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Aaron Ward, Bruins Defenseman

Apr 30, 2009|

Aaron joins D&C to preview round 2 of the playoffs

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan tomorrow night at the guard the -- -- round two of their National Hockey League. Playoff run game one against the the -- Joining us on the AT&T hotline -- up preview this for us is Bruin defenseman Aaron -- good morning -- -- John and Jerry here in Boston -- you. Oh we're doing I still have twelve Beers laugh from that -- the fan I got out of the playoffs. Not my -- cocky right what I told the story goes. I felt bad that I -- he said that I drank -- particular period they realize like misinterpret and bolt born Gerald. So you still have the -- you haven't drunk before from the series yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know just realistic it's part about you Patrick before -- -- Marty and Marty in the third round. About how about base of the fact -- just swept your four meetings with Carolina this year by a combined eighteen to six score I'd say just go ahead and drink all four to -- federal XP out of. In the -- I know I got quite honestly about the same -- it's not definitely not and you know it's. It's. Unfortunately you -- all the all the all of statements made for Montreal game this went a little different word I think it's less emotion involved with. With Carolina Hurricanes which you go look at the fact that. Former Conn -- always play in the same way he did in 2006 with with Cam Ward. They're also looking at playing with with a different level of confidence. They changed their system. And you've got a guy like Eric Staal who's just you know running around like a madman to -- Is scoring goals often times he's just playing great so. -- do we do yourself a disservice not understand what really is going on satellite and -- Berman and approaching in the manner that -- from the same team we played. Through the registry is and we took them both spoke last inspired ones will be cakewalk this is this has nothing to do what we're on regular season. -- my guess is that nobody in the Bruin now -- group has more Stanley Cup success than you do too with Detroit and one with Carolina to the young kids outcome do you or have they come -- -- -- process began to -- please tell us what it's gonna be like. Well actually I. I think we we we -- we we we. We headed off early. C made made a point of pull aside guys that we let the young guys together what it was like five or six guys. And we took five or six veterans we met in the back room about four but we will play out started except it's too late. To sit there we consult will -- -- and say guys you ready. You know this is a level of preparation mentally and physically -- on before you step on the case and let us. So we we sat down earlier and and we we've got to cross notebook the level of sacrifice required both mentally physically. Yet -- -- the and other distractions going on media and -- plus some damage stretching right now on but Carolina I'm nobody knew based tickets -- yeah eleven I was getting hammered for tickets. So you know it's. It's horrible things you accept accept any type of our inquiries but I it's also helpful to have a guy like Mark -- there you know these comic strip club on out of -- wide ranging signal here on the radio that Mark -- has -- all of these so he would milder. I sent home the old cliche is that -- that that the emotion ratchets up from regular season the first round of the playoffs the intensity ratchets up from the regular season the first from the west and then again from the first round of the second round but is that possible when your first rounder is the Montreal Canadians in your second would be the Carolina Hurricanes. Simple it's simple decision earlier that once that course that the systemic reform. -- it's. Yeah I actually already know it felt it was couple last for Friday's practice but only nuclear plant. And I think you've got a question then and I would say you know what is it may be able puppet. Have identified opponent. I know that you're you're playing Friday at that level of excitement that that an athlete has that that actual competitive factor that's -- -- It's it's there are now we're stepping up and Edwards say -- play games so I think it has some successes relief for going to Montreal and really all the afford plane Caroline. You've been on three Stanley Cup champs right Aaron. Is this team has brewers team as good as those three teams. You know the question professional work if you can compare that seemed to wanting what we're European and I would honestly say this if like 2016 we talked about it. If the sum of the parts team with a group of guys that. Collectively would -- some special he's so we have our our our lean lean time of both. On March. Going a little bit and April were struggling for wins were I think that -- we've got away from our our identity and we've definitely found it again. But if this team I will I would -- enormously lofty proclamations with this team has that potential. What what's your identity. Well we're we're our identity is basically were work group that is not successful let's rock playing together north working at the places system if you play it successfully. Keep yourself not change the way. And work or will more Lester a group of guys that there were hard workers were not broad based on talent alone you know we've got a lot of talk a lot from what we don't have. I'll Marion hosts Datsyuk and Zetterberg that it's very good book the large over the team. Well world for -- group. Repairing. Defensive corps and a goaltender that -- goaltending and I can understand they have. So you know if if if one of us the first pick off take off a night will not be successful but you just he just sweep of the Montreal series. Where there's potential for a let down because it's of the emotion in -- to be distracted and it didn't happen and well basically demonstrate yourself how successfully can be with but it definitely got. -- talk with the Bruins defenseman Aaron Ward on the EU of game one playoff series number 20. And and scoreboard -- that's the obvious way to tell -- -- -- -- scoreboard aside Aaron how will we know early on tomorrow night whether the Bruins are excusing their game plan that's been working on the last week. Simple to -- it in Arizona and do we get on the defense. But it if it's it's transition from. And we get partners own and we start run and offense around that it can't kill us now we're on our game. No it's because because there as much as we -- -- saying only we get the puck in their own fiscal team it's it's it's how long replicas in their hand right and and how effective we are. As bad doing the things we did concerts and things we did Hamlet where. You know -- -- we make a joke that -- fair was couple pop up and and you look at the goals were scored for -- were able. Cassel -- sin no Wideman shot at the end of the third. 31 heard the third game. That was the turnover created by us we have to create our -- opportunities -- but it really put enough pressure on on the other team's defense. You know aired during the 04 regular season games against the hurricanes you guys stalled Eric stall I don't believe we have a point in any of those four games and I'm wondering is as as the series commences. Do do you deal to you and specifically but the team in general. Deal with him specifically or does he get taken care as part of the entire defensive philosophy. Well you know that second the first two games we have -- -- in Boston so will -- have an option to match up we want against the men and I'll just put out there is that it is miniature -- factor you know. If it's intimidating to. Spoke decorate wheels is a great player. But he has an ability to stifle a a lanky tall guys came in all of like an -- -- and installed the guys who rely on. But the speed genocide is he's very very -- talk about that. But as players you know we will pull every single player part of -- as a part of a player. In all these annual meetings and so have a whole we should all understand. What his tendencies are and what its capabilities -- and and you know you're not going to end up playing in Carolina just -- money -- what Peter Bergeron kobasew regular. Everywhere that they get at some point so we will all understand. What it is yet to be effective against. How does being a Bruin in Boston today compared to be -- 12 years ago. But that's not. Or. Thank you does it do at a question I would note I don't get more people into my mind the. We did did you were you able to go out and about two years ago in the new. Here we go do -- -- vote a vote for your fellow recognize future if you are on the street corner. I go right decade ago what you're doing -- into the hockey player now now it's you know what there's. There's just an encouragement around town so it's it's it's the thing were if that statement by keeping them over over you don't know what will happen if if if this town. This change -- you don't know what local one in the city if you guys take it. I don't believe it now like a genetic shut lock my -- that now I just like with this city erupt and I can actually do believe it and so that is motivating factor for. You also get invited that you budget right they -- in the boot that the Red Sox game -- You two years ago. Two years ago this -- I have been really -- -- and -- and I -- tends to -- about. I think. I does that compare to be in a red wings in Detroit. Very similar -- it. It was a tough tough transition going from Detroit Carolina to go to Detroit north its original six team. I would go I would go places twenty to 25 year old and not if my dinner and have for north opportunities given induced some really cool things -- these great people. And I got Carolina and it was a level of anonymity that -- accustomed to but then you grew to like it well that that. That enjoyment of became more feel like the original six. You know it's come back and it has a bearing on -- a local policies is that returned here. -- he's borrowed and M and you know it's pretty easy no recognizable associates has not yet. The cancer -- that we -- were involved with the couple weeks ago. So I mean it's it's it's been a really enjoyable experience. -- your MO has been you know you'll do whatever it takes to help your team win whether that's you know whatever whatever requires including blocking shots as you get older as you get why it wiser do you ever have one of those oh man as you're going down the block the shot and NC a puck coming at you. What time I have -- man -- -- unfortunately get caught me. The processor does he during practice. That's certainly got literally. Is to Dana truck. And he majority primary to my left side I'm pretty happy when he accidentally killing I purposely have these these session of the team opt for the other probably not the other and yet. -- you your second love baseball on hold until this little Stanley Cup thing is is done and out of the way in the U papal attention party continues serve two masters here during the playoffs. I I I think you have to have is some communication which means testing the game and I hope I got out -- the question but -- filters for some reason. Because of the pressure because of seven Jennifer number one -- the Montreal here's some new formula the toughest series. And the levels stress there was it was pretty apparently -- the point of a distraction. W that distraction but doesn't situation -- -- you get that I got to find a balance so for me go to baseball games was was would get time again -- they're brought into that sports atmosphere of of the boat -- But the city of Boston and how the excitement and then what sports can do for all people -- council that was it was great but. No what I think they're doing playoff travel so -- sinister in the summer I actually trying to hit the cities the cities were in a bit of appropriate spot in a -- watching game on the road. But unfortunately -- Caroline -- help. And and that's of relaxation part of the playoffs that win but it does the Jekyll and Hyde transformation take place on game -- four units so how does that manifest itself parent. -- the game -- -- you go from my by an app global guide to just stay away from me and get ready for the game. All right if it happens for some really early for me and it happens you know. I I think if you keep yourself to bound up and you yourself locked up and and and all the McCain truly -- -- -- going to became an approach which is just so intense yeah. Sometimes -- you just can't yourself least there. For me it happened vital for thirty for the game don't lot of guys that happens pregame skate. So there at 10 o'clock -- -- I don't I don't think guys are are this far out just zoned in on the game. -- -- -- auctioning off for a great suite tickets to game one tomorrow night to the ruins playoffs four suite tickets of the garden view. All the funds raised benefit the Boston Bruins foundation for number 617931850. As Zamboni ride is included in this -- as will -- -- -- bench assistant for a six to twelve year old for -- -- can continue add anything to Vista might inspire people bit more than a thousand bucks started -- well. -- -- -- -- -- Because because I'm not the biggest draw and I would see him -- throwing up about ten. Tim Thomas side future vezina trophy winner's circle -- odd couple reflect state and sort in common. Excellent excellent idea they -- we enjoyed the conversation like the hook up with the -- we go through this playoff run and you don't mind. -- that they don't and I've never I've ever turned eminent. Sounds great -- Florida often rose the president elect tomorrow night I thought -- -- it is on the AT and worldly. Willie was my favorite player on heard that story that a fan game sixteen Colby area elementary one per wind energy to win sixteen win at all yet he said he got that first round of -- tonight it was nasty I would get the first two rounds out the way he has eight -- left they'll need to know 22 series after this one all right the. Auction item has been enhanced for suite tickets to tomorrow night's Boston Bruins game one round two of the playoffs. Zamboni ride bench assistant role for a six to a twelve year old and Tim Thomas autographed stick at provided by our new best friend. Aaron -- 6179311850. Is the auction line -- thousand dollars right now will be back with our number -- the NC.

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