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Danny Ainge, Celtics GM

Jun 24, 2009|

The Celtics GM joins D&C to talk Rondo, trades and NBA draft

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Joining us on the -- he outlined the executive director of basketball operations general manager of the -- of Boston. Celtics' Danny and good morning data -- We're okay we're okay and set the record set yesterday most recently. You're not going to comment about specific trade talks between us that says some sense as to why Brando's name appears every ten minutes. Yes I think -- You know people distant. Look at. The media around it would lead this kind of looks at things that makes cents and biggest try to make up. Spain because they -- -- those contracts situation is coming. Your Ray Allen -- expiring contract. And you know they just they just put things together and they try to come up with betrayed rumors. That seems to me and I tried to explain this to to Jerry maybe you can explain it to him more clearly than I've been able to Danny is seems to me that Rondo and Kendrick. Do two things for you they help you win now as the window closes on these three superstars who were getting up there. And they also help you win down the road is that a fair statement that those two guys help you now and down the road in a championship driven season. Yes right I think they do up. That makes a lot of sense -- the same time I think that a lot of people look at these. Guys just being young players and when it comes to the playoffs you know they -- the weak -- -- Kendrick this year. Was not a weekly Q did a great job against Dwight Howard the year before -- -- Cleveland he struggled. The way that they were defending hasn't made it hard for the three superstars Rondo as we saw in Orlando series they'd left him wide open. He heard Estes presence heard us in winning right now. Because his men -- doubled off of on the ray Paul and and you know made it difficult or so they're young players they help us win sometimes and they make it they can make it hard pressed to win sometimes because of their. Weaknesses and youth and inexperience. So it is it is you know they're good players they're not great players but you know we're hoping that they -- -- the great players. I assume then of the not great players than they're not max contract guys we talked to Rondo just the other day any man declared his goal is to be. And max contract guy do you see him the same way Danny. Well not right now I don't think long that the max contract player I mean I think it's a good goal for Rondo after despite. Monetary standpoint they're -- to be decorated player. -- -- he wants to max contract player I don't see it certainly don't Rondo at the max contract player today. Tell us his contract status I mean we know. That he still on the rookie contract but do you have have you had any discussions with him Moore's agent yet. Well I'm not they're talking about my discussions with them but what you know his situation as he can be extended. After July 1 up until October 31 we haven't October 31 to make a decision not if we're gonna expand PM. And -- -- if that doesn't happen by October 31 then after next season he becomes a restricted free agent or we can match any -- that he may get. That you feel you'd be taking a chance if you let this thing go all the way down the wire with Rondo and two years I guess theoretically he leaves you get. Nothing for him. Well it depends. I guess it depends on what we are looking back yeah we we'd -- Rondo and Rondo is a player that we want to. -- -- immediately got that we want to move forward with but we we would never want him to just go away. And that next -- it it is as some of that probably. Is. A summer we'll have to make some financial decisions on Rondo if we don't come to a conclusion that some. You know -- there are those who say that if if you have the opportunity you should do anything in your power whether that means trading Rondo getting -- Ray Allen -- organs -- of the case may be. Just to somehow put yourself in a financial up parameter. To that LeBron James and Dwyane Wade maybe consider coming here is that is that line of thinking even on your radar screen Danny. It's been something that we've discussed and it's something that we've we've actually set ourselves up for. -- to have the opportunity to think along those lines. Not this year it is it's a tough call because we're trying to win now. And that we try to improve marking the summer that could prevent that from happening opportunity to. Being in the mistakes for us a big superstar 2010. Unless. It's to sign and trade and in signing trade may be a more viable way to get him rather than having cap space that they talked about this cap space. That -- what you have to have. To the side and trade you can pay them you're Euro disadvantage with cap space because. You can't pay them within thirty million dollars or thirteen that they're currently -- can pay them. And he can't pay them like that the contract so. At the -- to many years so it's better it's more likely to acquire a superstar. Free agent but in most cases thru sign and trade and having aspect. So that's probably our best opportunity because you also have to be attractive team and -- it has -- -- or he can just have the money yet there -- other players that can allow that player to win. And so what KG and all the contract remain going forward. And so -- that may be attraction we may not have enough money at that point but then if you have to map that to trade for those. Superstars that they'd be your best opportunity. Yeah those parameters aside as -- -- laid down by added that the rules that that govern how you guys operate. How does the general manager like yourself assess engage the chance to land -- -- -- Dwyane Wade in terms of what the player is thinking. Well there's no way other than just kind of try to figure out what would be in a player's mind 125 year old superstar what is trying to accomplish -- I really believe it it down players do want to win. I actually get their contract will be important and they will all demand max contracts that's given. But I also think that they want to win and I think you know and basically we're that he in almost I think factors. Could you imagine Cleveland ever -- even even if it but LeBron makes it clear that he wants to move -- ever signing and trading LeBron James. Well you know I don't know about that. But at some point you've -- to. Make that call -- go away or get something in return to take you mentioned that was on -- I don't know the answer to that -- -- And maybe there's -- just say you know under no circumstance will we ever. Ever sign and trade -- in and allow him to go to for the fact that we don't want to be the ones that traded him at that's a very possibility. Can you tell us the timetable on that class we know it's LeBron and it's. It's Bausch and the with ski in and waved them when. When would you expect those guys to be moved if they. Make it clear to their team that they don't want signed an extension and stay with the with the club there with now. Who wouldn't be after not a good. Yeah I would be after next year. Yeah opposite those it doesn't happen up next year and and you know option they would. Explore every every opportunity to keep it in you know a lot of those guys made signed this summer. -- may find this summer just extend their contracts and take all that speculation away and I still believe that. The the most likely scenarios of all these superstars is to say stay with their own team. What went. -- Rajon Rondo when he sits in his current shows up an -- before the game. You make it clear that you'd prefer to get out of the color get in the gym and she would. Like -- like Ray Allen does you know 34 I was before the game is that ever been an issue. Armed in -- resist a couple of cute couple situations where -- on the late. This year will be sitting in his car but he showed up late the rest of the team was there leading a team rules and you know you have to be -- time. And he was he was fine. For. Being late he said he was stuck in traffic and and that's just unacceptable. -- we've heard. If finances -- contracts aside from whether he's going to be a max contract guy aside. The rumors have been out there and you addressed this yesterday elect hear from your mouth again on our air that that that maybe the Celtics want to move this guy because he's stubborn. He's tough to coach is unmanageable -- talked about a couple of issues where he had to be fine could you address how much that if any plays into whether resolve Rondo is here or somewhere else. Going forward. -- yes -- first of all you we'd. Values who we we gave more attention to judge player much what what they do between the lines so that's 95%. Of it. I think that the rest of it you know he is not at that destructive of player I mean he's got to grow up in in some cases he's got -- I think he has still. I think all of the -- Rondo is maturing he's getting a little more control the emotions. And each responding in a more positive way yes as he gets older and more mature in the -- I'm so would certainly wouldn't trade him because of those staying at the same time we expect him to you know. Play by the rules. And I'd be a leader as a point guard you really need him to be. More the leader. That someone who. Export himself at times. How are involved as Doc Rivers in this process. In the an off season building or rebuilding training -- not trading. Amid we know and that it's your job first and foremost but are you in in -- you talk and talk all the time. Oh yes I talked about constantly on these things and now. You know it's if we both agreed minutes that's a great situation we go both agree and it's -- it's just like your -- and -- talk about coaching. But when it comes down to it -- the coach. And so he will listen to my -- -- in in companies make in the decision that I expected to be that it's the same thing I mean I've been a coach at the player who's been through the emotions I know how coaches are distressed and that. And there in the fire all the time sometimes they. It's frustrated with players and and they want to trade him that's my job to understand those emotions and just kind of let time go. What can feel and comment in these situations. Doctor and I usually very. I'm not think it's still. About on your point guard clearly doc being a formal -- cut and being a coach is closer. Dude Rondo on the day to day basis is he getting frustrated with his point guard. He's not now I mean he's gotten frustrated here and there but but again -- understand that talent went. And so you know there's there's frustrations -- every player another word -- look at like focusing on Rondo back. You Rondo is. Either very talented player and he's got some holes in his game that you working on. But now. You know it's funny who will win when doc might be frustrated and April you all always throw these hypothetical trades are situations what would you rather have this guy are you all -- and on and -- that and so. I -- to gauge it by Dan when that sometimes it's just castration but we won't trade a player. In this in the you know me what he's really really disrupted -- Rondo certainly is not a disruptive. Force on our team he's he's a dynamic player. And we'd love the kid so we're not looking to trade brought a because he was late for a playoff game because he's got some -- have to do. I'm about thirty year old player of growing up to do as well so. We could. I think that there's just a lot of speculation because Ron was expecting a contract to undo what is. I delayed for playoff games and he didn't play well on the Orlando series and I think a lot of people are making more to do as something's not there. -- any in your mind and in -- mine is Rondo in the conversation at the top four or five point guards in the league at this point in his career. Arm. I think he's I think he's in the conversation I mean I -- at the top -- for sure. I haven't really sat down and analyzed you know who it but you know again there's there's so many different facets of the game on the ground though as. He's he's a terrific player -- You know everybody talks about the -- shooting things like that I've said continually from the and we got on felony continue to say it you know what I need -- Rondo. More is to compete play it in play out more often. The shooting -- is obviously after it going to become a great much greater player if he can make more shots and he's more opportunity cheating in all aspects. I need to competitiveness and in my know he's a competitor he -- unbelievable level at times. But he didn't -- in the cruise control too many to many possessions for my liking. And he's getting better he's improving and battle with our. It Danny I'm considering having a Celtics NBA draft party in the body a bunch of people over should I look up what she's -- and doctor pepper for exciting night tomorrow. You know. Now it's I think. It looks like it's gonna be a very very boring yeah one of the hot. -- One of the mock drafts had eight point guards in the in the lottery how many of those -- how many of those they will be good. NBA point 'cause next year. But tell you what. I think. The kid evidence from Memphis. As a chance to be a special player I think -- I think he can be good next year. But you're probably going to be good in November but I think that it would opportunities can because I think Stephon curry. Is that great shooter he's a Bobby bank ultimately money he can he can really really apply and I think that he had the chance to step in and beat. Good players in the next year. On the -- -- he could have an impact I mean Russell Westbrook had a great year last year and he really never played guard college. And but curry and missed the -- I think Jonny Flynn physically. As the ability to be a terrific. Player he's got great speed explosive. In those little ones that I think have a chance to do have an impact next year. -- You know I I don't -- -- being -- you know dynamic player now I think he's got a lot of potential. He's -- very flashy player he's got a great mind for the game need to be absurd but I don't BM -- physically. And because he doesn't shoot the ball very well I don't see him haven't had an impact as a rookie. I think he's more the project building our build around franchise point guard and -- -- put him down there all the other guys. Data technically speaking and speaking up projects is point guard the toughest position in the NBA to command learn and be effective. I think it depends on how you're utilized I don't it is nowhere near like a quarterback. I mean that basketball basketball means some guys is have a great feel for the game and agree. I Q -- you know an -- natural. Leaders in hand. I don't think it's that complicated it's it's basketball media economic Courtney cobalt -- to cut through you do your responsibilities it's. You know point guards are not in my opinion I think that's you know much much to talk about. Hands out in wonder he's a natural some guys an actual items some bad art. Can you win without -- a good point guard. Well I know we want to championships without point guard. I noted I noted at the lakers -- point guards every you know 66 point. Derek -- no point guard. In the traditional sense I mean he just abduction stories in you know possible on defense. And they run the triangle I think -- -- but the Boldon won their championships didn't have point guards absolutely I think it you need good basketball players. Ask. Earlier if acquiring the Broadway and waited entered your mind here's one battlefield. As. He has so offering Kevin McHale a job the Celtics organization entered your mind Danny. You know what they actually has Leo Kevin and hire a very close we keep the contact all the time I think Kevin's probably -- indefinite in the TV -- we don't have -- -- from -- you know I like my staff -- in all that -- you know for his last ten or fifteen years Kevin and I've talked about working together some point that you know right now about the time. But I'm a big fan Kevin does the person. It's high character guy. I value his ask ball insights and that they -- doing a fantastic job -- nineteen last year -- they were decimated with injuries. But. Yeah I've talked to Kevin all the time. Imagine the Minnesota fans of Mikhail after trading KG here took a job in the Boston organization -- again get have a go home again -- You know I mean we live in the world out here but you know they love Al Jefferson he's major franchise -- he's young and in the injury last year it was devastating to them -- was very unfortunate but. I mean -- really tracking on becoming a franchise player. And and -- oracle Bea recovers at all about that. I don't think Kevin left to Minnesota and a bad position at all it just takes time. For those young guys come and altogether to be good bet I mean the bottom line is the last two years they had KGB were in the lottery. And they had a high payrolls last that they were put in a position where they needed to do something. At least it didn't do Apollo the old trade with -- gotten up and return there you know I don't -- if you have Richard Jefferson trade yesterday. Holy cow I mean San Antonio disk it's you know they'd -- -- all the bad contracts away and they get you know an All-Star caliber player and a lakers swept. Yeah lakers let you know the west conference that's that's the that's the great acquisition first aired on. Our Denny thanks for the time I am would you take your advice and cancel my NBA draft party and listen -- cheese curls and doctor pepper over to your office and do whatever you want with that okay. I think it just aren't going to be fun if you're an MBA and -- appeared just the Celtics standalone yeah probably not going to be a lot of excitement -- that I feel. Good great excellent thanks that's not -- it down the road down I -- thanks -- AA doesn't tell him on the AT&T outline AT&T your world.

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