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Friday, March 20th Whiner Line

Mar 20, 2009|

Friday brings comments on our THREE co-hosts, MOTWU, Doc Rivers vs. the NBA officials, and our missing seafood.

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I don't know how well I hope I anticipated there. I bet you do do right. Now I want good I didn't mind I haven't called the great but it is. Could I can't I -- But WEEI. Whining your line. I've beaten back. -- they haven't made the bad cop they don't do. Dial 7793535. Get back and -- -- college aren't competitive but it Matt Patten and yet did cotton. Beckett and conducted. One -- line. I just -- up going to get -- prize. I would -- it. I didn't wait you do what they get there and -- they -- that because it caught. And where. Much big W. She started. If that -- thanks again to -- to shellfish in we apologized. Animals. Thanks to Joe fish their look at and a record 25 up north in over the -- -- -- We. Too bad he wasn't in the angry hole that is a perfectly. Lobster rolls and makes the trio. If it. Wasn't within the whole -- -- -- -- Well. Role for. -- we did it. -- -- Com. Your votes are -- Dudley Grossman's pointed -- that line of the Waco winner gets a 100 allergy puke your card. And now eligible what do 5000 dollar a year in -- exception please. Over Grossman's Morgan now let's go in this week's radio. -- -- didn't -- -- -- Jonathan Papelbon belt at risk all. Good good about it and protect our country I built the battle with. Go to -- dot com slash click on claim your prize. Explicitly -- -- Like the White House your -- -- adamant oil so that beautiful green long it's -- -- -- Dewitt -- for the dig up the entire Greenwald in the back in the way they can put the -- enemy in the garden the daughters. No it'll be war tax -- paid in hire a guide it are there shots aren't -- out the lights out at -- that a lot it is. He'll say about the guards in a slump right now. Point fourth while last night. -- them it's not worsen Joe Biden ask them again wheelchairs stand up at least you know is pretty bad last night with. -- we when you sit there talking about how bad you know you're bowling gamers out goodies and by the way I was using an Alley off the Walt Campbell. Get. It together via. But you throw the special Olympics. That is not good -- more. -- -- -- Get the ball a guy who signed up for the -- -- that we do well -- delusional and I told the but it didn't like it hit the hundred don't get it. What what what a pity because that would what you'd have -- -- stuff -- do -- -- I love the fact that guy who got. And no paperwork to get it any good. You relax and get your honor colleges certificate B yes -- dusty was -- to a paperwork and you as a fraud Brett what was that I know -- I am -- and a -- napkin for his lobster roll. Like Brad plan that would break the big show that Bert Bert and then portray about the black belt and it. -- -- -- I've cut credible black book what can help -- on Wednesday that both -- and -- up 1. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that because that's funny he's got nobody selected from Monday. He says TV -- account via local media access to team. I would have picked the -- the state. They would have been in -- that felt like -- Belvoir one book the good thing about it. Ray Lewis. And old. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A big help. Brett what have the command of an Election Day off get your opponent won here. Do him a bonus central mountain. Expired just certificates -- Actually I gave up that you give legal tender yes. It says it right there and -- group that expires in sixteen months and then an -- is a global economy in my car to a country and our own road. 2 o'clock the big go bowling Sports Radio talk of using big note that the partners and let's -- -- Malcolm meant someone -- that they can't Brady's bastard driving got -- crazy. Cedric says that felt so I really hope that -- -- had his fielding. What does he -- that -- thing and then -- daddy Gator mob rule is that -- most stated we all know these overrated. Well like the playoffs those Comcast yes it got to that. We go move him. In their own community and -- it sounds Christians tango is you know on him. Kind of look at what first time India and you -- Why they'd better than that and Moslem. And those -- -- not. Need to have it could have been. Don't put me is why did today. And get nothing to worry about Louise on probation again. -- wish he would all. Additionally they guy starts to get it is another childish meltdowns and -- you don't need you wouldn't want to call the call meet you it was a articles that we get overnight. At least fifteen and then a -- this -- Very angry that you -- to talk over us one last replica you know. You on yes. If you want to go away or go away and it doesn't really bother me one way or the other we've -- fine with that you for seven years. It was angry Andy. -- They have unclaimed property and I didn't know it. And now my good mother had a -- -- Allen ball batted Garnett did I did I killed thirty years ago. Again met Rebecca and let cute couple years ago and combat -- now. -- economic and Emmitt you know remain. In the count it a go. At a couple of hot comedy I'm not yeah Beckett adopt. On deck where -- I've heard that -- -- all. I would Schilling after the ballot back there isn't a better question. Like I haven't put the. It was a brutal it was a brutal ask long questions drilling that are. Attached. The good. Sure I'd bet they asked about Kamal and. And would send. -- -- an issued an intelligent in an overdose of Ruth built. Current left them city nasty as -- yes that's why it -- because studies stuck him. Could you sit here at the bar like sleeveless look -- is my last two times on the show -- day. Pittsburgh steeler Patriot and current debate him about the team of the decade -- and -- although all -- of that but then that is that like the interviews going to do with the former Bruins coach about six years ago that he can Jimy Williams in the clubhouse. -- -- But couldn't hear what. -- had a good look at Belmont park. -- and they -- -- I don't know man I went to the things patty's day parade. That. I had. Take. I think political people are quite good at it that bad because. Happened. Perhaps padded out of -- problem I have had good practice I'd recommend not true yeah -- -- -- probably one of the top. And it. This would pizzas that you went down it's not the same without it though. I don't know but no announcement of the game but the cameraman went public advocate and they've -- I don't know but the world who break the camera starts sidekick and don't they got camp that passes. And our Greg Ortega to boot camp -- indeed with the team. They don't. You know that and the commercial where they got it about it you lead bullets before it hit the bottom that are going to stick Obama are good. Bob and Barack Obama is bell -- while. TDs. While and the worst part was the audience injected do you think they all. Comment when you -- -- Minded you know because a lot of people say a lot of things and I'm not that sensitive to a lot of stuff and it's it really but. But on the other -- His people have been extremely sensitive about DC and everything that's right in his whole administration has been when he was running the opposite is right now very upset about them. You know act as a sentimental that he he would he would just throw that out like a -- -- You still tomorrow the spin control. -- -- I think our angle on an arm above Obama done little bit caught. Fact that everything Callahan have they had they had -- in the after the heavily. To get apples capable defensive special good movie of all time. And I didn't I think you were deployed on. It was but -- ever Jerry talk about this before there's Jerry doesn't care you know what what's that he's not real sensitive I'll go. But it was a home for what. But you -- a hypocrite and W spot they've they've been that special Olympics though went along with the movie and that base will not so -- sponsor but agreed to be involved in the movies so I I don't teeming masses I don't know but. They did. And even known what they SM movies starring -- accept. Awful -- whatever and our son. While growing the -- that would give an authority Curwood pick by the Anderson. Problems I don't last week the federal income was handed by. And and the next day. We get close teams could depend and a book and -- -- the very next night -- probably laid down again puzzled about what public -- not quiet. I definitely. My last call saying that they have missed the next time who. We wanted that it to do it and end up plus. Hey Bobby are happy but -- Big big -- -- -- Doug about that on the radio -- I would have been quietly gotten that you like got a lot of. -- Bob yours it's partly Dewitt Beckham from its ugly. Luckily some millionaire -- you gotta read and are now Barkley made it all. They voted the the greatest school history the NHL legal team -- -- where most people actually thought -- obvious. Candidate -- scored Goldman and he went right that he flew through the air after he after he scored you don't just that's the greatest picture him in right it's a great picture that players meanings Stevenson finished. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They play -- club would have been off. We or overrated I was old decorated. American. And I did say that goal was not great it was not a great it was not in Bobby wars. Ten greatest goals how's that great pass from behind the net by Sanders. Most vulnerable on the board and that always admired brought. But I it might be that I got to the point have a problem with. -- problem was that he is. Respectful use you'd be announced the Bruins thirty yards the announcement broad -- -- Nelson -- -- -- I'm glad it's like a celebration of his walk calling out what these. Guys bombing making her popular still -- this matter of fact today's his park that's why we're happy birth that's what religion earlier in the jail. 61 today it's arguably be 61 but he 61 today raised the rabbit. You know the wheels is still more than -- Each spot in the people. -- -- -- You're in morning talk about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Brighter when it loaded base that Bobby -- had Williams a hot. That because of the spend most of their time on. And our -- just it's respectful and that's. And memories here I was in -- way that they about a couple. Bad guys are. But I don't got to do here is that what kind of -- -- get. And men like to see those classes with the tree house hearing. -- -- -- -- Dot yeah more. Appropriate -- -- In an NBA game at a head -- like he wants to buy them. Yeah code that got pat down -- what some intelligent good about. It's good talks. And particularly on the rule -- rule book. Had -- good and good but not -- record. Marc hack into the finals or. Again. They'd built by. The commissioner of the at bat yeah investigator -- -- out there but here apparently you know. -- Now you've -- everyone has missed I was so on pool -- and keeping holes Campbell he's not gambling -- football carton the fault bill all the you have to. Padilla pitcher in the I turned in the war I -- really sets up as pivotal. So I -- now it's allowance away hours I hey ain't quite a ridiculous but it might it be -- trash opera to mop up if you bracket. It yes did you give your son would not. The seventh grade it was ironic that I tackle now he failed and out Roddick somewhere in that charges that used to 10% that's pig. -- No would got hurt you hear you all couldn't get bigger problem my book got a good I can't get all the. Down one time we built. -- -- Ohio State and and it's -- times. Louisville of the -- that going to be great. -- -- they don't want the public -- And that's what's next to build an adolescence I think that's what's next. It added revenue I didn't get the ball well. Executed at racetracks and all that money out of court and an abrupt break. Put to death right there on the track I was -- -- Far from Rockingham village taking -- there have. Now and now and I notice it for the love the sport that we stopped by Siebert ended up supplement their ones. -- I would back. I don't have got a bad back good from the bad -- that. They're the best actor Colin I don't. And there was beef involved clues as well. I'd want to get back at how going to pick up girl rocked the world the primitive bridge. But if you Rhode Island -- And that meant. -- Keeping him. Hey how dead at lob they'll let god road you know like yeah. And it was years and it says it was great. It'd be have a good good good good good good compromise -- -- they probably -- Debbie I put that could be. Everybody had no opinion about double nobody -- -- probably a better diet. And they haven't thought I. But -- -- -- -- I don't know rob -- This. Okay. -- -- -- -- Okay. You finally I present -- Grossman's bargain out you -- -- -- lied -- Augusta moment broke that they did -- prices for all the department pics of them everyday and every Grossman's bargain outlets.

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