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Max's Tonsillectomy, Part II

May 1, 2009|

Max continues to tell one of the funniest stories in Big Show history, and this time we're joined by Mrs. Bessie Maxwell, Max's mom.

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Submit ax next to the very historical story about a half hour robot. About was pulled. He was going in for a consulate in Vietnam with well. You know with -- circuit is it will not now we're not talking about to -- talk in eight years old what. Joining us that she's agreed to join with other -- we attracted. Besting Maxwell mister -- draw -- North Carolina is joining the big show max's mom is joining us through anchored for more denied. Especially at -- respect for Colin today Donna how this happened. Cedric it you know if -- at birdie and and so we just can't wait a minute wait so ironic. We are in Hawaii and -- we -- week. You know. -- TrueCrypt I bought her. A second. Let you bought it -- to open the I had at me why you now blog about all they can now. -- got a little surprised and well I'll go yeah yeah in the minds all think that -- not gonna ice. Well. I don't know what. Their. And that's. What it does but not yet. Or. -- it as well we'll -- Yeah yeah. I'm a little or Cleveland and it didn't rule -- As good as and it was so when he woke up and what did you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So that you get -- -- that you'd. And you'll meet then. And only then. Can he has not mean. I haven't you know what. I didn't know way out of a crowd. The way that. You know lead at eight yeah. Certain. Almost no no not going to know I don't know what Obama can do it around hop. We urge you and that it like that led -- bad yeah. You wake up and go. Oh. That's. Let me ask you so elegantly with the -- into hero. How long it figured -- -- look yourself in the idea -- the. -- we. Expect the best of -- that is not the right. You've done a great job with programs. I'm glad they're -- there actually -- -- have to applaud. Yeah the -- About that. I don't suppressed really easy to the basketball and LeRoy. Yeah. Thank you mom would talk to you later. Bob I know what it. That's always a pleasure take care a few -- -- Maxwell is here on the show. The hope you got large and he confirmed demand hockey mom had the legend -- racked up. Scribble for. Them out there. It is that we don't historic. Alt plus you had mom there. What Americans call the mountain while the -- and gone directly to my among -- -- it's not all of these years by everything that's what. About blaming it that didn't happen when about the drive. To succeed cabinet. That's a good idea but that's the bulls don't. -- find it I doubt we'll -- oh. Well.

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