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John Farrell, Red Sox Pitching Coach

Jul 28, 2009|

John responded to Dice-K's comments about his pitching regimen with the Sox and said the situation is disappointing. He also discussed the struggles of John Smoltz and the performance of Clay Buchholz.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T your world delivered his Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell I John I don't. You know Michael Hart and indirect. That would look great in -- O'Dell said you know something about pitching also know something about batted baseballs. And then what happens yard. Yeah out fired -- fired. I tell you what though I have a lot more. I don't know what epic feel respect toward the line drive that hit -- that. Brad Penny took off his chest about a month ago here but after picking a line drive up in the last night in the dugout. And it's Terry Francona said that that's the place to go for sympathy right around that dugout. Well for those who might have been Watkins and the -- forget. Yeah Peter would go after getting hit coveted. Kind of chosen the the support or the could -- that you pull it off for. We'll be happy to know that as you were going down the tunnel he deadlocked concern and he's calling for Paulus art and he did look worried. I think when you came back he saw that you were alive all let's sympathy disappeared. Well that didn't have to look at that reaction you know when -- two years ago we will. Overseas Japan I got hit a backwater drive their BP in the sort of the fire fighter -- them all happened about happily about what fully look like get hit well last night -- a different. Perfect Segway John you're talking about being in Japan two years ago here's the story of a Japanese paper recently where Daisuke Matsuzaka tells reporter that part of the reason he has struggled. Here particularly this year is because he's on a throwing program that he doesn't necessarily endorse you guys are making him do things that he he doesn't want to do. This sound familiar to you is that -- an ongoing debate that you that you have a Daisuke over the years. Well first on a more aware of the article that was written with the interview with those series without Florida. And and I don't know what -- -- concise answer to respond to that but what I will say is that is that we have the utmost respect for. The baseball Mormon culture is that the Japanese baseball league has. We were not all respectable. We acknowledge them -- the promise signing Daisuke. When he came over. No changes were recommended. No changes were mandated by any means. The the adjustments in throwing. I've been in response to the challenges the site is -- here and we look back those seven and that's -- he's been very successful pitcher but two years we've been here. We know that there was a I think a pretty substantial amount of fatigue in the second half of those seven that we had to give him a breather at the time. Larger part because you're different doesn't travel that -- a competition difference -- strikes on. A number of the on field challenge that you face. So any adjustments that we encountered have been in response to. How he's adapted. For the rigors of the schedule the competition here. -- as well although he came in the spring training. In part of the 08 season oh whip. What we intended to be the same approach that we took in 07. But at the same time we monitor every one of our pitchers in terms of the overall conditioning -- -- And provide that specific need that he's got now in May again he would shut down. I think larger part because beat him in the spring training a little bit behind. Other pitchers are -- I was so whether that was a carry over effect the pitching in that nearly -- -- late October November 1 from the year before at a short off season. And having to crank it back up. Like every other pitcher -- We saw some. You know from -- last year with Josh Beckett. Our guys that I heavy workload in the 07 season so the challenges that -- they've faced a no different than any other pitcher here. And we have to use our best judgment the -- Pitchers in the situation whether or not only going to be productive. But where we feel we're going to be healthy not in the short run but in the long run it well also. I know Dice-K is transition here and the challenge he's faced. He's been obviously on record now saying that he has vast differences with the strong program. But we also have to do you know we've got a hundred million dollar investment and a guy that we got. What we feel not only protect people going to put -- -- it best situation to have that success we just -- What's the Red Sox organization. Concerned about his physical conditioning when he arrived. To your training camp this year. What though there was a concern from the standpoint of on the WBZ. Now I want to be clear that or not pointing our finger at the WV CR as good as the cold here that that needs to beat. Document it here first and foremost but. We had six players that. Participated in -- tournament. All the Dice-K -- in spring training all of us at the outset we granite that. Freedom Daisuke knowing that there would be eight. Accused time zone difference changes that he would face physically from from a lot of travel to turn back around in a week or ten days. And go back to Japan to -- -- for additional training or or joint in Japan. To prepare for the WBZ. But because we felt it was in the best interest to keep some stability. In that time -- to stay there. We did send a represented have all worked to monitor. I didn't work out. To provide -- feedback. Because that was the same -- back there are other five players in those WBZ we're getting Wally were -- camp. I think that's just prudent business again you eat you think about you the investment we haven't have. The care that we give all our players it was no different. Then what any other player not in the red fox had gone through so. And in hindsight. There might not have been the the war. That he needed to put him on his own time. Earning offseason to build a foundation that every pitcher requires to withstand the work -- that apparently starting -- going to go through here in the states. You know John everything -- and makes a lot of sense and it makes you wonder there's. He did everything that you're having a conversation with Daisuke. And -- possibly a translator. And it means one thing to you. And it means something completely different to him and that's where the the misunderstanding. Has arisen on his party thanks you guys are making him do something. Completely different and you say -- now we just adjusting to the challenges of other big league schedule and competitions strike zone. What have you been something. Pardon the cliche is lost in translation. I would find that. I can't say that that's an absolute -- Well I would say -- for the amount of sit down conversation. The amount of communication that we have put Daisuke like all of our players to ensure that there's nothing lost in translation. Even -- those people point of -- basically an open for a little bit too late situation we're not dictating a mandating. Items directly to Daisuke. The derby the opportunity. To provide his feedback has always been a wild and walk. So for this to come out and student for that to come out as it has. I mean we recognize of their differences and we've worked diligently and -- to try to bridge that gap. For them to come -- as they have now is in a word disappointing. I I've this is not going to be hard but you speak better Japanese that I -- Which and I speak none. Do you know this term not the combing. Which I that's a Japanese cracked up term for a practice of building up arm strength. I'm not I'm not familiar would be the exact Japanese war. We are familiar with the norms and practices. That the Japanese pitchers go through and I want to be clear Garrett met that freedom and the -- -- fans -- being provided at all while four. As long as. The strength and the past results that we put all our picture through. Meet a minimum standard. Doesn't mean he's got to -- pristine in terms of his overall shoulder condition all -- shoulder strength. What would you allow pitcher who ramp up all you -- is that an area that is somewhat of a red flag. That's just being negligent and our -- what are Josh Beckett Jon Lester John -- whoever might be. We -- and I have specific. -- -- -- For every culture and Daisuke is no different now in theory might be that I'm going to get my arms it just by calling. All we Filipinos they support structure the rest the body. To be able or that needs to be in a conviction of course frank what stability and endurance. The support. The structure of that but throwing motion audit arm and going to be on what throw it doesn't matter to me and to our. It doesn't matter -- from Japan. The Dominican or mistakes -- field -- -- that they -- human body has movement let it go through. That you've got to support it -- overall conditioning and strength in addition to throwing what do you just take it from the opponent standpoint. I think you're getting to a point of diminishing returns putting -- in jeopardy of further injury and and that's what we felt all along that we try to educate them on. And we've gotten -- extreme lengths. Because he has that Bible is that talented and -- the -- Because he is valuable and because he is talented my question is do you think. We are are close to seeing Daisuke. -- back in the major leagues anytime soon this year. -- -- We we are hopeful that he comes back in September because right now. Go long toss program -- the phone call them that he -- Which again is outlined a week to week with -- -- -- based on how we feel with this stretch and intensity level that is out on any given week. I think we have not found -- put it. Target date at the marker in the near future to trade the two game or helping your back. In Boston for. And being -- for the calendar. Sometimes called the pitcher or the player. To neglect palace body's feeling the body's telling him so in -- in the stands. We're not letting direct it completely director. He certainly included and are planning and the progress of -- phone on all. You speak Japanese better than I do you also speak pitching better than I do. When you watch John Smoltz argue seeing things. Which which Parton you and it as far as going forward are you seeing things that are bothering you when you watch him. Well I think that -- of for everyone who watches games he pitches or W read box towards people aren't score. -- let -- we -- maybe initially anticipated. But when you look at the the -- The Christmas to -- -- -- actually do slider. Those have increased. Slightly each -- There are adjustment that -- clearly have to go. And still have to incorporate and I and I think just from a -- execution standpoint because you're -- such -- Above average strike -- -- an opposing hitters know he's going to be around play. And the a lot of time because of the ingrained and very successful approach taken and why not work guys pitched to the outside corner so much. Hitters have gone and knowing that is going to be a lot of plate and probably going to be on the outside part of the plate a majority of the time. When location of those fast ball because -- -- has been a pit that are not really been hit all that much. It's it's centers around his fastball and -- that locates that fastball has not been as consistent and he's less. So that area. Where hitters are looking for and not fearing. A ball up and in the I'm Mehmet arms. That's were you've got some hard contact his comment. But I I still believe and we still believe that an organization and as a staff here. But he is going to approach. Very productive game to get a win ball games torturing their -- article that intent he's doing every work. That all the work that he needs to. Yes and you'll say he'd be the first to tell you but -- frustrated because that I have happened several that are. John what do you think them the more significant adjustment is for John Smoltz. Learning a new way outside of the Atlanta way or moving from the National League to the American -- Well there there's definitely different and I mean you know you look at the lineups that. And it could just going to face here in the American League certainly American League east then there's not the breeder that. You know that the nine hole hitter in the American as a unit nationally is going to provide in the picture. There's a little bit more than actually provide a little more and ability to manage the lineup that are facing a court pitcher on the 45 older. Then you can get into the sexual that are which. And it's not to degrade players in the National League but it's it's a different style game that we all are aware that. I think it's just a matter of job understanding that he's got a awhile or create some uneasiness in the hitters he's facing. -- in the box. And at the same time John was only true some of the learning curve any pressure that comes back after a surgery such as just had. They have to re learn themselves. Based on the type of stuff they have and how they're not all of the body -- how the action particularly respond particularly acute situation with men on base. And I don't the two -- -- have been well documented here and that's where his that is really his fault it's our focus is. -- on making that necessary just. Are you seeing the things that you wanted to see from Clay Buchholz when he came back to your Major League club from AAA is Clay Buchholz pitching the way you want him to. I think players -- a great job -- -- meeting the challenges he faced a year ago. You know there was some. A lot of attention a lot of emphasis placed on using his fastball. More then. Eat -- did a year ago he's done that I think he's done a great job with. Managing the situation as it unfolds. During the game and -- slowing the game down controlled his emotions. Still actually kidding pitches in those certain situations. There's been progress made a number of areas. And he comes back to us you know the two games of scripts which obviously is on the mound again tonight. He has made strides in those areas then. -- credit. You learn from the challengers and I guess fortunate that it electoral you're Garnett. I don't think any different than a lot of guys that transition has their transition -- -- my favorite pitchers right now on on your team. Daniel Bard. A love watching Daniel Bard pitch. Maybe because he throws -- miles an hour maybe that's it John I don't know. But he can you tell it's about the progress Daniel Bard has made in the time that you better probably -- the progress the last year and a half. Well I think you have to go back for the transition to a all the sports for the ball and make camera relievers probably the single most. Important thing is for. I Daniel not only. Getting to the Major -- but how he -- not all I think he ability to command. And and I packed. For one inning two innings rather than trying to balance and pace himself for six or seven innings. It allowed in defying the and energy and effort level in the delivery. Better simplified as -- -- -- that that and all the all mindset. And it's obviously been very successful form. We also know and recognize some of the challenges you face when he was you know worked fine. And really in the end table and had to go back down extended spring training in how to get rebuilt a little bit because the command issues work. Uh oh we're we're very evident but. You know you know that there is political dynamic here and being with Cleveland in in the position that. Italian oversaw a lot of guys coming into the system. When guys -- first round draft choice as a lot of times Thursday. An intangible where as self induced pressure. Up hold. All the expectations of the first round draft choice what -- player realizes his goal of getting too big league a lot of that pressure in the if it evaporates and it'll it's eliminated I think we're seeing some of that Daniel work he'd been able to relax a little bit more. He's been able to allows natural abilities to come out what worsening every time he walks around now. And he's just done a great job would lose I think people all the fireman of the delivery and his strike throwing ability to me. But I quest to step on the board last night that he admired a third innings. In the month of July 4 that sport as the -- on last -- with no walks two hits and seventeen strikeouts. I'd vote for almost fantasy league and and video game like numbers and it's just been great defeat of the Altman hear about. I somehow have a feeling when you get to work today there's going to be a full set a catcher's equipment your stall. And it's going to try to make sure you stay safe in the dugout you know. Nothing happened. -- -- Well that market it doesn't spell out of the way or thought about -- -- solve all I don't know how I got that would -- ball last night because if you look at the annual of that ball had to travel. Ortiz is batting in front of me. He does sitting on the bench -- -- -- there and somehow ball found its way through and it in the news so hopefully that doesn't pick pick which begin here tonight. Say nobody was diving in front of the all the Xavier last night is what you -- -- -- -- I've ever wonder -- -- for the open but my god they're not -- Double Ellis appreciate time thanks for taking the time talks and pitching with this. You got the letter and it's Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell I always know more when he's done and -- -- to break that down Manny can really talk about --

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