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Aug 31, 2009|

The coach joins Glenn, Steve, and Fred to talk about the retirement of Tedy Bruschi.

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It is patriots and Monday with Fred with Steve we don't -- -- live down here at Gillette Stadium and it's time for our weekly interview patriots head coach Bill Belichick it's all brought to you by Verizon Wireless. America's largest and most reliable wireless network coach is doing today. And make them -- for us address you don't have to dress up for us it is -- -- high I have an event oh that's right I'm gonna future. Usually common as. Yeah no known unknowns it would jacket over the 100. We don't think it the ripped off hoodie you know we did it again that they used. -- I I got today were just talking about this during the the break that was is eloquent a retirement press conferences I think never seen and I don't think people have ever seen you. That emotional. Freddie was ready to run out of the box -- -- applies to me this. This was more emotional than than others I would think -- -- -- Yes the answer was he's Ted is really a special guy and first euros or 96 was -- rookie year and you know we've I wasn't here for three years you know gone through his whole career with them you know thirteen fourteen years now on. He's just. -- put into words you know how much he's meant to this -- -- is meant to me personally. What a great leader player. When an inspiration then. He's just. He sees a coaches during your relatives when you guys. Brought him in third round draft. He was terrific way to he was but he was a terrific college player but. Did you guys have doubts of whether he could his game could translate. Into the pros and he could develop into what he developed into. Doubt that we had the idea I think what we were looking for was. In -- third down -- rusher kind of guy situationally and and the special teams player. And you know the trial linebacker and -- goes but. It -- more of a third down you know rushed and and a fourth down in a special team player. But when you saw a room first time is not that. -- muscular. That fast. Obviously tackler and then it in the lineup sometimes it's got a great hands Spiezio knocked him down guys' hands and do decent job. But we're to have something that really doesn't fit anywhere. It is developer a guy whose instincts you know Steve Nelson was -- greatest faced with a little more. Physically. Imposing guy but he was so good. It reading what people doing fall the game plan to put out from anticipating things and Tom anticipating pass routes. You could wanna be right with -- and the backs out of the backfield to trip them and pull them into everything you could. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well he he'd look a lot patter when the pats came on -- he's just that good football player. And pretty much everything we asked to do right off the the Tutsis -- of the knack for. And maybe he'd know exactly what is doing rumba. He knew at the ball he got to on the news on the block on the could get away from them. And the -- was a productive player probably from -- maybe fourth fifth sixth game of that. 96 season on we have -- and situationally on these Benson and has little. Packages that he was involved and then and then courses -- grew and grew. What is his what newspapers he's legacy with the patriots what is. How important was he took to the team developed over Lester it. Nazis on other real real critical people. He just did everything so well it every day he walked in the in the facility was was a positive and he agreed attitude meetings in the weight room on the practice field. Certainly on game day his preparation was. Exemplary -- really pretty much everything. That I would say to the team. He -- and indeed. He was the Troy Brown Tom Brady you know guys like that they they just. They did it today and and they were examples not. Not so much product as I was saying this is what you should do that's who they are that's that's what they are and that he was. The energy he brought to us as a as a football player brought to our team. -- and as I said today he always does seem to know what the right thing to do was. After game. When we win and everybody come together -- -- have the right right phrase about how the team was Phelan and in five or ten seconds just bring it altogether right there it was amazing just. You know he knew when to get on a guy he he knew when to back off on he knew when this my own record joking when to be serious. And and you know he does it seem like he always did the right -- wasn't. Was he losing a lot of -- or just did you just wanna call it quits and paying for and we just have enough I think Ted you know take. Made the decision on his terms and and that's what I say is most important thing that he he played on his terms and he. The element left on his terms and that's. They grow credit to him to be able. You know accomplish what is accomplished then and now he's always been -- controls like the situation and and he was -- move that would there have been a spot problem. The father judge who mythic there's you know -- propellers. You were recycling today. Some of the many great place that Teddy Bruschi and he had some of the game changing plays in his career brought this up today and it was an interesting point we've gone through and around. Tedy Bruschi is probably not going to be -- the whole plane but. He may hold as many big plays for -- it's not going to be a pro football hall thing. You think about his career how many dean changing plays big -- teammate and usually those are reserved. For the great players that are that they're finding a way out -- and can't lie to me. He really did need he has some his biggest plays in the six games and we wouldn't ever been there without is this stoppage or -- in the Oakland game on third one you know what do. The strip in the in the Indianapolis and interceptions Super Bowl. Interceptions Miami game and how many tackles and you know just. He it's -- things -- when we went. In the of one season we're you know we're 314 man and Brian Cox copper at Johnson her in and we went to a 43 with that -- on the nose. Man. One arrest organs and it was a middle linebacker and aegis. You know it is the animals will that the fence to be a really good deep that's certainly in the biggest games of the year at the end of the season. And -- just every time you turn around areas you know he's he's making a play maker -- play. Or two when the little things kind of thinking mentioned today -- little things that he did that people that knows that if your coach you. Is council block you salaam. Three routers eateries on picnic made quarterback hold the ball that they gave somebody else a chance to get sacked. And he did a million little things good that. Mean everybody else's job easier he really meet people that are promised to go with us for a promotion though was preparation and how much of it was instead. Yeah probably both Amanda got a combination on where you that's great questions ago where -- throw line I think that instinctively he just. He's a football player you know he he knew what to do you know it is just that the right thing he -- when the go behind a blocker in when ago roomy new windows when the play with power when the Thomas -- on one. You know fake the blitz when the get up there and go oh you know firstly the Philadelphia game and that the you know comes and it's McNabb did just. So money plays. He just it right sometimes oddly enough he knew it ready just do the right thing to do was he was there to give wanna know about I don't know about the NFL hall and he's. As a pitcher you. Longoria the all important programs the way you do but you can -- the idea that was your out of your parameters for the linebackers but. He was afraid when he saw some go at a hundred and that's that's the case for a that's right when he saw. It then that what is responsibility is he knew as a football players is what I gotta do. And he always did the right thing and and some guys -- now it is wrong and make that decision but it's the wrong. It's the wrong time to do it and he'll always have an act and so. When ago when this day you know one went to drop this guy went from those things. And you're -- parameters but -- ultimately it becomes in the football's. Game of a lot of fast it's as though their -- field and and he can make the -- really. He could really make quick decisions -- it's thank. You talking about going out in his own terms did you sense that this was going to happen did you have any conversations with them earlier in camp. About his role or where this could lead. Yeah we'll wait you know we've talked about -- out talked. All through his career week we talked at the end of the season we talk that. At the beginning you this year in the offseason program when he you know his knee scope we. We talked. At the end of in any camp in the spring we -- so we you know we've. We've talked about the different and it's certainly his role is changing this year with the emergence of Jerod and area. So. You have so we've we've talked about that you know Sunday it was. You know that's that's kind of where you know when when all this up. When you look back at -- 2005. And he has the stroke. And I think everybody was saying let's just hope this Teddy is healthy enough so want to raise the kids and you have any idea. That he would be able to play. Competitive football at the high level most tackles and a reporter the team the next year to have any sense at that time he can play football at -- at that level again. Well it the only thing I'll say Glenn this. Once he started conduct of facility in maybe April may whenever was. He -- better every single day. So the first time -- on -- say -- nose in I can't see this is gonna happen. But you know the next day he was better and the next day he was better the next day and the next and the next day. And one day at a time and as you kept seeing him improve. -- literally day by day by day by day there was certainly a point where you started thank and he's going to be all the way back. Because there was no signs that it wasn't gonna continue to -- that same you know direction and and it was it was really keep that CC a progress literally daily. Was it nervous this in the staff's part in that you know he wants it. He got to be careful because you don't wanna pushing to enameled Soviet practice is gonna be careful on worst gases and -- is apprehensive -- -- How difficult was out what a fine line that you guys have to deal with no he got a real competitive guy who says he wants to. Want to go back and play you obviously want to play but. Now I mean I think all of only let's medical system as it's not a it's not coaching decision. And once once players cleared to play that's coaching decisions he played the players based on situation and and performance but. Until players cleared medically then it is certainly not an option so. You know we have great confidence in our medical staff they do great job here he had great care and in the with physicians and and the facilities in this area and so once he was cleared to play then that's when. As a coach process of what that at but it looked like usery to. Was were invisible drop off from prior to lift the stroke through those are -- in -- quicker than we had better numbers but only you would know. If his game diminished any thing or -- back on the -- I think it came back -- I think it you know like any player who hasn't played for awhile local time. You know to get that timing in and the reactions all but you know I think is that I think has performed so we constantly hear about. Field generals veterans. Guys that. Really know the game inside and out and guys that react that way with younger players in the course of a year you've lost Harrison Vrabel. And now Bruschi. One has to happen is that first of all is that overrated. And if it isn't overrated what has happened with the has a brick similar players you have right now do you have guys they can. Can develop into those type of players would you feel comfortable right now that you got a couple of guys in there. Well I I think that there are players on our team that are. You know emergent those roles in some cases maybe one player and -- is the combination of players. But you know we we played most of the season last year without robbing and so the players that that played James in Brandon. You know those guys date they have to emerge as leaders there that it Ronnie wasn't there and in a Teddy in the last four games of the season last year and and this year in training camp in a drama carry. Come in and and it's alias and you know that. Common not not that they were the players last year but that the dynamics in the chemistry it'll that they change. So. Particularly in the linebacker room but that's. You know that's for that's NFL that's professional football in others changes every year and is going to be changes that some room every year. And so but I think those players have done very good job. Of carrying the torch so to speak that. In that that it burns brightly. Integrity and a guy like -- stay away forums so this you know I mean it roared its size and because to achieve -- You know on idol -- full of cold water on me it's realistic as you get angry you know football makes. As an outlook for the for the violence and aggression on that and guys have played a high level. -- walk away from the aggressions on regional and you put it went through the dominant but. I don't know what level of the overtime update you right daughter says -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like but it is an outlet for that. That aggression that focus and again it's that focus that focused on achieving. Well we have to get back in coaching goes something because it's in -- blown. And I think that's question for -- answer I don't think I can answer Latin and I think Teddy put it well today. And we'll take it day by day and I think that's. That's the way he's taken and in the past not serve him well on -- sure that the in of that type to serve my own future. Are -- taking a 92 break we're back with Bill Belichick you're an -- show. Back here live at Gillette Stadium it is patriots Monday -- the big show -- relish Steve Deossie is here and it's arm quickly interview with patriots coach. Bill Belichick I would go I would ask you about. Tom Brady's condition I know he was out of practice here today but I know what the answer would -- But I do have a question about this whole injury situation could you have fine line. You've got two now under a system. The NFL needs to know exactly wing guys practice when they don't practice and I understand you've got to adhere to those roles on the other hand. And you see it more more of this around the leak. Right now. In which teams are not giving an awful lot of information. About an injury how final line is that we you know that you've got a deal with a National Football League and the other hand. If you give information out and you're too specific about an injury he could use that against you in an upcoming game. And a former player probably not real happy if Mike coaches given up an information visit my left arms Burton. And the guy across from me start to beat not my left arm I'm a little -- this the cube. Right. Well. -- -- things on the Oakland one. In -- really trying to keep anything from anybody and not -- and a you know make anybody's job difficult the media or you know not tell fans something -- that I know they Carolina about. And her passion about that that's not really it at all but the fact of the matter is. And we've all had injuries we've all had different ailments and it's really. Impossible. To tell lot of times exactly how it's gonna turn out what day it's gonna you know with -- -- it's going to be okay and they professional football as we're not talking about getting in the car going to the store and get some -- off the shelves were talking about plan at. It very high competitive level against other great players. And so. Kenny run you know Kenny -- good enough the -- ounce on the in the National Football League. I don't know now that's hard question answer was -- five days before the game so. Right if a guy practices think marxism doesn't practices practice that's clerk -- an injury report. What does that mean some guys. Won't practice and play some -- practice and won't play again it's a very specific case by case thing in and we all know that world different. Ten of us can had a hamstring injuries were not all gonna come back on the stand it. Ten of -- can have sprained knees were not all gonna come back on the same day or even the same week. And sometimes a player comes back from an entry. It goes smoothly and he has -- comes back on time or maybe a little bit ahead of with a projected time when they. Sometimes it takes little bit longer matters over the setback long way and that's. That's just the truth so. It's really hard to predict those things and so we. You know we have a guesstimate and we have the probable questionable doubtful categories. And that's two days before the game and that's those -- pretty reasonable guesses. But again just because of players ready to play that doesn't mean competitively. That. As a coaching staff we're gonna plan on navy has minimal practice maybe it is not a player that's -- more ready to play than and he is that particular week or in particular situation so. It's a very difficult thing to ten point everybody's looking further exact answer and the truth is there really isn't more. But a lot of times you guys are -- you don't give specifics about what -- an injury is and I noticed this weekend Kyle Orton got hurt was clear on television. That he had it was his finger and it was bleeding and they refer to is upper extremities. Injury. That's what they called it I mean. Are generally speak for what's O'Neal's talent but I have to give them up before we even kind of stake in what the the -- does it. Does it help you win any way to be specific about an injury and if you're doing it for any reason and it. If you're if you're specific about it you actually may be hurting that player who may be. Ready to play that next Sunday. Well that we'll certainly most players I think don't. Most players really don't -- have specific injury information out there but we almost league rules aren't so we complied with that. I think yes the players you know do they want it public that. Their left ankle is whatever it is I don't think that's something that they really. A look at four but that generally making a difference because we all planned the sense that rules and and the only thing I would say is that sometimes. You know the injuries or. Sometimes a very specific it's an ankle injuries to knee injury it's an elbow injury. Other times it's not -- Defined its may be in a particular area. You know does the European number -- things -- -- and we we certainly had a number of those before where it's kind of a combination of you know it's it's it's that little bit and ankles but the -- So we say both legs and it is all man because Sweden well but that's what it is. And not every injury is is in -- pinpoint specific injured so pour through and and if they are you know I think for the most part. You know those pretty you know identified but I can just phenomenal. -- Brady can shop and that's been detailed strategy can show up to his elbows dropping. It goes we want to answer what's the difference lot's been made -- -- About down. Injuries you know this and well put back a quarterback's going to be in the preparations -- If we're gonna prepare for him coming into the Andrea was driving game how much does that change your preparation you know the style as hurt as most of not known as her. Well partly depends on who the players and with a player -- com. So it you know if you know for sure that a now and then you don't need to prepare and focus your attention on somebody else's view. Archer then you pretty much effort it's so memories healthy you know we've basically prepare for all 53 players known that there -- only activate for. We're not sure necessarily export those are -- And we prepare for all alone but if you have a specific you know specific answer injury information that certain player wasn't gonna play then. Of course that you know -- prepare for and then might change the way you. Game plan that team took advantage. Not to show -- it's totally injured so you waste helped with some of -- time preparing for the Padilla mean you know as a player you trial watch film and everybody did you know we -- against you know your plan against. A certain senator then you're gonna watch him you know that senator -- then you're gonna watch the next if you don't know for sure and then you got the watchful and that's in just won't work for you -- anyway to keep. The law title years ago there's always teams that didn't put. -- injury. But off was built some input to compliment of injured people out there than you would start to what they did -- thrown out because why shouldn't promote if they cannot -- who's injured. So they scrutinize a lot more now make fuel that put in these guys of you that well there's a policy that that the league has for all teams and and willful. Who would have with a cattle call that short time. I you know I thought that. You know Kevin worked hard. You know he he tried to do the things that we estimate -- I think in the end the opportunities that he had. -- he just wasn't able to -- for them and so we we kind of felt like that wasn't an -- wasn't gonna workouts organ you know look at Andrew and and Brian this week -- and see you know and violate them. Wasn't a skill set this year it was a physical thing or was it a mental thing or. -- While it it's a it's at in the position and a lot of factors that don't involve the that are involved and in violation you know it's it to the cervix and it's -- nomination things. Is -- at the airport -- it was a short period of time with him obviously. We saw Matt Cassel here for an awful long time and obviously you saw something -- last year get an opportunity to play and we so what he could do. This was a short period of time for O'Connell. Do you evaluate -- of a process you go through that evaluation we. Maybe you figure out that there's only so much this kid can do in your system that you come to the conclusion. That if we give me even more time it's just not gonna work. You know I think that's basically a decision you have to make with a young players as long as the players improving and you feel like. You know he's continually and better than you don't really know how for a player's gonna go. I think at the point where you see the players improvement rates start to level off or maybe even possibly decline. You know then if you then you have to decide where you what I feel about that level is that. Is that good enough or is it is an insufficient and you know it's time to move on find somebody else. -- says that I cannot I would it would surprise BC Kevin played quarterback for another team in the National Football League I think he's a smart kid at that he works -- I think he has a lot of talent. It just didn't work out for here and and maybe part of that's powerful then and you know the matchup and our system. So that's you know in another system in another situation. I could I could see him doing well but that doesn't help -- and you know we have to we're gonna change ordinance we have the body weight based on what we do not with someone else -- We lot of calls and then he would point out last year pre season game was one of practice. And you guys evaluate every practice in the film studies and all those Olympics is people call up he has a good army runs well popular guy -- therapy but we don't see. -- 8% of the stuff that goes on for a practice and several seven film and film study is development loans to in the concepts. -- have some quarterbacks begun quarterbacks of this at different system. Justices more control. So you know how much is. If preceding games as a poster every day of practice that mutes it's that he'll do just -- practices. Well it's a combination there's no doubt about voters there's combination of the practices and games and and there's really two different as practices there's one type of practice the offense works against the fence. Over the defense's plan plan their defenses and then there's another type of practically elephants were against. A scout team defense that's trying to simulate an opponent or particular look -- situations so. But in the end we you know -- guy doing all those and certainly game conditions are the best. But I waiter but those are limited at that position and but -- you know it doesn't take into account you know players accuracy. On the run around the pressure avoidance apples there or you know. Mobility in the pocket or you know game clock management -- and a trolls like that but. You know the game situations there that's the elements of -- you -- doing all those things the best they can not perfect but worth the point now where. We've got to make some decisions and we just don't have anymore time earning more pre season games. After this one against the giants and we gotta go and so that's. Think another part of the whole you know discussion relative the pre season you know we hear comments from people saying well. You know that would only to pre season games going on against a pre season while. And I think you're trying to develop the young quarterback -- you talk to teams like Detroit. Or you know teams like in our case in -- replaying of the players it's part of idealism you know me trying to get. Tom Brady ready trying to -- starter ready. And then when you evaluate the younger guys know pre season games and are gonna put him in the regular season it -- have to so anonymous part of an idea that is. If beliefs trying to develop young quarterbacks so -- -- put a lot of pressure. That situation there also says something interest -- your system may not work for certain players sort of guys -- great playoff. At some team -- you have to -- them over here at some sometimes the -- they. Occur by him leave is not as much a benefit for you that player might not freedom he may run well to all this in a while but not really -- your concepts. -- take your employees are reset the system. Sometimes it's not a real easy adjustment. Exactly -- -- remorse sometimes it is sometimes a player will force and an assist them and sometimes he won't be as productive as he wasn't system he was -- so. You try to project that that in the end I don't think you really know for sure until you actually -- -- as much -- to do with college become a project tomorrow but yeah that's even -- projections on Monica yeah that's. That's a much -- now. You say you'll gonna work with the interim Brian this week will you work with them exclusively in this game -- working on proposals to quarterbacks for this of this game is there a possibility as you watch what they do in this that game this week. That you could be bringing somebody else -- down world. Well I think that's always the possibility we've -- -- move minority this year we've you know we've made. May trade Maine Maine a couple of main one and spurring. And we've -- a couple players so that there be another traitor of the movement sure re talking of the -- They talk and policy does that mean -- things happen no good but it doesn't necessarily mean well. That's part of the that -- that happens that'll accept that this time a year so. Let's cut conversations. Take place and sometimes you have to deal with -- -- you know not -- normal. So but well you know we listen and we and that's in that that's what happened the final cut down and that's well come on now. Q judge the developments from your rookies truthful for. I think overall it's been it's been a pretty good class Steve. No similar to last year it I mean obviously last year's results are in this yours aren't but. In terms of lawyers working hard. Adobe in diligent and mindful of really trying to do things the way that that they need to be done within the system try to play within there there from roll their responsibilities and you know up in big you know lot of freelance and things like that so. You know I think that the Voeller in and strong and very simple were all the second round picks have been very competitive. And the opportunities that they've. And some -- it like you know McKenzie out their -- that and work out -- -- -- later picks you know Ingram. You know has done a good jobs now been. You know Pryor and and Richard on the on the offensive line. You know or amber and then -- in alpha Salina some of those guys in this little bit of time. You know elements and competitive so. You know we need to go to line there and -- -- it's in overall and I think pretty. You know pretty competitive group and and a couple free agents you know also shown up. From time to time. And flash -- now again I think it goes back to how much these guys improve how consistent they are and and you know do they keep improving it and what's the greater improvement so that's what we're just and you know just because a guy goes down. -- like John you know he sees this channel couple -- but. You know he's hung in there and and at the end of the game last week he held the ball well in and made a big push for so when the game so. And I think that's an example that type of thing that you you wanna see can you you know eliminate the mistake. No it happened but if you feel like the player has been able to corrected and move on and and perform without making them mistake you know competitively and you know you can kind of put it behind -- feel like you know he's learned. Oh it's great to be back down here Foxborough for patriots -- looking forward to it. Hopefully stay injury free this week for the final pre season game and next week will be back now. We'll talk about the start of the regulars here dressed up next on to. It's on the rest of them booze and drugs to build residences -- for those who -- trust me he will not show up I'll bet you everything. Imus for a legend in different states that he will show up and measured in time for Clinton what's -- -- it is -- coach willing to wait on his Taylor's. To debtors I go to CNN I think that I planned it's. We'll check right here of the picture will be right back.

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