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Jon Lester, Red Sox Pitcher

Apr 1, 2009|

Lester joins D&C to talk about the upcoming season and his work with the Jimmy Fund

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Agent -- on the AT&T outline your -- Red Sox ace Jon Lester good morning John how aria. On a I -- I think correct me if -- brought to the first guy to arrive in camp like like slick six months or something early February. -- -- -- like 6 yeah yeah but. I Asia off that court heard every year at you pretty much that you're the spring training. Up pretty much two weeks through -- radio. Now go Phyllis in your -- another spring training appears a couple innings laughter bullpen what what do you have left before you come north. Not -- the first game in in New York so. You know -- revival to not like your support great these. Your swing -- via I can use a golf analogy for that last tuneup although it's up north against the Mets what what what what will be the the process. Orbitz well I mean that's that's really I don't. I try not third you know probably and a bottle back for her spring training start by -- want to have that same intensity -- try to. Manufacture in the same intensity outlook. For regular you can start. And you know I'm I'm a competitor I don't want to go I think in my brain begins our dog pitch well and an excuse pitches and try to stimulate regulars eating game and then you know work on some things at the same time and in dispute that final -- -- And you're young guy you're only 25. Do you some day want to be an opening day starter do you some day. One of the the man that that I guess Josh Beckett is right now. Of any -- split that every pitcher you don't want to be want to be you know number water the opening day guy. You you know -- mean it -- it's. It's a cliche I -- Because we're all important you know just isn't any more important indict ser -- anymore Portland -- You know so or so on so. You know it it's one of those deals where it's it's kind of cool so are opening day but it are some. You know it doesn't hurt my feelings are not opening day starter. You know it's it's I think you know I guess but I think it's on the get blown out or sometimes and number one got -- -- to -- Well yeah I mean it would be nice some days it's -- I get that little extra. Tutors in and you know is that extra rushed it to go bring back. You used to be an analyst on the outside looking -- but trying to fight for a spot in the rotation. And when you look at -- colts to kind of know what he's going through India the do you think you guys almost have an embarrassment of riches you have more than. Five guys who could be starting in a Major League rotation beginning next week. Hewitt do and and I think a good thing that we do. You know I'd do bill back for -- because you know he came to campus. And he proved. You bet he could make adjustments that they have in the bank last year. Any -- that he did it are you working and eat but it is but you know he pitched really really well and you know I hope I hope that he understands that he did pitched well on -- not because he didn't pitch well. It's just circumstances and that sound that our organization run into quite a bit bulk. You know pictures as well a lot so. You know it's it's one of those deals and hopefully carry the same. You know intensity down that your play it ought to do that hopefully do it and it's well understood me some -- here will be back with -- and and then do well. We're talking with -- Red Sox lefthander Jon Lester Jon as the honorary spokesman for the rally against can't support the Jimmy Fund. Grab a pencil because in a couple management tell you all about that Johns who went with the programs about. Kicks off Monday April 6 with his opening day but Johnson who with all due respect to but the embarrassment of riches you have in the starting rotation. And you're probably pledges to answer this question what the two following groups as a chance to do something more special this year. The rotation of the bullpen. I think rotation. I really do I think because of that the -- of rotation. And just the -- experienced that we have. You know old. Better experience and playoff experience. I think we're gonna do really well on that you know it's kind of -- just like to -- I think. You know -- by going to be right there with the -- -- basically the same step as it last year a couple of great. -- -- happens McCain so you know it. As chemical but I will -- people out. It John F you're very impressive season last year of accomplished 210 innings and a lot of people's the reason I Bronson -- by far the most innings he ever pitched I'm wondering. Did the 210. Ever wear on you last year did you feel it then and do you feel that. Now. I don't feel it now -- bill could do LP. Arm strong. Last year I think. I mean that this -- has long enough what do you roll 480 innings under sixty innings 210 innings whatever you throw it it's long season in. And you're gonna feel the effects of the -- at the end of the year. You know just due to your -- -- goal like guesses in the playoffs you just try to try to do the best channel what you got and that's what. You know we all tried to do. You know Beckett was perfect and we'll meet the did the best because it would be at a time when. And put up one of the accused -- others saint but. Not feel a lot of that so. I mean I I guess yet know that your question. -- what we all know John Farrell's that terrific pitching coach and everybody. Sings his praises but what teammates. As tell you the most would agree with which guy have you learned the most from as far as what it takes to be a good solid mentally pitcher. I did all the guys that they can't pick up I say. Beckett probably is is as the most news we got learn the most from. You know and then then you use Strickland smaller guys like tech like chill. Timlin wage you know guys like that along later and put their little two cents and I think just just preparation. Do the way that the Specter prepare for game is is similar to the way -- prepare -- game it's much more. Our physical level problem you know -- it was very methodical orders is computer work key. Broke down every hitter eat you know he had a game -- order to regain. No that's not something that that were capturing I have to. You know okay in the weight room and and prepare my body to -- pitched. Five days and that's what. You -- is taught -- invent some other little things along the way that that that help. We know he can't be emotional and do your -- you cannot be on the mound on your kick in the dirt. -- -- like it it just doesn't work in your sport in your job. Is that take effort for you're you'd naturally an emotional. Did you -- -- somewhere along the line culture teacher. Or parent tell you you can never. Be out there showing emotion getting upset if you want to be successful. Guilty of that -- area. My action must bring trying to start I got a little bit a little bit trouble about doing that but. It's dumb that you learned there's something that you'd actually use spring training or as well armed. You know extra train Alec you're ready for the season physically but mentally and and that's that myself -- you have to be mentally strong Clinton not. You know take care of after the inning don't show him up very meaning. You know creates it's hard to do -- some that that's very hard to do a very hard to learn and you know I'm I'm as guilty of that anybody. Nobody had. You do would on the golf course are in traffic when you're drunk idiot if you kick. How I would say traffic I mean on the golf course yet but. I mean I'm not battle broke well at all you know scream my united you're frustrated in and do little things. You know that that I get let out that frustration but you almost feel like a that I gave myself the trouble comes by. By overreacting here are worried about it -- that it is let it go in and China exude an expert. It John we see when you're -- Major League Baseball with a watching on TV or in person you guys are talking to each other all the time -- the shots in the bullpen guys -- -- up the dugout the whole thing and and and sort of backed the picking the brain of of somebody who's gone before you even -- you're an accomplished pitcher. You're -- a long bus ride with John Smoltz here in the bullpen -- John Smoltz whatever you're you do wonder worker John Smoltz. -- -- a specific example of something that Jon Lester as accomplished as you are Major League Baseball would love to pick the brain of John Smoltz and ask him I ask him about what what what nature would that -- And. You know I think -- -- the most recent conversation we had bubble and and you were talking about. You know not being so worried about brought to us to a a location -- -- -- -- -- plate so I'm going into Iraqi. You ought not to be worried about it map lacquer in this part of the -- are doing that. If it were guys that want thing that you learn a gun control orders we don't have to worry so much about. Location as on play as much -- up -- You know so that was on the cut cut my -- and you know really tried analyze that -- Wi man. And he went into more depth about it but. You know that that -- conversations that we patted. Or. You know eat here right now it really want to talk about it she could do not give it though. It's it -- Hartford and to give the brain going in and say okay this is what I do all this stuff but. I think what we get in the game situations and you know give this team bought a lot more they'll that open up an ambulance -- a -- more. And Joe Lester -- the question before we asked about the rally against cancer which you -- the honorary spokesman for. And speaking of being accomplished. Have you realized and embrace the fact you never have to worry about money again and and college that changed anything you've done in spring training institutes on contract. No editor in. It was one of those deals where it was. Like a constant battle for about a week -- -- -- so -- all the time and and worry and then try to figure out and now it is gonna -- -- back to normal street trying to. You know it it really hasn't appeared I'll -- it will allow. You -- it was a process that -- I don't wish on anybody it's its own that is not easy it's a hard decision to make you know turn down. You know cup offers -- You know you're walking away from a big -- money com. So they hit it it thought process. But you know I I think for spring training it really it changed and your vote can be on the team. It'll come in hand so I took -- my debt from they want so you -- really hasn't. Hasn't got a whole lot spring training and then I've met him any -- -- yet. Asked the question goes all its you that is -- line -- it would divide Bentley Bentley yeah. No. Lobster dinners and just to splurge at some point one. Now. We went -- I think that -- actually great to root -- Public here burst sweet very symbolic -- pull polish -- well -- -- her bank. Oh not -- top shelf for you -- -- -- all right you're the lottery spokesman for rally against cancer which supports the Jimmy Fund and it kicks -- opening day Monday April 6 and he tells about the program what it means. There -- and means a lot to me to be a part of it. You ought to be able to raise money for this organization and and be a spokesman and then you know put my name out there there's great you know we've raised. A lot of money right now are bankrupt about a 140000 some ordinary and you know Leo long way to go we're trying to get the six hundred fifties so. We need you know and it's -- right now I know because is that they continuity to our people are are trying to save or any they have but. You know all we're asking for a -- dollars a person. You know and hopefully we can we can raise a lot of money into this organization -- trying to try to eventually be cantor. Now there's something in a for the people who donate the five dollars and have the details from -- to give the pay off of the -- You go to rally against cancer all one word rally against cancer dot org to register a team online. Employees or students are each required to pay five dollars or more elected to the Jimmy Fund to join the team. The top fund raising business and the top. K through twelve school and the top college team each -- surprise what might that be Jon Lester. I get you killed there and hang out on them for the day -- per couple hours or. Whatever dissidents such mock drafts and take some pictures. You don't have a have a -- -- for those kids. So -- make it appears that a business at a K through twelve and out of college team of the winning leading bidders on this though on this website. Sounds great -- team total will be calculated 11 o'clock on April 6 so it's open now. Doesn't start going to winds down on opening day about which teams must be within a two hour drive -- Boston's not gonna go like the Seattle the Seattle. Do probably not a -- Hey Jon Lester after the time appreciate it double for the seat when he got to Boston. Jon Lester joining us on eighteen to outline your world --

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