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Steve Phillips, ESPN Baseball Tonight

Oct 13, 2009|

Steve Phillips joins Dennis and Callahan to recap the 2009 Red Sox season and look ahead to 2010. Phillips has an interesting take on what to do with Papelbon this off-season.

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Welcome back our number three we've enjoyed his work a traffic how many years he's been obvious you know probably more than wouldn't think I guess like far. More. 54 but it's generally longer than you think it is but you enjoyed his final work on ESP NSA baseball analyst. Steve Phillips joins us on AT&T -- AT&T your world delivered -- -- here in Boston Steve how -- Opera -- more -- how many years. On ESPN. Out a little bit more -- Or. Why. Are you as -- or partners pay. Are as as we're watching closer after closer spit the bit you know Jonathan Papelbon for the Red Sox Houston street Joe Nathan Ryan Franklin. We -- a theme here in the postseason a trend or just sort of a bad coincidence Steve. Well I think it would a look at. Playoffs. Are a lot if she closes all over the course -- The three that's really want the -- -- -- -- parent -- on operable that is well. Hopefully runs but but that. The one I doubt they'll remain top boxes are pretty well this year. What about -- but I think that that you know back back abuse weight factor of the widget is that. There are predictions as you're going to the chip -- sure who's gonna win close you'll. They Steve Jonathan Papelbon will be he's -- -- go to arbitration again probably get in ten million bucks. He has one more year after this one I -- is there -- market for him if they -- Red -- decide to go with Daniel -- next year kind of accelerate the process here. Will teams would be willing to trade for for Papelbon -- closes just two. Unpredictable. To to give up much for one. No I think I think. I would look at -- our record has not been unpredictable and although we're not sure that there at an agency but that -- -- -- get out. It is I think -- Apple bonds is available I think you will be I think that there will be a significant market for them. I didn't really stepped up I think that you know of the Bobby Jenks who wrote my belt will trade. Guys like that nobody -- -- -- market apple on they have now the difference maker -- the Red Sox. I looked at the art the art and there's no systemic better than anybody I -- they eat at some point you're closer. I'd take that shot I -- now on. Take that money Ripa somewhere or out and in relieved that it in the it market which is -- recreate market this year. Utilizes a trade that would really impact on the critical. If you had a choice you're the GM and you have a choice of Matt Holliday Jason Bay. In left field which radio goes to. You know it's is that I probably go to waste area in the region is that for whatever reason. There are did not play well -- certainly in you know what Oakland. Not bad situation there were -- even in the it was a lot around the lineup. Probably I'd take the you know I don't know I was. I think. He can play it that way I think one -- -- -- don't look great big can be my sense is that. They will probably probably. There are -- are you argue with Jason Bateman is odd oddly. You know that's all well and uses the -- superstar -- I think probably get a slightly better on -- quality anyway so I think -- -- project that. We're talking with the ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips -- -- -- out of the general manager like the -- Reconcile a -- post season performance why frankly corps members of his team. And the need to reconfigure that team for next year what formula can be used so you don't over or under react to what we just saw. Well I think the one thing -- that. You know news which one is willing to make up and I think they have. What Mike Lowell it appears that forward when people use -- -- -- moved forward out of date they've managed play at the -- the economic competitive he. You also has recognized. -- the apple should gain in net you know what a patent two years ago I think really started to change the dynamic putting together. What would young athletic guys over well sleepy then. In the pocket of all things in the ballpark these lot of our. I think optical -- -- that was critical thing is that you but it does become that what's more important ability and the fact wrong. Are now. But what the -- -- that Nicole oral the world or these factors and I'll bet you'd like in the -- and -- -- with older older player. But I think that -- an actor Robert figured they make up is I if there's any on August I would try. It's the Boston Pops -- -- walk away is working there well. When in the World Series he was you know courageous to trip over market are this season. -- look back and I don't agree that it. But not be you know -- thing it's a lot I really think that that you've got the right people -- make -- this is with the right vision for the. Steve correct me if I'm wrong but I believe it's generally believed that a guy entering his final year contract to contract -- and here's the key if the skill set remains intact. Is probably a good thing in terms of his financial motivation. Does that. Formula applied -- David Ortiz in your mind. Well you know -- -- idea for a player -- That part of the issue is -- the important part -- it down -- -- the contract you'd like up up and you have to evaluate. You know why is the orbit well I think. Important quirky. There are I think from the physical. And -- -- -- -- -- -- being -- that I think physical because. He's getting popular open an agent -- he got up some things to open up one so. Maybe you'll get -- Well I don't think it would be anywhere near despite lecturer in of the board spent the past I think that that is that which predicting. Four and audit your expectations are likely to be this. -- -- this is going to be to part of a question but pretend that you are at the L. And yesterday field met with the media talking about David Ortiz and what happens down the road with him and here's what you do Steve said about your designated hitter. If David can find a way to prepare himself for the season. There will be conversations about what David thinks he needs to do to get back there what specifically assay and Stevens were reading between the lines. I sent. They're Turkey increased support her in to what on the war. That he's not prepared while they're -- is typical for what we expected this year that he is better -- Now willing to commit to that. We're gonna make other races but where he went on speaks for its results and we're gonna make differences of up -- the coming. Did you when you did that Steve as a GM did it work the players take care take your advice and and get in shape. -- it is your idol they suggest they get I think that that. You know one you know I actually was popular with their views about well I think that for for bite the sources in the structure but the where -- -- through the it is likely to challenge somebody but I don't think the is that it in good overall it will you know. Fifty million dollars if -- out of the out of -- opposite which the new law that got. You can go that aren't that but the reality. The reality is that won't do it. Got to figure -- what that would do. It we're gonna provide. These resources we're gonna make that the bill more strict as to what the outcome doubt. They're gonna ask you at this point -- you restrict that you're conditioning unit that article back butler butler went to the actual proper. I think just straight at. -- that we -- got follow up -- What if Leo in the Red Sox decide to move on is there in your mind could there be any market out there for either Michael or David Ortiz. Well I think -- on market you subcontract. That you don't get much in terms I don't know I don't think anybody maybe. Many people -- these companies might make out that year in my ticket shop. But you really can get a lot richer woman you know idea of the other side of it. I think -- -- -- when you're a few out there -- well to the academic side. Are you city in a boat gonna accept -- -- in this year Obama. Smaller markets you brought it. You know that maybe isn't quite ready yet on on the earth that maybe what it is straightforward these. You know open is that I respect your look at what -- leader that it produces and try to kind of work for expenses beyond that. But to the court. You know are riddled body is just prospector or greatly ready now return I'd like if Mike -- the market last. As his mobility really restricted -- Steve will Miguel Cabrera and aging Gonzales be made available in from a Boston perspective what would it take to get them. I don't between -- I would -- -- I think that I would probably figure -- -- I think the culprit that later. But I worry about a larger market the you know we we that April issues well you'll issues in Troy might not spotted the you better know what to -- It'd -- better that the ambivalent attitude that worries you'll bit awkward runner up major development of our -- I'm looking at -- in last place will come in last place about. One Mercury go in. Yes I'll be your return or -- like it is regions bridge or not anyway. Yet not for now. You know in the Arctic Unicode is great -- I think that that it can take a lot it is gonna take a lot. And it probably. Probably even more poker or other disease that it's forever -- -- proper. But I would probably take agent -- -- because that they can't let edit -- problem any more predictable for the long term. We're talking with the FBI and baseball analyst Steve Phillips the Steve if the Red Sox proved anything this year. Is that winning 95 games in the regular season doesn't grant you this birthright of success in the postseason self wondering in your estimation. What -- the vital components to a successful postseason team. Because -- -- you know that the criticism now's the Sperry the Red Sox success at Fenway Park versus on the road are they too highly constructed. For that ball park and not to go anywhere else what are your bottle components that that make you more likely to succeed then failed in the postseason. Well you know you know. Probably not -- few people -- required for. And a series -- the visitor is ridiculous I don't. Beginning to go with each it was really -- solitude. Inaccurate and in in. It's it's it is remarkable. That you. You clippers -- two games which really tells. Open up over 25 and rot in the quality of development cheap. Availability of your university and -- let -- have a well it is yeah our -- -- it and it now -- call of the that -- -- not surprising that they got a bad call play -- and that would you know one day. One. Can cost you and I share your and it's so difficult. I think impact started -- important. So I think that that you can't let the let -- that Lester -- You know abducted corporate that that he was the try to help. Idiot -- equality closers in the game but -- -- -- closer look at that. Is it important that the cost is you're so -- that problem apart get a close and yet get job. -- really upon which -- problems. And then I really do take a topic while they of the -- Are -- you'd -- or run away -- definitely an -- all -- He's built a manufacturer around a -- between. There -- nobody should all part in the allotment factory. But you know whether -- close to anybody you know all -- twins couldn't do that in an epic records I think scoring in different ways. And in fact starters and impact closer and in helping Iraq but the doctor doesn't mean a whole lot. You're diluted 24 when -- has gotten -- roster in the playoff to get blown out we won't somebody. Our final question Steve at. Probably no athlete in professional sport at this moment. Is breathing easier breathing a bigger sigh of relief then is a rod and I'm wondering does. He is. Awakening from this post season coma that has been chronicled for years and years. In your estimation. Make the Yankees favors when the world's. You are registered -- I did not pick me or call started to which were altered. I equity twit that we music -- the angels. I think that Iraq -- back on track. Is unbelievable but he. He is so relaxed right now acknowledges it knows though trying to it took to produce. -- artistic of the plate. And a lot of them produced better audience are from Portugal won't report count where it should out of it and -- the -- -- I I really think that I've changed my elections. But it certainly I was gonna go to the angels or unity and actually and I NEW. Seven change that the -- or 807. But it doesn't come out a they can't stop to bury our aero bar -- reject all or well the well there. I'd hate for a repair so they -- interpret in the postseason -- the other. Steve thanks for much of the time always a pleasure talking baseball with you appreciate the -- Steve Phillips ESPN baseball analyst for Dennis and Callahan called AT&T outline AT&T your world delivered.

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