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Mar 23, 2009|

Bill joins us from the left coast to talk Manny, Movies and Doc Rivers

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Fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan on our. Whopper triple mourning the -- of brown meter right wanted to but he. Home stretch Hummer stretch that -- could be the break I feel like Alberto some others are I read too quickly it is starting gigs -- worker -- and there and stuff as well like all the law could apply. In what do you do with a -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The unit to them and listen our. Confidence -- zero chance via. Chances -- 5050 -- It's a fault lines from Los Angeles so different from he has -- and they'll build -- aria. What's that could do a triple cheese whopper for 300 dollars. Especially in this economy yesterday that the Nolan when he -- -- meter meter heats of the banana -- like a bench in -- Judges explaining it to me it's and it's Saturday to subdue more offensive that Kate Bosworth there's so many issues actress. Actually say that's needed and got to say he has some of the other half a banana. For breakfast each morning can't finish the whole thing. What's gonna happen if they start showing it shows like pants and TV station via those cameras. -- question even more pain he has yes well probably the best dressed normal station. It's saying is that I use stand up late tonight as you -- Dodger Stadium for the big. Korea Japan channel the money yet. I aid to people care. I can't tell. No but I I understand why they do understand what it's all about but it they do not care now and you you know consider the competition going against time to go against 24. What's that mean typically gets called basketball some nights and other NBA games is just so much deals going on. I agree it's sort of where is that is that from timings and play and I'd say it's unfair effort teams like the Red Sox and yankees -- could play interact over. To have these guys playing in this in mid mid march and it's high pressure games which seized it. -- crappy teams did -- -- the rules it is there's a few nationals on the team so it. It started that that's too stock especially on national oil pirates. It's that John. In your estimation and I know it's big you know -- in in all countries not named USA you cannot be improved or salvage or cultivated into a must see event over the next dozen years. Not march. I think they should do it either in October and take like a week laughter in the season in July and there's movement that. Now it's March Madness is to suicide nobody cares Stevie anybody cared about assets game after they -- four straight games of it's four straight days of. -- -- Well I could -- I Katrina has the Dice-K and I and I asked myself the question by Rudy for what given the choice but rather have Red Sox pitcher. Dice-K perform well at the expense of the USA which is what happened or have Daisuke pitched horribly will completely out of sync and a team USA win I picked the former under the the Red Sox guy do well. That's a great question -- that is that's what you make the big bucks. I I I was also relieved for dies and did not care that he is being genius I think he's that great. I watched the highlights of the game before that were in the great but it. I want him to have -- season it seems like he actually might decide not to nibble around the played actually just over apparent as this at a rate. -- tonight when he throws and then it -- hit out of the bullpen. I I can't decide which is more. Which is better evidence that Simmons is gone Hollywood. -- fact that he took offense when Michael Manny Ramirez half wit is giving in -- where Whitney desert or that he is. In love with -- Merrill Streep I mean at some point you gonna come home and for awhile and establishing so we have roots. Have to -- have such a strong word count it that's like you call the -- from him -- -- trail maybe maybe their remaining is. It just of these half -- of these various markers and it's not that so many from mice and men. Dina thought I was given too much -- quarter more with the earth do you find it curious that a few days after he signs his new contract. With the Dodgers -- and frank McCourt boasted a million dollars going to it is. New charity. That the Major League Baseball players association has filed a grievance. Saying it's unfair to make the -- it into a contract that you must donate to the team selected charity now what do you think. I think triggered this little this this issue it could have been Manning and Scott Boras. I don't think I don't think any Providence. I think he says why don't I have to give to charity which she never does that mean he's. Is just the bad guys they'll that you understand that. I'm gonna flip the serenity who is the only person that came from missile. It. Is -- if there attacks just pick that does two options that commission in -- means of agents is hoping from the get go. Was about Boris getting paid which is exactly happened -- -- -- -- -- -- at the actors blowers get the commissioner. It's this whole thing was about. He manipulated and though the all time Hillary's narrow narrow last July of last September or whatever -- Was. Nobody was talking about Boris in the I was reading the stuff back chrome as a in the newspapers has listened to you guys and that he had act. And Boris was never mentioned it was like meeting was independently this you know he was like who's that guy and twenty for looking about to. -- -- -- he uses. Rogue terrorist. And Boris is clearly had the puppet strings this whole time I don't think I mean these are after orchestrating I think he just -- -- place. That's the -- Manning. Just say -- -- -- -- half -- I disagree people mention Boris but you know it was up to Manny. To behave like a spoiled child that the man he'd smack you -- in the face and throw Jack Coleman to the ground and and lay down and quit on this team with the idea it was put into his pea brain by Boris and I have no doubt. But he carried it -- man. Couple things 88 tragic things they put him on a conditional waivers 2003. Italian nobody claimed dumb what does that tell you. Well then why not just. Now pick up his options for a man in -- are considered trading mean omelet out -- -- rapidly turn blue the point is they had other cards in the spring. When he signed -- they'd be. At solution in I write this in vitro either. We should send messages from the actions should pick them up which is that this thing in the air force base side ads play up etc. sexist. So you know what. But Boris promised him for years and a 100000005. Year 250 million. He thought he was getting a longterm deal he didn't get it what makes anyone out Melanie -- things will be different now he when he doesn't get what he wants there is trouble as you say. I didn't even get what he wanted from the doctors. I think -- had to explain the economy. Was -- of agency conversation but that. See this is weird because and the care and people only see. The remaining from the firm basically August and -- other. For anybody's stating some girl that you know is just the nightmares and I mean cars in capable of crazy things but the bite as delicate adjustment of -- months -- and there's really no way to explain to them. And that's that differences that they just they'd let Manny came -- -- -- -- one of a new one of them now become one of them. I'm not play in I guess I feel a sense of loyalty -- -- because items we went over a series -- six years and he was one of the reasons -- one. And we won again in 2000 to have you load any more than Merrill Streep Merrill more than men who are just trying to -- -- today is either I never actually senate vote Merrill Streep I just say choose the most successful. In Natalie actors but maybe actor in the last thirty years but it's something that people would never even. Make seniors say here there's no way to -- it like it's acting where oh. I wouldn't disagree with you that may be she's the finest actor we have right now what I disagree with though is -- -- methodology of basing it on other subjective people's. Ideas if you get a Golden Globe review get a and off mr. shouldn't range have something to do with that bill. Who's she ever shot on screen you Irish on him on screen out Tina -- read that come close she -- beaten anyone with a club on screen them and politics and she's always saying hello. If you did the proper way to do this again severe impact permanently. And created that Daniel Day-Lewis -- degrees actor. Every time it is a movie. It's amazing Casey Anthony's Oakland -- guys music starting pitcher pitches 25 times here is -- mar. You know like our cars in sixty. -- the area where -- He had me you know -- you look back -- the great -- performances nobody even. Come up with three. Things seizes fifteen. Aces it's. It's one that's Alex. You know let -- newspapers. In August when the -- Mean. Often times people in the in the red mean. I probably don't -- honestly. And a ease the opposite he's not as. Guys like you know like New York Times. Richer you know Paul Krugman won the Nobel prize. Ever read anything is written. Well hopefully that column is that it and it and acting. And in Hollywood. We don't really care like who is greater than they do we don't compare to pose as either a great act Ada. And you know it based on past there -- in the last fifteen years have been use of my -- would -- the numbers that you -- rats in the past Babe -- what does this mean people freaking out. The bottom line is it doesn't really matter like each hair has its own thing you know Babe -- -- there we never played against black people. A rat plays an era where almost their -- spirits Bob Gibson pitched in there where the met where the man was lower in the pitchers were phenomenal. -- I don't. I don't think it ultimately matters is just managed to remember watching Clemens might have been scumbag. But I guarantee the three of us remember watch snippets of Fenway. And that was the place have. If you put your finger on. How you would like to classify A-Rod and probably statistically or even from a legacy standpoint. But just as an individual it's easy for everybody is say everybody does say it always a Marxist well of course he has. I think is beyond that they'll mean I think there is some sort of dis order some sort of emotional issue in their bill that that makes him into the center of attention which you can understand all these guys at that level are the center of attention. But to continually put himself at risk and embarrass himself and and seemingly seem intent on destroying this image image but he is carefully crafted since he's seventeen or eighteen years of age. And the weird thing is. I don't think anybody thinks harder about that image. Again had big the guy repaired -- Indeed as at a moment podcasts last week in the -- -- even when he went up to date there. And it -- was ordering he seemed. To the writer. Like a rabbit trying to figure out. Okay what you order here that would make me look like. I'm in controller you know like even like something as simple as that is like trying to figure at the best possible thing to do and strategists and -- You know -- so every decision he makes. He has the it has to go all the way through it. And it's weird when you think how many mistakes he's made I agree I think he's. One of the weirdest athletes at CNET I'd compare and -- and then it seems like every move that he makes is something that was really thought have you not genuine. And none of us have any idea with this guy's really elect I mean. What would happen if you drove cross country than Iraq because they started Abbas and dangerous of the Grand Canyon it would panic conversations which kind of music Angeles. You would go the whole way in he would know where the kids were married in -- from a hole which one of those deals where you would you. Mean he'd he'd know you for years before you deficit and he married. Right and inattentive to see about it. He's one of those guys that people describe this is name place which is -- -- grows as a joke it appears that they keep -- Talent if you talk about dance and yet it's that they would stand this like. -- know judge judge. Yeah it's it's right you say the name toys that that's its implicit that the guy's problem screwed up and any time hear anything about Iran. That they alias they did Jeter whoever they say they talk about him like he sensors circus. Yes you've become one. You know your analogy it's a good one for you to take the time in the effort to calculate. -- is he to order to look good in front of the details writer. Yet while allowing himself to do the details peace knowing that Sports Illustrated was going to cut his career off released reputation has her up at the ankles within 48 hours is is beyond. Explanation my mind. Well and NASA asked to set this like how many athletes actually have been -- into kissing the selectmen would probably -- idea. Lee is seriously think that we could be here for an hour that BM come up with a second person right that write -- is just. And the -- is at the -- at this guy told me that he is Madonna's photographers that voters. Which is kind of weird in itself I got my own photography -- -- for talking hand picked his photographer. Syria -- and I think this goes back you know every tense and that we their happens as go back to 2003. And they -- how close we were actually have this guy and the reds accident and that change. And you give them -- You give that Nomar you give we think we give up couple bleak prospects and Jon Lester young age unless you give up money. And we got back basically erratic Magglio Ordonez for one year knowing what we know about Iraq now. I cannot fathom a worse person -- must have an era. I mean seriously but don't think of us great talks to fuller has become in Ali in the -- house either would've integrated well maybe it was pretty anyone that either it's true many is probably the arguably the most polarizing topic we've had a -- plus. We're gonna ciskei it would be from two years ago when they can buy the bomb doc river yeah. That that resonate think we should. Jump on the bandwagon. This comment. Yeah I guess emphatic back at that he's been great this year. That's out of him I -- -- a -- made now that Wilson is pro you know -- Paula Abdul says to all these contestants I. -- let it be proud idol contestant -- she and have another drink. -- -- the Celtics have for whatever reason it makes as sense but the entire season just getting hosed and costs. And hey -- complain about as I'm on American the guy who thinks his team does -- -- but. It's really been crazy and you take that -- buyout Katzman nicest guys in the history of the planet. And -- is like he's like turned -- -- Michael Douglas following data display case that he's ready like you know if you charge said the court close -- for I would be shocked. And but I like the way he's he's carried himself with the way -- kind of indignation. And some of these games they were really you know between the injuries in the rats I think it's been ones changes Celtics. Handicap the playoffs go forward in your mind -- you watch you know like two or three games every single day idea and and you know you see the -- you'll see the -- multiple times. Well what kind of Celtics team again. You're getting. Who knows rather get a guy and that guy and you get a Big Three -- K yeah because somebody at that does make five point this out that the season start look like 87. Where it was just one injury after that Internet and everything that you have is something else happened. I I just want to see a very healthy and it just hasn't happened in 87 certainly I'm biased that it as an inning you know remotely like that does it. The same time it's it's like. One thing after another -- come round. I think it's amazing that they have a chance to get member TO. Music that you know Garnett missing sixteen games -- -- was that really they've had no shot blocker up anyway. I think that the smoking gun music Cleveland's just about unbeatable on -- And we have to go it is actually winning Cleveland which we have to last year and if you remembered Cleveland three home games. So. In the way of the Bryant's plan and he. Yeah I just think the prime yet can you believe that people wondering who's the MVP you know we it has been unbelievable example one of the greatest things diseases but time -- -- the assuming you keep it. The Brad is in VP that -- it with 65 games and then have another All-Star. So. I just think the road for the title Goss through goes to him. And you know who analyses. Can we keep them in Cleveland he had made I just think it's gonna be tapped I think he sent us you know. Memorable fantastic seasons. Well will they get there you think he'll be Mayo was first last year was no easy road to be and Eastern Conference fired at those first two rounds of seven games and and to win every home game. -- I guess against. Orlando we don't know who's got the home court in Utica have a problem there. Too bad match them. There I went to that game is in Boston ridiculous to send news again. In just matches up Isetan. We have noticed that now. And then -- -- -- -- -- program. But the thing with Orlando's to have been there. They don't really have that he has kind of like you look at the Celtics lasted fourteen games to be it remaining clean and keep the reps. And Orlando I don't really think it's had its identity can be related open. Ultimately you know I I just think. It was usually comes that who has the best player in less that she -- to sell an equal and it's Linksys and this year Cleveland is at least in the ballpark of talent. With the Celtics and and it's gonna come that in the best player and -- talking about the Celtics played a 108 gains last year. And then another 82 than -- have to fight through to France and let them -- about. At an early 210 games are sent that if they can make -- in the finals it's lot of miles on pierce. Is this is the spring chicken it its place in -- of freak he likes him and a lot of -- like planned and planned an agreement I don't is a freak but I want to that Cleveland Orlando weekend with a quickly when on Friday that he's fantastic that's what -- the court. Orlando. You know forty hours later it ever -- off in no -- -- -- -- people realize that you played every other day without a -- that these guys have on them. And makes -- -- that -- thing is they have nobody to guard the brown of the appears that that anybody asked as it. Here's asked -- really kill himself from both ends and that's a seven game series edges I really would he's gonna. -- -- Is and as bill Simmons he's our friend the -- ever be SPN dot com and ESPN the -- been their since 2001. Are Hampshire reminded of by mention. You've updated now I can die in peace available in bookstores all the sports -- found salvation thinks the world champion twice. Red Sox and simple it's updated through 2009. Took a whole new book essentially right bill. I just did it's actually come on Russia that it wouldn't write about Manny how he was mystery here and run out of town by the media. I had to get the Callahan footnote in about economy halfway. -- -- -- -- I had -- so much happened the last four years there realize like this test be the stories just of opting to opinions and now -- -- through -- every four years about that this can keep releasing it and hopefully -- tolerance everywhere now indicted these bundles of like -- he's he comes of course -- governor craft questions you know meter. The question what grows and -- doesn't like. It's easy when when -- -- have a lot of podcast guys talk discs next to each other you have your little cubicle next it is. We we exchange story ideas of that was mount Rushmore your idea. Good question you have it affect your lap. Did you agree with -- choice from the north South Dakota mountain Rushmore and thanks. The bar in mount Rushmore -- trying to finish a basket Bubba connect had a -- to stick my head in the sand and attend an irishman Patrick. Is that diplomatic means when your contract. When is that contract -- you value in negotiations. Like mania don't have options for it is that that's a tough. The knicks make you do news sick -- It's. I did go I -- India right ticket X zero X off the ultimate ESP sport. On April sports -- We think. Yet in the website what's left next to me on the Dennis and Ellen Page and W dot com. -- there's a significant amount that sandwich left let me just read something okay. Hey guys it -- finishes the triple whopper with cheese. Burger King will donate five times. His 300 dollar that he. That's the good news bad news for you -- it's not for you with for the just a follow a Burger King April supporter of the Jimmy -- having done a chance for kids program for nine Summers in a row. They've helped Burger King raised more than one point two million dollars while Jimmy Fund so -- now it's not just about you with a 300 bucks thing on the window. 1500 dollars from burger king of the Jimmy Fund if you eat every morsel of that and you got 25 minutes to do it. -- amendment again. That's what's left you an -- one last eating what I've -- Shouldn't even -- Leslie likes shots this is on the blog just as they -- every two minutes check around -- -- mixture -- -- you know do. -- it's not the soft on the PayPal -- last by your will be in the -- --

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