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Apr 27, 2009|

Bill joins the Big Show for his annual post-draft breakdown.

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Pretty wild weekend between the Celtics -- Red Sox of course the NFL draft. And joining us live with a full line right now let's talk a little bit about the NFL draft your coach the New England Patriots Bill Belichick and bill -- They're glad that I era we're doing -- Those are they guys don't. From in touch so he's a little lost without you balusters right after. A thirty he has ole miss them I'm media speaking at -- on every. Every media outlet the and it -- -- him I don't know just bought it and that's resonating a stock slowly now about the -- strategist -- just let the coach -- -- never be bigger than the show he's the -- well let me -- -- off by. Asking you want if you ever have any intentions when you go into a draft. On exactly. What you want and as this one is now finished. Did you pretty much do what you wanted to do. Well -- thank you you know you kind of go under the -- General. Then the game plan you know where it like to be at -- -- in the draft with. If they're not -- at the same players in the in the fourth proudly talked about her round and -- -- try to try to go to strip look at those first two rounds and try to maximize opportunities there and any the recalculate the lower and -- That second round overhead in the second again. And take your new game plan from their base. On the board then and maybe a year teams changed after the first. But we tried not. It at -- too many specific. Scenarios plan especially when. The Pickens like we were two point 31 thing when they're in the top and Israel have ample they really were well. That toy story. With our respect optics this year we can and anywhere from. It a potentially. Around the top ten news. And background and the turnout we. But much at the second round. But that's kind of how they -- So much bill was made. As you drop down and each one of those acts. A linebackers who were still on the board and I think a lot of people anticipated that that's where you're going to go and obviously went into a different direction. -- was that because one you're right now encouraged with the young linebackers you have. Guys weren't there that you felt good day help you out right now or three there's some other Nancy you have. For linebacker help. Well first -- But they do -- you just couldn't say that there's nobody there that help. You're talking about the first round of the trip there there are so a lot of players that but of -- been contributed. About what football and that well probably a pretty well. I think again we try to do is maximize the value of your -- -- only their. They can politics but many players in the pick one and news. Cast of about one you know a lot of others and -- it again. Really question. They -- opportunity though like the the trade down. It was good you were given up. -- -- -- In the end the treatment dream that day. Were -- Back in that Chong. Oh lose. Ended up into second round expects yours so after all that washed out. -- Only three thirty war and and still have to sort out their next year in addition the -- not the same numbers but. Or picks in the first day of betrayal like we wouldn't it. Which I thought that was that was good value and oh what a -- -- there. We are at their plant players up there so we just try to get the most. The most for -- portrait champ. Hey bill there was this conversation on Friday that. The patriots were attempting to get up to number rate in -- Katrina with Jacksonville. No way. There's no way with Jacksonville has we will oh Jacksonville was has been tried trade out of that autumn and six weeks before the draft but that everybody in the bleak news. And and sure they called everybody who's behind them and duke the -- -- and so forth so on that and it was a very you know that's a -- literary fiction. Nate and they were very anxious for teams not just but. Mean talk people leave their parents. Make an offer. Because distance what. You know what they could get that pick and predicted to and that much of the nature of our station. To they -- all but it's all. Did you find fascinating. What was going on kind of in that top five. At all just with you all of a sudden Saint Louis which could. Put up for sale sign on that's number two pick on Friday again there was conversation where they might takes it -- Seattle was supposedly going to -- Sanchez. Was the C and she is deal one that you found it as someone who. Watches -- machinations did you find that fascinating. Well -- it it didn't surprise me that that there were many trade at the top of the trip for two reasons one. I think there's -- reluctance by most -- trade have been there because of the a financial patience of the pick and again like last year when Miami took. Jake Long. When they elected then he came highest paid apple I'd I'd been -- one lead it never taken and so. For the first five or six players that. But then that highest paid but there amongst our eyes a or at some cases are highest paid at their position just by nature that of that election -- I think -- going to trade up in the air and if so the teens were anxious again now and what what probably the jets on the trade church should have given for that. Technical expanse. They've they've probably got off you know lot lighter than what chart. Because there were no there a lot of sellers and no buyers and though that. That's -- analyze that and it in to remove and open to that range in your -- of a bailout money. Then the quarterback is historically the position that they get most anyways all the terms. If you move up to -- high. You move up pretty high -- area anyway despite the nature positions so that Ali you know debate that's the digestible. -- then the tree down that. If you work at eight inches for any of those. -- you know Cleveland. They -- -- and get the true value of the of the actually move. Mr. they've a lot of money in. Buy a ticket lower or they have. So those of those charts updated now they. Useless something. On it you're -- to penetrate the top of the draft list last few years and and I think that's probably going to continue now. Your game plan if you were talking about players. You know the team he instantly were just you know climbing each over each other yet then that might. Might change that they -- I don't think there are a lot of players. And players were taken out there are the players but it just don't think that they were held for that but the whole thing and you know this disguised as change or French. Football players -- there be it wouldn't close but not. The players that was probably bored and move into that in the. Coach -- and a couple players that you did pick up you get these kids and you know everybody talked about Darius butler you know with the com mine. Kind of physical specimen you know race is a local kid and of course television top pick but. You get Ballmer you talk about him being that good lookin' right tackle -- six foot eight. He -- the potential to pack on some weight. Talk a little bit about him and Warren -- does -- -- a little bit of sale hoax done due to move him around on the interior to help. Keep number twelve on -- -- Yes they the both of those so or -- plate. Played left guard at Penn State also available but right art and work it better but they had Shipley added that -- all -- -- came -- draft. And so rich never really played banner and a but he practiced that banner day. One -- stations so. You know he worked all off. And you know we've worked out now all all of that but I think he he will have the versatility -- -- response then. And then. I also think that he may be competitive world -- The that'll shake -- Those some of them all these. And thank there that we do is that a you know other and that all homer. They'll all the big big -- that they re -- Now man. But -- well conditioned athlete. No I think there is only a put on -- wait I think he's pretty -- political you know little little -- -- -- a couple years ago. So he's he's not wanting Juan. -- -- And very. In a very visible. And has the right tackle and body. Played left tackle at Houston and also are these. It right back east west game though it looks like he has at least the chance that -- only. The year ago. They coach a lot of people had you taken thought butler might be and they are the first round if you're -- the first round pick -- surprised two part question when we surprise -- was there when you got him into. The UConn football program in general since coming back to division one. Not too bad what they've accomplished in such a short month time. Well that absolutely eat and and just going over to work Al at the end of that in March he deceased from. Who worked out there quality of the of the players not just the ones that were were drafted for a million Euro weakened but. Also just the overall they -- these receivers. Linebackers. You know we're back now he's. Had a lot of athletic is the work -- Looked very competitive. Focused on the work I mean just it's just it was a good look in. Senior class that look in the it wanted to play with all the heat and and have to have it now though with. -- Indians in the program that they but the others you know them there -- And a -- oh what -- -- -- the vote fell I would say yes you know we. I think you know pretty much the projected. You know alt on those net and butler on it Davis the reformers. And probably they'll be quite as well aren't they. And then as as he's -- -- And brace also there on the war we just felt like we needed to get up of a team. The sport those players and forty the fortieth 41 we -- Oakland. I'm 4740. And we also at the 41. And so we selected those two players together. I I I just don't think that they both of them there -- that we've got one at 41 and then. You know I think people we. They'll have as many pictures and the the versatility in the way you have those -- and the fact that you already have a pretty good football team. Does that enable you to take a few more chances out there Campbell's a look at -- -- that obviously if he's healthy. He's probably drafted and higher position if you have a little bit more risk taking that you can. Deal with with the situation you're -- You know -- I think there's potential that would be there Oakland but it'll -- like there was a law. -- like we had a lot of -- he picked I would but he misses. You know this is one that it. Could turn out real well or not turn out well all but a -- days. But. First level player now. And you know we feel like -- situations is actually going to be -- all. -- Rear Britney injury like that that -- entry but. A lot of players both on our team for utley if compact and McKenzie has started -- programs that workers. In it and all players starter and state. That's programs in the country. Off the rearrest her legal line was down there. Long -- You know warriors walk away. Fires and other but be good program them here all the -- pre production and they've. Stripped. I mean there. The election won Roland. And there Richard you know players spurred Georgia Tech in these these these are again. All the players now on the air. So. I think that it was greatly. Well -- guys that worked very well and to elect relevant act apple. You know. These the earth. Go to you pick IG. Cat could see where they can fit them back to Brandon Tate will he be more say your ex guy here's here's plan as opposed to your -- being is he. Yes I think that's right. Though it and I but I do think that Brandon has the versatility to plan walked in in place there North Carolina. He -- the coach which stated that -- David he's been a number of rules kick return certainly offensively. Satellite received our men and -- -- in all reverses split screen. -- passes. You know just wait to get the ball in his hands and all three of those guys were were very productive. And Hartman pack one and hate all very very productive. Well when that happened you know they just got the -- around -- across the room. And around or draw player whatever quote that they were outstanding principal and that would also -- off two and a number of those late and just like they do. Well in the -- Bill -- like talked about injuries a lot to -- any idea on when Tate. We CB media. Perhaps of training camp guy. Who could stand out there. In. I really don't a lot of detail on there and built to process and -- rain then they probably don't -- right now Brady went down -- at least a week -- -- will be available at both jobs pretty good with us. I was -- top. I'm good. Very low -- before we hit let's. I'm you know it it the unique employer. In February five and then there's you know and -- but that's just. They. You know -- a doctor's examination. Of medical room. You know like on a doctor's office it's not. Yet now -- buddy buddy. You know. Different weight resistance that is all that so you know we'll see how it goes this week. You know when he here -- you know over the campus. The other rule that people's patience Dolan and the and we we that it. Unfortunately in number these. Injuries I -- the injuries before. And bowl the panel were he has adamantly appropriate agreeable patient. Culture -- were part of it. Bowl you know get it back the old strike. I'll -- -- long ago they -- they. With office shall be you know really know that they use actually didn't work at hand on an obviously. Do. I don't know you gotta go back to work there any. Undrafted players you can tell us about. You know on I'm not I know we've talked a number oh well I'm not sure exactly where we are again -- process is. Talk to Larry talk to the agent and it and and then potentially use it on track. My contract and that's fine but at the contract it. You know back back and forth and so. You know. This year we we are at a couple of you know yet that was common and then. It wasn't common. Ones where he's on -- world. You know it. We're back in. And you know Gary airtight plastic. That we. We in Reno area. And the agent minority. Talked the Cisco and went there as. And there was miscommunication. There there. You know whatever the world. So that's kind of -- of this is another solar and you know on its oversight he'll liver I think. You know -- on -- And no word battle whale was just you know if they're now. It's funny you mentioned Mac has ever seen anything released by the patriots but agents are releasing the information out there. While they're the ones who really control it because until the agent and players behind is it doesn't really mean things we can but it well you know once -- he spent on but you know until you'd sign it and it in our hands. You know that's really. You can -- you're gonna calm and a as with any evidence the packet. World. You know out of long contract negotiations are. That -- thanks for reminding me. I'd coach lets you get back to what coach we'll talk to assume. Okay -- great great -- you guys again and per share all the coverage everything this weekend and you know hopefully will be able. It would give a little more information after we you know be open and go for Medicare so look for -- -- -- wrote. He's got -- NC coach who are going to get.

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