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Oct 27, 2009|

Bill Belichick joins The Big Show to discuss the trip to London, the win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the state of the Patriots heading into the bye week.

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-- back -- AM show it's time for our weekly chat with a coach Bill Belichick it's all presented by Verizon. Gridiron challenged in the gridiron jail by visiting patriots Doug Johns like Verizon. These XP for a chance to win. Weekly prizes. Coach unfortunately. Adios here come out and customs dual -- for a it cost us the go over there you've told us out of the street we're he Taylor both make it deposit their parents. -- okay and I. I heard afloat over the stadium. So he apparently got. I cut up and customs so we brought -- baseball players admiralty the F. Predict brilliantly a lot of my mind yeah there criminals who taught contractual they do about it but I was right out the bad you know -- Which so it's all tonight is opener season -- beaten Cleveland. Long -- ago you know talks -- a great -- when he came at the audiences and -- and and we'll -- -- -- so. While pulled form as they are off. I was with -- on Friday he gave -- the whole story of meeting with the players right and your players and some of the stuff that was sent back and forth and they're talking about hotels and flying and stuff like that was very funny just to bring you -- -- -- -- -- thing. -- -- -- -- -- you know one time after game those those those nights they plan in the indictment. -- few words so it's as pretty that they need it but I -- -- normally courtside seat. I thought that it is obviously a very successful game on on Sunday. You guys. Was it worth it because I know this we will look at that on the schedule when you see yourself and we got a break away from what we normally do we've got to go overseas. Now customs and everything else was it worth it. Yeah well it's a long -- ago for game. You know or -- five into what happened when yesterday or Sunday or was. Six. But. That's they -- a long haul there's no way around it there's there's no way around you know traveling over their make an adjustment. Time change daylight savings time planning game conduct you know just then again getting back into their team. -- in all -- said we're. It was good experience there but -- do their job that the game in the the accommodations. You know it I mean everything went pretty smoothly. And we're had to come out on top world will take the win. And announced you know time to get back to work in and again. Some tough games coming up ahead -- you know Miami division game here and in the stadium -- A lot of trouble last year so you know we're gonna work it out force got a lot of work to do but. It's good the it is actively buy into. And I'll look at the -- a much different is it going. Five miles that way as opposed -- five miles west. -- well I think those. One of them you know major differences is the time you have to add the beginning and the end of the the flights for the international travel. You know the -- pan and you know the customs and the -- and the other hand and in the you know transportation and all that just. -- this at some time of the travel hassle. We torture which are so much about this last few days because of the commissioner in the NFL talking about going over their anchor you made some comments after the game. As well could you see the day. That you have a team over here on how could do a bill without having hold division. Playing over here in your pocket -- have like a single -- agreement to teams. Working off of the division of the rest of the teams are back here in the states. I don't know I have no idea now. Really plan just the tonic it's the patriots. -- -- -- It just trying to hit the six and to announce canceled all in with -- Little League and he's gonna pass on -- -- -- parts of the next I was going does seem like the noise during the game when there was. When he when he warplane was -- it actually commute -- -- over television it's on the lake during game play itself. -- wasn't all that allowed him ever louder sonic stadiums. Yeah I agree -- the most the noise was in between plays until. The point third quarter analysts are doing the wave and -- -- -- -- make you -- response in the -- So you know normally. Normally if he'd been on the sidelines for three hours -- home or away in your head's kind of problems it just -- from the noise in the you know -- -- pounding all that and so. That this after this game out of the patent and the same category knows. That there was you know Wisconsin nor is critical in the third quarter and in between plays they they rented out. Ability to see that -- kicked is that within the stimulus psychic but I like it you -- -- -- -- kick extra point that I notice that. Edit that will sometime this kind of ran them you know at times and I was not watching the game like over the defense or the offense behind the silent here but let's charity turnaround and he thinks something's gonna happen in. It wasn't so. Cheerleaders it's -- I'm not really sure what would all the commotion was about it didn't seem to about a play that had or hadn't -- I let's get to the after the game and -- start at the the defensive side of the ball. Because early on it seemed like you guys set the temple obviously the meriwether -- early on in that game but did. Again you seem to cause havoc to their to their office early on that game. You know we got an analog long yardage situations Glenn and there was some second alongs and there are some third launch with some negative plays in the running game -- -- and tie. Totally. Withdraw -- you know all had some some plays disruptive plays that were created second and and third and long and you know I really help -- pass rush and our and our defense of play caller and we're gonna head on the down and distance so. In that was good situation and -- in little little bit like a wasn't Tennessee the week before you know it's something we'd like to. You know continued. To work from you know -- and had accountants that -- you know segment whose documentaries. And we puts a little more on this in the week that we have in recent games so we're able that quarterback and then cause -- disruption -- in the running game and passing. Almost seem like you're forced him sometimes. Even with the threat of the bullets unload quickly he seemed -- Have to unload that ball earlier than he wanted to unload. Well I think you know one of the things that probably helps in the game two was. The job in the counted on on Winslow. -- he's really that was and we felt like don't of the game to use the go to guy in the passing game that. When Johnson got the ball a lot of times he was looking for Winslow and we felt like if we you know take that away it and make him go to is next. Read or even pull the ball down the that would kind of disrupt the passing game and and branded -- a good job on that it's and so that. Anatolian Derrick Burgess and then carry guy -- of hit Winslow at times the you know knock -- -- the timing on the route but. You know overall coverage on on the Winslow probably it's -- to do with the with the Russian pressure -- as he usually does in on the receivers -- open the rest gets their owners' ears are open. The Russians all lately there's never enough so. With that we had those working together this last week -- bent the -- seem like in different -- me it was par or better into -- we've ever seen it was it more of him in position to make the great place -- you see some different from him this week. You know I think he's been planned well here really do I think he's done -- done -- job force and any played very well against. You know against Tampa they -- there was disrupted in the running game and passing game but really the the blame -- on screen pass won best place. You know we battle Jiri rusty golf on the ball. You know he beat -- panel on the snapping almost got to the quarterback and customizable at least. Is about seven parents cross a line of scrimmage got a made a play for about six or gain downfield on third and Paul or whatever was so you know those -- the kind of plays that they don't really -- in the stats sheet you know that terrific plays but you know -- at tackle for a loss and three or four pressures and and use you know constantly in the -- neither -- Coach but but his and his walkie excrement if you get off the ball quicker here's they'll do the -- back inside just get the credit -- a trio. But here's anticipation of the -- was quicker that I have seen them no it's not just he was playing well wants to play was going he was and he was getting off the ball. -- and I seen him before his coming on line a couple of plays a -- without him block them and made those plays from behind. I haven't seen that view before you watchable I'll obviously but he just sort of seemed to be reading the ball and getting off quicker than I've seen in the past he. He gets off on all pretty well on and a really I think he's been get off on the ball very well all year you know start with the buffalo game and and all the way through its final lot of confidence. It's -- with a -- that have leveled at him when he contacts the blockers. You know he's he's final good leverage he's he's usually -- -- generate the force on the hit rather than. And taken -- so. You know he's really running game passing game. Yeah we moved around sometimes isn't gonna tackle someone is out -- -- -- -- and flip sides. Who has been real personal -- force and and very productive and you know he's earning more playing time -- weekly basis and you know it seems like you know their every game he's got good production no matter whether on that and -- was in his own. Look there's some there's only -- the quarterback guys -- -- jump on the ball right it was a blitz zone we brought five guys and and a Brandon dropped down their three once that ran a drop down on the on the slot receiver and and you know Johnson was the the -- get a good break -- -- and -- it was well timed that by Brandon. We can't expect an analyst at the third down play can expect in the count. Get the first down their fires secure route that's -- that's what they didn't and he jumped. And with that with Terrell Owen Morris not playing would have -- Reading into it too much to you were trying to get a little bit more creative and from running game from Stanford running game couple -- ram because Lawrence. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This get Kelly down on the ball in the box a lot and they were chase and are off the backside. And they'd -- you know they gave us some problems come from the backside several times. We start over there verse -- no one fairly early we thought the that would slow down a little bit and we also tried to play action quite a bit. To take advantage of their aggressiveness in the running game so. All a lot of those runs they -- the kind of had one more guy that we had blockers and then the wasn't. Wasn't a lot of a whole lot of room to run -- be honest with yeah and and we fell through versus in the play actions would. Would be able to take advantage of their aggressiveness in the running game and you know we got some out of there verses and and we we hit some play actions you know we could probably get a couple warplane actions. But you know we did -- that was kind of the idea it wasn't there was -- more take off the run back as much that was the the try to slow down the pursuit and and they were they were coming hard off the -- I also want to screens in the game -- very successful -- the screens that the reverses the the play actions kind of any thing to get the defense run in one way and then. Either bring in the other way or play action -- try to separate the defense does their their very hard pursuing. -- -- they really hustle and and they pursue part of the ball so when you get him gone home one way in onscreen -- drawn reverse some play action -- with -- like those because play. Sports the -- point two school wouldn't last two games. Is -- the lack of competition or is it the team's starting to get the same page timing. There's receiver and quarterback and everything else is it just the difference between the first few games the last two games just. Extraordinary well. I think it's a combination of things and one -- certainly is turnovers you know anytime you turn a ball over Aaron and give the ball -- offense a short field that that helped chances this thing's been the place. You know we've had some big plays in and -- last two games. In a long runs long passes catch and on place. And we -- good punt returns in the last two games so. You know those plays -- you can you know get a chunk of you know 203040 yards on one play. You know its that I haven't run you know -- nine plays to get that forty yards and increases your chances of scorn and and you know yesterday we really didn't have a lot of opportunities in the -- here -- score for further out you know with Sam. In west on the slip screen then you know kind of win over the top of the score on defense so. You know we we did have a lot of opportunities in the red area. But decorator offense and the fences or have an improved a little bit -- we have got a couple stop that they'll -- couple's teams you know maybe not high explosive offense is how important is it -- guys jump all over him early on. They make teams and especially to Tennessee team coming out there kind of game play and run the football. Tim a beta as an explosive offense either how important is it for your office to jump on a -- defense allows them to do some things. Yeah that's always do you knowing -- always on try to play from ahead and get on top early in and play our part tempo of the game and you know even in the Jetsons and the Denver against the two games it was laws you know we've we had leaves me elites at the halftime. But we just weren't able you know the score enough points or or ultimately hold on to the feel enough points. To win -- but you know we've we've always kind historically been. In a little bit of a good start in team and we usually are strong finish in team in the fourth quarter and and so we just we we're trying to -- that I mean. I know might look different from week -- -- that they we always try to score first will is trying to get ahead analysts are finish strong. I've -- 92 break and we're right back here with coach Bill Belichick life government funds for. It with patriots a Monday on AM Tuesday Freddy's and house -- now Google's. Bill Belichick is announce Italian dominated. Wonder what would question which have a lot of questions Google -- the real one now. -- -- And the and continue the cycle and hill for the let -- not one built -- that Steve raised questions for -- -- -- would've considered deductible ultimate what was the maker jumped -- -- but at times it was a loss now was it. Changing calls last provincial. Because he's an English isn't there. You know we've we had you know we -- eight penalties on offense and not on special teams I mean on the on the fake punt but -- really more often to play in enough on defense and so. -- accurately explain it. Which we shouldn't have that we did and now some -- animal wants -- -- the ball analysts the ball sometimes a couple here couple there spread around if there is one of those days -- -- too -- on offense and and terrorists you know. He's a liar -- it offensively and we are at some longer -- situation we're in some. You know first -- 152 and twenties and that and that you know we overcame oh I'm I'm -- -- Walid you just -- along on those -- drive stoppers and we can't you know it was too little play -- -- is no silent. In the well actually a in -- campus are accountable and put -- in play when they're gone and was their own game. You know they -- -- -- -- -- ground but there were times in the game like like their new wave and and all that when it relentless -- -- you know on the matter what you're. The home team like -- was in the -- in like we were people both sides and. That's -- from people were whether they they said. The crowd was loud but at weird times right you know not win you know one of the quarterback was understood that you know it was just against data to show -- For executive Brady is -- -- that -- -- -- we're gonna wait till next week to talk about -- -- because we have plenty of time to do that with the -- so. What about some general Stalin and ask you about. If you look at the NFL right now we talk about parity the last couple years and there's no question who's been parity. And yet this year there seems to be a real separation of good teams and then teams that can win games right now which is hard to believe. Much of that is quarterbacks. That you can't win in this league right now that defenses are far more complicated much quicker. But you gotta have a good manageable quarterback if you wanna win games -- -- hard -- believe is that much different. It was 186 and all -- all these teams that are 06. Well I I think anytime you know you have young quarterback at that if if that quarterbacks not ready which sometimes the only ones are like Flacco and then Matt -- guys like that you haven't kind of exception there. A lot of times and makes it hard to get consistency no offense but -- two weeks ago with played Tennessee and -- the score the game once but. Watching them on film mean they they could beat Pittsburgh they can you know they they -- the jets are in a fumble two months of the beat the jets right. You know like that's a good football team it wasn't today we played them but you know that's a good football team and and -- good defense a football team. So you know things went right for Austin and the score got out of hand but. Then that's into loser. Speak your group. But how long before team believes they're very nearly always six well it could plays he's got. You know just like a bad -- do you believe -- good when there were about right exactly and you know that second -- late -- and I'm not saying they're gonna win every game -- and Tennessee talent wise is not violence. -- -- and I don't know but some in the teams Kansas City and and Washington and we played in the pre season but they you know there there's another talented team. In Saint Louis that we haven't played those teams the day are aren't. In Tennessee and at Tampa a Tampa has a young team. And I think they're gonna you know eventually BO OK. They they have some playmakers on defense -- good corners and safeties. Pretty aggressive up from Italy they gave up someplace those. Some big plays and that really hurt him but -- think they're they're not bit defense team. It's -- and have some good back in the could be Carolina lastly you know could be -- it's tough when have to players -- only new coat. Or 33 years old and he's really hasn't had much experience in weld -- the -- decisions fourth down and one when. Four minutes left and down by three touchdowns and miles we'll take a shot -- you know that's in the risk that a coach has to face. But it west of rugged defensive quarter and -- you talked publicity early this week or couple days ago Dean Pees now is -- different -- for the -- the year in in temperatures in the state linebackers coach. On the sideline communication process work better that -- if you. They just worked out you know dean's done both he sees an opponent up and down throughout the course his career at this thank from a a comfort level call on the the finances you know. In it was sort everything out see the you know at the end of the series concede formations in the of the calls you know Seaway game's flow on -- I think that it's. They keep feels more comfortable donut and you know map. That has been up and down to so. But make adjustments on the sidelines it's that they accurately it's the -- Both ways but it just think he's comfortable there coach yesterday a lot of people called you know looking for more BenJarvus green else. But it looks like -- the struggles gonna pass protection picking up the blitzes the measure it's important part -- run indexing your offense. An is that something that he can get better and learn. Well it it's a very important are they offense for backs and tight ends to it to handle blitz pick -- on BenJarvus those -- good job of that though he's really. I think overall has let's pick up is this better than most facts that we and you know there's always room for improvement to replace -- in of that play on that but. For the most parties he's done a good job there -- and I think you know he's ago we'll have a lot of confidence and most of cancer forma third one and that's one -- you know normally make. You know he's he's good runner he's he's good on -- pick up. He's pretty good in the passing game pretty good on special teams -- -- -- really pretty solid player. And he's been like that from day one when he got here last year so we'll lot of confidence and Hammond and you know that what we planned we feel like he's in its job done he's. Bye week comes over a strike in the middle of the season. Obviously you spent time get ready for a Miami how much self scouting he would do how much do you go back and look at what you guys have done. To this point. Well wait we definitely do that and in this is a good week to spend we do it every week but this week's time is -- more time on not only just looking at the numbers but actually going back and look at the plays. You know we can really see sometimes plays. Work or don't work -- -- you know excuse that's a little bit you know it's. I baseball -- to be hit the heck out of the ball and hidden in a line drives that that are ralphs and in you know eventually they're gonna drop and it's the same thing. You know we can't play is that statistically aren't that good but. Their addition they're going to be okay you know to something happens that dispelled -- things that really. Aren't that good but for some reason rather that happen work out okay and so watch in the places -- -- on the stances -- that part of it this week and and India we've made some adjustments on defense of the last couple weeks to from the Denver game so. In a summit that's an ongoing process we'll certainly take a closer look at literally just wanted to -- it would make it seem like they were hidden all of these stuff. No consistent 56 didn't go run up -- -- internal I would be jumping on the receivers earlier nativity from what -- you know we change our coverage is up a little bit we've probably pressure a little bit more and then you know as you know -- -- personal the last couple weeks -- so. You know some that's on the matchup but you know I think -- on when you talk about is how -- who wanna do that going forward and how much. You know we. You know we we don't wanna do you know -- the panel that we can play every team in the same when he looks of the teams we have coming up. If teams that are very probably amongst the best running teams Italy and you know couple teams that are at best passing instantly. And I -- one teams score more points than anybody scored -- league so. You know those in different challenges but on -- thanks to use and some are younger people guys that showed up in the game like John like Myron Pryor. You know guys like that former gotten you know decent enough playing time here. You know we've we've gotten butler you know we've got more younger players planned and you know they. For most part they've done a decent job and and I think they're getting better so how much their rules expand and we'll it's a game plan thing but it's also in a part of the evolution of the season. Until this the beginning of the the -- that you keep some stuff back and you roll out some of your place -- in the offensive side. As the season progresses on do you develop stuff on the middle of the season based on personnel if you suddenly every night at a certain guys discussed at the skill level we can do something with him. Yeah absolutely yeah and there's no way to get your whole offense and by opening day at a -- wanted to write you know you. Your basic stuff in these and as you go through the year you have things you at things weekly and and by the sixteenth week you have a lot more offense a lot more defense than than you do with the beginning. And so does the other team because we look the other team on film would -- your plan you see them accumulate you know new blitzes new fronts new formations new plays. And so it the preparation increases weekly because you just have more things to get ready for. And and as they're younger players develop than and they get confidence and on the and they start plug them -- of the system. You know Xstrata for example Tampa Bay you know become more involved the last couple weeks both in the return game offensively. So you know you you have to defend those things as well as as -- with them so that's all. Worked with the young group in -- it's almost like the first few games like pre season is still connected DBs in the linebackers trying to make guy and play it'll more outside this week. Right now it's free to the linebackers and exchange degrees again so it's evolving. Every week you know who receive is a guy coming gallery complaining of replace them to -- as much as it's been as far as. You plain words team hasn't solidified you know move into -- and put into new ones and taken outside alignment of change and. -- out I think really when you look at our our defense team it's there's not a lot of guys that were playing here three years ago. You know I mean there's there's a few and there but not too many and and the younger guys are you know not just younger but you know players like a calendar or -- has like that that aren't and -- young but they're. You know they've got experience in the league that they. They're new to this team and and that it's All-Star until you know gel together communication are. Our ability disguise coverages this guy's defense find things you know worked together on different formation adjustments and all. That's that's certainly getting better and and it's gotten better the last couple weeks players are working hard at it and and we've seen some improvement with got to continue. Laurence Maroney continues to be that there seems -- the warm lady run in my experience anywhere because we get not just ask you because CPI has tremendous skills a lot of -- but. It is frustrating to watch at times you feel that he does need to get more consistent as far as. Moving the ball down the field and not so much superpower and we talk about it seems on a weekly basis. Well I'm -- every player can improve in and that includes Lawrence and everybody else but I let's say for the most part that. The -- -- a pretty good job on the ball forces you don't have a lot of issues with that what I'd really like to see is us. And opens a bigger holes you know crates and plays that they give the backs little bit more space and and you know and and be able to get -- and let them run. You know they think back to play couple plays Lawrence and the scramble situations against. All Baltimore man in Oregon on the -- space and you know we've we've -- screen passes. -- and and Sammy in the wide receivers. You know. And and that's not really his position he's not a wide receiver but you know when you get the ball a good run around space. Those guys have the ability to make some parents and Marxist on that you know as a says those -- plays a good examples or you know last week against Tennessee so. You know I mean he could do a better job we can block better and and hopefully we can designs and plays that'll that'll create more opportunities for Yemen and everybody else. Because seem real sure handed catching the ball. Many in the past year yeah I think he's worked hard in the passing game and and and we have confidence from all that's amid all of our backs or are I think Campbell ball well. You know we -- away you know we haven't fumble we have turned it over much. And and they caught the ball pretty -- on the passing game and you know movement when they've had a chance to run -- that they've run well and we we just -- run ball this year schools that last. But it seems like Kevin Faulk could fit through Mosul rated his forte is like. Like Thurman Thomas they find you know crack can get through a quick tour is where is the only sees three more up right. Was looking for the holes opposed Gulf Coast waksal tiny guys to get -- -- leveled his really a final escort -- of raising his book then you watch. Maroney and he's up right time -- left and right. -- -- Again when you know and -- and not playing with Kevin because he's an outstanding runner he's got great vision but when Kevin's in the game it's usually. In a in a from the overpass -- situation where more spread out offense and that's that creates more space for him and and the running game. And a lot of times. You know defense isn't as concerned about the running game -- as majority Lawrence displays -- -- com. You know come when there's more people than that on the defense that a defendant Enron and nothing that makes any difference in him he's got to run with -- holes are anyway but. You know we we got to block and better and we got to create more space and then the what we definitely do that at some early so that they can motivate me in front. They're looking to put more pressure -- Brady -- can make mistakes with the -- it was a team that you have a disparate and out and make them well let's say in as much as anything that they play this kind of more like Denver did. They they played us. With the Satele trying to drop in the front and and tried this in Wednesday over the top Randy and not not give up many big plays Hammond. That that type of philosophy which is similar with -- -- just finished this difference was me you know in this game you know we made some big plays. We. You know thin thing of bog down the red area and and you know in Indiana we may not be placed the passing game to you know this the score budget points and that's just what we didn't do in Denver and we had. As well no we have some opportunities in Denver game two they hit some big plays and wouldn't capitalize on for most part in Sunday we did. -- just mention how often do you see that when you. Come out. First couple well a series you say to yourself. That's exactly what that Denver was running two weeks ago three weeks ago you're sitting there watching all of the film on a specific team. And yet they're mirroring what a team did successfully. Against U2 or three weeks ago. It was that a lot. Well I think we've we've seen it's it's Randy spent here you know up until Randy got here we never saw. The kind of attention in defense of rotation and -- coverage. That we've seen -- -- here -- and in any and I talked about that we you know we spent a lot of time talking about that. Talking about you know Randy -- this this is what I see in this teams -- -- It's season is this that or another opening in and and we talked a lot about that and then. In the seventh season and even last year and this year. That's really true you know he he gets played one of you know 234 ways depending on what the with the of the deep fences system is the coordinator. You know however they want Hamlet. And you know it's it's usually in regardless of how they play other other people other teams in the agree receivers but. You know there's there's a lot of the -- that. It it it it's. It's with moss and make positive actions. If you add to a he had -- use the other use the other great receivers out there you know that all drivers and Johnson's views and we have instant and you know elements and yeah FitzGerald but. That he and not that those guys -- analog coverage amounts and that but. But the way that slavery and in the way they played the other receivers it is and always and we try to look at it okay. They -- mr. that they play. Johnson they play. Ochocinco how they play those guys. But a lot of times the way we it is more you know it's it's. So if you had to have a game this week Adam how healthy. Which your team be. You know certain -- in practice certain. Defensive -- with video play. A good bet that the here's what it -- Wednesday the that's great questions. Reason. Well I think that facility guys didn't play our. Are healthier than than they -- last week and you know it there was a physical game that we've got some guys some bumps and bruises. On the week. We got back late Monday. Players are off today. And soul kind of see where everybody's at I think we have played this week. In which shall for the game. It wouldn't be there. It's a mode of moves in or wide receiver you know go -- going here and -- gets hurt. He -- to -- taking any gets in Macon what do those two guys that is pretty much a split that their wide receiver spot what do each of those guys bring to the team. When there on field. Differences look the other you know I think they're pretty differ series it's an interesting mix really Lou you know -- is that. The big physical player and he's very strong east is a powerful guy and and we saw on Sunday that that he has pretty good speed too he can run. The -- a strong guy in these tough. -- is is more -- as more of a receiver receiver Ernie in these -- returner. Very good with all his hands good running skills. Quick. You know we we -- get behind the defense on on the deep pass that that Talib intercepted but. You know that was a good move so you know he's a little bit more play a perimeter receiver I would say -- can get them on the field with -- quickness and run after the -- skills. You know Sampson of bigger more physical guy blocker. And so if your defense of packets at the different matchup you know those the smaller guys. Have -- matchup -- taken because of the size and power. The bigger guys that are as quick cars as central matched it against hate. Because of the speed and -- so I think they they bring a little different skills but you know -- far. And it pretty accomplished what they do both you know certainly have always the go to develop particularly Tate but it. You know their date they can bring they pick it certainly attack different. The attack the defense differently. -- next week it's bye week. Miami the following week so we'll see you back your money and Malone will break -- those dolphins -- sounds resigned in beat Toronto blue coat it anyway yeah and be here -- take over next week enormously and I you don't want to use that maybe he with the he's accustomed -- the -- to keep them over the next uh huh and something I'm sure it. --

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