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May 15, 2009|

Dave O'Brien and Terry Francona on tonight's Manager's Show

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Okay John thank you very much next stop Seattle and Tito probably the most frustrating loss of the season would you agree yesterday in Anaheim. Where you know trying to get into too much about -- -- rate them but it hurt mean we've had a lot of opportunities on the one side we create a lot of opportunities which is good. The flip side we didn't do enough with the opportunities. You know we have a responsibility and always try to get better. Whether we win or lose. It's a lot more fun to get better when your way and but you try to want to mistakes and not doom again and again. We battled like crazy. Against the ruled good team when your on the road when you don't come through situations then you get an extra -- your mistake away from losing which is what happened to us. Looking for one little blue leader a squeaker someone to take a bases loaded walker anything like that if for you it's -- each -- and there. It does for everybody coming the -- Torre honorary. -- actually go back even a few mornings I thought the ball Jason -- off about the home run. Want to stay the ballpark or just killed me. So you know there's a lot of ups and downs and there's a lot things have happened that overlooked the because. In the game like that so many things happen and it comes down the walls one. And of course everyone is talking about David Ortiz and -- for seven and twelve men left on base. And naturally everyone's a look at Terry Francona going OTT -- what do you do about it so what do you do about. Yesterday it was you know was it really tough. Interest with all the guys on base you could see you beat him and we're gonna we're gonna give them a day off today he needs it and maybe it was my mistake in waiting this long David Knight community pretty well. I hope I hope I didn't wait too long but. Definitely today maybe tomorrow me just. For the for his good. Which ends up will be in for our good we just gotta let him take a breather it was eat him alive -- could see it. Don't want that to happen to -- -- again sometimes just got -- step back. There in a better human being in baseball. At least not one and I've met in David Ortiz. He gives so much of himself everybody -- -- even Torii Hunter said yesterday after the game. He's going to hit eight about twelve games in all of this is going to be forgotten you of that theory -- I agree that. I I definitely group that. Getting to that point Il has not been the easiest. Well we've ever seen it it does happen it will happen. Again sometimes as scholarly guide to could be a deep breath its troops. I think these guys probably care way more than people relies. And probably don't sleep on things like this happen anywhere you could see it was -- Have there been times during this this period -- David is not hit a home run and as a man driving the ball that you thought he was close that may be one of Tibet to -- -- that's the poppy Dinah. -- still think that's the case I -- -- Avian if you go back and again you there's always a perspective. Yesterday he his first only lined up right he just didn't get under but he hit a good. He hit the ball to left field pretty decent ball deep to left other than that there were some some some frustrates and -- Gregory. But sometimes you want those balls to fall. Because what happens is when you're going to a tough time is you don't get rewarded and you try to do more. And as you get frustrated you you go to plan a plan B plan C plan. Is this then a mental health day for David is just gonna be won an eleven minute on Saturday what they've I don't know -- actually yup they got two lefties coming up behind him one. And discount him want to get -- room and then -- around and we'll get this thing for. Well you certainly got Dustin Pedroia figured out unity you kept him -- on the reins for coupled with it it's in -- goes out rips -- four hits and it at a catch -- made result of this sketches of the year yeah I approach it at five and I was on that's like Torrey honors solely as a -- owners got those gold -- stacked up -- -- -- And there's a reason and we've lived through it to see it that was fantastic it. Big big day for Julio Lugo betting NN ninth spot as he came up with five hit somebody said that since the DH came into play that it's only happened one other time. I didn't even I didn't not know that. He swung the bat well and again he's getting the ball in the air without -- and it that's what he did -- full regatta -- uses likes more he can tell his legs a little bit stronger. He's he's an animal rights are fields -- scalable -- longer and the offense is welcome. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We actually talked to Jason Bay who want to see if he won like he's played almost -- in your game he says you want to play left field sold DH rock old kind of players from like tonight. Terry thanks good luck tonight in game one in Seattle that's Terry Francona let's toss it back to John --

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