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David Ortiz - Post-Game Guest

May 21, 2009|

Big Papi finally hits his first home run of the season...and he joins Joe Castiglione and Jon Rish on Red Sox Radio's Postgame Show to talk about it.

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Well it. There are cases where this and David you gave so many people that thrill here I don't know what it's like you a sense of relief. Oh yeah definitely you know idea. -- Brian. You know like people don't expect me to do well. We extra -- this season it's. For those crazy but let us say before you know the fans. Always been supportive to me that on the steady hand and and you know I have done many good things and they -- there about religious. People support a man a I hear the fans just remember when I lived apart you know we're really we go to Vegas people Roland you gonna refine and on those were the kind of thing that we can in the move to. Coma within threat to -- than we -- -- -- that before the game and I said to have just as the -- chase at -- -- -- gauges the you know we've been. Dealing we something that is going through non. They you know you -- I -- knows two keep me positive and in. You know it's good to have been around. David I watched as she crossed home plate you seem to look skyward maybe a little longer than usual. What do you think he's right -- you are you hearing the roar of the crowd at that point what's going through your mind as you're touching home plate after the home rob Roy. You know it's gonna cause people say things. And my mom you know floor within. That I get done again and I think it was time for me to you do or little you longer period of time when it goes to place so. I I want to know that I never. Who did did they give mistake he was to all of -- and -- wanted to be one that I was picked on him and I never. Was -- she worried me from. But -- -- reaction -- -- teammates to you were so many it's but if I was mean you know they -- told you. I thought the swing you put on the double the one he hit off the wall was just as good as the one you put on the whole run you must be feeling very good point. Well I mean podium to -- and ideas after my have bad before that it is. Because some things -- quick. And then at room where any work and I mean I mean -- to Miami can. And in some panic at this point angle won one game the way. I I I go feeling good go trying to do something different and and doesn't work on this thing you know and change and so. Yeah I want to stick one thing the way I I keep a start producing food Keenan as they were relatively. David you get the salad -- when you first went in the dugout he. You the idea got a big government who is responsible. Suspect's home. Was so you don't like putting things though permitted you know it and move to a new that there with a birdie you know put movements do something great things that you couldn't. -- -- Well I love. My in my team and mandated social Portman and the it's only you were you know -- maverick -- game who the they come Holland and the -- department pump me up in. And put me in the movie you know it days picked me there was question is that I could do you know even when -- stroke that I -- this thing the same way sometimes start. So thank you want to do something different but I don't think you were from man have a lot of -- -- that we have we have what you mean. And I well at these and -- this game -- -- in and we got to have a -- phrase was time. But David very -- that I know is an emotional night and it was great treat dad could be here and I'm sure. Tiffany and Alexis and DeAngelo are thrilled as well thank you thank you. David Ortiz. And John it was I think that we're not walk off home run -- lovers probation I've heard -- Fenway. -- lifting I think that's the way you could describe the night for the Red Sox for the fans at Fenway. And for David Ortiz specifically. Uplifting because it have been a culmination of such a long long wait for all the fans that supported David and of course for David himself.

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