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Apr 2, 2009|

Curt joins D&C for his first radio interview since hanging up the spikes

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Joining us on the AT and outline your world leopard. Former Major League pitcher Curt Schilling poker -- Narnia. You you comparable with that former Major League -- thing I suspect. It fictional like a total bust your answer. Drops hey guess what might have come back completely yankees next year. And willful but that there might inherited plate to do I was so proud and so terrified that -- thought that he can do so even put. And liked immensely access code right let's let's tell the truth that -- would you like to an actor comeback on our show so you're you're you're six year old was once that that about a -- or ten days ago you announced on your 38 -- blog on WPI dot com retiring but my guess is you knew well before march 23 it was over right. I was pretty sure yeah. Eight -- leave the fear that they. I'm I think I'm probably gonna. The big or a few people among the -- -- profession and at that professional and actually nothing to do with the decision to retire. -- I retire because there's other stuff are want to do experience -- -- and then it. There's the ability to play baseball. Was not the issue or ordered not not even. Factor. In in the decision. Your last appearance was winning game two of the World Series versus Colorado and despite the injury in the surgery after that. Doesn't that easily qualify as going out on top and how many guys and say that. Yes every yeah I've ever looked at that wave. But you are probably up but elected to -- worst they'll keep this is -- -- Morris Norwalk. That the who was held. You -- Don't meet. We could have problems on some sort of we should do that a curtain since you can't join us every week that he used to have a replacement. Mitch Williams will be joining us every week. Boy I also. Interview that would be weekly. Up a so we really didn't know I remembered that it -- -- I don't even believe it to be honest I don't believe that you put the towel over his head was disrespectful to Mitch Williams. He's a liar. He's a lawyer he's eaten in addition to be a lot of Ortiz liner. You don't want to vote issues. I did have a -- I had for. Probably expect what pilot it is still hard to tell ahead of nearest base your liberal politicians in. I don't remember -- Angel was in the in the LCS but but I would argue probably before their fifth game. They appalled came to me and he was test and he mentioned that instead it'll disrespectful. This and disrespect -- man and I was mortified. I didn't even I mean and I know it's it's those books history it's the you know that's what I'm told you I didn't realize that in the service he said that. I went to Mitch and I said -- I'd do actual story. You we'd all like each other we spoke conversed. Every element and he said they're a threat I did receive bigger by the watch it's it's every day you look terrible when his world running jokes. So then. Within a couple things about it we -- a World Series match itself these buttons that says I survived watching Mitch pitch an -- -- -- Walter. Struggled -- on -- and in all this has been turned around to be something vastly different and he's such he's a liar -- he'd -- you know if you've ever sent any being. To the contrary I understand the disrespect he absolutely rivets your clothes they. It's called to -- It to a life of its opponent and and becomes opium never once the in a date palms would verify that it. Columbia might stories that I Paul -- I was mortified that they get anybody to tiptoe away and so. But you there's it's funny because Mitch and I think they're Boldin and Larry Henderson. All had really great thing to say development. On tonight I coach circle must subtlety you know whats the what do we have in common not to be -- -- -- VW aren't. After the isn't needed to talk to you sessions. Total service animals it you know I can. They give it -- There's a combo of combined I think thirteen marriages in their somewhere I'm still manageable amendment. Trade of thousands of you know ninety is so special -- group of guys that can be dislike. I can tell you -- Larry Andersen was here he was despicable. Human being and teammate and and just the real. The real bad guy to the manager Joe Morgan. -- -- never -- the guy who. Looked as whites. For the last series based poker because you corporal wanted in -- Lester was too early debates well. At at that. -- at the two are divergent accounts of the -- over the head incident aside. Doesn't really speak to the culture that is Major League Baseball the thin skinned overly sensitive I mean I think I think baseball leads the world. In in guys who get hacked off. Or insulted by things that are really that big and other sports I mean you know it's one thing if bigger picture and an outfielder dropped the ball the show your your teammate up. But but -- have pictures say -- he wants the home run too long Republicans run out of Lazio. -- put the arm across second base and then Dick -- kind of sliding into this cancer make the case of Major League Baseball you sometimes needs the kind of go over result of these kinds of things. Well look the problem is that bit. Of and a -- fast way a lot of well written stuff has become public. You know from their point of if I ever had issue was stuff that an apple like end game. I I don't try to take care of postings in the -- And it I want -- got a lot more respect back and forth beltway with. We played with simply be instant spiel about. I'm at -- in the past I've got bitch mode been Deion Sanders was one of those guys it is still and I'm guilty of completing a warning about street. People not abiding by the unwritten rules that. You go I like played through a kind of an era change candidates. To really screwed up judgment to -- in a lot of different cases. And so that we talked about the airlock on -- -- retaliation. And it'll be stopped seeing games anymore. But how to disrespect you -- guy. Watches a home run for extra half the second. While there's just that. You know it's you have this thing you know you're you're dead goes -- you've been dipped between right wrong. -- I would argue that you were taught to play the game pretty specific way most of us were anywhere. Those kids in and part of the way I was taught there was took an immense amount of respect to be given to big game and go. I always thought that the whole studio watching the whole hunting was relatively duke thank you know it hasn't been. If I hear the guys sparkle players in the fifties and sixties who used to Willie -- year in other reached that standard and watch and admire. I don't remember it well -- During -- forty years that I got the player to see it every time obvious DN and that's part of the change is partly culture changes that. Lot of these things aren't happening. As pepper first time and being totally -- that we knew what has been missing for. The first I'm pretty consistent basis and you know the human body yet we became there's there's different it is from they -- unreadable standpoint there's a lot of things. The exchange of fortunately. You know I didn't think it was going to be an issue -- you government issue but god did curt Schilling's candidacy for the Hall of Fame take. You know catch fire around the country was at every newspaper and every talk show. Were you amused by that and do you feel better about two chances 'cause I certainly do a lot of people influential people are already saying they're gonna vote for. I was surprised. How much that that -- -- look I'm not gonna. -- it also of people so you know peaceful pay attention to what people already say. I saw it in Poland and spoke to things that I read. The there was space in fluttering in in all of those things in. You do -- day -- go back to boo boo boo the championship trio Williams and Anderson Dalton. So I probably don't have any harsher critics culprit of said the same thing about you know we have -- -- to win -- one member of the ball. That is going to cool guys -- hates your guts want. I told I told just start you know ten years ago. We talked about. What I want to do it sort of want to leave the game of the 25 guys are played with every every year. You'll pick -- apart and they have -- win one game one for and I want to 25 guys and competed against did not want me to -- on the -- the -- in game and eat because that that's something you had to achieve it had to -- in it didn't calm with water two games in the good outing here there is something you. That it's your way. Institute into in their memories in and you know achieved and I feel culpable that that I -- did my best work when the chips were were stacked the highest in the games mattered the most in. Com you know as it relates to a halt they've been elected I want to punch Buckley -- -- on the up and there's. It was the spirit of guys like I don't believe you are brutal political -- and so it doesn't matter what they say it's in no way. Still because quite say I don't care. Can be taken as Mitt disrespectful to demand an -- that's -- -- -- I can't control I'm not let's throw another pitch. For the rest of my life I'm not gonna get any better and worse between now debate people vote for that. So about and the affected you'll you'll gain ultimately disposable yearly basis is just to -- -- -- I'm not playing it more. Not to mention it because -- I've thought about it before the first bothers. I could've picked the worst year to retire if our wanted to get voted ballgame. You know it's gonna be like on deployments and -- he's confident. Yeah so you know it's supplement our about it it's it's -- you think about because. I want to play big league baseball 43 years ago that's what I want to do -- I never even contemplated. The world's also may be associated subjective debate. It and to have that happen that's cool but it absolutely. I promise you. Five years now without voting happens. I will be elected to sit but totally protocol but -- it is. Because I can't control and and tended to -- a pity the people who like you know I have a some differences of opinion with the over the years. Doesn't matter with the current aside from not caring. Based on what you've -- other people -- in the last ten days. Has your opinion changed about that and if you continue to hang on to that that Tenet and and espouse that theory doesn't actually hurt your chances Curt Schilling says he doesn't belong in the wash and I think he belongs him. No no it no I haven't changed my opinion and I haven't thought about that deeply I really have an IRA. I just know that you know for -- it loose. The situation -- appropriated Johnson. Played with photography. I played with cal Ripken and and memory in and for me Pedro you know. I would sort all of Weaver was a guy who you could see that black you know about a one in and and -- but winnable -- -- I don't cool the thing the raps against you. A mostly individuals -- had no idea you know and I know and I know regular season wins is the biggest rap against Cuba -- -- He just asked the question what's it all -- I mean it's all about winning winning big games winning titles in winning World Series your World Series MVP. I would think that anyone who really believes it's all about winning and we all say that's what we believe past. As has the believe your post season accomplishments in your big game reputation. Supersedes overshadows those individual things that you didn't accomplish. Well it would be cool and and you know. IIRA. I don't want this to sound. To keep them. Analysts say it would notes that bit. One other thing that my wife and I talked about -- 171819. Years ago was was. What we hope to accomplish -- we did you are certainly expect to spend as much on the big leagues. All I want to want to award a wallet away and start playing professional baseball most rural many work. -- Clemente was my doubts it will player in the award from -- Was it was. Signified. More about the people that I was brought up five in wit and around then anything it could be individually say about -- If it hadn't been asked to do with character on the field in an off the field and I told my wife you know. Battle to secure than they -- much better player but the meeting it means. Something that has nothing do my god given ability. And and it all exhibits that we talked with respect -- that he -- 93. And -- 2001 might mice article kerik was was just by the virus Nixon which is that Debian. And art might young kids get to experience that in that -- for me was the corporate event to pitcher. So what do want cy young awards but they are lost three times as the number two guy who does somebody who. No one of the greatest seasons ever and soul in that bad for me had met you know that they had no issues because they are -- whistled for volatile it is a bit. There -- one -- as well also. LA and as far as waiting in the World Series and that's the but I it's flatter and appreciate the sentiment. I played on some great teams and some great people that. They've played their best games of the biggest in and contrary to popular belief. I have always believed the best team always wins and it's I think it was -- to -- or -- three to. -- out I don't know whether the pangs of belongings in the withdrawal have begun or if they ever will begin for you but a bit could you list in order. Of the four seized that you might miss now that your out of the game. In in order of importance to you the clubhouse the camaraderie and competition or championships. -- Optimistic ending yet may be will. I'm not. I think there's that complying. Well -- to Broderick yeah. -- probably real closely by championship. A voter polls are singular moment this happened so fast that the -- but Heidi is is beyond me you can imagine. The clubhouse for for not the the camaraderie thing is is is yes but eventually missed you it will be just the -- from the daily basis but. But there we talked about the last week to in ought to opt in Arctic the last year -- career. Being exposed to the -- Manny pagan and being told through the injury thing that I was going through I had. They don't have almost was was such a bad experience for me in Seoul on foreign. But I think it helped me the walk away maybe some minimum motto. Ironic that the steroids. Now held view in in. In your retirement your bid to get in the Hall of Fame. You viewed as an anti steroid -- did it this did it to clean way and I may be dead maybe you didn't we don't I'll. I I hate it's one of the base. -- that I consider it part of my children and then my oldest son and I have talked about it. I played my entire spirit never took steroids and Belichick took gates gates had never. I didn't do it. And are okay with that in an improbable fact that from the day what's the big week -- the very quit and never Tibetan. And it it means something it is -- it's obvious that in and of itself. But I didn't and and I did it it sold sort of look at what I didn't. Figure that I did competed gives a lot of guys that were cheating in in real ultimately commit about the victim. That it makes you proud of fact that I had a better than most most guys I didn't have to do they do. Consider the irony that that your candidacy you give a better chance I think you can in the hall for in the Roger Clemens does. I it's -- odd to think about that the -- about the impact the Roger out of my career and the Adobe. The irony for me is that the lecture that the Caribbean turned my life around. Was was pretty much from someone who. -- the exact opposite theory. More work harder work. You know. More respect all the things that you would do. Not being buried TV user and it's in nobody's been blessed to have mr. Cheney's news beyond disappointing -- -- with a time what he was addressing me at all I don't think. Just imagine that if you -- Couple years later that lecture may have been I get the solution please -- -- yeah I got -- had a different plan for Iraq. Yeah I agree that certainly top of the ticket or thought about that but absolutely I mean in out there have been 98992008. It's on it but some churches picture -- a problem. -- might have been mentioned. Are we ever attempted or may be just considered steroids. Well ever I think it was funny because they used the -- to -- typical post that you know I should ever have to take a drug test to see whether the world. This is not a body has ruled that which. I was like my -- event had you know it's so everything from -- important ever to get my -- speak in. But not I never ever consider that in a battle why. I am sure you know that's not sure I'd sure I'd probably thought about it but I couldn't he simply goal was really -- in this one year. Because I would argue that I probably went through a couple disappeared upon what it would absolutely in the smartest choice from a physical standpoint -- surgeries -- back surgeries. -- -- -- seventies. If there's every year that it would have been an option that probably premier it should've done something that. And I never really thought about and and I think that has you know it's I think people eloquently school I never I never ever tried marijuana local Kearney that's stopped and I never have. And there would -- a factor which -- that was part of this it'll be young but that was just a lack of interest and that is never ever bought it. -- in your mind is your finest baseball moment the obvious one to all of us were -- the more obscure. No you don't I'm not -- I don't know I have been I haven't. Enough or dumb enough retrospective. -- and all that other stuff. It's probably something in the Olympics would be no one would expect. And combo -- became something. It'll be in the book which she said he wasn't going to arrive but he's gonna right. They got a problem with the book is that -- -- -- read a book you'll make ball for look like people Archie can't. Team because I don't have I can't tell. Stuck some things also wrote the book and have to be very comfortably opened. And in -- Interest in and it was -- for ever happened. Have an impact in negative impact of some real. Not -- not in Manning's. 38 maybe as Romania's it's if you -- -- You do so it the respect over the game. What he did is. It's it's the ultimate anti lesson for from my son and you can Kissinger teammates in. And you know middle finger found it twenty billion a year in quit in the -- gross to order for forty partly box and Bristol last cinematic. It's the opposite of what almost -- integral component so. Don't you yeah everybody has as do. They commence on. A great baseball moments -- of all the cool things cool opportunities that baseball has provided Curt Schilling. I guess when you make your list would would would Baghdad and the USO tour be in the conversation. Get -- -- baseball allowed me do that absolutely. Absolutely what I can become what Mike coolest moments was walks in Ted Williams on the field and I can recognize then. He also our game right here yeah. In in. Because it April sent. Hard -- and so mr. Williams was somewhat. What reference in in from from -- Policy get to meet them -- -- shoes she's now she's in. Of a lot of it was critical. Pretty cool and Emmy Awards of up there with taking out distributor anything but it was cool. Yeah I was not a schools that means nothing to match the accurate and yeah I know him is going to -- it's got something to do this rotisserie team in this half millimeter that -- because it's all I ask you something about that those of the first though eastbound and down a huge fan of the show on HBO. I political and laughed harder. Josh Beckett is Kenny powers and that's what I can opener. You bet I I tested in the night -- result -- -- -- -- or Kenny powers. It puts me -- guy can't throw man. Well no that's what started it could be better blood. Type played with guys like a beer -- I go people that are Libby told. -- -- -- to. A pitcher's meeting of bars I think him and in 07 or to play -- And -- -- Farrell told hilarious in the game. Everything about him and he's not well upon anything it is it was funny I left my head up well what in the -- -- or pitches -- needed to do research. And a pitcher's meeting. Took wanted to -- So it was kind of an old couple -- feel him Spitzer was okay okay so it's sort applicable audio click or respect about. Better approach to what is -- you know I I disagree. -- really -- -- -- -- that's right approach still but aren't going to head over their locker look but nobody got just hope they have been who also worked out. Who all had the sign off on Ferrell begin on the pitch Will Ferrell being in a pitcher's meeting. I think. A lot of the right people yeah it'll but it was what he was hilarious but not you don't seem as though it's not a kid Joe Biden be stretched. It's it's well worth the the tunnel. Now the value sought to such great tips with a lot of time in your hands is it true that you join the W yeah I don't count fantasy baseball league. Well there's a thing. I'm I'm going to explain to everyone believed that -- your -- not a mistake. -- -- and then -- because this is not going to be. Audio guy -- This is serious minutes on track of what -- to what the audio -- -- Practice Tuesday night and you will be there for the draft Bible year. I area -- -- slotted the authority riles. Our problem is that people -- -- John material -- -- the league gets refused to support this court system to make. So I I've right now I can't prepare completely attractive among the what's -- system. Also in addition to Bradford is making ends up on him. Please try to let the PF -- -- of -- a couple of defraud over there. On a handicap the field just just give us one X-Factor in the three horse race that is the AL east the three teams what's gonna make the difference. Bites you delighted the same X-Factor that while Lester was ever. Casey does that help yes I I think this year will run away with -- as if there's a distinct difference in games started by it started five. It would give them an enormous advantage in because if -- sabathia Burnett. Stay healthy you you lose a lot of white as a marine which is really really nice place for debate. Video Chamberlain and make it it barber thirty starts. You know -- they're going to be really really good. But the same argument if I -- we hear I think. -- Josh is the big piece but if you can get. You know 35. To forty starts out of -- smoltz combination. And the guys in front of them stay healthy I mean Jon Lester is. Is is a cy young candidate. Daisuke deciding candidate and and -- client -- it's not. What you can make arguments for some other got sabathia I've obviously but he can't make another argument for anybody -- rotation as the sight of him because. Yeah CC. -- Beijing has has really never had a completely healthy. If if you had to take a wild guess what the Red Sox used clay for trade or use clay in the rotation at some point this year and keep Obama on it with the Red Sox. Well I I think beat the the uncertainty of the pennies smoltz and combinations that I think you know even though they have other options I think it. He will remain an option it's having to build it. I can't locate players that their situation orthodox and he comes up need to be collapsed on. So you don't want it you don't want started out from media you don't want sort of -- -- at the beginning of the season because you don't have to send out option. And if he gets topic in its delegates struggle that. Of the amount of value loss they're would be immense. Because it would be a -- you know we -- got a great spraying. But he still continues populated on the big league of exploded next spring is another good rated buy you actually speak the same cynical. So I think bill so they'll use him as an emergency. Situation. It relies I think that it's well I think he's also probably. The one guy that you could get. A franchise pitcher for what straight up right now thumb. And I think they would doesn't both to do it protected those. There will surely that would be seen -- -- mark this year now. No games -- -- I will Shaughnessy speak for itself going and I think. I I will not be. That giving benefit -- former reflect 8:3. O'clock. The latest big one of them every night in the dark -- -- Buick. Anchored the conversation good to catch up we will talk to guy wrote. All right Curt Schilling on the AT&T hot line viewer world delivered.

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