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Aug 4, 2009|

The EEI-Boston Globe Border War is over, and Bob Ryan is the first to celebrate the peace and join the Big Show.

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-- it's been awhile since members of the Boston Globe event here on WEEI and that were happy that the border war is finally over -- All come to our senses. Everybody is now going to be able to. Operate and everybody else is playground was the regional members of the picture on -- on the original six. The NHL stolen but -- an original it's like the column of the people who originally with the show one of them was proper line. We -- happy to say is back here on the picture laughter yeah -- -- since mr. Ryan how are you today. -- spoke. -- You know what has been that -- -- Odds that September ninth. You know what yeah Hollywood days they were honest. Technical and what Bob we're happy to have you back on and yeah I'm happy that it. I everybody's moved on in life and and you know -- but we don't need all right garbage so there's a -- right to the point I'm reading your piece yesterday. Com it's time to inject some baseball back into the discussion and I actually agree with the first. Well blog word -- -- parent now know enough with the drug stores already isn't that what most of us are at public you 100% right we're hearing it. From the callers. You go want to talk later on in the piece about the players association. And kept putting the responsibility in the hands of the players association. Equated. What do you expect them to do. I don't like. Back from the UNE thing that's it -- it -- Bonus but all the battleship as we know what China did it in their heads on this matter. They're they're carrying and -- by saying varying like IT lawyers need to protect. -- And get in the way they think it's good for the client. I think that most about this agree what's good for the client -- it will epic game as good the client. And don't -- that they obstructionists always in the and it's a rope. We know that they reluctantly have entered into partnership -- testing. And it's still a lot. That their state they won't -- or measure and and and and take off the gloves and go or. Any thing will go where the -- Yates they are able daily let's say they want a lot. And and that we got it. -- -- -- Although the united right now it up that's all that's all you know all that weight rate by air and was that -- wouldn't think they -- In the what yeah we do back. And everywhere -- it would -- I saw it would take quixotic look. On the baseball. And and -- and that's I wrote and and and mr. Buckley -- you know -- -- -- this -- -- with what our mutual affinity for the sport -- mr. -- makes great. And at the association I just wanna see all commitments some date city -- yet that they eat -- it is. About the greater good not is what they think is the short term put up their -- itself and I felt that are -- but it. I was gonna say if you brought this up three weeks ago I would've said -- better opportunity get back on WE Ivins did get that that resolved. -- I would I would say this I would say this. How do you get beyond for example David Ortiz Ortiz if you're David Ortiz right now in five days. So it's different it's given shelf life here and you this business works shore or five -- -- -- talking about it and I aren't. I think a lot of people would like to move on how do you move on when the player and even addressed. I don't know what kind of by -- whether it. Oh this himself yes that the stony silences it is not that. And also you know or is it you can't beat Elena you're blind sided you had you know on at -- we know that you know. And that you -- -- but we don't read that yeah that's that's not. And that's bad step what you know that the that the closure or trust in -- -- that it was in the right thing. Whatever it knows rate. I think they ever get it you know if if if -- -- open at. I agree -- -- -- wire came out with the press conference at night. All right let's here's the deal is what I did here's what I did it and air by the way is like the special thing in as. Still how much help as the I I -- it will it. We consider the fact that I -- There be better off the between second rate -- that's a cliche. That I believe in in these matters I think poppy it's got its step up now at least it's the longer -- goes. Somewhat like about. Wanna get caught the -- out what's up it's gonna happen. It. So the commercial court of public opinion that's that's the fatal in yet. The very -- or it's reversible or in and and we've got all -- -- or what will it. Obama I I agree with Cynthia baseball -- has to figure this out I think they're doing a good job now with the drug testing. But I I thought it Tuesday and every time that will we we talk about you have to take another step further it to take this more serious. We only include it to me this is a problem in sports. But pay -- it at. I'm looking at the NFL or other leagues and -- citizen. They get a free pass and they get a free pass -- -- time is -- -- -- -- more accepted you look at these bodies you know so so for me there's a strong drug testing and NFL. Now for people to sit there and say well there's nothing going on in FL I think is a little bit naive to I think it's a big a problem in all of sport to you wanna try to figure to test rates cute it's not just baseball's responsibility it's all sports. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now commonly easily but Harris -- that there is suspect was -- -- all possible money remember that Rodney Harrison had a set up -- nobody in the dark I'd. It was -- I would -- at WR guy and and and and then it got it nobody liked what all different couple reasons I have the best candidate. And I have to think that maybe one of the region that I liked it buried at one principle all. It's the best is is that fixate on these numbers based all based all in the numbers to record nobody can. Buddy out of all the for a lot that any when he must know day. How many yards it limits the game be -- -- -- -- is that by -- well see our comedy set receptions this jury right I don't actual number. -- -- Brady threw fifty. Alan I know that it has every right. But we don't -- -- five and seven you would add -- or almost six cent. Leavitt ought to ought to ought to one guy Greg Gainesville or black or. All -- an app that happens all. Positions are just you know the decline in -- most people -- an -- that really is cute of the inning error element to stand. What makes the act of that but what part and no bottom when it -- about it banner and and at that. Positions on the -- about what is -- what they got a big tight -- basically again anyway. I think you're right I think you're right about both of those but also the body types don't change in football. And we -- -- as the -- tasks change in baseball -- they they change it I don't you don't notice it or not -- like it doesn't jump out at you when a guy. You know goes from one you know 320 to 340 you know. He gave a football twenty years ago in the game of baseball twenty years ago look at the athletes need support now is it safe to say that football. As absolutely gone through the absolute next level a question that was it just go bigger human it's a totally different we just -- people. There's like -- all things. And in fact it's 76 go check out what it's at six this one died in a REIT under. And and now you know we know it's got Adam artist by acclamation the rate at opposite of liken it -- get people all. And I haven't ever sought to step by. And in -- it's something it's not brought up I'll give you a third one -- and that is and you hear it in every argument. That comes out about a player. Winds of testing positive or his name isn't mentioned with the use of steroids and that is the whole thing. In baseball if fixated on it with football the other sports it's not that big deal it's viewed differently. Yeah you're absolutely right and based all these discussions almost in Arabic -- it and how it's gonna hurt so those alt and chances and and wins and losses are what matter the most -- and that's why this is -- saw -- be solvable issue in terms of trying to assess the impact try to make it sparked what valuation. Or -- we we cannot go back and -- do that was thought out hit it cannot go back and and we're not but we're not what are we moved -- ignite it'll -- Red Sox. Or what the 02. Angels or or. The 98 yank ease their weather as well you know we're not there -- that. And it and -- so at. What are likely that there are very players involved in the whipping up of at least 1012. The C chip it's it's back go back to the city early nineties all forward. And -- back 88 with its signal a report that was there like these we also delicate at this -- acted at least like 88. When the -- is one. Itself well we got that now it yet -- the most important thing that's what. We have become some consensus is -- -- -- -- always said that -- short that we have deadly yet figured out what are indeed it's not a cubic against. We are -- it is in spite of -- We all wanna see -- clean up popular target but it aren't having that discussion it's your pocket and you're not so we all what we -- we -- What the other -- why -- we -- Apollo flight took it and we haven't really resolved that. What are we trying to accomplish here and Obama may -- -- asked you questions it is that going and attack what you want the year now. Passionate you war in remained as as a sportsman in both the list of Andy schemes -- you're not the press wise but you and I sat like to gain back in May. How do you reconcile all of this with the fact that even today. And I comfortably say US still passionate baseball and. Because it -- that's kind of what. I don't look I wasn't happy happy -- I I I would try to edit. Some -- concept in my mind about what I want it offers like this could -- in and and and no really mean. Anybody what was the orbit -- -- -- -- anybody like it thank you are. Not doing very serious. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As the beginning its simplest became a big into but the lack sports in the -- survive. A lot about it. That game is that. Being a west try to -- I don't play that game the game is bigger than anybody it was bigger than any player that was in the but I always be bigger the game -- -- -- -- -- the big event. It's a basic game we love that has so much into -- see it's so much talk about. It's so much Eric Robert short term that laws are so -- away connects history on a book fall in love about this game I love the game so well. And don't like what people used to it that's sucked out of China say it might bomb went like I don't want people using -- became public beyond you know. Being. When nobody it will it but -- abusing and I. I love this ain't like I. Me it's the best game it is it it has worried at that and gotten out that was -- -- rest -- -- on this when people -- and there is this war talk about. In baseball and -- and all the other mean it is what we talk about but yeah. I think you've been -- I think you've been a little hard and -- probably just pointed -- -- little bit of no confidence back in your in your game the only question I have about the about the peace was. Kind of putting in the players' association. Or trying to in the cause of the players association. Because I think they're a big part of the problem which you know what you're generous you know what your interest is it's like I. I'd listen to fans all the time call and complain about agents. And I say to Egypt is not trying to improve the game for the -- in stride and what game for JD girl for J. D. Drew pocketbook. That's what that's what he's trying he's played tonight by the heat is -- it is going to be here and a second one but that's what it -- -- -- you know that's what it comes down to. But yet I keep on at the thinking about this. That since we're talking about consumers out in this is still business bigger than it's ever been before. Don't consumers out here still control this don't think. They responded a certain manner to force Major League Baseball to do something. Well I don't know what it would it would way it is. Some kind of a -- back there we. Bob what do we would debate at the -- about who the bleep out of a -- Now but it. That the fans have already spoken. Because the fans kept on showing up in 9899 people wanna go back in and out. And recreate history and say how the media back in 9899. Plants in 9899 and all all graduate. Why -- -- league baseball's coming up a work stoppage. People going back to the ballpark in droves why would Major League Baseball wanna screw that. That's their business. Or back to ask you that it it's great -- of -- of a look for the game that that big -- an attraction in our lives we've we've wanted to normalize it. If you're so. Don't look at things I mean I mean I I've -- that and all they notebook back let's go back that night it may be should have been that the area that might. Of all people. You I think there's one diet -- Scott. That all the struck this past August Ernest Barrett one it was the canary in the mine yet that we that that that -- -- we all. We all kind of laugh about what we really didn't wanna connect the -- And and and that was media don't read that we're -- it -- insured up with the body to be all right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and and at what back -- eighteen operated next -- -- made his money right. We should have really sort of made people is part of what -- -- yet I wasn't thinking in both arms site. The article might take -- or whatever they want -- I don't like where I just -- I didn't and and and I just. Wanna think about the not so I think. I'd that we can barely recognized that what what it could do. And and and what was -- on what -- possibilities where were. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe ask a lot. But -- zero but how much more damaging. Is this whole story in that we know. There are still not -- hundred names on the list and well wow how they're being doled out right. That's the problem that they're gonna be bolt out of -- -- -- that we tested this. And yet and -- -- add another name that that you're you're you're you wait -- -- -- not to act like the upbeat. Well like site we're ready for any now. -- yeah I got it it's suspected they Dominican and yet the thirty -- and all -- -- but it it will back in your great what you don't it's curious. Course he was the what's up that I know you're Arctic wanna -- -- in -- in line. It's gotta -- other guys on air Monica like -- in to an end to the point. Why one ought one I want it all out there at the sixes we want select it is these that we. White or expect our sanity but that next we much but we can get about it but. I batted it out like in the possibility that we haven't got an audit bought it except your. Well yeah I tend to agree with you I think you -- you look back at this and is plenty of blame to go around -- association obviously at the single long longer than it should be Bud Selig did do -- with the players that she's jobs to protect the player but students job is to protect the game. And if it's coming out one name at a time is damaging to gain in making it last do you wonder if at any point since -- as you know what. We need to put this list out usually get the -- with -- that's what's good for the game and you know. But he wasn't always acting what's good for the games acting with was good the -- interest exactly. Committed and -- and probably -- on the -- I agree with you 100% -- -- an -- that's -- his that's his background but let me that is not the same his project in the game. No I don't I. Listen commissioners. Don't protect the game any any water they protect the businesses -- that's my point 030 protect any -- just on his first priorities so what a lot of us went down deep within the players association. Back their players knowing there was a problem with steroids that's their job that's their client but you're one job is to protect this game of baseball. And that's why I think he should of maybe move forward and in -- wait until congress said we're gonna do some about it then finally says no organ I'll do something about it don't worry about it. But you know what happens in that situation that you're trying to deal with the collective bargaining agreement and getting a financial arrangement is more important than. You know pushing and and and busting up the players association to get past -- and that's why I I wary about going you know further. Jose Canseco -- right let's face it Bob it's hard to believe what he's been right. All that all of this he's. -- write about it by such elements in it that it's not -- over the plate with. It turns out that what happened with anybody was. The supplement that supplement in -- substance that was on the enlisted and at you know that that means is is that is that -- walk you know it missile Scott. I -- that the bottom. But there are certain. The -- -- -- what we've not always been upset by association they go back is that but. Ignore the possibility that the steroid abuse of that helped missed with where we do have a classic in eighty dead 41. -- football -- -- they don't get. And and yes and and there's going to be a lot of guys walk around at all of that we know with. With with western allies with with with that -- bodies in the steroid abuse in baseball wannabe next when it. We can reject that out of he has. -- helped I don't I think that they did not what -- like the idea that if the what are we expecting quiet but they by advocates of Al but they did you ever. I -- talking about the supplements have David Ortiz comes out this afternoon and says. I took shakes when I was in the Dominican Republic he's already said that we actually went back and looked -- rejected the most storied globe in which he was quoted as well that's. Says I took the supplement. And maybe he's one of the eight guys on that list. They tested positive for supplements if he does that. Does he stayed here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's it's a little bit about what you write about it right now it out of it L and -- -- -- evidence. It's but it's not it's a very people -- a double that argument. Prosecutorial case David Ortiz you know that the Japanese. Or run an astonishing like activity is. It was associated with thirty traitor. And it doesn't look very good and we like it very basic in that matter what he says. We it's about the that it is in Asia just bought like that the -- to. I -- like like -- We will. -- at one verse of it will that would not a lot of you know I don't have popped with with it yet -- -- That's an issue that's issue I have with the five days and counting here. In that I understand maybe you've got to talk to your people and find out good defense and talk to legal people's ticket today to today's. But he knows right away when he was so called blind -- he'd know right away whether he would injected steroids into his body or whether he had taken a supplement. About the taken both. Probably needs time at somebody's go out and find out which lists these all. Is he on the 96. List or on the list. But he knew right away. Why wouldn't you -- into -- all this week and we. Have gotten away with it and I supplements or. If you didn't check himself I inject a little rate I thought it was wrong after they did a mandatory testing I asked I never did it again. By waiting and -- -- -- and the failure to. New cycle going to be like on Thursday in New York. Let you know that's our outlook -- and that violate your basic idle. Thought it not. It -- it was not -- you know that it took. You know it's -- build it right in the age eight that we recovered about. And it it each gaining. He's not going to be remembered -- any better the -- that's not going to be really ought to. -- it's all right it's not going to be under a bit lighter. Oh well read. -- get -- -- now. That's what we are at this point 888. Approach it the right way in my. But don't you guys think that an independent he came placing him on rarely does get -- -- and I agree. But he came out because it was a bigger fish that was in -- okay it was Roger Clemens he's not at bats that he's not big poppy stature if you would like it a better place any and it's been a very good pitcher in his league. But he's not a superstar and he actually. And he actually didn't tell the the whole truth the first round said he did wants. And there was a story that was gonna break where his father apparently supplied steroids and it backtracked it's -- law that was the second time. That it happened but I think that's that you are others at our that's Larry Larry -- name comes -- who cares and admit to report its who you law aren't gonna impact the -- You -- depends on how you of people that'll view. Right and what they've got a bill that that integrate some of the -- -- once the number of just what Eric Dyson it it does that make this angle. That there are -- they have. You know there's an -- means it would -- -- -- it -- an ordinary -- is. Try to attack audit I get bad that you're up 888 or act them out. Yeah yeah. Well David we just found out David Ortiz said. In Tampa just moments ago he will not be talking to. There will be no talking to I think this is a huge mistake Bob I think the closer you get to the 38 game in New York it makes it far worse for him. If you get the news cycle as you know if you get it out of their system for three or four days it becomes a boring story people here have short attention -- they wanna move on. And instead what you're doing is you're waiting until Thursday. Wednesday -- Thursday to throw this in front of I think that's the huge mistake. Webber's advising them on this is about making it. And one final thing I'll leave you with I still have not been able to find that big giant pencil over Fenway Park. -- staking -- -- bit reluctant tirelessly. For years. -- as -- bubble out media we're happy that we have the opportunity once you've been here in the excels back. I be back with you while in we will talk soon for an epic epic -- about that night. While Bryant of the Boston Globe said earlier the border wars over. Emotional guys are going to be it was a motion that you property Monica that you that the globe guys keep the horses so that the back and -- -- and I don't civil war rep Ike Ike Ike and I can tell -- mr. Adams it's curable. At it at that that. These things. I -- -- you can. And these things go on. All you know with the studios and exchange with adult -- change gather in the compilation is not. It took nine years. Place ten years as well just -- some day he's got nothing. Back. -- -- -- skip gates. That's -- skip gates and corrupted we sat around and hear that the president have you Marty parent downhill it didn't help one I liked it that we don't. Show. And a and a mutt like me on the show. I quick break we're right back there with your phone calls and your reaction David Ortiz says. Another day it will go by he will not populace today and that's not in my opinion a smart move for David Ortiz.

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