Oct 19, 2009|

Glenn Ordway is “The Talker” (parody of The Talker” commercials by Ooma)

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Hello you're listening to the -- also known has to -- the -- -- -- -- -- you guys operate don't you take whatever's happening. Tucker talks a large contract he pretty much never -- -- like something good to write about they lose you find something sometimes other people want to talk while the doctor he's talking about women hold on all my data with -- relevant unless. At a crowd of women but what's the prospect is that never works do you see the doctor has been trained to talk over everyone all the time no matter what that's okay hold on hold out there. That's about how -- -- that's an analyst drew the -- does take phone calls on occasion I've got a phone goes -- the big show here for the -- and never let anyone else talk like what I disagree what -- -- -- -- all comes down to like you I -- Reid -- then you can bag and you can lead you can't please go ahead -- but -- and we'll talk windows talk -- talking and it's just -- otherwise not to do exactly. Normally he is a good talker and he's about to commence more of his talking right now. Rate in the -- the wall in the on the one yard line and what does he do he just brings in the.

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