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Doc Rivers, Celtics Head Coach

May 19, 2009|

Doc joins Dino and Felger to recap the season

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It is the fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan broadcasting from the new -- world headquarters building. Michael Felger in four Gerry Callahan today. Our conversation what Doc Rivers is brought to you by Lexus of Watertown the only thing more impressed of the Alexis. If the customer satisfaction you received from general manager bill UC without question the greatest general manager in the history of the automotive industry and -- -- didn't. Billy using gets deals done and takes care of his customers like nobody else -- -- all of Watertown good morning doc how Mario. They've got good morning. Two camps in the aftermath of the Celtics. Being dispatched in game seven and I'm sure you've been listening or reading or paying attention to what's being said the two camps are. Broken down pretty simply want. The sell -- -- fumes they ran out of gas -- went as far as they could as hard as they could and just didn't have anything left in the tank. The other -- as the Celtics gave up they quit and allow themselves to be blown out in game number seven your thoughts. Warwick that would take the first one the develop -- we never -- we -- the world. And you don't want to -- very into the game with four minutes left twenty. But I am I took everybody else you gave -- can say that but we we played horrible. But debates are you know but you're born into this series. Is that I felt they they have more more drug problem all of you know and a bit of debates ought to be a difficult to report. But it went up up to try to make diminished job and I I thought. Because Lilly. We did have one of our better but I literally. And it is actually effective on the other as well so that supported you know most of -- understand about all the injuries and all the stuff. There were -- -- Evans says that I thought. We're gonna win today that but we sort of orbiters there in the widget -- Vince Marty has -- famous statements as fatigue makes cowards of us all of election were powered as an appropriate one here but he said he didn't play well my my my question is how much of you know closing out a shooter laying a rebound back -- or -- it as opposed to trying to late in his -- did comes from fatigue in the second part of that question not used. At what point that the head coach no. His team was on fumes was at the end of game six when -- loss at ten point lead was -- the thirteen to one Orlando run to start the fourth quarter when that you say are all. The the the red light just went all we guessed it. Well over the red light or very seven went on. The year earlier -- -- -- Once they get felt we could not afford them to do was get off to a good start as far as suited. And that's exactly what they created been dipped to their confidence grow from there -- so I knew that it would have been a difficult -- brought the first five that they've started. -- gonna have time. We got a chance to -- we had a four point Riddell mark for a they would probably vote for up. I thought out of the big basket. The -- brought it up there -- the ability. Bastard and we looked tired -- around it would start all that it ended developed in this and where we vote these Kyoto. And -- -- of -- and have but I but hopefully that is -- we. We played that way a lot this year have been able to muster it up in the -- whatever reason we just -- evidence that. Do you think you know running out of gas is the conventional wisdom for your team doc do you think do you agree with that first of all second of all would you say that that was more. Physical or mental. -- what it does -- so you know. And I don't know which appeared -- -- Deplorable credit they've made a lot of ways. But I've never thought it was a real physical they got into a remote part of Bentley. When you're tired. You you can fight to whip through that. What -- what we're thoughts about it Kevin Garnett and what he brought you. On the bench and only one of their motivation and your own players do you feel that he brought that and give any thoughts about. I don't know what to call the interplay that he had going on with the opposing -- disease last users. Well I didn't care about that I've developed all fun. Have been let the other is Chicago series though really closely -- in the mirror going back to or probably -- Gordon with a newspaper probably -- Petit would be my gas. But that that would affect the game then affect if at all. You know it would night live out here. On the boards but. Honestly guys -- -- -- quote. You know I don't know if -- I've had any impact one way or the other afterward there anyway -- -- -- product -- and bottom line is. I would much of its commitment to reform. I'll play it can be about the only big guys -- that -- -- about this the bill where is so cute and ended. What you don't. You look at Japanese admittedly haven't just felt like are we. We didn't ever real chance to. Defend our title with our best stuff. And that and that that you know that that sought to -- -- -- go to implement -- It -- a week from now or a month from now or six weeks from now we get the injury report from the public relations office that says Kevin Garnett had surgery. Should we be surprised if we find out that was more than just strained tendons behind the -- because I think it will be if it's not. I don't think Colorado apparently not open the world pretty much more Norton Adobe this straight dividend of -- Burden and you know what they don't know -- what -- start they do about it air and is that. The bone spur had to have something to do -- they've updated it may be relevant but it didn't. And then that's what -- that polite. Good and that they don't know about best just from the assumption. That they take -- because that would explain why it -- it would they'll. Our goal and forward in assuming that that KG -- get work done. Comes back healthy and starts next year if the three elder statesman the court your basketball team is to be fresher more energized more viable next may. Do not have to have a deeper more productive bench where you can go more than. Eight deep that -- should also get some offensive and defense -- production off that bench more than you've got to the end of the season. Yeah we would but you know just to get out of there -- disparate this year 57 -- -- and Leon was felt. You know that make -- instantly. You know and -- just those two guys so. Those two guys being out really shorten our parents you know. But we we we -- Mercury there's there's no doubt about. We get the very. But that any changes. The -- their commitment to tradition where. Well I think number one the one spot in the would vote -- it is small what small forward spot. We need these are small or -- in the fair and big debates are indicative all the blow. I've thought all year the -- -- -- all day. Wherever we took -- well we went all with the reality. -- small forward. Which is itself -- just did it in Orlando series. Are durable stupid all up for because when you -- Reality with Bill Burton took -- -- but we're sure boot of the world. They went straight to the post of what they're built in with the. Doc let me ask you now the season is over and you are there any other players are headed for surgery any other players. Playing through injuries that we don't know about a -- heard all the Bruins news yesterday they -- have like six guys are. Undergoing the night we sort of find out after the playoffs are over Germany equivalents that we don't know about. Yeah. I'm not sure so are there haven't gone over the final medical report we're pretty muscular. Reiterate that hamstring problem throughout. Via our web browsers that it would -- -- better. And Paul I -- -- -- voters that they have these. Removed as well. Quote they have ever procedural additional order. Other than that that the libretto at Mattel. Do you think that that explains some of uneven performances from you know from those guys. It dirt I mean -- that you know the -- out there about that it I think. A lot of these. You know -- surgeries but just what they're called these days. And it'll go to defect that -- -- -- I thought eventually evolved from a lot better than you know back to the -- and effectiveness. A trying to make the point yesterday explaining that when Kevin Garnett goes down defensively. You were you -- your perimeter defense out -- on Kevin plays more intense minutes and the point was don't think it's a lot easier for the magic defenders out front. To play with Dwight Howard. Being the last Clinton defense behind -- just as it was when Kevin was there. Is it harder under team defensively do you play more stressful minutes when Kevin goes down in mid February trying to get to the playoffs without him -- defensively is stopper. All know about you know -- -- that we. Rabbit we'd rather have. What else we read other -- -- -- -- -- -- a lot of you know every day with different at all or you know once Kevin last. And our victim suffered Levine. I just focus spat over last year we ever interpreted viewpoint to get that to the playoffs. This -- an -- that went into you know I don't think much morbid says about our businesses and how important. Seven -- is no. We have all the -- in the world. But when you boot between the player of the year or entity. In normally -- -- -- want to vote and other defendants. But there are going to suffer a little bit and you know little flu at all I thought well there might. What we were were very good to have to -- middle of the night we want it oh when in fact we were not. We've lost. And you know bet that the great -- for a bit as good as we could result principally. Useful for these. -- -- you've gone through it do you buy into the theory that we hear in the NFL all the time that when you get to the Super Bowl and you play hard all the way through those playoff games to get to the Super Bowl in early February end of January. It takes a toll the -- later US split almost to the end of June last year do you see any correlation there. You -- a photo of your you know but we've got out of the gate make it through and having said that I was concerned that stretch and you know it's it's not the -- concede -- last year the intensity of this year that they're strategic. You know George Bailey wanted to let law -- -- with them. Performances have started what about as we know of and we've -- motive. Do you but he won a world title is that an architect there's enough. Our ultimate utility and there's nothing you can do about it and you'll underestimated. You won't believe how hard everybody is going to play against. And especially on the world. And have been very difficult partner in the -- Better intensity level. And I've never knew exactly how to have a and it was right. Dock when you look out there on the floor engaged the energy temperature so to speak at your basketball team. Midway through the Chicago series early in the Orlando series end of game six we blew the ten point lead the seventh game against Orlando. Jurors -- yourself what without energy without the alleged global problem you talked about physical mental fatigue all that sort of stuff. Could Tony Allen could Bill Walker not have at least in some small spurts. Brought some energy brought a blow to some of those guys and it may -- try provided a little bit about that could have been helpful. Yeah -- little -- you know on -- obviously after the fact you always think that it don't want it. But it is true that noted you know our outlook in the dark about Larry it and about who we're gonna go work and you know totally -- it is -- a couple of stretches. It is to Gartner didn't play much have been Billy -- was -- -- will be. Of -- before. That Maine was let me the only is ready. Well no mistake that the young -- convicted of well you know it's one of -- day. And you know our -- what woman with a terrorist. Who wins the title -- -- I don't know. -- -- really don't hear -- A lot of about the you know. -- would -- the lakers with Cleveland. Wouldn't play better than everybody. -- pretty bad but I think the lakers have waited like last year. In the first round where we were not that impressive. And -- all the that we we return to Gordon. In double layered under. I would be surprised to like you better. At the risk of sounding like applauding a conspiracy theory doesn't the NBA harshly put this. Have to have Kobe play LeBron in the finals dot. Noted that there was no I think there would be all of that over matters as well so I don't think -- don't know exactly -- rapidly so you don't war. But the taught young players all play in the top five and I've been -- you have to. And it didn't word -- is obviously the product overview of the marquee matchup -- I think they're they're they're pretty much set up that food products no matter what happened. If you're Dwight Howard's head coach and you either have Clifford working with the more Patrick working with him in the off season. What do offensive -- do you think would best suit he -- game that you might suggest would be the would -- -- the Tim Duncan using the -- -- would -- be the sky -- which clearly he can't shoot at this point or would it be public on the killed drop step or something -- what particular offensive -- -- would best -- the -- Well the person would do the little baby hook. It has been an -- -- warmed up a can do that. Yeah exactly it the other -- I would work or with video jumps. The reason I would do that it took it to. Make that's and just visit Dave Robinson I thought that would study them. To all right what -- have a global jumps around. Because balance inflation and is not a big in the lead. Vic in there in front of the future embargo and a form of in which it would build a file are all right now where the debate about that about the -- On a similar subject I don't know if you set your guys off to the off season with instructions yet but I know at some point you will. Comedy. 15161718. Foot jump shots would you like to see. Rondo take during the course of the offseason a day. Artistic about yeah I mean obviously. I thought he was saying is when Orlando basically just. Decided that there were going to play Rondo anymore and and knows there are dipped drove. You know we're going to be effective from the airport -- and obviously they're on the rebounding. Side of things for a lot of forestry and played -- that. That not only -- Rondo but veteran Paul in -- areas well there has been. To double team who -- Bedard felt. About this deputy going to have to make but wouldn't we knew that we knew that -- ago. That they've made it easier. Would have been through that again detective went out on the floor. You know when you have three other shooters and out on the floor that it that it. Like I -- have a couple years to run on your contract but to overtake. This time at the end of the year to sort of reassess your own situation and think about how long you want to keep doing this and so to have that conversation with yourself. You are done a -- every year. The do army have every intention of of government backed. But I that would in my view if every summer out of respect over the last couple. And you know. With the term may have drifted back and everything you know what we need to do we're delighted to do it. It argues try to digital all of our markets ignored and that -- -- and you know you know children albeit very you're some we're gonna say no I -- they would -- And do everything. But I do I -- does that fit every every -- of government. What do you see yourself docket is 01 he's coaching wipers -- Don Nelson -- someone who's just. Does it for years and years and years deep into his later part of his life or is this still relatively in the big picture of your life for a shorter term thing. Well look go to. Myself go to the long time but also to myself. The trojans -- to a quick break. Two to reenergize. I believe -- met. No -- -- you know but what Europe in Belgium the futuristic and a sabbatical and into the back I clearly will be that someday. Through you know the next 23 years it -- that have but distinctive good for approached to do that -- make -- a -- ago. It -- speculation here when training camp rolls around who are we more likely to see out of health point Marbury or big baby. You know I don't know you know maybe you could probably developed through what he did out there on the open market. -- -- the book about what region. -- -- -- Tom -- don't you think he'll be back league at the Philadelphia job. Well I hope there's not only for the fact that I hope we get the job. I think. You know they may already interviewed somebody guys. So going to be a tough advocate but you know probably there it is not a good guys -- great dark and it -- to go to and so relieved or fault. They don't why didn't Marbury why wasn't he more consistent it to seem like he just never quite got it why didn't that happen. I just put too much style evolved. You know you would do well I'm involved. You know it it over your life basketball. And it did that in doing what the rate. Well I think that very -- Our dog we always -- up of the 24 question that would you grade -- the final two hours of 24 last night. All slow. Let -- make -- noted brought it fretting about wanted to. Thank you -- our commitment miss these airports have not fared better than you'd report all my blood and have. A team that's the airport shootout. Okay yeah but isn't there mr. Jack killed three scientist with a scalpel. Project at the world again and and the S and the FBI is swooping -- -- helicopters several moments to -- there. There a moment that -- well a little predictable but bill moment. Yeah yeah well you know I liked the best when -- walker turns to do the interrogation on the bad guy she takes effort jacket and closes the door behind Dirk should have a whole different look on her face I think -- sort of -- over that -- dark side. Jeff -- -- what part of a bit like you'd vote ms. Yeah yeah indeed a jet -- dock as has always. We appreciate your candor we appreciate your time we appreciate your explanations the a couple of idiots during the course of the year but there is nobody in charge of a team. Boston or anywhere else that I think this is more about -- as forthcoming. And as helpful as you are an answering questions and letting your fans know what your team is all about and so for that I thank you and appreciate all your efforts this year with Dennis and Callahan. -- right guys that you would build a fun ride out. But we've we've we've got to do better next year we will be I guarantee you that. Abducted on the road. That was doesn't know I -- I'm so glad that. He is the best in terms of the media perspective it'll talk about there is no one no who gets it more than yeah by far. -- and it's not even close now people think like politics don't care about the -- and editor at. Reads everything keeps track of everything keeps score of people to do that out no doubt about it as a team to do it Terry Francona is as sensitive as rabbit ears like you'll read about yeah. -- well I don't know about no clue. But -- never doesn't let anything get to all you can ask them anything he'll answer we'll of all the guys just from the media perspective. You the best I've ever seen in my estimation you have to go back to. Ontario. Dogs are -- a bit before my day but I mean it used just. I'd never seen him get an assumed a defensive announcement Jimmy Williams to -- -- -- sent the photographer mr. -- is all Robert I mean just right. Tara are up somebody you know how ridiculous is the question -- rare scale with with head -- -- gentlemen. Actually listened to the question. Think about an answer formulated and present it as opposed in this kind of list of ABC DE FG SP about a person but to say. -- -- -- quick -- to best help the team went right you know that's that's answer. -- is just by far the best and he's a pretty good coach to Munich Paris and got a problem probably wasn't good oh yeah it's rare to have a guy who's really good at what he died and is so a normal human being. Doc Rivers has brought you by Lexus of Watertown only being more impressed of the Alexis is the cost customer satisfaction. You'll receive from the greatest general manager in the history the automotive industry. Vehicle -- and everybody away Lexus of water.

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