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Max's Tonsillectomy, Part I

May 1, 2009|

Max tells one of the funniest stories ever told on the Big Show.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You just never is like. So you just never noted and you went. Given Nelson were ignited our regular not gonna take otherwise again just historians honey to cut so by no such a big you get -- -- had -- -- with a black getting much. Stay with on the -- He was tell a lie about his mind and it yeah -- my name is to be different in my name when I was born was parish Halliburton and I didn't find that out that my mom changed my name until I got a high score -- Our top that's right yeah they've had a good changes is Steven Jordan and I thought that was a great start still you must now -- our customers even more bizarre with now eight years though. This is true and I know I'm I'm I'm I'm living on -- absolutely I removed to a wide web mail prayers rather amazing result. And my parents have lead going to the hospital and another tell me I'm gonna give my Thompson's taken -- beyond I'm and they'll like. You are -- scraper ice -- rap I think. I'm going to -- circumcised. -- -- -- I. Get my. -- I'm so let's turn it. Welcome -- surgery. Why did god know. Well look what I don't know but. Who are you. I'm proud don't know what oh yeah he's pulled up did you say you heard my blood -- -- -- like we -- -- -- -- it like you might be in the lead -- all we don't know. -- I go -- and had you told they can now. I really yeah. I really don't you bring you. -- Ricky is welcome my begin I'm -- -- what you gonna black why. Why this thing wrapped around. Why have a big in the blink didn't. Yeah I'm I'm not but yeah. He would of the Lamar Dodd again we have got now the -- -- to -- I have an eight year old going to -- the -- now. The other mode sneaking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- we're now all I'm coming home -- -- you got the -- and no we didn't tell you atop the below the ways to do the. And at some point you think like okay well hey you know they're gonna tell you up is because it's lay you some here do you okay. Have you don't think it now we're gonna live below the belt all right 00. Yeah well it's number maybe. I don't isn't and in whom. You will go open bundle. -- hollow drive and. We could have when you're speaking to go -- the how much -- Hey but the problem they don't really like this look at those kids did circumcised -- -- a -- -- and not a good. I do you think one of two years old room hello and thank you and that was the baby's room. I didn't I forgot to do -- I didn't love comedy like duke. Just like that play -- -- here's a little joke you know yeah. And compile and does and don't want natural rubber and photo NN. Well I'll Mike don't -- crazy story MI but yeah it's a true. If I yet again another one of this series of bizarre story that I can tell Obama's now. You go how the hell does that come from. -- -- god I don't know window -- Not only do it slowly -- hello wolf hello Linda okay. Well I go again later that night got to bring a lot of rolled out this is this is better than I gotta breathe and I. I'm glad you guys I you know see you next week president in the house are those things and it has got them on Friday please oh my goodness -- Oh particular -- that almost always be furious when you take the. I think I was I think -- does well after the all I got it is -- low low low. It's the Bible to put the boot Eagles have brought up a do I have a malpractice do audio bet they yelled something you don't have a malpractice suit boy and hello Mike young debutantes who you talked about reality is still there. Hello. All illegal calls for U shaped. Usually the only. -- aren't like approach also IP maxim it's ever went -- when all rock like rocky the second -- one of -- who has never in my life maximum zone.

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