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Theo Epstein

Aug 8, 2009|

Theo Epstein joins the Baseball Show to talk about roster moves.

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It is our number three all the things like our number two but the baseball show Alou and Greg here in studio. Block and Sean are -- of Yankee Stadium in joining us on the phone right now the general manager of the Boston Red Sox Theo Epstein feel. Good morning welcome to the baseball show up first question for you is their another move on the horizon for this baseball team today. Yeah yeah other capacity we were front and out of bodies all of all the extra things we've played this week so. We're going to and yelling get -- What the Nuggets that he had his hand and then. Purchasing the contract that Enrique Gonzales to get a good deployed against -- But Theo know what they are in yesterday John Smoltz designated for -- can you take us through that process and in talking to him a lot of people thought that maybe John Smoltz again I was so much pride Hall of Fame career might have made this decision needs you. Was it easy for him was a difficult situation. Not yet to have never easy you know did any -- you did hit a player for -- -- -- it's no -- got a cup of coffee or they're sort of off Trevor has been very. -- -- -- -- You know he's he's not a quitter is a fighter and I think you know he woke up yesterday used to I gotta get better not help this team and I'll put down talked Norman. You know we also -- my -- about -- Understand where comics father and there was this clearly tried three different years. Really didn't have weapons against -- better hitter than they're you know is sort of -- is that in the same game over and over again forcing them. We were we we are in the game so. We had did something and then you know he he's yet to really get a mindset about it and and we talked very greeted the best thing would be -- -- the Bill Hall. Think things overtaken weekend we'll talk next we can you know that the designation negative and give the a lot of because civilians have -- beautiful -- -- -- get to the this week. Feel it's obvious you would know wanted it's -- -- -- -- Major League debut to be in the fourteenth inning the score is tied. Between the Red Sox in the New York Yankees having said that he discussed the process by which. He was the guy ticketed to bring up that target to give -- that depth in the bullpen yesterday. Yeah I mean he's he's been the best available guy and somebody that we just got to me -- that we thought would be ready. By day no -- Go latter third seed and then then. You know he's -- it's our rough job with something that we've been talking about. Since early in the season we saw what we believe race at a table ability to miss four pitches -- -- softball both sides of the plate and compete so. We moved up to triple -- few weeks ago that we get her ready for that he's someone that we think of public either in the rotation or in the -- and you know obviously you did you when you have -- of the a lot down the stats you hope that you get him a -- -- game -- two -- against the US but you understand there's the possibility of explicitly not to opposite. Yeah you'd get back up but buckled today but it we got into electronics situation yesterday given better or but -- is going to command a game. We're comfortable -- at the other makeup that he knows that while the worst case scenario wasn't going to affect him for the long term. I actually thought you know he showed some nerves in the first standing he had just took the -- did the first thing it's been AAA. They settled down and not executed pitch is pretty well for the most part of that about. They should've gotten up that. Strike call it a rotten at the -- -- that you want me you know already cast that are breaking ball that fell apart but this kid can be signed he's he's got. Serious mental toughness and then if you have a kicker. They are realizing that things are never as bad as they seem win. A team is down in a little snapshot over the last ten days or two weeks. Would reflect that but. Given the injuries in the ineffectiveness some of some guys have you been having some bad 2006. A flat backs. Over the last week and a half in that there are some similarities to what happened in August 3 years ago. Engagement party at today. Well I do remember that the other baseball -- after the get married today at guard for those who are a lot of similarities that's. You know I think I think it's not uncommon to have. A stretch during the year particularly in -- during the dog days targets on. -- become a little the Murphy's law type stretch where everything I can't our ability are wrong. -- in 2006 surprise the most extreme example we patent in this front -- the Red Sox but. It doesn't it doesn't have you decide the -- speed and I think I think it can be largely incommunicado Marmol or another you can -- let it consume you and he spiral out of control or you find a way to stabilize. Gets overlooked -- right now is there's some stability we need some stability. In this in the rotation after Beckett Lester. We need some. Debbie nice to get some stability -- -- our lineup and and get -- get. Get them help and -- the same lineup order -- also semi out of Purdue. Everyday for a week or so it was about guys out there than you know mental started in the front of garbage that sure we'll get a quality start being able stabilize. That's that's what we need to do -- once we stabilize the situation we got a good team is that anybody and you know somehow we're still you know the few minutes today were -- -- -- playoff or where an enviable position. We need to get some stability in the played a best ball. Feel what can you tell us about the cute that you brought up bit and then also be made a decision on. Who will start for you on Tuesday. -- who W I don't know about specifically Gonzales. Just he's she's no mightily create and signed from the winner it's going to. In the big leagues for the Diamondbacks he's how the strike thrower with a crafty guy I would you know he can cut the ball you can say did he can. The breaking ball for strikes you're not. He overpowered by any stretch of the imagination but you know yes and Guile and can keep hitters off balance there's certain extent so. Most importantly right now is healthy and give the standings after. You know pick getting off in the third inning off they're a tough week we are we need to mandate me about that. Feel now roughly little more than an hour might David Ortiz -- sit down players' association director Michael Weiner is it safe to say that as an organization you looking for their hopefully putting this behind you -- and getting this Saddam hope press conference -- worth. Yeah I think present form -- for David Fay damage he's. Then you have a duty but -- -- this afternoon but he's. You are eager to get could address best -- I -- he meant what I know it's been right longer than him but even like they're so a lot of people like from from the moment. But he said I'll find out that they've put up and then I'll answer every question it's been long and any little like. Now that's here and he's. Is that good very eager to leave. He can put a lot of work -- tried out some answers we got some have to organize their share of that -- on today he's really eager to put it behind them and we support them through the process because. He's been up followed up as I think you'll see is going to be up -- -- -- VON regular run thanks for the time we appreciate it. I got better deal what's in general manager of the Boston Red Sox.

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