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Tom Brady, Patriots QB

Nov 2, 2009|

Brady joins Dennis and Callahan for a wide ranging interview on his life off the football field

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-- the fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan on the patriot Monday coffee with a quarterback. Brought to you by our great friends at Dunkin' Donuts joining us some AT&T hotline AT&T your world liver the quarterback that the patriots Tom Brady the morning Tom how aria. Good to talk to you it for you personally not your teammates that you personally Tom. Is the Bible we all about recharging mentally or healing up physically I'm talking about this bye week this year. Parliament sleep in and including. I've learned about it on great -- so. I haven't taken many and that that much this year I have taken many hits. It marked as great so approach really good physically and and I'm excited about to work I think that. You know watching the -- yesterday. You are you're by the arrests in the sense that it is another situation out their -- and a -- -- eruption might need to game. You know you get anxious to back on the field. Pace since it is the bye week out with your permission but luckily the beaten path a little bit maybe talk about some non football items at any point -- veteran of something you're not covering would -- to -- to shut up and and will move line. But as a jumping off off point. Teammates discuss. Among themselves and with you their plans for the bye week as an example. The Logan Mankins invite you go like wild boar hunting with him with a ball and narrow or Wes -- -- -- want to -- go bungee jumping heard you guys just. Don't say they didn't go your separate ways. Let me you know everyone has kind of special plans for the week with it's. Promote our lives we. Price since high school we haven't had any. Any time off from the fault -- the biweekly rather than college. It's now and in our pro career. The one weekend that you kind of -- -- -- of their commitment. This is what we're gonna do so you know everyone talks about that -- are concerned with the bye weeks scheduled we complain that there. Play on this special occasion that that that you that you have plant. So tell us what did you do -- You are my -- tonight. Went on went on vacation to Florida and such and time again that we haven't had a while so kind of art. We -- really had a -- -- -- department. -- -- -- wild boar hunt that Logan Mankins and nuts. Right. It's less true social let me get this straight you're on your honeymoon and you watch in the jets dolphins. And let. Would -- You know -- I think I -- I love watching the game not let them except we don't have to went to meet -- could be that felt. -- she watched it to did she watch with him. Really it. She does she understand. Understand the game and all the nuances and she know which is will know what she's watching. As you watch much of it before. Obviously before we met. But actually not quite freely and -- -- And it would actually -- just to put and you know she questioned every transaction that made our teams -- She's -- she's like most of most of the preacher can't match you -- go to got a big opinion on everything. Two part question com. Could you relate in any way shape or form. What Brett Favre dealt with and dealt with successfully yesterday and -- -- you guys -- -- on the couch. We rooting for or against -- to be successful in that situation. You know not been -- of of him over the last few years and and I think. It's interesting that the quarterback there's not any quarterback that retire. Just to retire. You know most of most quarterbacks where it made our. -- -- much -- Every time because you know you just yet hurt and physically can't bring itself I think. When I've seen Brett Favre you know and inadvertent what -- this press conference that you -- -- expelled all I can play. -- archer I wanna do it in our view that follow you back. Just because. You know quarterback. Runner up for practice and at every day in particular noted that the type of game and -- costs across that we get. Both are going to play catch in the backyard so you know we brought. You should look on tight -- weigh in on Wednesday when they come in and on the practice schedule that's so packed. You know and for the quarterback but I don't get you know -- -- -- really -- -- the quarterback don't care -- we never interact anyway so. You know I think he'd he'd been a got a great. Player in this -- great example of you know a professional athlete of you know overcome a lot of shops closing -- -- true metal itself but it streak of playing and unbelievable so he'd met a lot to the league -- you know to go back to Lenovo yesterday which has. -- own traditions. It was still pretty special thing to watch and no -- -- to write to the occasion and he's always. He's always -- -- -- Monday night gamer. Are -- Gingrich Pollack passed away in mount Drobo has touched on -- Oakland he's just he's really got kind of Portland. Those special players bookmarks so often and I think. No Green Bay out of for a long time and you know now he's playing for -- to Minnesota's. -- we we saw we see every week why he came back that Tom obviously haven't Adrian this Adrian Peterson behind you -- that line and funny when that defense. And he came back -- it's a pretty good situation he's got a good chance to go to the Super Bowl win it all. But Boomer Esiason tallest one thing to bother him the understands why came back skip and training camp skip into -- days just got to fly and drop and and when all the real hard work was over did you do that bother you to your big team guy you don't wanna ever put yourself above everyone else. That a body would Favre did that. Now it in and the reason is there's a lot of guys who would love to do that it can do that and a lot of them that -- free agents -- trying to keep -- -- You know two or three weeks in the training camp. You know whether it's -- you know Ty Law. Situation. You know our guys like junior you know I mean -- the -- -- that it's so much in trying to campus to get ready for the football independent. Are a threat for a lot of these proteins obviously was ready for the propelled to meet him when he started so. You know -- Egypt -- more attention doing it than any other. Unrestricted free agent and that's really what was she was not restricted free religion that were not under contract by anybody that I don't need to make a decision. In April ordinary you know I mean if you can if you want to -- so that that the the candidates are whether the web -- but that's really the right of the player. Tom over the years that conversations about you and you know wide receiver -- through work and how difficult the system is how much they have to learn how you guys need to start. Thinking on the same page you know whether it's -- your moss or Welker Washington Stallworth -- of the case may be. Not -- -- you heard Troy Aikman's comments yesterday about Brett Favre and being on the same page so quickly will harvests and rice. Hartman -- but he said. Brett plays it differently it's not so much about being on the same page and knowing exactly what the other one is thinking. Brett says get open and all somehow get the ball to you that seem logical or even possible in the National Football League to play it differently than I would guess 31 other quarterbacks might played in this league. Well I think that's steps that maybe part of that I think. You know he's got a great benefit being in the same system that he's been -- for pretty much an attacker except for a mr. it to the jets. You the west coast offense is built on notes that the tightening up and there's there's not a lot of from what I understand and interpret cornerback in the but -- not a lot of well conversions -- receivers you know they can't tell the receiver let -- run. And in the supposed to run it -- they can put that particular spot. And that that the quarterback just to make the reason that they bring to many guys who can block them. You just -- that. So don't want short receiver that you have on the plate so. In other. I think a lot of activity on the same page with receivers like that's the Reggie Wayne in -- or part of -- -- -- over the years at the very different off that right. You know it's built on anticipation. Of out of receiver is gonna come out of a particular breakup -- -- certain other agents both. Obviously -- very successful earners. Like in the -- a lot of a lot of teams -- there are many different ways to play offense that many different rates could be chosen both at their strengths and weaknesses himself. Which of the matter. The skills that of the players. And probably didn't -- you know sometimes it looks good quarter but sometimes it doesn't that's why -- But like I could be a particular team -- not do very well let's it was Seagram cooperative and go to west coast right government. And now also it was great player or light source and. It's -- back off the field stuff when you when you let go on vacation my guess is a little different than when most of us go on vacation. But when it's time for dinner is an internal debate here as to whether you guys -- order take out go to Wendy's drive through or deal with the paparazzi and TMZ -- -- prime 112. Does that process work you don't mind. A little while much better for three days about one night we went out -- -- You know which is kind of an event on its maybe you pick a restaurant. Those going to be those people out there that it's really agreement on anybody's ever been Obama drew -- -- so. You know we get you to put that in and you know you enjoy your time out not I had some friends that have been friends with for a long time that came with them to dinner. I got a chance to catch -- -- -- It was it was a fun night. Does the restaurant -- your coming input like security guards around them have people killed if they try to come up to you'll or do you gonna sneak in unannounced and just hopefully that they -- chill out. Now it's it's actually a pretty -- Russia you know like that it's you know they they have -- scholarship athletes out there -- a lot of you know high profile people live -- -- went in and you know the only other restaurants pretty good -- and -- that was pepper Johnson and so. You know look at that brought them a lot to scenario. It's a great restaurant and yet some -- net. No no not at Guinness and at the I think -- Wendy's drive through but that does me -- doable and doable I outlook and add ons and on line and looking at the restaurant building not Russian billionaire -- by India. New Jersey net yeah got the big -- is just so he goes to a restaurant and he spends. 47. 52000 -- tip on lunch. And somebody immediately -- the bill. And it's called make me lows may lows and the LLO in in New York -- they send the bill of the DMZ so they have the whole bill every item they bought every during they had. The price tip and everything. Do you worry about that when you go to lunch or go to dinner that. I've gotta be careful here because this this this waiter this hostess this person the next table is gonna see what I -- called the inside track called DMZ. Is it that kind of constant. Vigilance vigilance that you have to live with Tom. I don't I don't put a lot of it was funny remember like in 2000 you were true. And utility -- that -- to a restaurant. At Laporte one point in an accident. They told -- in the newspaper. It was written what they'll -- in fact I'm never called back. You know -- been valued at ten years later different. Our society is you know -- seems to be so important in the summer outlet for that you people are really interest group and going to change a lot last ten years for everybody and they -- So I I think which which -- kind that society and the reality we're gonna I would approach and it and that there can be another story. -- -- -- -- -- You know -- try to block and will be respectful of people would be abet them. Now however. People -- -- that's one thing how you react to another. And I'd get an idea as soon enjoy the experience politically than for what you get out of it and and then you know whatever comes of it -- that. I think you can get really well. That you try to police too many people all the time will be so -- admitted that it would really help the comedian. You you don't get anything out of it except the budget stress and anxiety and that's which are -- Which leads me perfectly to my next question if there is some obnoxious individual or individuals bothering you during dinner. -- more likely to -- their mashed potatoes of the DMZ camera personal or just that up -- that not aggressive autograph you know how on the with a -- -- wife -- gonna tell them to screw get out of here. Probably probably have achieved that that that that Brazilian passion yeah partner out -- as -- It seemed like -- ballpark nobody. -- She's from fight when really she really wants to complete. Change. -- -- What do they do in your mail -- mail can you sign this what do you do. -- inside now I'd suspend them without that -- later you to explain yourself and now it's an autograph from. I thought -- often go and sometimes you know really moved to another and you just politely declined by. And happen too often you Tiger Woods does it it's a big part you know think about those times leader. You know this one next that this person at an -- commission. Opinion right it's pretty ridiculous that they let east -- you don't -- Whether you -- you don't smiles. You know -- -- and you don't that this is -- -- and it's gonna. But that's situated in and that it that. -- that a popular part to do that there's. Thousands of people that look in. You know just like -- I mostly -- the best you can do and and that's that's good enough for me. I'm not sure this would apply in your case but from like the parking lot of the country club to the key to the golf course and back to the parking lot. Tiger Woods has Stevie Williams who tells people you know sit down shut up be quite get away when every sort of the bad cop without apply for you in -- in anyway Tom. To me -- a the -- -- take friends with you and they sort of know what's expected if -- -- obnoxious they stand up and they haven't seen the visa commercially as well as I'm gonna -- videos and come back later baby after just just leave it alone right now that -- you're not the bad guy your friend that they don't notice. You know at Arctic ambulance and then some tricks that work for me and -- epic but I'd like appetite it. I would be very tough for it's it's -- it's a direct everywhere you go Puget you're never gonna fit in anywhere. -- and tiger and didn't want to get of course whenever. But they're good job but I couldn't imagine lineup that's a pregame warmups and at stop and sign autographs. It at a time football game and stop and detection you know what I did an autograph report. We want to which that's what you have to -- commitment to trying to like get ready to play. And I. Which -- -- an electric like Nicholson can do that and coming out this and that they got like well. I'm much more like tiger and that's and -- up when it's time to play with and the Clinton and you know not -- -- -- to you know. You know received in the hotel lobby you know -- of you know and I understand okay of people and equipment and he's signing autographs split. That's the other one had a different take some people can't deal with those. You know those different type of not distractions are -- experiences definitely and I know there are two very good examples that -- and very successful what they do. We talked to the celebrities athletes in the past to have rules you know hard. -- rules where you say I'm not going to get my photograph taken with a drink our beer money and never let. Or never take assured off. In public and Alex Rodriguez did that -- Central Park no pictures of my kids yeah my kids out of can't beat will rules do you have to undo any hard and fast rules. But not -- that you don't take our pictures are just. I feel that you know and then you know. Took -- Christmas card. The a relic which is back in the like ten different in go to they take a picture and and they go to prison there and you know then played at a picture that that it that they offered. Now it's like. You know -- on espn.com. So. I think that's. I think -- I realized. You have to you have to build whatever the well what you want -- don't privacy around yourself because if you just if you allow everyone else to determine. You know regular. What what that what the privacy and Eastern Europe. Then it's big it's step but it -- separate out. It's probably our case by case and that. Not clicking on them about the movie you on the spot some common type and a few times. And you know a lot of sports league that will play. And often stereotyped I don't know that there was a certain. You know there's like ten or twelve got up their -- that's one of those players to go about. -- that as a close out on top -- and that -- -- That -- -- part time you know just. You know they're not really out there and they're gonna they're -- yeah. Provinces are I think then you for a it's a lot easier to say. -- absurd. You know you kind of want to -- go to with the age at which -- one orbit and everything that stadium Betsy it's for me to sell. But then you -- but I'd like one that -- about that time we're being told that perhaps I. Couldn't do it but it commit political Kamal it's. Column who could get policy. -- to talk about picks up picture showing up -- greeting card to get some bad news for you a record that video of viewing your ski -- at the scouting report it's gonna be a my Christmas video. Real Tom. I got as a fat head on -- wall. But the -- -- out. Yet there should be you know. They even at the -- but the good sport about the -- off the field stuff so on the push the envelope just a little bit you can tell this group feel like when you do now -- are you okay with your wife big helicopter pilot. It she -- She's definitely appreciates. She needs. Economic joke about it that it. And without which are then. -- When they on the outside of a mountain and repelling down a mountain. She does she tried everything can conduct comes from should those. Talks and evolution. Which -- -- so. But she's flying for -- now though. Idaho Idaho and from all indications and a few people without a cup apart immigrant friends who want. You know talked about it so. And I've flown in helicopters and I've really enjoyed an expert at the wrong it's very said he felt. Chief shirts yet that state -- than and I decided -- would go but you know it's not something I'm definitely not gonna win and that's auto. And you're ready to get -- would just to review and like go to New York would it be that easy. I don't know I don't that they haven't come up -- -- I wouldn't. I don't know I don't feel like they put that. Would I would like to have somebody who's at whatever an -- Yeah that's that's code -- more comfortable. All. I think is -- she does. -- -- Yeah yeah I don't I don't like anybody. And I'm sure there's parts of -- out technically but I do not a lot of things like that one person. Well the easy -- wanna you don't wanna -- -- -- get an argument where you'll on the helicopter route it to the soul what it scared the hell lot of you know give us have ever seen one of us. AC thirty gunships gives you been known to shoot paparazzi not pass up a you -- and that -- -- that that there. Would attract remember out. -- you know. We we get asked this question all the time and and we -- -- in the past and I don't know if you answer changes as the years go on but. How much longer you gonna do this you look at Favre he's forty he's playing well he's having a blast do you see yourself. Do and it at forty or 41 or 42. -- much longer can can you keep this up. Well. I mean I. It's I feel like it's -- -- important one now. -- the truth to go to. I'd I'd feel like you know the best I've ever felt in and so. Their quarterback typically without you know -- retire. Injury that that the quarterback pollution and a lot of other positions they metallic and can't run anymore you know and that's what we can't come down to refer. 90% at the other players and -- quarterback running. It's not an issue on the I was slow start -- Florida now opened -- ten years from now but so it's parliament. And in. All right no one can run no quarterback can run. Leo couldn't run -- -- run as he got older -- -- came about in the pocket after she got -- much it was new so. You know what the quarterback need to do -- you look at direct offensively. And used at a user experiences -- -- intelligence. To the border guys who can do something like that which are -- not quarterback. So it's about. It's about on the football for a quarterback would cut out to have in the room what are still play but he took the -- -- Rudy was at Y one remote play with -- -- the -- so. Assuming you know on those great. There's not a lot of other things it -- from ought to be out there on the play again. You know like -- -- I have pictures of Obama can't read it on the football. And I always used that they. How can -- how cannot play always. Number. And you know Obama never hurts so. You know records that have gotten -- I really understand -- -- that in -- that ever quarterback should we aren't. And and I don't we can make no. Activity shape for the season and army -- in the season. Nobody -- -- actually worked All My Children didn't you know. -- haven't had that could have been pretty significant but you know because I think our guys really flexible and it's very. It is -- you'd lose. -- a good way you know it's able to withstand a type a date so hopefully that's the way it always -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- would keep playing tight. The most of security we have left that would. It. But you've said -- I've heard you discuss this on kind of a X essential level of you know what does it all mean in on this football -- what is why is this so meaningful what you do pro football. And it sounds like you have other things you wanna do with your lives on the Q1 of those. Kind of guys sometimes do you ever wonder that is if you you know if it if it matters this this sport to play out. Ask golfers that two aspects and that the other day of you had a little white ball and try to get in the hole and that's all you do what your life and you make a lot of money but. Is that seem sometimes doesn't seem kinda pointless. And I dictated and then there's no I mean what you think about. It the way people view. You know and society. You know it doesn't it doesn't match and I think I think people. And I think from the experience that -- whether it in the go to Africa. You know two years ago like to do -- and would understand my sister teaches special needs kids from. I mean talk about people that effect people on a daily basis and our doctors. You know around the world that it takes -- special thing that you tend. To be able to do that and I think you know we are. Applicants were incredibly sport and it lists. There -- -- plots in the spring unlike EP two that they east extremely obvious candidate shot -- -- -- yeah. That. That goes you know 150 every iPod or. The -- That can go on the order. You know and and then you know we Iraq which was trying to keep my family and it doesn't. Actually really really honestly you know because. The other a lot of people inside their work in. That tail off that we don't make -- -- on eaten and taught that I don't instructive that in and I think I'm very blessed. To play football on some overly loud because that's -- -- to the sport but because. Let's challenge that's physically emotionally and mentally and there's a lot of X potential patent that come out. That could be put our could be some arbitrary. And hopefully it happens to be football because I was blessed with a great. Are pretty much and I don't take it very seriously -- Mom and dad who. I look through my. Mother's. An option. -- and in my father's greatest that -- not so. I think they they really. -- -- -- of people that. Instilled -- work -- in the family and all these other things that you are. Far more important sort of football so when that -- comes not a but the -- out that needs something else that. Kind of satisfied that competitive crazy that I have been. Who knows what it will be a cassette there's nothing that really interest it -- much right now. -- -- football out. So when that date condoms should there be something person it's not at all -- I like to do everything so I would be -- -- -- Our quick follow -- do you answer this question by talking about your upbringing. And to all of that money situation it all obviously you when your wife combined income -- enough money can buy anything you'd ever want never see and not even know that you would spend the money on it keeps you from doing what. We read about Antoine Walker to Bentley is to Mercedes two Rolls Royce. You know 15000. Dollar poker hand -- Michael Jordan. You know Baja ten bedroom houses with -- indoor basketball courts all the sort of stuff what -- shoe -- and the same. I'm gonna shopping -- what Michael Jackson and by eight. All the -- Yeah. Well you know I think everyone brought in differently and and -- -- that I think a lot of it is the way in my I grew up in in in I don't root. You know worked. He was first brought to -- -- out the door before we woke up -- -- and -- All of after rework the get ready for dinner time -- he worked truly hard provides for you know what children -- He'd been out -- they did everything they could -- and ideas. You know money money and -- -- to -- It tries our society and. -- -- apt to do you know just being response and of people that makes 7000. That don't have problems and -- Apatow makes Florida ought to have serious money problems. Well it's it's really about. How much you make without much spam in a ticket financial planning which has not that I wish I learned more about. In elementary school high school. You know. Social studies important absolute you know learning to legitimize and say Rubin. Set aside money for children to college or wherever and whenever each and you know it. A financial strip. That's that's tough on everybody felt like I'd wish on anybody -- Yeah you just try to make good decisions and I think that's what comes out to all right. Leo wrap this up on what the Renaissance alliance power and clout quarterback question of the week but -- comes to us from met Terry Francona -- or friends -- A sister brand building and onto the scene they're just not the rats manager -- difference Tony wants to know. Bomb what team do you feel knows you the best and gives you the hardest time defensively. Well that's you know that's a good question. And about it at CNET I'd probably struggled against the most of my group Miami and than -- that in the top fifty money. On offense -- out after the game. Over the years and you know it that's a bit for those teams that -- for instance they'll. Played those those split safety deep patents. That cover up the outside I don't want an artist and a division teams whether the jets. You know we've we've obviously had good success against buffalo. Over the years and are historically. Challenging games that. You know Miami and the jets the team so play twice a year and know what's the best notes are always. You know look at the top spot for mine Egypt in you know especially in Miami. -- they've given that. Well we appreciate the interesting talk we hope these non football items work too painful for you okay with that. Excellent we'll get back the football next week darkness Monday. After the dolphins game. I'm ready with Dennis and Callahan on the eighteenth -- hotline. AT&T your world libertarian. Friends coney. As -- Reebok Footwear gifts should -- get courtesy of Renaissance alliance agencies. Submit to power and called quarterback question of the week on to W eEye dot com slash QB question. If -- threat on the air during the quarterback -- you'll win a footwear gift shouldn't get courtesy of Renaissance alliance agencies the power to save your money. And the clout to choose from dozens of insurance companies. All your questions -- -- I think so yeah although it did ask -- -- -- -- -- -- a boy or girl who. Yeah and it was Barbara were -- -- -- I don't root shell opportunity and hear me -- -- it and it is asking you to I believe notices that she's that. -- of the arguments uncle went she's the muscle. No if you all India in the middle of dinner via com -- yeah yes she did it get caught cohort in a fire at the fact that it. -- --

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