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Monday, April 27th Whiner Line

Apr 27, 2009|

Post-draft, Pete's new program, more madness from Everett, plus Gollum and Eddie from Lynnfield.

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Views expressed don't know why airliner not necessarily those of a big show with staff board WEEI in general don't blame us for what these nit wits today that day they don't speak. -- say I'm taking responsibility for this I mean really we have to make -- -- -- count on us to be able to get back -- -- and get things right and now. And we've we've stayed with the things that we know how to do real well. But now we have to make just -- knows what we're just not what I mean many problems but WEEI. Whiny you're alive. Not I would say is we have to go back to work -- -- -- -- we have find ways to create offense again because right now we don't have anything at this. It's given us just -- for both -- so dial 7793535. -- -- in the current the consequences are clear policy consequences well that's you're paying the consequences are clear on it if you lose then yeah. Yes I had no matter if it's just fun -- brown and have a running neck. Does he do this all right our -- we've -- the -- Newark -- commodity. We'll. And now you go on there would be no but what do you don't. That WEEI. Whiner line. To signal that it should patriots just -- stepped in with some and swagger that you. -- was the you'll I can't tatters and I can't tell you it is -- it is special. Assured him coming up overnight -- now on the broadcast or video for celebrate. A special breed Jersey with the sniffles cutouts. Roethlisberger. With. Welcome I -- when you're showing church. -- One with that but Lehman and that will speak French boy who make an excellent summer first you're you're going to see a lot of the only issue because in the -- rivers raging how many people in the first. Thirty years of their existence than it. The -- celebrate it. He's pro shop right now. As of right now it went through a game -- I want to live percent of my -- was pointed out the department to -- about -- just -- moment they dirt cheap prices all the departments that stuff. Every day every Grossman's bargain outlet stores at the top of the surely they'll take it all the but we'd be in the program with 56. Remaining for the seventh annual awards. Thursday night June 25 choking slide in five. Or forty bucks a pop or free parking. Course the -- parties around Leo whole area -- party. The court on the foam or Dell Dell catapults are expressed Dale's house. Now this slide but we have 5060s that was it remaining for the that 25 so go on line right now. QWTI dot com go to the fictional page in the petroleum. Wait -- Just -- its way to way to put a priority put the -- now pizza yeah Europe middle picture approach out. Excuse me. A good idea. But we spoke expression and marketed -- Well it all along those itself. Ones and a few years ago when let. Us. Well I had to do and he made lots of money don't nine asserted. That. I and it lets don't give up. Well how about an -- opted gone. What I call it won't happen pat on the back and that's about it let's pick it Monday. -- -- -- checked his email voice or that left the worst elements adjustments that -- -- and you know all good things. A nothing that -- check it. It's -- well yeah it probably shocked by the fact that people could build. I'll tell that I would look -- it -- both political. Opponent. Cut out the bad guys. Well. -- -- Didn't choke trying. So hard and flat here. Debate remember the patent and advocate that Aaron what happened at. -- -- -- -- And -- do that they'd killed in an India's. Tobago say that like the hot dust dirt they can Dow Jones did anybody else like yeah. Panic panic when they had that and then. -- -- They would press. I've been somewhere other kind of -- -- the patriots where -- -- -- It's funny if it was complaining that -- -- Enron went from like three times analyzed six days five days quite freaked him exactly. Like rebook you at the Mexico. -- and DoubleClick joke birdies early on and true. -- Try to understand okay very potent. And -- -- borrowed direct connect -- would -- PP. That don't work well yeah. -- -- Barry. And that's going to be for yes to these are such Negroponte my stature. On the -- and see if -- was here -- -- -- got that. All now. Except that. They gravitate to be drafted by the New England Patriots that's LB Willie Andrews. -- treating them well. Men can register the car at least that's all you gotta do spent time. One why would you do it and went to out smart dot -- -- smokes and soy wax. Become routine. Quigley didn't encrypt their -- on the DL over. And yeah we don't theater in McGill gorilla that's a problem this. Actually. That's -- news. Guys predict. -- then -- get -- a lot of Brett Anderson. -- -- you pick a book. About it won't be the ball out of country. Yeah I want to ask the question now when you -- up like that. And China. You get to -- did editorialists. I did that was that was -- please let's sent some additional buck you should hear when he interviewed commissioner at the Super Bowl right now it's just unbelievable. Jackson precisely the point on job Tom. Right as a result -- -- thanks. Talk about. Yeah yeah. It's a joke. Connecticut abroad as. Well as the emotional topic. That they couldn't. It's not about them and talk about what -- -- Now. So tackles. Olympics heartland and -- -- -- -- -- joke you morons. Coming up tonight -- -- Mike -- -- Talking about. Yeah. And they talk about things to talk about. But your -- that's why I said it. And. It's either going to come out of this look at acting. I -- that I know. They have no middle class black yeah I can always just sit up by just to -- -- -- way -- sound like -- actually. Is this the choice one way it yeah. -- -- -- And message. You were definitive statement I think they've made a mistake. It. Robbery nonaligned that they that -- -- actually met they're going to get data gathered if you could talk about ticket prices because that is having trouble bill like some other. And and now. And ordered -- mine back -- -- That's a recording them we'll clubs that the laws. I would watch him while Brian Scalabrine played yesterday about boys that they have thought we'd like -- I cannot always kind of grounded -- in the movies but. -- Actually nice file that I actually here's somebody on television. In that game. Actually stated that could be reason that he's wearing that thing because these discussions. Did its. -- looked immediately at Elektra like little statement like much but. -- Big star -- here. The McSorley got it right -- time it would have been many had suspected. And the message then just. Yeah and bring back. What's the big vote no on this and of course. Big thing I'd love to have you -- I -- -- -- message. While the Rosalia. Oakland let me get this right. I really know a lot about people. Brady. We have called really bad it still doesn't come back and ultimately cast -- -- -- -- -- And that the basketball. The we. You're -- And the college news new things happen and then like I did like you asking Belichick would reduce future IKEA -- yards as Britain and that we -- him. We're from about one. You broke -- and a good choice. On the morning show aren't dead birds Kentucky fried chicken has a guilty pleasure. More like a -- color Pallet pool with. See they gave the patriots draft an a plus because it would be tough guys and we -- -- that they ought to look at it differently like after it. Yeah I know is -- Punitive. We will. It's. Four. I didn't know what kind of dull. Oh vote. Oh. It. As it currently is no way. It's. Easy yes -- -- -- -- He added big. It's -- partners unfortunately my peace accurate. -- never know. I regret that it -- The equipment that would remembered. And we didn't quit brotherhood. And -- the picnics and -- -- pop. Up. And but. You can beat the it probably would have a web board of I I particularly don't like you always want all -- -- to got to pay yes are now. -- But the good news. Yeah and -- With the Arabic -- Hey -- its finest it's nice that that would skated to opportunity yes or no what's it going to be that was nice -- not hockey. He. Okay. They -- them in bulk from. Easy. -- -- Okay. Bonds. Well we. You know it it did here in. Yeah. And the message. And vote from -- Apple remote code number that -- the problem it's I'm an -- yeah but you cannot get back about what. -- did not have a dare you blasphemy. Speaking of Barry -- Mary's checker emails -- is important. Why -- -- related emails she needs to answer all -- woman mayor wrote to get that she's a -- At public eye and a packet handling and -- -- -- -- back on the planet with him how. -- After I am yeah nobody bought it about perhaps activate it. Why. -- I. The ducks in principal. May be back -- next unit in the -- -- -- projects upon what that is an assistant at some of these fees out of -- want out of parts you know that thank you. Does he points out and we can you have -- the ability to and it's a tribute to. I would have absolutely. Well what are currently self respects the will be glad to us and -- think -- will be Hazel Mae in the role of it is about oh. -- one of my all time Mexico and Clinton's. As was mentioned the problem for him. Recently -- are gonna -- -- look like a moment. It'll look -- that. Every mountain and let's --

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