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Bill Belichick, Patriots Head Coach

Aug 24, 2009|

Bill Belichick joins The Big Show to discuss the Patriots preseason on WEEI's 1st Patriots Monday of the season.

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I expect there are the big show it is indeed be a kick off of the patriots Monday you know we do every you know money here and epic show we sit around which are a lot of football we talk with coach of the New England Patriots. Bill Belichick who joins us live on -- -- right now from -- programs Belichick or you today. Doing great. And blah. -- president being made and I never heard Fred was afraid that you forgot. Now I can do I I couldn't -- vacation yeah what. -- -- He's on punishment we got a month suspension. -- a couple things that were like they really mean that every once in awhile culture. The the -- started patriots Monday you know. And that he would want our go to guy when it -- But he got -- -- violent and formally announce that the phrase I keep look at all rushing have a -- and won't let them. The pick of the Nazis way to go here Basil must protect the subject of times Liam -- -- -- -- right Elvis is is this free season. Changed in the way you approaches do you still look at game is game three. Still considered to gain. In which coaches. Really kind of look at it more of of a real game situation. Honest. And all the games are probably about the same. From a strategic and quiet thank. You know you -- about your players and get their conditioning level and their game they're game conditioning. Levels up and so if you you know. Expand the playing time little bit from game one to game two games three and a long way of doing better. I mean there's lot of different ways of doing it I think one thing about third game has. Yeah I wanna get an extended playing time for guys that you think are going to be playing more in the regular season and you know that game. And I got to get in the game shape but. I don't know that necessarily have. A -- another you know very. Great players and they only got a lot of players you know Randy march 2 years noted plant preceding a point five touchdowns so I don't think that you know. On necessity or at had been playing a lot of preceding games Terry Anderson so there's lot of different ways to get it on would look. And on the circumstance and so forth but I would think that this week. -- players some clerical play you know substantial amount for you know spoke up and read into wrote it and probably. It felt you like talks remain about the what were you guys roll with more for three this year than previous years is it. That much more I know you guys but do usable wasn't on -- Brandon the idea. Outside backers now with -- Borges being out there is defenseman Rory outside linebacker. But it ran a lot more for 30 or or or similar to Alaska videos. I was enough -- with our multiple they've got the team we have you know different formations that look so deployment training camp then we've we've worked -- -- right in the pre season and the ones that. We wanna use for our regular season opponent based on. You know what we feel like that for that particular week and so we go to so. We've you know we've run both then and will continue to run -- and -- -- we -- basis that may change based on what we feel or not on on the that the depth issues well. Is it seems like you have -- club world love of the offensive lineman because have a lot of -- is that I am pretty eager to -- and it seemed to be very active. The defensive line. I don't analyzed blood is roared down the don't ask him this and bigamy is a -- -- it's. A fix the system will. Well look at certainly -- -- we've you know investment in time and then I feel like we have players that. Had a chance to be able play in that scheme and we wanna get and get -- -- that and evaluated in. See where we think we are at I think we all have confidence that we can garden. And play at three or in. So we're we're gonna work on -- in -- -- the time to do it not try to rodent. Regular season situation we just haven't had the rap on. Would you don't organ. Work on and appreciate it let -- ant to. How much you defense though bill on -- course of the game is dictated on what -- offense is doing two years ago you get big huge leads in the game because you're offenses throw the football all over the place. The other team's got to come out throw the football so you're in passing situations on a regular basis. Well but that the -- situation of being you don't think you work account on that you know or out that way. Just like here the year form at all at the end of the game where you run out the clock you. You open them up that way that you can't really count on that -- You know I've always looked at football -- kind of you know three quarters and you know through the first second and third quarter you can. Remote part usually stick your game plan. Or adjuster game plan if -- if your opponent to doing something a little bit different but the fourth quarters really dictated more by situation. And what -- header here behind or you know -- possessions you have less than. And I don't what you know what's transpired over the first three quarters that you know says there's really. You know -- kind of dictates what you feel like you need to do you know in the last two or three possessions that you have or that they have. Well I think that fourth quarter is very very much a situation game where -- the first three quarters are probably more reliant on. Actual game plan. Coach -- last few years I've had some experience in the defensive backfield Rodney is -- has sought to Ellis. Lot of younger guys back there how much you enjoys huge development -- -- Brandon meriwether and all those guys come together. All of this in October all the players certainly on the work with the young went -- and watch. You know from our. Our our young players improve and all. Meriwether and you know well -- last year. Guys like baton. And you know we've got a couple more this year which -- in. And -- love then and Boller so. It's great to work with them and antsy and improve it also really a lot of on the work with better players that. You know have a lot of experience could do a lot of different things really understand. The game and what you're trying to do in analog again Alec you war in terms of making adjustments are. Or you know trading scheme -- -- we could really take advantage of -- -- a reflection on sprang. And James Sanders and like that that you know I've been through a lot. You know a lot of football -- dozens and you know -- another very experienced players that. He can do a lot of things where that they've innovate they really have good instinct and and it's been a lot. Now I know the up and down though and while -- -- the different strategies and techniques. The coach I know what tight end is a position that though a lot of us familiar look he had in you know Ben Watson was out there today. Yes practicing full pads -- -- if you look today and and how much. Playing time's getting on Thursday. A Friday. Quote -- battled out there today he's he's missed -- -- at a time. Will have to evaluate him we a couple of the players come back. In the last couple days as well. In comparison might -- and guys like that the Tibetan. You know out for a couple days old what have to evaluate them at the how much we feel like they're ready to do. For the weekend so. You know hopefully they'll all be able to play in you know get it a decent amount of -- I'm in but I think that's still a conditional on. How things go here in the next couple days and try to. And -- the bases again and see how everybody hold and then you know based on make that decision probably Wednesday Wednesday night on you know our analysts the white house on Friday. Of all time is out Bruce you'll Bob Watson and became a seemed to remake it nice and -- some of the place Shia base and nice reason cut doubts on the backs in the you know on the holes when they're running it is healed up pretty well in camp. He has spread and Gary he's always been able that is that it's very thank the running game and this kind of knows where the ball is. -- he's the bring bring you good energy to the field and indoor team you know it always got that. You know that little spark. And he loves the game goes in out there and and you know he's he's he's working party's -- good job and and you know he loves to play. They'll -- you report to appoint a pity he makes won't be as instincts to some of the -- maybe just slip that in there and did an image Norris it. While the style that TiVo thing -- -- -- And he was he was under hitting guys and I hope you how to use it's dominant was the greatest topic was -- but he makes some. You wouldn't if you're less a short slow motion he would be cut in there. And make it nice entries had guys in the legs. Intake and -- that's something that you wouldn't see it -- -- you obviously see them but his instincts to get right into the ball is is pretty amazing. It has its -- very good and and it's interesting out coached a lot of linebackers in my career in and talked film about you know what they need and how they. You know how they read different plays and -- interest -- a lot of time they. They can't really tell you exactly what they are how they do it they just know it and and any I think that's really adult and then in the in an instinctive player where he just. You know what to do sometimes you can't put your finger exactly on what it is that triggered it but that would come and about. That angle block or of the temple a play day or were just the way that the back was. Now what does the pace that he was that account alleged that bank -- -- up here you know he's gonna cut it back our you know it. This player that play and take that he has the ability to do that you know drop -- like that where literally that sometimes. As the linebackers and they just not -- A bill so much was made of the wildcat last year and people obviously and draft notice that you drafted Julian Edelman. The option quarterback who you projected as a wideout. Whichever used. A wildcat the similar an option type of a situation with somebody like -- somebody else with this football team. Our I don't know but thank -- right now I'd bet I'll probably draft and on you know we drafted and the -- receiver and a you know work as a returner and and they called that turns -- he's done a good job of that and you know what how things go down the line you know I don't think there's. But -- many plays where we want they ought to -- and then give the somebody else must the right place so. -- mean I'll never say never that. That's but about a -- the most right now. Surprises -- more back to use their back the other offensive and when he's run the ball. Or a swore that the clone of less welcome here's a guy has those same. -- Dick -- bold she's making going up field than not fearing getting hit it doesn't have data he's always gaining ground which is pretty remarkable. For a quarterback to do that touched the ball looked at -- bonds. There really is -- Connecticut transition into the position not only was on hand also has a route Ron -- Are recognized in. Blitzes and and make -- route adjustment so one. You know 11 they have too many guys look and we have to get the ball -- -- -- to -- -- route thing like that Julian the mark player and expecting that very quickly again and you know all that again usual a lot of she. Guys who are receivers that have been receivers for their whole lives. And you know prayer for five years in college whatever it is then and they have trouble those adjustments -- area because. We've ever been on that end of it and -- other out of that have again that hasn't been on the receiving candidate then. And he's been it'll make those adjustments very quickly it's bankrupt the. You know when he can when he stopped the game of the biggest thing that surprised me as he he -- scene and all the plays. That quickly admits it's a rookie to come and and and pick up the game plan to be able to Alter the first team it seems like he he learned it very quickly. It is dead -- is an -- -- work party really. Very diligent and in China learned assignment done and pick everything up. Mean -- got a long way to go a lot of lot of little things to learn in. And then techniques that he can be more. Proficient at but he's come a long way and so just keep you know to keep quite a long Arendt and -- where it -- -- And made a lot of progress -- -- -- in the right direction integrate into work where it. -- when you go to a season like this a pre season and some of the players were talking about. How you doing things they notice things were a little bit different this year and that you win and with two days for what nine days or something like that. Was a significant reason do you go into a season based on what happened. Last year the way that you felt the players approach to last year in which. You feel you've got all her. The way you gonna approach -- this year. A more unnecessarily -- but I do thank you. You know each series consider your team and and what. Whatever the circumstances are trying to in any try to do what that. I felt like last year in the pre season. Four games were really. You know we are really competitive in any of the game. -- by halftime we were you know pretty far pretty far behind and in most all the games then. And you know good to be that are backing and that happens. This really wasn't in competitors so. They like but we had to be something that address the overall competitiveness as one of thank you wanna decrease in gains Davila. Org can't situations and being close games than. You know -- ever I've -- this week. We we were able to achieve that we we could ever make the game close enough where there was any kind of meaningful situation so. Around the house -- goals and pre season was just in the competitive in the game. And one of the things of course watching is Tom Brady's progress. It looks like he's making. Right read quickly it looks like his touches little bit off when he knows you can elaborate on that and it looked like he was a little bit. Not a small delivering the ball -- in hamas' overthrow -- group publicized. Is that a fair assessment of how has been progress progress from the point. My -- it -- got a lot of critique in on a quarterback for or nose guard. Well actually I vote. Go to it was more about the job all recognize that it built truck is a threat about a great -- -- he keeps his eyes -- to -- during the games the -- month. Are you know it we bought minicamp three week -- -- creepy in game then. And we all a lot of things we need to work on don't think anybody's. On the team or probably anybody in the week about matters. You know the popular game at the former anything else then and they part of particularly at passing game is is working on with you know people like it is that I mean again and there in -- B and there. They're on breaks then. All those kind of things and and you know when you're working with a lot of different -- players at those positions which we have -- Different quarterback different combinations -- receivers. Against. Same thing on the -- all different combinations than there you know -- the timing in the anticipation and in the execution isn't. You know I sharp is is what it'll be later on in the year hopefully though. In thought than that we all have to work on in and they get -- little. They've added their. -- for the quarterback burn a corner -- receiver. Offensive linemen are. On the run run the -- or anything else there -- still was the whole Lotta work to do you know on everybody's. Coach of that back feels awful -- back there was a lot of Fred Taylor last week that he looked he looked real good. -- pretty comfortable knowing you get a bunch different guys -- -- -- different looks. Matchup of different defensively with different teams. But overall just like last year I mean a -- back there is a good well thank. Well the good thing about are back is that they've all been productive and they have different plane files and running files than. Make your receiving skills and and all that but the bottom line is that all of them productive and that that was really important -- get those -- on McCain yards and and score points so. But they get the good you know kind of a good group of guys good combination of different running -- -- catch pass catching files and we got the power guys that speak a quick guys. You know we have fairly experienced group that where everybody kind of knows what what they're -- Would pick up a situation football and different formations and things like that so. That we've been able to move along pretty quickly there. They coach -- fears is that a good solid on the day they work well together they complement each other help each other out it really it's you know the great report what. Talking about critiquing. A lot of people have watch Laurence Maroney in seem to have here. Own issues with Maroney and a his lack of production. First of all he seems to be healthy right now and obviously is a big factor. What do you expect what are you looking for from moratorium what does he bring that use -- that you see you are unique to see here. Auburn Lawrence Frank lot of thinking is on our you know one of our better football players and you know he's very improve. Tremendously in the passing game and -- Lost season and you know it's much more accomplished as a receiver -- it was when he got here. Is -- good runner. With good vision good speed good power. And I don't have any doubt that he can make body are. If we get them started and you know something collectively with the game planning in. And up blockers and problem than you know a whole execution of the running game. And I hope -- really come. Come into its -- here in the next you know this week but really in the next few weeks. And you know we we had a very good year run the -- last season and -- unfortunately wasn't. Able out of many opportunities as. You know we or he would of white but he's really in good condition this year it worked hard in the off season he's ready to go one. You know I hope we can and with the substance situation where really have opportunities. You know to get -- state. And children's skills that the dot com. A company run hard in you know he does everything we asked when it is so. Not sure that when an opportunity comes to be ready for. He's a great guy beyond the size which about 23080s he he's done he can take the ball outside to when he gets and that's secondary. Whether he can he can break -- protest that was seen that they'll play awful in the past people realize how big and fast -- is -- reported to. 230. Is about lord don't say 220 to 25 right in that arrangement and he's he's bypassed the up and speak on issues -- and he can run well and and the strong runner. You know it also has. It's spirits are turning kick off and I did a good job and Jacksonville game for us. On that a couple years ago so you know he can do a lot of different things than. There with a all the fans we discover. You know get Norman and get on with some space -- Coach you -- I have to ask you because Rex Ryan is actually Q on the of the new York and that is who lot of fun with the media up there when you hear comments like that. And he just kind of chuckle and laugh and take reported is I mean I would think is it just sounds like -- that they just have fun with these guys. Well I think we all you know no breakfast personality does bylaws that right now -- more concerned about our football team and trying to try to get our team ready. The point very it and we did against Cincinnati in and -- -- -- ready to play well on the opener against buffalo enough. And the fifteen regular -- game that that. -- Wolf wolf it just couple times this year we've always had a great great battle looked down sure won't be any different this year but right now. -- that that's not really our main focus that will be at one point. We we got a lot of the stuff to do between now and and when we see them. -- persecuted the jets and Grossman doesn't matter what they say a circle -- you've got a I circle with two months ago I'm gonna you're gonna forget the jazz and the dead to me. I've for -- -- got to ask you this question is they of the camera Somalia a sideline of you're Cincinnati game this past week. Or for that HBO show hard knocks. If they approached you about your team around me people like to hear the reaction when did they actually. -- -- team the interest in being on the show. We have and now we haven't had that and to be well it fable that adult film. You know has. That's captured and -- open and you know. We've had some you know something to look down on the they do that every year with every team but. You know that we we've done some of that but all -- -- nine. Not not not really. I just can't see you don't have I just. Do what is shown you why don't you ever watch it. I've seen a -- all. You know over the years that in a couple different episodes but not not wouldn't that regular viewer. But I've never seen the show I guess I have a pretty and asked myself oh my god -- -- why would they let them in there. I just. I mean I love that somebody else's. Judges can never see them -- you lock then your entire practices and you know it seems to me like you're just getting a little too intimate if I'm coach. Warm and fuzzy stuff what does that mean I'm not sure that helps me -- I mean unless you're looking for attention and the way you dress on the sidelines I don't think you're looking forward to. Coach about -- after the game I guess that aren't on. A month they're copying Denver now take a -- though it's not that after the Cincinnati integrating must love you and cynical tactic vehicles. Because I think because we weren't in that situation but. I think you probably could this isn't the only that we know we can play basketball. But things are things like a -- -- you would Chad -- in have a it all of their friendship together I mean you gloves Giulio stock model while new stereo you appreciate his his desired applied. It's kinda futile war -- no I -- what. How did I Chad church or competitively loves football -- wallop on reroute the Pro Bowl and he. You know he really he had a lot of on on the practice field he. You know -- Yeah all over the deep at the back you know you you can't cover me in any Elmo rowdy was gonna run that. That and you're gonna come down I'm gonna run and in you still can't cover me in. You know and and they just you know go at a -- in a -- competitive way. But and a good way you know -- upon -- -- -- You know -- -- you -- to see that on the football field some players really have you know unique way of you don't do an out of a plane Harden but still haven't caught on mark -- as well well com. Or would you or would you do if you were on your team. And he issued a press release at halftime and. The model and it took a let down. You know Bobby -- don't wanna boxing career put it up and stayed. At yeah. I don't -- that the sweeting in the third quarter go all. -- war. They got a bit like getting back at all. Sideline -- -- thing did you see the the ESPN and on that. No I didn't. In my checking out a what do what do they do new stuff. Check it out right now I'll check and I'll talk about it actually goes I ask what Clinton actually -- -- it will no bid Yasser anymore. We'll talk to you next week. They develop New Zealand the -- check weekly interview with the it's Goetschl brought do you -- Verizon Wireless.

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