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Jim Kaat, MLB Analyst

Jul 24, 2009|

Jim discussed if throwing a perfect game is a fluke, if pitching is a more important need for the Sox than hitting, and the divisional race for the AL East

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Let's talk some baseball now with a guy who has played just a little bit about 25 seasons in the major leagues. He's also pretty darn good -- broadcaster with seven Emmy Awards on his -- make. Jim Koch joins us right now Jim it's -- Michael again embossed in how -- I'm fine thank you. Working now -- MLB is an analyst -- MLB network. Popular just talking about perfect games no hitters. Do you agree with me that sometimes there's almost a fluke nature to a no hitter. All no question no question I did. I did doc Gooden is no hitter back in 96 when -- Williams made a great -- in. The only one I -- I covered that I don't recall us sensational play but I sure there was water to was David Wells for the -- -- against the twins back in the late nineties that was about as easy a perfect game they had such an experience light up at that time other Paul Oliver just had a brief street but there's there's no question any pitcher tell you I've I've never had a no hitter but. But there are. There are to change or you'll realize all a runner to. Is that you really feel pitched better in -- judges allowed 45 runs but the results were noises. And I you began your career in the fifties and ended your career in the eighties over that span did you ever apply yourself to think. I want one today I really want to go out there and throw a no hitter. You know I never had first of all I was in the kind of pitcher that had no hitter type stuff -- mean. I always spot every time. You know -- rioters in the -- facts. Took the argue with you -- smart I think that. The could be a no hitter they're there -- other guys in their prime -- Saber its name comes to mind are good but. I didn't have that kind of stuff I already used to give people city ever have a no hitter as that I have one inning or. I did give up a leadoff home run to Frank Robinson leading off the second inning I think this is back in the seventies. And I got the other 27 guys out that's -- most of the game. Michael is not grew up as a big Cleveland Indians fan so he'll like this this trivia question. Two years ago. There was an active Major League player who faced a pitcher. Who faced Ted Williams. And you think about the spam that's involved there and and and how that could come about and I know you'll know Jim who that is because. Julio Franco. Based Jim -- And Jim -- based Ted Williams back in 1959 as well. Steve Buckley pointed that out to -- few years ago because I always what I was thinking you're writing the well in the eighties it was going to be from Williams to strawberry because I -- Robert. -- -- -- -- -- -- When that question by the a few years ago NC a couple years as it was the only pitchers faced Williams legal right or -- -- for and that's going to be the I think I walked. I mention it to Julio what I saw much that I walked to intentionally get to Von Hayes. And that. If Michael's. That'll Cleveland Indians fan he'd appreciate I've pitched in the Hall of Fame game recently which they've now used former. Players -- was the big -- would that game and Bob Feller at age ninety actually pitched. To a few batters he faced Paul Molitor and that was quite -- -- SC. Bob -- still thinks he can shut people down. And I think it or not bagged out from anybody even in ninety. And in his it's funny gem for those of us who who know and love Steve Buckley is not a surprise that he came to you. With the historical trivia question let me ask you does that you're in Toronto. A week ago to -- Clay Buchholz as the first start of 2009. What did you think of -- then and and how do you see this kid. When he grows up so to speak look at a picture is that he's going to be. -- the accepts. He has he's got a good fastball a good changeup and to me that's the best way to pitch these cases with a fastball changeup got two sliders as sliders seems to be that -- that. That gets tipped the most it's a very -- pitcher to throw eight or nine good runs but that one bedroom goes for reversal Buchholz has excellent changeup it. It just appears in this system. All of almost I think all young pitchers in the major leagues they have I really don't know that it's their fault is at the at -- suffer. Scouting report I'd missed. They started game and it's like I'm afraid if I don't short here they understood that it they're free to contact. They don't trust their stuff as much I guess at a left of my own devices. I were I would tell quite pop culture starting Tuesday night that I wouldn't have any kind of meetings of -- modest home all speak well throw strikes out. I think he's got. The physical talent to do that he just needs to simplify things -- you can overcome some of his surrogates in securities act. With a week to go until the not -- trading deadline and a and a Bobble like. Roy Halladay dangling out there for teams to dream about there's been talk in this town in several other towns about acquiring Halladay. Would you include -- Colts as part of a package to get a guy like -- it. I would probably in today's time where. With stance like Boston's fans in New York fans the you have to win now they're not interest in a five year. And with that in mind I would probably mortgage motion my arms system to -- Roy valid because I think if you went in and -- With Beckett Lester and even if -- doesn't come back helped the union or Tim Wakefield had a terrific year but you know he's always going to be a good solid. You don't number four army he's always going to be there for. That if you depart reality under that you know that make sure of favored to to go to the World Series -- it immediately. And he's kind of guy that can still get used several more years of production so if there's one guy I'd go after all there it would be here. Is it fair to say if you're JP rich -- and you'd deal Halladay to either the Red Sox -- the Yankees. The price would have to be higher than it would be if you dealt him to the Phillies for instance. I don't think so because it's not like your trading. To keep your team. What if they trade holiday what they're saying is we don't think we can win anyway so. I mean. -- validity to what you what you just that you could they were -- -- this means with reality that there are probably not going to have a chance to win for. More years because of Yankees the Red Sox get him. You know the only chance to -- would ever be moved to central division because it's going to be pretty tough to crack that barrier. But it's going to be that way anyway so -- you know they're committed to trade them I think it's just a matter work and they get. The best prospects of the older team and or contending to. And to piggyback off of what you said the American League east. Is the best division in baseball three good teams they're very good teams Yankees Red Sox rays and your opinion which one of the best. Well I think right now. The Yankees are they have had to come together. Hughes is slotted into that inning relief ISI got saved that was. That I wish argue -- -- -- -- argued this kid Brian Cashman that Chamberlain should stated that he its role to meet the teams that win now for the team. Teams have guys that DHL seven to. -- get closer. In now -- able to do that there offenses you old. Are right now I think they're the best point early on the Red Sox were but they're not hitting right now and their bullpen is still good it hasn't been quite as good as well as the early part of the year it. Tampa Bay has some great. Young athletes but I don't know that they have the missed the solid pitching last year was a terrific here forum I think right now be tough for them overcome the -- sort it's. Putting yourself in the other issues for a minute if you were going to spend a lot of your minor league trade capital and acquire a big name here. Are you better off going after a bath and a pitcher. I don't think so I think you -- -- in the Red Sox -- that right now hitting comes and goes but if you can put for example if if you're. With the Yankees in the Yankees MB its -- also commend Austin you'll get pitching matchup. In a three game series. It is only recording mentality. -- -- -- I mean your chances of winning that series are not real good so. I would much rather. Be able to have that to throw at and the team adding another bat is hitting as it you guys have seen -- watched the Red Sox boast. -- -- comes -- -- you get up for awhile and you swap for awhile but it is a good solid pitching that's kind of a staple that we always -- if these other two. We're talking about -- when it comes to no hitters. How about Yankees. Oh point eight versus the Red Sox do you think that is going to be a season long struggle for the Yankees or is that just one of those. Operational thing. I think it's a psychological advantage for the I think the Red Sox probably the opposite way when you look at it in 1980s. -- the but the refs cost them or nineteen all. The chances of that happening -- So that means in the -- next level I think they have eleven jet left. And the Yankees with two and a half game lead the chances of the Yankees when he at least half of those games are pretty good. So I think right now it's big cycle large advantage the Yankees back there or -- against the Red Sox still have a lead in the division. Well what do you think it happened do you think they got to the point where it that you come out of the gates and you lose eight to the Red Sox from that is never dreamed. That either team could have an advantage would be that lopsided. I think it's a combination of I think early in the year the Red Sox were playing better baseball mention their bullpen. Was much better the Yankees were a bit unsettled Chamberlain was in and out there -- guys at the end of the game work. Not all that good sabathia and Burnett were mean Burnett had a horrible started the Red Sox that we are so. The Red Sox were uttered the Yankees weren't as good -- and there's just one of those things that you don't want pitched one yet here -- fair. Of SI basic aim it wasn't like the Red Sox will -- and saw a lot of that is. I don't know if you want to see them but it's just it looked -- it over nineteen games. This is going to happen all the time I think that's the way the Yankees. Jim we talked but Clay Buchholz earlier and you have mentioned on a couple of occasions Jon Lester. They're not very far apart as far as age is concerned they're quite a bit part in terms of experience. Dispassionately. Who's the better pitcher both now and long term in your opinion. Bowl Lester in my mind without question I mean I don't say that such respect or like a Colts but. Lester appears to me that I don't know job personally other than to just see for. From a distance and seeing game he pitched against quality which he pitched against anybody else may have won the game. Pitched well enough to win but you know he's he's got the maturity. He's got command of his pitches -- two three pitches he can put hitters away -- so. To -- he's head and shoulders above it -- right now all at and the long term that doesn't mean that -- could suddenly from on the scene and try to put it together but. I don't see those two. You know on the same level right now pastors are aware of the better. -- know we've had a debate before about the the All-Star game and the importance of it. -- and and more specifically. Allowing the All-Star game to determine home field advantage in the World Series you participated in some All-Star games. Went home field advantage was not attached to it -- what you think of this new development. I don't like it at all never held I think it's just -- way and I I understand Bud Selig have formed but for a long time you know he's got. The betterment of the game is just his heart's in the right place that. I just think this this was not a good decision. It's illogical. To me I don't know why they don't do what is team but the best wreck church get home field advantage. I know one baseball they've always gone into well the most optimal last week got. To pitch got to decide travel plans things like this -- -- I don't buy that as a but in that has the best record should always have the home field advantage. Now we romanticize it now and say the All-Star game used to matter looking at your last off target was in 1975. So in 1975. You want -- to the All-Star game did you view it as an exhibition or did you say we have to we have to take out the nationally. Combination. I mean -- a one game you know like they have. Player's standpoint it's big it's a big throw the currency I remember that your Mickey Mantle was -- honorary captain. I have played against making three years. You know loved him as a as an opponent in -- opponent and also part of the attraction perished is to be around guys that are superstars and say you know on there in the same team same -- -- -- then there was that pride of which is utterly I don't really think that one game groups that but I do think for that one day there was certain amount. You can -- in the dugout that particular game I think he has had a three era overall Seaver it's suddenly we have a chance to win at. And then the National League came back in the last inning I think against a boost passages in -- a -- but there -- there was a lot of pride I think in. In initially was the better I think its unfairness in one game proves that -- to -- today's game I'll urgent question of the American League. Is stronger league in terms have deeper lineups. I what teams that are that are better. Whether that decision should -- and thirteen or little older sister who is that just -- what was it. Hearing you recall the details makes you wonder who has better memories golfers are baseball players. It's pretty good pretty -- I think it's you know you can talk to Nicklaus and he can probably go back to six he would say that I where I or whatever that. It is at a uncanny ever run -- Robin Roberts you know I looked up -- the early sixties and he was your role I was. We went to the eleventh inning at a man and urged I was hitter it was onto a triple. Our squeezed and we won game three on. And fifty years later Osama adopting. Sit up and you're hitting a slide and assorted. Every that we have about. -- I don't word comes from Ike could tell you exactly what you just it. Baseball is such a game of records it's it's the way we all follow the game and we love records. And you think of 56 game hitting streaks or or the records that will never be broken. I feel fairly confident in saying you hold a record that will never be broken beginning in 1962. And concluding in 1977. You won the gold glove sixteen. Consecutive years and I'm fairly confident saying now -- won't be broken. Well you may be right -- -- won eighteen -- -- got -- that erupted one year by. By my camp in. You know that's just one of those once little things you know I they gave me sixteen gold gloves are lot of pitchers which yours had better years I'd do it but. You might be right in saying that that -- you know I don't know that one written. Sixty you know role -- mainly because. You don't today's climate where guys are making enough money. To be secure not as guys some of the older pitchers who will play sixty yours. You know what I did a -- we we talked about it Jimmie did a great job. On the broadcast and no it's probably a little bittersweet for you because I know. What kind of affection you have for the man you're temporarily replacing. Yeah it really you know I had heard about jury's still less one I came in the Boston its own horse won with a Red Sox orders is that -- golfing friend of mine. While it. And so what I heard that they were using different people who replace -- that well you know I'm I'm just kind of semi retired I'd love to do that but. The Rem dog -- from from seeing guys in the press box broadcast -- I have great respect for human I certainly hope that he bounces back it's back and so it was a a treat for you to work with down in -- to cover the Red Sox own -- -- for a long time and some other -- That was -- and I wish teacher -- best. You said you're semi retired but he got a website going tell us about it. Well I just -- restarted. You know my wife had passed away last year I think many of the people now on the wing when are probably aware idea I read very actually very RGO which is now march out it was a -- Off about it as. And so what I decided to. Two out of retirement last year that was just -- of things -- do well blog on the yes web site. Some people suggested watch future wrong boring so I just it's sort of for something to do with it's been on. You can watch him on the MLB network you can go to -- -- dot com and read stuff written by him as well. It's a real pleasure for us to talk baseball with you Jim thank you for taken the time. Thank you guys enjoyed it you take it and -- that is Jim -- joining us in the dale and holly leadoff spot guests of that spot. Receiving gift certificate to Fleming's prime steakhouse and wine bar. 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