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Curt Schilling, 38 Pitches

Apr 30, 2009|

Curt joins us to chat about the Sox, coaching Little League and his new passion

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It hurts his talks or listen you know you guys it would be good morning it thirty or -- A a a but what you want to talk a card -- something else you know. About Iran's bitch moves. I haven't. Had a I think. Which one thing right we well we don't deny that you know who think you won't torture Kurt. I'm offer whatever puts his country and as soon as possible place to compete in I think anybody that. There's been privy to. That private -- happen uses. Never going to know the full story I mean I think that's one of those that that that battle that disorder itself the discussion over. A do you think. And this is sort of a hypothetical. That that pig's blood in a squirt gun they would be effective and -- would be considered torture by the Obama administration. I have to -- mistress were considered torture would be I think when -- -- -- the deep religious ramifications. For Muslim -- its. Yeah and and let's face it his top priority in his first hundred days -- -- as much Muslim mask your possible and reaching out in changing our image abroad and all that other. I certainly get the field -- it is all about everybody would suggest is we. You know we got here now. Thank you -- out of just talk sports -- so sick of this other stuff and read something to you that appearance and Selena Roberts block. Up about it brought an aunt and I wouldn't know it all your years in organized baseball that you ever or you normally. I don't want to do with failure and I -- Setup is -- we're just tutored in the got to hear this a number of things you know they're saying that. It was teammates in 2000 lives called him essentially big boobs because -- put on fifteen pounds. Via an out route -- corals a condition called. Genetic honesty at the him because my elbow electorate that's not the most salacious thing. A A-Rod. -- -- When he played for the Rangers by letting opponents at the -- know which pitch was coming. And this took place doing lop -- ball games A-Rod expected players helped. Would reciprocate when he was having an off night. And needed to get his batting average up now are part of pitchers stepping you know we're -- that they're doing with the pets have you ever heard of anything like this in life. Both know. No no no don't go. You believe you know if there's a book about our absolute limit -- capital was right because that's horrible things. You would not say -- a player that's -- you know those that all book what rule yeah after a couple of there's just put the president's secret book. And this would be to the -- that I -- that is. Beyond. Battle bowl committee. You would give up a teammate. To an opponent. To -- the whole bit in hopes that you get these are acting police at about. And no to think that if there is some corroboration if there's indeed -- teammates -- Who's who claim this is true that it does more damage and anything that's -- in his life for me whether -- steroid. Field yeah yeah not just good part is that you know unable. I had never thought about that but I would probably not and I'm thinking about it. I don't imagine that he's probably the only guy ever come up with that. And that's that's scary. -- -- this only be done by a second baseman and a shortstop based on. Making the sign from the catcher. Most likely -- catchers in record -- you know need you know. And I've been a situation where etiquette to tell a guy just 22 -- up visit did not council work and it. I can all's well that that's to my blog. So how would this work he he he would know as a shortstop. Just -- given recovered science you know opened our goal mouth while to decide what to adjust. Whatever they're -- there's a -- to wait you probably do that they've. Well that that's that the mine -- what are. I said earlier that given the choice of playing for Pete rose when he was betting on Europe need him. Versus having a rod being your shortstop and tipping pitches but -- guess is that percent of Major League baseball's would rather play for Pete rose. Yeah -- 1% yeah unless he'd better get to that Niger to check -- in you know but yes I -- Now when the call while -- this area I can even imagine. I don't. I think -- is kind of embracing his new found status is this lightning Ron this guy who's bigger than the game. I promise you. I'd keep you might work there is no possible way he -- to put a smile as -- -- ago. Well not that. Particular revelation. No. None of that bit past the as for someone that is -- image conscious -- noted the image is beyond repair -- that is right I disagree we guys that are earlier about the fact that. And he's putting himself up to the bureau there's no possible way there's no way. He comes back to that point you'll run this first week you don't get in the studio but there's not a but it -- it's still like. But he could come in that band -- could hit forty and encourage less than pulsing this in this guy desires to below wants to be you know I mean you read -- and I think he's got around the bend these kind of he likes to be kind of a polarizing no lightning on. The hard I disagree I think it's all about want to be like yeah yeah I think his whole if you look at the way he uses. I mean I can remember. There's in the 2000 two All-Star game. I went up and and and said it was and if you're. If you -- -- -- -- particular -- -- nobody on and two -- if at all possible. It would immediately what jumps up Rudolph -- -- like. What do you mean political point out what it's about -- little world out the -- -- -- ultimate outcome. -- topic -- WW dot nobody out and expect -- rebounds while we take the first one. Play good and an eight total rate base strikeout and apathy about he tells me I wasn't sure pure white to me you're not. Like okay. I think it a little -- what I that would be like the opposite of course why people don't produce something went on didn't do it publicly if you. So we do planted the seeds of its didn't bring her Armando yeah yeah culpability Alina. Does anyone think that is the revelation or any kind of bombshell that she's going to write that he was doing -- on the on the juice in a high school and continued. To take -- performance and enhancing drugs in New York. Well but but it can listen I'm not gonna make the broker comment of judgment without reading them actual of the book that. I don't they just writing it. I know his his teammates are burdened stated he admitted he did it -- that he you know that's different. It's several someone writes something went to teammates corroborate stuff. That's true and -- teammate corroborates the pits tipping thing yeah he might he might have to go up there in full body -- the going to be from it actually a school teammates plural. Told Selena Roberts that -- was using steroids back then -- school and his coach -- team also told. Says that and the hard part about that is if you if you. I mean I'll I'll go back up points on my I would imagine that's something it didn't -- -- -- the time for instance some -- probably brag about. In this in this circle to hung out without a doubt if you talked about it and and you put on. Point five pounds between yourself -- junior high school. -- cannot put on six tickets site there's a there's some scientific issues and. It moves plus he was hanging and would Canseco they were friends they were golf and bodies work nobody's back when he was in Seattle. Because they lived and it. So public official demand -- believe it. Rodriguez went -- -- it's important once -- a little -- Not for him now. -- on the situation you you've gone from the public figure high profile Major League Baseball player to weigh up private citizen now how how has you know like a month month and a half in the real deal gone for you and a growing pains. Don't know at all not at all we actually had an event last night in Boston downtown Boston for for a charity that we. There were involved in note from a difficult you'd care for kids about his match burgers and it was the first time that child and never spoke openly about our our situation and home the child of the affected by Asperger's. It was is a pretty pivotal important and powerful microbes. Which child the work that you should. A lot of our voice I don't like pretenses. He's just he's just an incredible joy of a treasure to be -- it's been around -- Has been embraced by that you care program out here and it's something that. We were very we we -- about two years now and and we've been dealing with it internally especially tendon. And we still have state police that the people of the city in the in the New England states. Continue to embrace subsidence and our charitable causes and we've tried that. -- once again use that kind of -- opportunity we've been presented with stupid to get the message out there that you know regardless of the -- -- my fastball from last year's restored everybody else loves the game. Things going on -- -- and it was a it was a big deal and and people reacted responded tremendously and and you know they're they're as close to cup million dollars race last night. What is his youth can't do -- You'd -- to summer camp for kids suspected by a -- has inspecting the spectrum disorder Asperger's. It's a place where kids that are affected by these these. These issues can go and then really it in an Agile be accepted. A lot of a lot of optimism and a lot of Asperger's is about social awkwardness. And and in this stated in this society and fortunately. On. That's a tough thing and I had it hit home with me. Like a populist comic about month and a half -- -- approaching the first boldly take. Governor all the time but I would that the draft believer not -- -- team and when the children. On the list of draftees was there was that a large discussion. About hey we don't want to talk about the people vivid graphical they'll fit and -- went through their -- draft there was have a discussion about. This child and the the eight became very clear to me that there were a lot of grown men saying. You know I don't want to put up with a -- blah blah blah blah blah. And if they don't hit me want pundits that this is a situation that might some might be actually have already been involved in people to be talking about my top like this. And it blew me away it blew me away because we only can and then sports for children at about the kids. All of -- about it did not have to do appear to be adults. Why can't. You know at this -- current. I find Little League is is more than any in the sport is about the parent is about the father. Who thinks he's still in the -- and that is Evan Longoria and thinks you know it's all about not getting him ready for the next level. Yeah well I mean an -- A very clear about my involvement. Whatever that was going to be there's a couple things personal front which was also not only -- disappoint everybody here is decent chance. That is typically typically. -- -- we -- we operate from that that that standpoint and we can afford that we realize that this is about. Working with young men can they are done that. If working with young men and making sure that they -- this will be better better teammates better. With respect for the game that teammates and each other and an understanding but it needs to be a part of it even leadership. And yet you don't have to start at the top with the with the adults in the it was just the it was one of those pivotal moments in my life where it said to myself. Somebody out there are saying about my child and I was offended but I was bothered an upset in slightly different ways. And then I expected elect businesses in this is wrong has -- right and and put it on my -- is Obama located. In what the hell out of being involved with him and hit and then come and join in all things from with the. The card itself play now you have a third charitable entity you're directly involved with -- at -- this autism Asperger's syndrome situation just the basic you know what a one freshman. A course on this if you will just a second or two of of the signs the the effects in the symptoms that parents are looking for this. Well it's eight. It is probably one of the most recognizable cause is now because it seems to be. You know -- we go through cycles in in charitable giving his lawyer there's that mainstream Hollywood thing in whenever it's affected only when it's on people magazine. The becomes the hot button topic disliked you know what -- let let our strong with the cancer there was aids and breast cancer awareness of autism. It is it is becoming. I wanted to say the statistics now one of every 150 it's. Which is like at 2000% increase last twenty years. And there's a lot of discussion in in a lot of different fields about the effects of -- childhood vaccinations. Or optimism. There's there's no definitive science behind any of -- yet but but we we noticed. We knew all along but we never really truly do until the official diagnosis treatment and it was just. Don't think our art's son is the most loving caring individual you wherever you could ever -- these two best friends of the world. Our -- Down syndrome child spinal muscular atrophy and his whole day revolves around. These kids. Enjoying life. And he has been huge -- for poor people that that other people is disadvantaged because he's been a special. And I -- -- -- I didn't -- it is being that kind of a person has means authors -- -- -- not mean political world that's exact opposite. We're all about. Clicks in circles in popularity and what's cool and what's not and -- wakes up every morning. And his whole life revolves around other people being happy. And and it's it's something that we deal with my wife has had to. Regardless or see if you can think back to that the deal with the two for two years old by herself but then. Been away and then played baseball in one of the reasons. That that the decision in -- -- -- -- this political thing it's the chance to make sure that that that we do some things change and why isn't. In something that is directly affecting us. Her -- getting bombarded you're the greatest is with calls inquiring about more information is our website look at what's the Google. I'm glad you've been there unitarian and Massachusetts and I would imagine there's there's going to be -- talk about a poll question I have an opportunity. But there is they're did beat the Tampa is is is receiving. Donations they're doubling our enrollment size and it is very. They want to comment that that we talked about was that -- you know you're. Your biweekly incomes shouldn't dictate the carrier try overseas. And this is one of those things that there are so Albany parent -- want to depicted in the in the programs and in the camps. That suffer from autism suffer from past first but they can't because of there's just not enough moral. And so they've they've generated a lot of funding to to decrease the size and attempted double the enrollment size. It is far away the most incredible experience we have -- on. In dealing with it up to this point it's the cause we will be very very happily involved with. Are at the the website will look at sports MGH. Youth care dot or will give you can we say about a -- -- put. On the Dennis and Callahan page of the link they arrested one of the DNC page in a few minutes. We'll hook you up to MGH youth care dot war. For all the just fox wants people to match a sports question. About which is greater Kurt your appreciation for the first place fourteen and seven record your former teammates. Have constructed so far or your concern about Lester and Beckett for the month of April. I'm not concerned about -- -- all W you don't talk about this all -- -- concern I have it figured out April helping you. Because they Josh is gonna track record of these LP compared to economic win. You know you'll put together a run of fifty -- -- dark street a chance to win every game. Jonathan don't forget he's not 49. You know he's -- he's still brought big -- -- still maturing and still growing stuff is there it is about by the consistent. And that that's that's he's pitching. I think what that is you're number two removed from from. And do it new life. He lost a lot of weight came back. You know he's still it's -- he's not gonna use that excuse and I want to but I don't right now it's it's. It takes time to develop that consistency even if he hadn't gotten sick about a way to stop -- developing these. Even much even now he's developing even more intense ought to worry about either one of those -- The the big thing about the the winning streak is it I think for me it just. You don't talk and they are people on every thing that happens everything's on paper and you get to retort it'll start to be able to whip up some of those papers in Belgrade on the other ones. I think that this validates the message that they went through the market with this quarter which was depth and it it. -- want to -- -- -- need to recognize you better start this season with thirteen or fourteen big league pitchers Roger roster. Even if there on the DL or triple that you need that many pitchers to survive it really it's it's even more parted because it's a war of attrition and the fact that that they got small and and untrue broke ground in the differently this is not -- at all last that the differently depiction. The you've gotta you gotta know and and people prepared epic collapse in the American League and sometimes you might have been and actually and he'll get there. When you Sigalet chien-ming long just lose it completely of the thirty some media array go down -- extend its AAA. Do you expect him to bounce back from that -- is that a guy who if you think it's an injury. -- -- I don't I don't think you see. Now in the other thing to remember too is that -- this division. -- Extrapolate or -- or make things appear to be bigger than they are. Do you have a bad aliens in this area don't mean to disparage another division -- about -- in the NL west. Power or heard it another division you go through the thirtieth before until about outing against the Red Sox. You give up eleven into a third but it it is a different degree but but someone as -- -- -- and stop its -- it's electric. He's an old guy that did hitters repeatedly talked about not wanting to pay when we knew he'd see those guys pulled up one -- I always go back to. To be it some sort of an. What about David Ortiz that a play with -- when he sees. Inability to drive -- home run and -- You're gonna be in here on the big show sometime you've got to get ready for four -- of David Ortiz talked -- -- Red Sox fans art and riveted to this David Ortiz walked to win is he going to actually drivable drive into the gap part. Well you know let's go to one of the problems -- -- -- your victim -- success he's published removed from -- home front. He's a couple years of being an MVP candidate. And when he doesn't go to for three with a double aren't too locks people think you know it's it's -- and with. Punished but it's real -- I -- Just -- not a puppet -- -- deeper support it but the big thing here is a good bit mentally he's the I -- please pass the point of but protection thing because he's got an MVP candidate behind them it's not many but I -- I would argue -- you're probably gonna have very similar numbers. And in elected Clinton. It's a hard game. It is this is the best in the world and and there are you don't my eight the big thing for me is David -- all the Italy right now. You know he's he's he's hit some balls that you would expect. -- you're already here to go work -- doubters. And so I feel all right I think I would still I'm still probably going to put thirty and a hundred them. Just because he can get -- runoff seven in four days. And and and and do that in in this lineup the the bottom line is though the beauty of it is they want eleven and row and they don't have -- feasible yet. Plus he's not stubborn about it even he even took a check swing and hit into the shift. For a single last night which -- much surely would have done if he had been driving the ball he's he's taken he's doing what he can do which is. Though you'll -- went with a guy like doubt it's against the shift Q because they're not comparable themselves of the -- popular bit about an adjustment whatever. Put that did it speaks volumes to the kind of person that he is he trying to point -- it meant to capture something and and often witty. -- of them winning is -- -- very big deal it's been the priority there are stacked right he'll get it isn't he. He's got the competently to make that. Told them how does your Little League team look. Two and all the medical teams and. Oil royalty is done the roles in the Dodgers his last picks and Ike could. Couldn't build the team many thought. All right two things right down people MGH. Youth care dot org we will win on the Dennis and Callahan page. Multiple occurred as an event may ninth for Asperger's syndrome and you can check out bottom line is well it's 88 the initials AAA and the that's what would it be autism has Asperger's syndrome New England. Eight ANE dot org it's call laugh out while the Paula poundstone has may ninth you can get the details on that website from that you know. We've seen you attacked. LS and and with conversion rich and with which hasn't affected your family and all I can imagine how. Passionate you will be about this cause. Evidence then that John is right there with me here's he's the driving force and and it's and not a pretty it's a pretty powerful thing to be effective and you know it's as as the fathers. What some comes into your home that that you don't want and -- the you don't have control over in April policy about component something's. You -- for other areas or applicant in the airport as well. -- A great job good talkin' to you may try to keep your if your private functions that are in items early -- he's that are neither you are right. -- does gala at the Curt Schilling and is on the AT&T hotline. AT&T. Your world delivered Bruins defenseman Aaron Ward after McDonald's sports flash.

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