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Tom Brady, Patriots QB

May 29, 2009|

Tom makes his return to D&C and hits on everything from his wife to football to his son

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It's on the AT&T outline ATT your world -- the cornerback for the patriots Tom Brady -- morning Tom how are you. -- born and I want to look up to the I'm not in our direction you missed a statement double to. I I did I did you know it's. Every every Monday morning and to a great a lot of -- morning you know. It is it true that you thought it was Dennis and Callahan in that car at your wedding that's why you ordered the machine to deal. But I'd joked about my body that would listen -- no -- no we -- people know you you better listen. To. That's the last night in the opera dog -- -- business -- the other direction. It's gonna -- Mr. -- the broad based question a season away from football I would guess. Give somebody a lot of time for -- introspection. How larger perspective on on life in general and football and family while the all that. I changed since last we -- Well we beautiful book the big part of my life and in had been playing and every fall and -- never been injured you know and their -- game in -- in high school college. And on the complete college -- -- department employment -- that actually. In other sort quarterback and it got it never missed a game sort of playing. Every game -- Seventeen. -- you -- and then have -- I have written what happened this last. Season happened was you know you learn you -- very different things and you know I learned how much I loved the game and how much a -- gains and -- I think there's. Certainly Election -- you know use the because you're not involved with the team on a daily basis -- you know -- Basically you're you're willing to do maintain a coach fashion dude took. To get better and can choose to be a better seeming to be a better player and contribute more. You know you're sure you do as a player. When -- out they're going you know the chance to reflect cute. You say -- yeah -- do anything to be out there and and -- just saw the opportunity to be out there and play. Yeah it's it's a great opportunity troll question comes so mormonism. A tradition and is grateful to be out there you know and tax cut out of a job that I actually loved acting and you know especially in this day and age -- -- it's been a cultural. Tough year for for our country and connecting are actually very grateful to have the job that I love -- and obviously one that you know -- lot of opportunities in my life. And abductors have gone over your body and your new with a fine toothed -- I'm wondering if they've examined your head because I think there was at least some temporary insanity I heard you say you're looking forward to all fifty training camp practices with -- would you -- -- after the forty and I got. Ago. I don't mind -- district by. As a quarterback you attractions -- because you go for a player like truck -- or remove the credit that you never can. So the practices committee are never going to. Quarterback can never get tired impressed. -- you sure she literature a hot too little attractive. I mean each each year because he can't walk dictator. And you know occidental -- -- -- can we just as you know -- go again. You know we knocking kitrey you know -- so much. You are -- and I just -- can enjoy the good parts didn't practice so I don't mind you know production Durbin approached you know what you get tired of it you know are actually -- true that they're Lamar that we get so tired anymore. -- last when last we saw you in action. And healthy Tom you're leading the greatest. Offense in NFL history. And sometimes people forget that is there any reason we shouldn't expect you and Andy and west and company to pick up where you left off. Well -- -- coach art coach talks are getting better every day and I'd like to thank you know western radio gotten better every station. Contributed to our team and you know they were. They each had troll -- years last year and the year before that everything. They're going to -- You know -- -- -- there there have been it would make profits go because. They're there shall explore social. Channel and you're gonna defend those two guys altered every teacher and every defense -- called this. You know which usually -- shot anyway and I think we've we've got a very veteran group running back you know we've added. Receivers in Jolie and shred. It in Joliet and Greg Lewis and an arbitrary -- led to Damian Ortiz Kevin. You know it's. It's a very -- picture and how to group now. The Galapagos and -- -- an employer web if you could watch electric agent market and -- certainly don't look like work you know we're ready -- to go out there and take on buffalo but. You know I'd like to think that -- -- -- -- and under our belt you know we're -- so we're going to be very very very. Challenging to stopped and I think we've we've always true that a lot of problems for defenses and -- this year is no different week. We're going to try and -- You know every every week is different terms of the schedule in the -- or trying to attack defenses -- -- know we -- war on our current cultural don't want to put the -- can -- to put to work in America American -- orchestrated you know -- we shouldn't expect to -- You know is this as as we all never -- out there last time we're we're I'm still together. Tommy you you referenced. The learning curve and I'm wondering if the learning curve at not as steep. For veterans like Joey Galloway and Greg Lewis as opposed to a number one draft choice stud college wide receiver that comes in the pros for the first time will you be on the same page in September with Galloway Lewis. Yeah in the week when we. Offered to its non media offerings toward it and been. West and Andy -- in it for two years there Shapiro. There -- -- Learning different parts of it and there's always a receiver there's always more to learn problem you know they want treated. That quarterback in the western media for protection and OK so you make them like here in this column why mine. In order the look in this stroke but in the sure -- do you. It's. It's it's always taught -- that position so when you have you know two incredibly smart probably the two smartest player I've ever been actually walk to. In their third year and still be thinking about questions -- can -- afterward. -- intelligent as a rookie. Year here. Your so far away from where you're gonna be you know abrasion is going fiscal year in west scored a seven year and they're just so much to learn and I think it's really we would really. Would put a lot on the Asia. And we've -- expectations for the receiver position because. The guys that played that position so if you go with you we expect you're kind of be like for -- and you know each community in her. Actually yeah there -- trying not to like break -- rule that he goes and whenever -- You expect in the media that there opened it and called up the next morning. At the different treatment and Indian and where judge orders and great protest. You know they're just cool -- -- -- -- -- -- too much for them if you look at an audible and you -- if I had the feeling that it's on my god you know. -- which war. And academic field from me because he brought them play it and no noise that -- -- and we talked about. A Tom Steve Grogan had tight -- Russ Francis Bledsoe had tight end Ben -- could this ever be a tight end dominated passing offense or is it just not. Constructed that way you ever wondered you why don't we use the -- -- more would not be easier to get the ball to a tight end and some of the more. Down on the field routes that you go to the wide receivers with. Yes I mean it's the tight end a packet has always there is always important traffic offense. -- -- games were played without it and like object in a few years ago or we are at one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Small safeties ridiculous tax credit are usually the greatness which on you know shocked at linebacker. So. You -- -- and it would import and -- some great you're for a and -- when he this year he was. You've got to -- in -- bigger. Go between and in an acre and they've promised in a commitment kite and there's really good competition there in the I think they're working we're gonna use took it to the best of their ability and not not everybody is -- player into -- there's a lot of things I'm very deficient as a player that we. I'll waste. In match get. You know as a ballplayer which argued it to their strength. Talked to on the viking chronologically take you back to September futile mind three part question here yeah. Now the simple report back Gerri I have -- yeah. At have you looked at the injury on tape and the second part of some stupid. Did it hurt a lot. And did you know that time house series you're seriously injured. Yes it I think your budget. And he hurt them. Any Mitch yeah that sudden trauma it. I don't remembering that you know today you know reflect -- remember what it's like remember. Remember where -- training -- and isolation and it was pretty adamant secured remember him. You know meet Tobler trader which. We looked you know with the -- scored on here. And then bet that night it's pretty -- it's more of a -- clear that your body functioning the way you want it to remember. Ever walk off the field and it. You know I was kind of problem and you're my leg just really felt totally disconnected and I just feel like -- almost like a grandfather clock mr. walker field. You know that that's part of what that -- that's why you know with every all the -- ligament here need to have yet to stabilize actually a couple of more work properly you're immune. Stabilized and fortunately as an athlete like let's -- you forget about the pain -- you you can think about the rehab in India in and you move forward and there was a whole lot apartment and I'm never person that. Actually yesterday Armenia and you'll start to myself well I kind of felt okay what is what is Merrill -- we -- do premiere and I think because that the process when relatively fast. To a long time before the game but it. You know I certainly wouldn't -- my PlayStation home. You know what. -- -- I was so in in 07 I thought it was the greatest season quarterbacks ever had and you were among the greatest quarterbacks ever to play but then. I -- I thought I agree Colombia a guy -- draft in the seventh round never started and called stepped in won eleven games so I mean I guess it's all those guys around you as you watch that. We surprised when Matt Cassel was able to do and how did you watch it time did you sit at home and like a fan -- and scream kick and throw things at the TV. You have a partner I was of course well it. Goes highlight my week watching those guys and indirect. You know I know how hard everybody works kind of art that doesn't. And a commitment -- They have -- over the course of this season and become dominant with some and in order to watch on the outside of the frame and which -- come on watch and then -- throughout the you know your hearts out there with the guys and and you know you know what it takes to win you know the excitement you know look at being planned European you know talking about the games went with them that I'd be watching -- that we went on and executed. You know I'm. Matt has been -- you know what my best -- here in particular for years and he's he's just very easily as you guys you -- literature a lot of listeners know he's there. He's really great guy he's been one of the kind that matters of their note Kuerten he's not a lot of other Mac council personality on this planet. So. You know he's got a great sense of humor -- got so much energy and you know either he's a great leader it's extremely -- and you know he's he's in the he's mystery. We -- we had him on every week in your place and he never swore not once did a judge have to jump. You hit. It -- Just to get set this straight people would always colts that we as Brady wisely on the sideline given castle advice during the games ago on crutches or not. Belichick didn't want you there is that right. Yeah a week we had talked about I came back come from the -- after the surgery and still you know. A step toward that I still wouldn't feel older kids you know here on antibiotics as well. You know strict -- that infection interest. It's been you know it's pretty intent so you know he. I wanted to scare on the sidelines approaches in and coach Belichick trichet. You know I'd I think it's probably more a distraction for everybody -- skated out there and you know from comes barreling down the sideline you know. I'm -- child you know. You'll coach Charlie Weis probably in the it was a good idea to stand there and that. Yeah and that they built just felt like you know the -- With minor -- -- actually to achieve right you know what those guys and endorse the position where what it's like really. Couldn't deal on the field open -- You know there's only. There's only so much. You know you can do it and I know there's coaching roles in metric rose which the big part of -- last year that it took a lot of I felt very important -- that you know encouraging data and do your. I -- coaches and they're trying to do the job -- communicate with players and you know. As evidenced by what we saw. You know those guys that could get a good job do -- -- -- -- I was I was just folks Somalia opened. And folks from every day that I had to get up and do my job well most guys are doing their job. It's on Carson Palmer talked at length when he came back from his injury about the psychological barriers haven't guys flying around your legs yet again and and and overcoming that that that fear of planting the Ni and and just forgetting about it. Do you suspect that's going to be an issue for you when when when the bullets are live in the -- Well I'm I'm sure there are some aspect of like I couldn't imagine it wouldn't be -- You know -- eat in this opt out play in this camp pure I haven't noticed that at all so how much in to what degree is it to be here. I'm just being brought out there and feeling great in trying to. Do my best delete those guys without any. You know apprehension or anything like that because if you if you -- -- -- you know than it does you know will have an effect. -- sometimes social sometimes not noticeable and I'd love to get to the point where it completely forget about it and you know homage and toward -- -- electric field and you current practice -- -- our offseason conditioning work. You know -- that's when you really you know just want to move past that. We talk about this set of a practice -- below the conversation sound like. Between Bill Belichick and some rookie defensive lineman who actually hit you this week when you're right that wouldn't something called on the ground and -- -- The Internet. Currently struggle from -- Every capital Bill -- much. And every year because. You know. Among the road -- yet -- Mexico though that you're from Bartlett. And raised during the season. Yeah I mean. This this surgeon DOE he told me that I you know he's he's -- to working out where they -- there full year that's when most. Most doctors released he worked for the first year and then afterward there at twelve what their first trip the injury couldn't -- the church where can -- get a -- not a whole lot of scientific. Evidence that points. -- Preventing injuries and it's war but -- A couple of things -- players -- Are all where America I got no problem credit and you know it's gonna go from slowed should look at the little bit slower after which certainly or protect. How -- the bike helmet actually -- that knee brace that. I tell where we. We we talk about this review -- a few times remember when you were held to go in on GQ we. Wonder about that I know you don't care what we think and with the fans think. When you're you know eating July -- in Paris earlier some big mr. ball black tie ball in New York City you don't care what. That an image it projects to the fans in the media but does it do you wonder what you teammates are going to say when you get back in the fold and you're trying to be just one of the guys. Well I I think you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and you know Mike Keane makes most Amare Marion sort of -- and no -- those responsibilities that come along with Batman and you know. There's just you know -- -- not as much privacy in my life anymore and not arbitrary compared recognize that. You know -- Or for example political account to Brazil is here family had been a big deal we're being that it's really not -- August toward. You know expect from Cutler in the proportionately so it's. Something's probably in my teammates because every are always feel. Took the problem like comfort for communication and dark lot of feeling like comeback cannot -- weigh in. I'm should be prepared in -- put the work in that you know not the other stuff really matters as far as I'm concerned. You know just fighting I don't I don't think you're right nobody colts certainly those guys pepper. Mention anything about you know it took me about any of that stuff. You know but I had never taken David Shuster for any. It's somehow steep price to pay is the loss of your privacy for all the you have in your life you ever wish -- were not so. There are acting cute it depends in and I think you know at certain times. Probably earlier years ago it was it was a lot harder forming -- me now it's really different to tries to a lot of things so you know -- people say it's probably as many personal training bit you know. Bingo I would never ask a friend that you know people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's okay I'm not gonna Bachmann bitch about it and it's gonna. Just make different choices you know sort of -- -- something -- really love to do it appears that not doing that much anymore but they come. Because. You know -- com. Torre and you know game I love it within two incredibly successful and certainly. No marijuana. You know that contrary. Recognize that they got different dimensions. If you were anonymous what -- the one thing be that you really long to do that she would. -- at at the populist I would do this if they didn't recognize me as Tom Brady. I think you have like you know there's there's really nice -- -- and you know and that'll pick out like I can't always what I moved here at least on the Boston Common -- there in the summertime and you know that. I always. Think we know what's gonna want to take more -- dot com and can you know. I'd like that is. That's China which permitted to walk W bridge street and that we used to be released -- out of the body a review here. -- there's our that got you back. Daisy Buchanan. Can't -- that if you kept on the corner just so good in the middle of summer. You know what part of that now because they're -- variety. Just radio -- it just bring you gunmen who wants you and you. What was the weirdest thing that the most confusing -- do you ever sit there ago I cannot believe this person is. You know waiting on my stoop this person is asking me this. Just -- -- odd play football on my wife as a supermodel. You know Internet I think it's. You know -- it's it's. That we literally shook off Albanian especially in places like New Yorker Orleans and that's where my wife's working as in Norton that's a much -- as -- LA and that's where. It's what we spend time in the action outside all day long ago. We of course you know we're out there it's actually -- Because. It could be just way to make a live and I think those guys. -- -- trying to do so flex that I encourage. You haven't snapped yet a seller recently was too which colonias somebody snapped. That was -- -- and leaves an airport he snapped away from. Have you been close is that common -- we going to see you know Sean -- like pixel camera smack. Can expect that quote. Pretty I'm pretty it would take a lot being like a -- I'd. When I anticipate what. What are trying to beat them -- -- I can't put my attitude need in order a certain certain for him and you know I'm not a person. -- I guess that they're just trying to do which you know just like all we're just trying to do which and you know unfortunately that. I wouldn't -- clips of what they did and it on this critical about -- might day in and try to do my best to not recognize. Can recognize that without letting it. Affect what I'm doing and in other men that. Are fair they're. Just doing their job. And Thomas we hit the rewind button as we wrap this up here and we hit the rewind button and and we'll -- the back ten years when you were just this anonymous beauty cute for Michigan and we know we were skewed because we saw the com by Nvidia actor Laurence. If you ever ten years after look at your life when you put your head on the pillow at might say. Well how the hell that I get from there to here in ten years an -- are you ever amazed at. You know what your life is now all about the benefit to me. I. And I connect said yesterday -- And I wanted to play football my entire you know I was I was not their championship game in 1981. That collect court. You know made -- -- political matter came back east appealed in the parking lot like catcher Mike -- which organized turn in go to the Super -- polygamy. That this -- not -- Obviously like every mean most kids if you -- -- -- -- get -- are blatant. You know. You know what I have. I've been blessed with ability to do it and -- actually got. An incredible market fortune along the way in you know had the opportunity and in I'm very thankful for that and not a day goes by. I don't reflect and think of lucky I have to be in this position like except even have a -- -- -- -- -- light and not have a job. You know is is how you voted during government come. Very. -- for that he had I think I try to approach magic carpet you know and very horrible way. -- You know -- because I know how quickly can. They can come and go in and out but on the other side of not -- and but on the other side -- -- fight -- short jobs so. You know it it has been obviously a progression of you know a lot of a lot of things Internet you know a lot of different. Opportunities in a lot of things that don't really go my way -- I mean looking to and we're fortunate to channel that matter is that the 2000 want to hear it on -- and truck rule on the as if they ruled that giveaway. You know who knows so. There's a lot of there's a lot of good fortune in in public keep working hard and doing things I'd love to do like political or. It's. There's nothing more -- to me than confront and into the stadium every day. And especially drive -- on -- -- -- country that's been toward -- years in the making. He told us for years a couple of years at least that you were not going to let Josh mcdaniels go you're gonna like. That kidnapped them that's one of -- that you can't leave I need you here I guess it it took UB and out out of the picture for him to slip out of town it will. Have an effect on you and and the greatest offense in NFL history had not having them around anymore. -- just -- adults was a great coach forest city spent a lot of trauma coach Belichick can learn and anything -- learned from the best directing obviously people over the years have come to the patriot and says okay you know we -- -- coach -- checked you know -- is available in you know Josh -- a young guy and you know he's got a fairly. He wouldn't want to be coach utilities sixty years old he you know he's always told -- -- all of you know what coach and told comfortable and then move -- particular opportunity for the nice -- -- certainly you know an -- gold searching -- You know he's he's that he's really a great coach integrates and then. -- You know like most guys you'd hate to see him go in but. Yeah the more you should -- -- on written reflect you know the left I'm actually. Apparent to be connecting -- -- -- repeat the Broncos are scheduled this year you know he's. And we wish him well at the same time not too well -- and Victoria. It's some level where let's go 12. -- the fact the yet again and you were involved as the chairman of liberty ambassador of the yet the best buddies challenge in Hyannis Port you Williams some lowdown on that. Yeah it's. We have -- in Chicago the other night and tonight coconut. And tomorrow it is -- wanted to -- -- on don't they took their -- compound. -- -- article twenty years ago yet actually going to be that your readers as involved and it probably several years ago and -- this -- it's kind of make it full time getting ready to support. You know people with intellectual disabilities and you know it's by credit raised a lot of money and it helps you know people with intellectual disabilities get jobs. In and I kind of an internship program -- provides educational programs. I'm sure you know a lot of young people in and the toll -- -- you know really looking for friends and in such a great great charity in and that you know really to be part of it looks forward to the weekend and come -- -- -- -- -- in my life folder in the you know nice nice they have weather in. And that makes for great by occurred on the case. We've -- -- -- people to check it -- online it would be best buddies plural best buddies dot org a bit like more information about the helmets optional. If you get an accurate -- about a good IQ. You -- -- -- -- -- that's how we know that you are comfortable with your men with that you put total in the basket legal right to expect. Prices to put an end total. They're -- dog had been copper eleven mission of police and -- and I do believe that. -- -- going to make it look good job in the Charlton and I'm not promote there. -- talk the talk -- you again appreciate the time this morning I assume your either at the stadium -- headed that direction this morning. Good -- it's all thanks for the time Tom Brady and joining us some AT&T outline AT&T your world. It was a good. Where opponent the insecure man yeah he's the most secure and as manhunt. Oversee the -- one thing called the god we -- admitted the Eagles can set up when McCain and it was Yeltsin Aaliyah and Matt Light and others were in pictures that -- in his locker. And I think he regretted that you know with this in with the -- oh on the streets of Paris and then go to. X chrome mean in a weird way they want to be me you can. That's that's our ultimate comeback and show.

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