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Vince Wilfork and Ty Warren, Patriots DLs

Sep 15, 2009|

Vince talked about the roughing the passer call against him and how he completely disagreed with the call. The guys also discussed how the Patriots defense can still be one of the best in the league and Ty said the defense just needs some reps to get things in the right direction.

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-- -- -- In. Does it -- them now because on. We're -- -- -- Who. We had a few would argue these are part in state rival we won. -- -- -- -- -- It's right. It. -- now before we get the further we got to start with this one. You won't be any letter in the mail from the league this week finding -- for that awful roughing the passer penalty last night -- Man I hope merit. -- -- part it was clean a lot of people. Are in our I was one feel that way where. They call. You -- are completely what these shady but the officials say there are hit -- bugle but needs. So I was like really and you just human reaction -- you lock them you are are there army. I I want anchors have even see what's in no way. I guess you do for a certain history of buffalo answered in the quarter. I was pleased if -- -- Without those things they ought to get them and -- you -- Bat out -- out. I thought was likely to label it was quickly please I don't know what number do against the Buffalo Bills from one room on the targets -- -- -- -- -- the coolest. Andy's been built yet. And not what I saw him at the way back in up trying to get away from you -- honestly it perfect for him. Well but he would go backwards anyway he does that he says. Perfect -- -- and -- -- the opportunity I don't -- crops which you know. Army -- another thing you go. Bentley rattles off field you know definitely won't know it was legal play in everything yen. They have a flag faith in -- one of term and that it it was crucial I mean we had a bag to we have a right where we wanted to. And in the -- you know fled or something there's. I don't think you it was in the thing illegal. -- -- put you know beat Houston in our situation term so all. But it happened and and you know what we rarely. You know office -- Scorn we had to when you complete PP could mean. What if you if you can't fears those two million. You lose a ball game in which we shall -- learn from me or wants it -- awful put. You would simply that we we want the -- it was pleased that we live our don't feel some opportunities that we hear -- that would take Aventajado. But when he counters. Now we step our game we knew the situation we were in. In every bar it was -- on the same page and I think that's what got us through it last night game and -- -- buffalo stormed home game against buffalo division game. I mean what does the US war I mean you know is going to be a tough -- Ronald you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm I'm sure you got here this you'll say. And we let lot of yards on the field we gave up plays that we should -- given up we can't we can't win the championship play in this way you feel like. There was that the defense played even close to its potential the. -- -- You know -- they're so Brooke you know. That was senator Tom. -- began in the we're weren't -- have reader. That happened now. Rather. Even though now the crucial time editors sort of division opponent somewhere there happen now. Rather than let alone. Causes so there can be addressed the mistakes goes Miriam and it was a mistake free. Game and we don't know whether unknown number on this thread worked. -- What they're viewed. -- from president. That though season was. Bill got a lot of -- in Houston news on the side of some. It's in the game news. And we talked about it to do we do it. We wanted to be an American government abuses irons. And news over governor because -- afternoon lot of data left of Biden's do and a lot of areas were worn down. Bob Madison and David Gambill M -- hated them haven't. And in the ballroom on the kickoff from August. So it just what I that it exam room. Don't know group. Was it weird for you guys for the first time in your NFL career cannot have 93 over on the other end of that line with the there was some different. Was -- term. We went through with. The week of practice and everything you do -- -- been out with injuries -- -- obviously. Of course where it fit every day we in the -- two. You know after and what there won't comment in the work with tireless and about the team. We we -- in the northeast and some army -- and pieces of means. If you work. Because of the whispers as do business this -- view points would be used to show. We know cargo office will be. We Gardner beat the beavers can't be so -- this make you. You know game where pay. These days we're going into our thing and that's my it was a -- is out on me. It was left bonus it was real bonus. And we came what when you become what would be pleased -- that the guys -- so there's just shows a lot about this team it is so we kept -- That we knew we knew exactly the situation that would mean. I mean everybody it was cool with a collective if -- bargain -- the situation that we're so happy when we was down with the whole game we was we was Truman. And most though game if they're old and was true and what's in the work we kept our poise -- we carefully. You know work. It's gonna be big things to -- if -- we keep that entirely and just get better. Pharma minerals and yield a little mistakes that we do you make. And which we will do better. This team dubious wrestlers a team put you know what we have to continue to get better. A lot of people don't remember and and now we've talked about this a lot of our callers -- talk about 07 and -- -- man you know record setting offense. And the defense was along for the ride we I was reminded that the fences for. In the league people remember that. Do you think this defense has the does it have the capability. Of being one of these. Shut they can you see that -- Mecca is it shut down -- -- can't people see it and if it with a different style because you've you've probably a decoy of some more more for three and. Of course I can no no doubt in my mind at the Wii Wii Wii Wii Wii will. We can't be -- in the -- these cruises around what is going to be up to us wondering. Our percent of all campers and -- -- -- real good about because we've got a bunch of guys out there that wanna win wonderfully they wanna make please. But played with in the scheme they -- they did do the job. And we go from there we we -- attack okay we demur from that we can no more -- -- you know huge group of a fundamental we know we can work on it. What are -- the group of guys that we help the young guys in the and of issues that we do have. I think we have some of the special. In the young guys they know exactly what's at stake they know what we want from them. But I see you nod your head and me is that this game that the fourth three different guys -- little liberated by that that you. -- more of an attack. Moment -- you know world's third -- four -- for the fourth degree and you know play for Two Rivers but it was so. In a lot of carries and learn what we -- to play you know. You know and has been a lot of turnover. On news honors -- of our young guys -- his camera and made you know. You know so Lemieux's old boxes of different openers are guys that they'll -- so. Growth. And you know boom boom bong would we put. On home Monday. News -- in the World -- -- who's gonna be -- to love but just very made them. Almost. So -- I flew off to a good enough to have little whiter the more ropes and more. Opportunities we have got their careers we're. Would be it is going to be agency -- building killing you guys a year and he's been talking about you've got questions the and okay happens okay haven't they may I got a question about -- because in theory there's but it is great transition and and there are some guys I don't know about you. I don't know about them in there in every time rolls. And we don't know what Jarvis Green would do -- as as a starter you don't know about linebackers. You don't know about the quarterbacks. So. There are you there murder entitled to you know. Two there you you know. You know don't duplicity know who's who to you know and -- -- news. And Vernon -- A little -- to have to program that would overdue so. This is the -- I've ever harder -- got a bad enough if you want you to you when you elect and I definitely do yeah. Dude was. It's not over yet and that's. What. Let me ask you guys how it happens I mean an -- you mentioned Taliban -- it's cut by San Francisco they say you know it doesn't work for us. And he comes back here -- likely -- and he's in Detroit last year they're just awful -- in here. How players that other teams don't even want sometimes. Can -- here and perform. Not only good but sometimes important roles on this team how that happened that. I don't know Bob I don't know about him -- -- above -- But no Soviet. Meet more New -- programme Lugo sent to go to senses go you always been a good press Russert. A Marie you've been pressured us music you golfers -- impresses you know what. When you don't will be yours ago. Where reward guys like there Greta as like good news the government to scare is on the wall who's been put me put me at work here. Long before it totally came to the you know you -- -- news media -- -- news and soda so what he's been oppressed for us and you -- you one bit of preferences on the team out there. Using word to mean today's your off day. And you guys -- hear -- They're do you look at that way yeah I mean. Orient it typically uses all of it a bit proficient. Tuesday's we've we've known company and then I'll take care of bodies and you look at look at some fans afflicted -- so. Even though is all of the Madagascar this look at him you do -- because. This is that. Is that we don't we don't wanna communal Wednesday where we started to go put in the running game knows that we don't know what they do. So we targeted -- warning. Off days like today. Personalities as Communists are in the canoe. For stitches now there's but here you -- -- -- those -- in the works for -- -- -- it's just. -- But you know it. You can't beat so what family book closed the deal on the stand. This is much and that's it department. Because. People in the account. You know former coaches tomorrow polluters accountable in the in the was one. Stapled to Winston and easily. You know one of the leaders there where north I was -- darken some have a -- partners. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sorry that I wanted to ask you not been speakers because he was elected a captain defensive captain along with Jerod mail one askew was a guy who's who's. What the check mark on that ballot -- decide and tell me what you're looking for when you're voting for captain on your -- Embraced you -- -- -- you know on our older sister. You know does it go the real news real news for younger. Vivid coma Maris who question -- to have a question form or. Logo is his restrictive use for which you do on a very good -- want to. -- the warriors. When you have little words run it right -- marriage. Whole new team is accountable. Hold yourself accountable when you know you don't know something wrong -- you movement in the state. Of this decision forced Boston remove four of both zoom in you'll. Mishaps and treasonous. Why I was a little -- captain. Visited great on the -- because. No it is so one thing you wouldn't even look up to you they respect you on what you do all feel. On the -- is concerned or and so on two years you know maybe in the camp you know what they are Tim -- -- you know -- you -- -- -- But of course the -- burns even with the situation. Hope contracts -- which -- -- -- about that doesn't mean cross your mind don't cross from arm because. A little football. On football player then that's where do so. When our morning feel we're -- -- -- more. I'm was trying to work if you want I don't wanna let the guys from down around. This this when that would do it so well I feel bad when a -- -- have to come out of me because our feeling that my guys down. So. Now that's what this would mean I'm -- football. A mole in fourteen. And I have I have a lot of trust the Martins and her team is through the same way with me so. On Medicare your own way and there's one thing on the kid you know wanna look at the I don't. I don't care about -- tomorrow. Mostly by example he can can -- -- apple can can you show me the rules without seeing that. You can do it for game. And that's what I'm that's where electricity and mark you know even though we have kittens they're selected so once -- -- wrong it did their best kept. I mean one -- Is one so just because we have a title wanna name now captain. We have about leadership we have our camps on this team and think the issue is going to be. A challenge for us because you know -- report we -- we lost a lot of veterans somewhat top guys who -- a lot to resolve on his organization. -- -- home retarded or you go to the way there may be. So we were negative about it therefore we will need everybody what do we do should they can bring to detail we one of these. Hopefully the premier -- so. We have a good nucleus around us we have a great group. The coach is going to put us in the position -- please. And we and we have our opportunity we have to take we have to take events so. We wanna know -- -- -- -- division. Don't feel there. You didn't. -- It all right well there. -- Watson case and didn't want to. -- -- I got asked this question before you go and I'm just I want to get your reaction I mean Richard -- Oakland in the aftermath of reporting oh when we rents and things and seen some things. The -- your name came in the process of Richard don't -- have you heard those same things and not respond. Army of course you wife you north stay away from. All. I'm human agent in. Him. Is football season. Wonderful. Now is some com where -- It. Please stay away because. It away -- -- Do you. Who's there which. I would be doing raiders Monday -- this world and. All of the body out there and. I'm well say the you -- -- -- rocket goes black high tops last night when they look pretty old school in pretty cool last night yeah Leo we are. I mean. I hate I hate the Sox the Communists it was like our -- of -- if replay. So we never do so Merkel Sox America's -- from about them. -- -- loose change there. Who do you like it sacked -- luck do grew I'm on. Paris equivalent -- regard roads there's something. One loaded up its own news soldiers. Wouldn't it says. Might do when the -- performers. Of the -- -- -- got the good news rumors of problems division windows good news is we figured. Do. You know. Exporters were managers do is build you know a lot of someday that pat patriot helmet look nice and your family room on. You know actually I gotta go I gotta go to the F. Even though we know war I don't know doing doing some. So global. The that -- You know its names public there's so. Human and told him I've known. Well you guys looked very sharp last sharp dressed men as always and as he said. It's sweeter to win and lose it's better to talk about one point -- and one point loss. Ellis nice and I got you by the way -- view. Who made the play happened on a separate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good Arianna is -- -- team effort that thought he was gonna take it -- for sure. They do it becoming agitated about. Come out that -- after the can't do it again. OP does deluding candidate -- you guys now -- army day here agrees Christie's. Team so. A producer they would. They're dispersed them hope you met him. And it. Ty Warren and Vince Wilfork -- Holly's leadoff hitters brought to you by -- over Mexican grill handmade for real text you -- acute the OBA. To four to five for a two received today special lunchtime offer back -- for a moment Sports Radio WEEI.

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