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Tedy and Heidi Bruschi

Aug 31, 2009|

Tedy and his wife Heidi join Dale and Michael at Gillette Stadium just moments after he announced his retirement from the NFL. They all look back at Tedy's career, if he has any regrets, and what plans he has for the future.

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All you guys have never met. I've spoken glowingly -- -- in the past than ever met the lady until just now have a seat that was the Teddy welcome and and I'll say congratulations I said appropriated jumpin if you want to I don't know you know you pleased at least if you -- -- I I I just I just said Michael I've never heard any player ever retire. And handle of -- retirement press conference better than that with -- Well it. I said I alluded to their budget times it made it easy that tied to use the word celebration you know and and that's that's really what it is for me when -- back in my career because. When you achieved everything you set out to achieve. It's it's it makes it a lot easier it makes it bodies not one of them players' ages -- -- just wishes. What had that you know that one at one time you know. I had so many I had so many times and it's. It gives me incredible piece it is incredible piece inside. I talked to us so many guys and you know it's -- -- -- To a -- it went on to us I'm doing great it's. Great. And him you know and -- like okay you know and they and they know where I am in Orion and it it makes it easy differ from meet with them also known as a great place. There's a young woman you mentioned. In your press conference who has been there for all the big moments and she's here now name ID and wondering if -- -- him my whole Michael. I had out of barometer but I'm wondering. You that you thought your teammates so a lot of your -- -- -- when did you guys talk when -- you know. When Heidi when do you know that. This is accurate and I think it was it was a culmination of a lot of things this offseason actually. I actually got -- got -- scope on my right -- this offseason which and during the time in training camp I miss -- because my knee was still bothered me a little bit so often that time it's like. You know it's still going to be okay I think it's going to be all right let's get a better get out their -- Pakistani and so you know and and you start practicing and if you start you start feeling that you start in the 36 man. You know these are feeling thirty stitches all in particular thirty -- -- very you know 36036. Year old father of 3 am healthy as -- acts of great. 36 year old linebacker. You know there comes a time become the time you know advocates. You know we look at we look at certain place during and during the meeting room sometimes don't splice certain certain -- is different. Different teams and it's like it's like okay there's or four okay there's one. There is -- almost six there's yesterday's practice and a sort of look at him like yeah yeah maybe maybe just a little bit so. This is the way I'd rather be. -- wanna let mother nature take its course you know I mean. Not 23 I'm not when he you know I mean. It's been years there's been a lot of tackles and 1000 tackles a lot of things and I've done -- that you eventually. Slowdown is what I'm learning which a lot of people out there listening know already that I'm going yeah you sure do Teddy. But for me. You eventually slowdown Camille Little bit yes a little bit here so now it's like you know what. I am fulfilled in my career I've done things that. I don't think that I'm extremely proud of and to walk away right now is is something that I'm very proud to do. You know pilot -- hired a beetle of some oddities to hope. Editor -- and talk about Hillary talked about it about it right there I don't party told with -- -- that I think I can discuss injuries that affect Heidi -- -- you know when engine and view if you just nobody it was a little different. It. And every year in the end line it's not. Lie and tees -- and but this time. In ages prepared for lots and. Tonight that plea that retirement. And there -- -- the red place. I think you know as humans and it's and the puck. Over in -- everybody knows about to -- -- now but now it. But a different. A different date on that retirement play the persona it's August 31 we feel great -- great word work group please in the in they talked about where where you go when you go from here and you know it's it's Ecstasy I don't know I don't know I'm just gonna. Who's gonna sit back and sort of decompress for a little bit and you know in in in in two -- George via home. You get to go while. And think about. Three Super Bowl championships and five Super Bowls and we were looking that your record the record the 211 games he played in. Sixteen in six playoff record numbers won't encapsulated but the numbers are pretty darn good to. Yeah I mean. Talk about I don't really that's that's something I never really. I really was a focus for me in terms of statistics statistics with which you achieved during a particular season. How many tackles you have ever how to do in this particular game it was. I always believe. Individual success always correlated with the team's success if you were playing as hard as you could for the team. And you work you're doing your job which are supposed to do in the team was women. Those accolades would eventually come on the room so why concern yourself with them so just go out there he'll make plays. The numbers. They pileup and a -- deal with it when when in the only stat that you should really particular area concern yourself with is is those wins. I don't think have ever seen Bill Belichick that emotional before in my life have you. No I have him be emotional almost made me get emotional over their sitting down. Sitting down it's. You know we we spoke yesterday and and head. A very good conversation and no it was it was it was it was more the same -- hinges to me. Very very appreciative a lot of gratitude in the expressing to him and expressing to me and suit news it was I was fairy you know very thankful for what he said today it was. The perfect player such purpose here. Yeah like -- said you never hear that when you're playing and I hit have been out we've got to wait your turn Clinton and it's it to go -- with I mean I mean. There's this talk about the perfect coach. -- for coach and monster people -- not there and agreeing with me because. He. He is is is something that -- I was and I hope everyone realized what you have here in in him in in him and -- -- I can only. Use his name in in sort breath without a list of coaches you know. In her own party talk those guys that that that. That's really. Took the gaming and and took it to the next level and and bill did that in terms with players in presenting information in power. Turn us into notches to a football players the championship for partners. Idea Teddy told the story sitting in your little apartment 1996 when he -- draft and saying I wanna play my whole career there to to everything. That that would happen knowing what normally is the life of -- of a professional athlete. I ain't my first was going to and coupled with the yet. -- -- -- -- -- Actually. Would you like his teammates. And it. -- Make every effort to. Read. It will show up. All the decisions he made. In his two today being such agree celebration he deserves every. It -- great broadcaster. I haven't had that -- broadcasting every be very. You know it's breaking down games. I'm of the game and of the game in and it if were -- from years is talking about the game. That that'd be great that be great but it I think it's. I don't know where it goes I don't know you know I mean I'm in sort of an uncharted territory in my life so we'll see where it goes with. I definitely -- -- the around the -- steer around it and -- talk about it is that you know so be it. At some point. Kids start to figure out that their parents are. Kind of a big deal you know you -- you play pro football or if you're an actor or something you know kids at four years -- probably don't get that. 78 they start figured out -- -- figured out how significant. First of all you know your career was -- how significant this day is for. I think they're just now starting to. I I brought the -- to as many games as possible last year. And our oldest son TJ is definitely. Interested in involved in he sits and watches every game and -- there's daddy daddy got him. But I think in terms of walking away from the game. I -- they. Probably don't understand the magnitude of today. Teddy and the press press covered say much rather be home -- transformers -- that. But I think that they'll be. Someday. They'll be -- to look back. On his career and be very proud. I'm I'm. I'm glad about that you know I'm happy about -- is as I'm does that. I'm his dad you know and that's that's the way. That we we sort of geared that towards you know that just that you know this is just me is just me you know TJ race two languages from his dad and and -- who always just one would be to them in in it it is that way and the one thing they say it was my oldest and richest. When I told him I think I'm gonna be home a lot more -- And he see his face light up -- with a smile -- is something that he -- he was sort of -- before he was sort of waiting for. See it's funny because of all the Bruschi moments that were all kind of rehashing your over the last -- yourself for me my favorite ever. With sitting in a stadium in Jacksonville Florida about 45 hours before kick off and I was there and I'm just sit in the sun and masking in soaking it all in. And I looked down on the field and I see a football player playing with -- -- there. I couldn't believe that a guy. That soon before kick off while another big game in his life just wanted to play this kits. Have moments and moments talked about to mean. -- it's possible even you know I mean who want to act like they remember that moment you know remember the Super Bowl win. You guys who -- in Jacksonville with your kids and they they remember that that it's like. A lot of people remember that but it's over who percent of the game when it comes you know you know my memories when -- means. I'm not much of it -- -- -- that that doesn't disappoint it's okay with me it's okay with me because. I'm not afraid to be who I am wherever it is wherever it is -- and at that moment. Sort of just wanted to give the debris from an. -- -- -- is that the -- from the promise from the hotel gets there so early. And that was the security. And so they put our families are so -- -- take the -- run around so maybe taken up so they could be in second quarter something like that it. It turned into a moment that. Even my kids my kids remember that moment that and it'll be with his progress. -- -- of my favorite moments is in this does and and it involves Super Bowl but not a Super Bowl victory and this may surprise -- It was a way you'd dealt -- The disappointment of losing. Out in Arizona. Now. Tale I've dealt probably got out of the stadium he probably ran -- reported their quick -- -- like a portly out of the state of I've never seen video run so fast. In his life but he got they're there was a party. At the team hotel afterwards and just pick up the story I don't know if you remember what you domestic asked you that you go to the party. Use you did what did you I. I did go to the party because I had a lot of people that they gain and a lot of people that came just to the game that I hadn't seen before. And there -- people that meant a lot to me. They're very close to me and that have been with me not my entire career and supported me and for me to just say. You know no and they were leaving the next day so for me to just say no I'm good I'm -- -- my room I can't I can't do that -- but I would rather of gone there. And sort of thank them. Thank them for the support that they gave us during the year and they they expected me to be devastated. Devastated. About the game for me I just turned in that. That post -- that post game party and sort of celebration me just seeing them -- people that I hadn't seen in awhile and be happy to visit with them. And you know because. That as as a ticket that that loss believe me I think about a lot I think about it's about what we could have achieved and you know the possibilities of becoming nineteen you know but at that moment what was more important was with Clinton people care about know how how how much I care about. It's so ironic that -- from Californian who played college football in Arizona. Is remembered. -- now. Yes I mean effort scoring a touchdown and he knows that people Rollins now in the I don't know how I -- raised it up bracing the cold weather you know it's the -- cup winners and then. Come here efforts the years kidneys to the -- that the seasons in in the winters and football. Getting used to the snow in playing -- that happen. Towards towards towards that as -- group progress in the race the cold weather because -- it was our pants. It was hard and is and we played at home like I felt sort of we had an extra. And extra player on the team and we'd like this. They didn't so it gave us the opportunity Jimmy Carter -- so and that that that game with them both know. That any possible game -- mean people's snow banks the west to gain. Stories of fans from the previous you know -- -- one at our number one I was I was on my way and and that moment that moment. That moment is is is gonna be talked about for a long time and them I'm glad because that that's a moment that I will never forget that means. I remember smiling in my throat is so huge. It's so much when it -- with music but you put. So. The coolest. People can get the truth and get the receipt because the seats for. Packed with -- -- like digging out they announce their seats there how often you guys talk about. 2005 the stroke. Leaving him out of Mass. General and at that point nobody. Probably including you thought you play professional football again you guys talk about that. Few and far between now you know that its image. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No not not much anymore it's it's it's something that's always. Those moments everyone has their -- that'll always be a part of it always be a part of -- you know it's there. Like when we look at each other I mean we know it's there you know those experiences you have but it you know which are better from it. You better from an and we know that we're so much better from it and stronger from it and you know we've moved on from that you know just like no we -- then you'll move on from us. I'm happy to hear you're gonna make this your home as I think. This places embraced you I told Teddy this story when I'm on the the supermarket -- And on the bulletin board they got lost dog and it's -- lost dog black lab whatever was answers to the name of Bruce. And they spelled it BR USC HI -- sent when you get dogs named after. You can't leave then -- that you got to hang around in their name and their dogs for the that with laws that. That's they have lost the dog at the time and hopefully that found that I don't I'm sure he knew what to do in the counties where. Her. -- like last year. For a certain guys are certain who his awareness -- -- high level. He was the perfect -- panel plateau. Congratulations to both of its it's a great day it says it's a real celebration orient. Thank you and it was fun for us to sit here and and watch and listen it was nice to meet you finally. Face to face thank you yes thank you very much Tedy Bruschi and his wife Heidi here on Sports Radio WEEI brought to you by ESP ally. Tedy Bruschi is still brought to you by ESP alive by no way around I can't forget that we heard a Teddy receipt Bruschi SP alike commercial little while ago. -- Sports Radio W media. --

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