he -- pupil to make it. What 2414. And they block it and lucky and run back for touchdowns so we ended up hold on their but in a blocked field on that situation that's. Thank you you know you a lot better chance -- scorn on that then. Maybe a team like Miami. You know -- an eighty yard drive with no timeouts -- -- all the time now so. There have been fourth intent it's easy you go in their -- a feel for the six tickets available for the two inches. Than do you wanna kick the field you wanna pick a first down in the game that way so watch that's kind of the options ago. And what's the penalty -- -- it yeah the mistake of the -- picking -- us that -- why wouldn't why would you go right now to get the two score lead but. You don't have that to score at least you don't of that three points that's not like automatically guaranteed. And you're right if he blocked blocked that suddenly you -- -- kickoff from your -- of background on -- -- people don't even as applause went up Qichen. Wasn't a forty yard field goal yet you know yeah so. If we -- and got the ball on a thirty yard line as opposed to where we've ran the play in the first place which have been on about those that eighteen or -- like. So a minute and an opinion with a penalty and ends of the in another quality arts. You know they still if we missed that they have the touchdown ties so. You know it's another. Little more field position you know if I the other one I wanted to bring up 315 left in the third quarter you're up by five after the touchdown and you elect go for the -- with -- this conversation many times. Usually you talk about the fourth quarter late in the game. This was a little bit earlier -- -- my guess is did you ever play that he figured we gotta run as well. Well I know what's. Yeah I think that was the number one thing -- as we felt good about the play and as -- after the game that was that was really a tough decision it could've gone either way we could kicked it. You know there still eighteen minutes left to go in the game. You know at the think that that was going to be the last score the game even though it basically was the last score the game you know until final field goal. But you brought it that problem was the way it was gonna ago but it ended up happening now -- that we just. We could easily kicked it. Part of the reason golfer -- -- the focus about the plight and that that we that we felt like we do with the dolphins are gonna be in on that. And thought we had a pretty good players have worked. Yeah and and ahead we now -- good about the play we definitely we definitely kick it but he even as it was. You know 810 minutes further into the game definitely go for two. 45 minutes earlier in the game definitely -- -- Right there to start the fourth quarter end of the third quarter was right right in the prayer was that it was a it could've gone either way. -- -- -- Implementation wildcat and have a -- remembering having -- -- take away from them being able to establish some continuity -- offense. Toward the end of the game was two minutes left but put any and any hasn't been an all time. How does that take away their ability to function this move is a wanna be it in two minute. You know bought the president's request to Fred you know I would just say when you look at the the jets game for example on on Monday night -- wedeman -- October. You know that last drive how white had played only came in any ran. Here -- a dive -- than their and a quarterback draw. You know and that was critical situation in the game. And then in all gain in same thing in the Atlantic -- -- they brought him in the second half. So -- my guess is something that they're comfortable with and that they're comfortable with a thousand. And that the go ahead do it. But you know but he's been in -- and some critical situations. Probably none more so in the first jets and and and he made a couple big place -- so. You know I guess they don't they don't mind doing. Laurence Maroney -- to. Have a different. Level. Recent game of the problem we have I thought look at the box store doesn't look all that impressive but he -- with a purpose shifted that the kind of purpose head down. Very hard. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And latency and we can element hard but I mean just like it looked different yesterday. You know -- I think he's been run on hard are really good things Ronald earlier in a -- in -- against Tennessee. Letter and or against Tampa -- and now in the Tampa game and really get. A lot of -- opportunities until the end of the game you know but you know we split those but he ran hard in the you know mobile morgue in a couple of those on pass plays in check downs and screens and you know stuff like that I think he's -- run earlier and you know yesterday when he had some space in our teammates and Ernst and when it wasn't anything there. It wasn't wasn't much there of one into your gains. So this is -- one of those facts I was there is -- that today it's been almost since December of 07 since he actually got carried the ball twenty times in the games he won on those back so that. To really get it going needs. More reps. You know I think he's haunt those back -- needs a little -- room -- like any back you know when you get the Paul. And there's no hole and there's no movement and everybody stand in there. Where you get the ball and somebody's in the backfield and you gotta -- dodge him just the tobacco line of scrimmage. You know it's hard Iran I think you know Lawrence's like any pact to get the ball a little bit of space in the chance pick on. On the -- he's gonna make some parents and you know I think you say that about. Really just about any back and certainly yesterday our offensive line particularly early in the game that first. Those first couple drives we got some good movement there was some holes. You know we had people block and in you know Lawrence ran well. And you know Kevin in article draw plays -- second quarter to read you know got some separation. So in -- combination of the play call in the blocking and -- some problems with the defense actually goes they can help Leo and someone poisoned on the place. And I can do something the kind of stuck in there taken away. Coach and those little -- that you know and then of course -- we're giving a Sebastian -- let's hope when you had in the previous couple games. Mr. No I don't think so steal a week but we tried. You know we just try to mix it up on those guys on on you know first of all they all played way can importer and Taylor and then rothmans. -- Muncie and Anderson out there a little bit or or so and they had a lot of different guys rushing out there on the as. We try to mix it up you know it's and deeper throws more protection with some quick throws we. We moved the pocket little we you know we hit them and with the backs in the tied hands and so positive and have them ransom screens and draws so. -- -- thing with that one news about their pro ball forty times from the same place and pocket the same protection does. You know let him from rob Walton and so we do we just try to mix it up its -- debate within one's -- the strip and radio 200 and thirty yards against the -- felt that was 44%. Time they blitzed -- radio too it's made in real brought in extra guys operate -- -- right you know I mean that they do quite that five -- rushed they do that anyway and and as you close to the 01 point six. And it just displays straight men and with a five you know on so. You know but that's that's that's -- thermal let's percentages. And they they brought at a decent amount time. It recovered some equipment -- for the premiere along more than we'll see this week that's really pretty much. It's what you've seen before though the other thing they did it's that they they have done -- -- -- -- -- little bit differently for us Tuesday one win was when Randy was in the game another receiver. They did place -- coverage over the top of him and then one rainy west were in there together and some others of the fences. They they try to get a vote. So I think. When he was able to feel -- -- to get him to returns both up around 353637. Yard line. But the rest of the times you found a way of neutralizing 10-Q and including after the penalty. This ASCII kicks that ball -- company that's on that pretty impressive that's that's that's how you shot -- -- -- like that down. Well yes the music what can force and and the one after we scored there were I think America -- up the points when he -- I have -- So no -- had an excellent you know 44 on the field goal doesn't and it's such facts and you know we thought that even on the ones that -- touch backs going toward the White House -- the polls up in the air attack on Taco Bell went down on the via when he that'll affect cross your apartment so. Yeah you know our coverage was was big there and and and punting game you know most of those pics -- from -- fifty so. Of their base the fair catches inside the point that that was good -- so. In overall I think we have a little bit of an advantage on field position was through -- and not they've won a little let. Whenever on the -- and pass from brown. Look like. Colin bid on it didn't falter every kid so coverages but to celebrate on the run and drop coverage could route through replica that was an -- that happened yeah. -- it was in at all it was right on them you know hot is on the goal line in over his plan Raanan. You know you just take a false stuff there and and they get behind -- and you know brown made a good throw we just. You know we dismissed that we should which had to play but. You know again everything can run and and and he got to stop the run first -- known they just. In -- final play action often -- stuff wants and you put up there. This anything disappointing would it be the original offense that you go when they're four times tomorrow with Google's three times. Well really you know. One for three you know lesser runners the Allen and yet the reds on offense. Only more disappointing -- its own defense you know we're -- -- -- And you know last year against Miami we're. Or is it -- for nine in two games so we played him three times here -- -- -- -- the -- ones so that's Monica. You moved around some of your defense -- I'm in particular Wilfork you know to the outside was a reaction to their. Personnel or to switch router. -- to promote. Well looking at there offensive lines do appellate the strength line of the two tackles and you know. The long and and Sony to. -- -- Future this -- anyway so we -- you know vote. Those are the two best guys there and Carrie -- acute primary. So you know Carrie long and and so Vinson and tied you know matched up on them and you know we've -- there it they it they've heard us in the past that they heard everybody really the running game you know those off tackle runs. That's their bread and butter is -- of runs between the tight end of the tackler of the tight end in the kick out block of the wing there so. I have Benson and tied there it that would give us. You know two good guys that at the point there and and you know Mike -- senator John force inside and also. Myron. Prior it was our kind of our next you know next back -- knows. And he he played some and the game but he you know gave some decent snaps and then Mike was. We'll bumped out to end as kind of the third in and so. Felt like that's kind of where you know our temple was and -- -- you know. If Meyer would have been side and advances since. You know one of those what had a bump out then anyway so we just when it hadn't. And that's proxy and I second break when we come back we'll talk about the showdown with the unbeaten Indianapolis Colts coming up on Sunday night do that right after this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Totals like a divisional game they were once used -- they were once in the division but don't you get that feeling just seem to know so much about them it's. It's one of those were guy's gonna put the stuff up pretty quickly I would think this week. Indianapolis Pittsburgh and Denver it's in and we plan every year. It's -- on the schedule this year that's. -- a few years. A national review difficulty connecting usually your way through again -- It will file that works or not how different are these days without Bob Sanders so much is made about what he does a guy that. The safety -- like linebackers up on the line -- without the C make it look much different they do different things when he's out of their bill. Well I think the players are placed them bullet is. Among things Bob Sanders but he plays a lot like bodies. Very aggressive. You know tough guys that that comes down the box comes flying down in the line of scrimmage on animals and now -- -- -- blow somebody up. Just like Sanders does so it's that same type of a player there. You know it pops. You know 44 guys got real you know it's got outstanding speed and here instinctive but football account plays like that to -- better coverage guys in his -- does more -- -- -- all the Q1 of those geysers you know. Note for the coverage they want degree coverage players that one's nonchalantly linemen and -- play zone and they wanna get the ball you know so there. Man oh man that's that that theirs. They'll do a lot of the month ago excited about. Has Manning. Done anything different looks like he's carried more lower the team in -- Miami in the mall becomes a big plays. Against used a literal thirteen catches a fourteen to tell them but it just seems to be. It on -- amongst boys out there with his ability to find the open guy and become under pressure. Yeah he really does me as usual he seems like every game is pretty close to flawless now and he has an estimate passes and seemed like he's always get the ball to the right and and the more critical situations the more. The more they -- to make the right place and so -- you know he's done a good -- get some young younger receivers with them you know we've we've been through that to -- that's -- and that there. They're productive and of course is gonna clarkin has gone delves in 2000 park and Reggie went. And those two as a man -- top place form to you know it's not like it's. It on their shown open and it dies so you know he's got some guys he can definitely count me and that's -- doesn't come through Foreman and he's put them in good positions to make place you know. So what what do you do to stop. Dallas Clark specially over the -- I think he had ten receptions in the first quarter in the game against Houston yesterday. So much of that stuff it is over and how do you stop -- Well you know it's hard and and the more. And they've got to you know the more you put on him nonetheless you have for Reggie Wayne and the more you put on those two guys that unless you for. The running game and and died in and so. You know plus the -- in all the other guys too so. You know it's it's -- and and that's why they're the top offensively in in the score a lot of points and -- Lotta games -- an ardent -- Do you -- and take one thing -- in and they. -- you know it's not like well -- if you take this play away. And they might have and have that called then you've got on it's if they see your taken that away then in all the way that their comments on world so. Notes there any end in the end everybody across the board has do their job they get too many weapons to disable. And stop this one thing you you got everybody's got the jump it's up Ron. There's stuff that the vertical game against the possession game. -- a role receivers one comes open program is if you -- I was gonna return and that you might double team a lot in the scheme were right to -- -- considered to do that. Some real stimulus. I think you got a mix it up on a question and remotely times and -- -- problem on the of the other times where we we won't. Don't want they I don't think you wanna do is is the same thing every time to manic. And let him come mountains there aren't there appears there there doing this thing again he'll have something for and that's in Yemen are wrong. How much as he did apply if there was -- usually happen. Is real how much is -- army's always pointing always talking always adjusting how much is would do well and Obama and Nicole plays so you don't have to get and called I think once the plays called. Again if it doesn't look good then they'll try to get out of it if they call play and they kind of got what they were hoping for what they thought you're gonna play in that situation. And they go that route but if it doesn't look good though that there at the -- keep from the that. The look I think that's where the check and it comes in it's one you know he he sees -- -- that. You know this is gonna be a problem player or he's got to play called and then he sees US coverage cover two or bullets or whatever it is where. He's thinking and will rather than run this play that of that called. This is our chance to run some special play against this whatever it is and and then you try to get to that plan matchup for you know for -- positive buried in an American crow. Well he's been -- for ten years you know he. You know that's why he does is double -- long counts and and you know it's it's you know it's a game it's cat and mouse game you know the you can -- him but. You know usually figures out sometimes he goes quick and then while your maiden the ball snapped and and your opposition so he tries the gotta do good job that -- everybody tries to do it but it's -- authority figures and -- is there. The go record more productivity. From what we first -- scheduled horribly that group. Both -- save on Steve is whatever they need to do they do and you know at the end of the game if they need to. Drive for a score they drive for score if they need to run out the clock and controllable for the last four -- immensely controllable if they needed defense to stop. Like in Miami game and they go and -- defense to stop so. Looks to me like what kind of whatever they've been called upon to do in the fourth quarter they've made the they got to make a -- at the end of the -- they make it policy is got to make a -- For whatever reason that he uses the colts Baltimore the other team just doesn't make this available. You know what Emeka fifties on -- and they missed a 42 murderer whatever whatever was so. You know you we have her chances against pulled this is for sure there are chances against the colts you gotta make them count. You know because it's not going to be -- snobbery you gotta take advantage of the once he got and and you you're capitalize -- -- pictured in my differences between the way this team was coached in the preview issues. I think the biggest differences on defense Fred with a layer cores a defense coordinator he's. There's there are some similarities with the players you know Freeney and Mathis rock. You know guys like that but I think their scheme is a little bit different cores analyst with dungy and and -- Ron Meeks and not quite as much of zone team -- more pressure team. I'm not -- they political time -- a senate blitz more than what they did you know when plutonium on where there. So. They sedate than have a few changeup defensively offensively it it's the same. I don't see much difference there you know this personnel changes but the the schemes -- We will look at the young receivers are commercial and cultural committee here and Harrison's gone and Gonzales has been hurt -- good portion of the season. Do you see these kids making mistakes from time to time is that something that you can exploit which your defense with a younger. Positional players specially at the receiver spot. Well I don't think there's any question that the man's got more confidence in clarkin Wayne. That then the other guys don't think that's a slight necessarily those guys it's. Partially commentary on how a good Clark and -- -- and his two of the best players in the league. On the same offense along the quarterback so. You know I mean. Critical situations clutch time he's got to have -- I mean that's who's looking for but again you go to the to the Miami game and the pressure is a screen and or Solomon so. You know I mean he certainly are free to use those guys. You know. If if if all of things being equal. Paragon Clark -- You would you ever going to a game like this. Tell the guys beginning of the week. From some guys you know. We probably going to be at least thirty to win this game for goes poker do you think your defense has cable playing the do you have that kind of mentality we went to a game like this particular on the road in that place. Well thought I think. I think beat you you go into every -- thank then defensively we can't give up too many points and offensively. We either score a lot you know but you never know how those games are gonna go remember when we went out the most with the giants who -- not the -- 49ers on Monday night game and early December and you know it was going to be one of those 35 to 34 games and -- a -- -- 73 you know and then we could score and they could score and and we felt like they were very good on defense and they -- like we were very good on off it's a who's going to be one of those. You know then seventh -- so. You never know. He's just you never know I think the offensively every time -- -- on the field we wanna stop on the offensively. Every time we go on on the field wanna -- chancellor recently put the offense out there so. That you know could take a lot of points you know might but. We you know where were trying to score anyway were -- district every year and then usual model crowd noise. Well it's always hopeful important conniving like there was seem to realize the well that's that's very pretty noisiest place though is they're here at three in by the -- of the -- at the worthless have been Benoit probably. To get I mean it's much as and is much influence the it's it's there's a lot of there's a lot of noise there mission defense in Israel closes -- right to of course we've got what's. Called -- to bring the roof though. With free about as an outside helps a -- when the -- to -- silent I'm no question beyond turf. And that in a dome is is a big convention pest pressures there's no question that's. That's somethin' that. You know you look at teams like in Minnesota when as it is -- -- and teams with John renal those guys planned. Known in the dome and you know teams like that that could really you know -- rush the passer. Those domes stadiums no question -- account but on sovereign countries who won't have a what a system of going its second what 1000 something right forget it that's very -- on you know at the second had bomb or. Or the pause between now you know we had our -- and that kind of thing. Yeah HR changeup on but it's it's hard. A lot of times it's just. You know tougher for the offense and and you know when you watch the film lot of times you see those tackles. Its soul rhythm make that. The defense get off on that rhythm but so -- the tackles and and their their kind of eaten count. You know get off the ball but don't write as the bulls going and so -- soul rhythm it that they anticipated lingo and I'm not sure that's not the best way. You know they're getting off on it but that you're an awful attitude so. You know problem is where you're does that have to step late in general and affordable Mac yet then it that's all over -- -- those Donnelly. Tackles sacked the Scripps -- how beat up is their defense of however there soaps plea in response. You know they've got some young players in the secondary but in other pretty good powers the -- from all Auburn. We do a lot of work on him you know he's good solid player -- he's not a good job Foreman there. You know -- uses you know and there for a couple years course Mathis a free safety is. -- -- no role he's bristled so they've you know then their their hang in an arm and a big thing for them is the pass rush and you know when they get the quarterback in there they're knocking them down and he's got about two seconds throw. You know that that's what takes the pressure -- and if you can block common and have -- -- to separate defense than you know that -- gives them opportunities that passed the ball but. In those guys a pretty good rushers you know longer. There are coach terrific win yesterday should be real test on a Sunday night we'll see -- -- -- -- okay of this bigger than this week so we're looking forward to this. Can imagine you guys are there and have a great week we'll see all right here is what the experts record of accurate picture of.

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