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David Ortiz, Red Sox DH

Aug 23, 2009|

Ortiz joins the Mut and Bradford show to talk about steroids, the current Yankees series, and batting 7th in the lineup.

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Joining us on the eighteenth tee hot line David Ortiz get set for Red Sox and Yankees tonight big game David Mike Robin Kirk -- David you know said and if I was pitching an immediate game good things is going to happen right. You've had he he if anyone knows is David Ortiz. Thanks for -- appreciated. The so when you're in the way -- that you're swinging the bat I talk to you today. I asked to date is this the best you felt slowing in the bad and you said actually. It wasn't the leading into the the last few days of July was the best you from the back you still feel that way. -- -- -- Our differences in season. Confident right now I'm -- That. It will say -- -- I'm going to. I just to keep attracting one to another. Malone has. What are. And in the past in a that a passing them along. Well. So when did you when did you start feeling that way when did you start feel like okay the the old David Ortiz is back and feel I know you went through a lot of I'm trying to adjustments trying to figure things out what will you remember exactly went okay you know what the old David Ortiz is back. I -- beginning. I see. As our citizens called to vote play of you know -- and remained fairly. I was struck out much wasn't getting it. When it is so used you talk about not want to look in the past and and it was nothing we talked about it is. Is your numbers how good they've been if you look at June 1 until now if you take away that eight game stretch that you have. He just talk a little bit about how tough mentally that eight game stretch was for you. Well out there. Was something that I am well Lou. Barlow. Or was in and -- Same. In -- Islanders. I -- -- well I don't look. Recognize it is and then in other kind of stuff when. And or you guys that there was one situation that are it was there and what got me up because. I -- and looking for information. And things like that are at -- and number it was something. A lot of people and it was it was. It was not a situation swept. -- well that's I. I thought -- it would of words and and the data and saying. And get out of control but. Thought they are going to right now I feel. Oh -- Inning because of late. The late innings and Peyton. Everybody. I became so you know without the first game. Yeah -- is a court of law. And and -- -- thought yet that -- territory that they before. So -- target basic but all your energy. Try to we gained especially -- that's what matters right now. And you talk about that you had that in the past you fought through adversity you've been able to produce before. He tells what surprised you about the process that you went through starting obviously you find out on I think it's that Thursday. But what surprised you from then on to you you tried to get the information did it surprise you that you weren't able to. Do as much as he thought he would be able to or that you would be able to find out more information what surprised you about it. Well the fact. Oh there. Are. And they're. Nobody there were young adult life. Are you were they wouldn't hear it in. An article on -- Name was something that all articles. About. Oh what. A fair. Value -- going in their their what is so you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've worked with him being you know. -- -- That I never. Make any state but I try not to I -- being here. Austin here. And there I Bartlett slow is loud and looking doubtful. For our. And so and so it is or lower third -- Did you -- -- It -- nobody that open. And make -- -- so what -- -- ready. Passing through he would argue. Yeah. Did you want to Michael Weiner said pressed opposite you actually wanted to -- before the press conference on Saturday. How how soon did you. Feel comfortable in addressing the situation. What day of the week it -- -- was it frustrating for you that you had to wait until Saturday. Well exactly that amount. I. I'm not a very very. Right rule in a good thing right -- world. Experience and their legendary -- is critical views about it. What are among in every credit -- also. I expect it myself situations. Where. Somebody that ball close to -- -- -- -- and as the northern bit like sailboat in the past it's subtle or that are. My friend. Emotional well. -- a vote. Vote a good. Wearing today because. We we have our. I. Mean yeah. Ways though Wilson and -- or -- -- -- you know LA I would let it right where the Minnesota and thought that. They murdered. It David last one for me this is might just go back to that that eight day stretch as you were trying to acquire information how much of a distraction. Was it three year trying to to get this information talk with people inside baseball also trying to go up there and do your job and hit for the Red Sox team. There -- a great group of our our also say that they own gains. You know although -- -- Course there's formation before Beckett for the field you know. Saying. You've been tracking -- that's -- -- -- our our fellow that. Thank you gotta feel we have bristled at on the news is. Accurate. Well what went so when that everything is over and you go through you sit out Sunday's game. What are the field did it feel automatically like there was this monkey off your back the reserves of release that you felt. Right away okay you know what I can just focus on baseball was a right away or was it something that over the course of that week. That you just felt better as time went on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was our all. And. I respect over and then there's. Oh yeah what direction. David in terms of this team as you said you guys are in -- playoff hunt right now. What is it nets who go out acquire Gallic Victor Martinez he's bad at third in your lineup. Ice -- a switch hitter he's giving the some awesome power there in the middle. How much is he meant that to the lineup and what's victor been like in that Red Sox clubhouse and sub via trade from Cleveland. Lord personally earlier that. -- -- He -- out a better a lot Unocal said that. It though. Being in or where. He's. Very much respect I would -- that so. You'd think that today is we have an army music good news. Let's go to open woods knew what was happening -- I be eating even and a -- there on the basis or. And the bench. I came here screaming in -- and that's good though because. But colonel mark person I'd like let me know. They light up it was good about and battled if you bail them. Is being on thousands they want music carrier. -- Another -- in those bad. Especially you know not a guy that -- -- -- -- Exactly. It's my I think there was. All you won't hold that. -- yeah. It. Two weeks ago. So it sounds like not only obviously the production the idea of hitting in. And the different -- positions do you play but it sounds like also his influence in the clubhouse has been something that he needed as well who would you. Really that are all yet that I think everybody knows what he's. Is is open move in it was all. BI in terms of another guy that they acquired Al Gonzales the a lot of guys say. In this in 2006 it was the best anybody -- shortstop around here play the position when you heard about that acquisition was where you. Where you thinking okay this is exactly what we need. Florida. Mean. You. If we. Larry sitting. In a political all. Importantly is there. Yeah -- green with politically. Their best. When you when you you were silent. -- -- -- if it light on that it. Automatically out like my old buddy he. It is based or that we -- And are all on its first source so in that bag -- A certain race you realize -- that -- fans because he is up to -- -- Wyatt. Oh and make it where that would relate. But. I think if if if if so. On the western -- -- That I it's. An instant but. Disease he's English wherever you're not mean there are oval where there is always. Oh right away which urged. It David do you do you have that feeling now eyes were going to the the season's last bye weeks so you have that feeling that okay. Beat this team has what it takes to succeed to do what the goal the ultimate goal was are you start to get that field in regards especially in regards the lineup. Arbitrator I think. I really believe. That -- why don't we just need to focus on all day by day. You know they should. We did. It's. Also. Oh first. I'll let you verbal some. Oh well I I really in the water. We have our our side of -- -- well. -- David last one for me talked about that the middle it early part of June. You start to feel comfortable and a two week stretch for more than numbers have been great. I wonder how much of an effect Terry Francona your manager. Moving around a lot of -- a little bit had you know you're usually right in the middle of the order couple times you batted sixth and seventh. Was that a positive for you did that take some of the pressure off -- what you find your rhythm as a hitter. Well. I don't related -- in. I would and are fighting. No it is because. The -- years. You'll say Ortiz. Now it appears there's immunity. If it you know it is first in Obama. I don't comic -- which you. You're not going to change my game just because you think they're negotiating. You pick it apart and that. But and though it. You know I'm -- the kind of bad that I. I. On -- I think it is mean back. Now I gotta go. By. I think very. Good. Quote you know. Right or rather. And -- -- give credit -- with all that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Certain people swearing or at least seven. If that's about it that's -- point -- -- hit home runs up about that record. David thank you so much for joining us and I got a big one tonight against the Yankees I appreciate rob set this up and and you talk baseball at the sentinel -- the on the road. Are placed in areas David Ortiz Red Sox slugger joining us on the eighteenth -- hot line.

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