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Mar 19, 2009|

Head coach of your Patriots Bill Belichick joins the Big Show for a long-form update on the Patriots comings and goings this off-season.

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Bon Jovi. With Belichick. And Weis. At at and all his save bill is I would keep the day job before I Rio. -- I would just keep that day job that you're doing just fine with a day job I'd stay with a but apparently a lot of money was raised for charities it was. How -- had a that the out of that work out. I -- -- on early -- he would or. Offers -- foundation and a friend and you know it's on the play up there and you know well it is mutual you know that don't wear all Latin. And many. -- spent the crowd what that we erase a lot of money. I'd be get telecheck quite a -- kind of -- -- -- -- on hand and make out all of that up with you know of the matter of fact. I'll give if he -- and -- brand. If we get beat these guys appeared oh what do. -- -- -- You can make an ass of yourself with a degree in right there I'd ever get well it's good -- -- -- dusty doesn't -- -- Curt Schilling -- Bradford. Yeah I thought I brought curt you know I don't hear enough for him actually do we college scouting and a long -- this week today and -- to you know Jim Leland Bobby Cox wanted the night. It's just been this strange occurred to beat out here retreated and you Deepak apparent -- It was weird it definitely is weird you know what happens though when their careers and and we cycle more right here in the -- and not a Texan now pay to -- -- get out of here they keep it they. Tennessee you don't. Ever I was like could have been what a year ago maybe -- remember that I'm tired he goes you know if you are -- that you -- and and you know we were off and now this. And. Line Chris Mullin saw this and I wanted to -- album might have a hundred EO Karen I think that's what -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Doing good you find yourself now because you you didn't have football in January if you found yourself doing a lot more of this out on the road. Doing some of this the scouting stuff that maybe Scott would have done and in past years. I don't think though. They -- they pretty much normal term. The process. You know -- the one thing we did -- did this year which. -- -- a year fortunately that. -- go to is -- -- that that they late you know before. You know right there yet need that championship game global. -- -- lion in and you know all created the preparation. And via draft preparation all. -- ominous than normal schedule where they can pay a little bit different this year at the pan. You know internally with the new people want coaching the new people doubting. That we've got -- I'm probably -- -- going -- things and default -- you don't think agent and making sure that. You know everybody on the bank way were all headed right direction we are a little more I -- that last year -- otherwise it's about time. I you've made an awful lot of moves want to get to some of these moves right now -- -- a lot of speculation a lot of rumors a lot written. Well let's let's let's let's go with a Matt Cassel the lot of people have men. Shocked. Surprised that you only ended up getting a second round. Draft pick for for Matt Cassel. Why do you think that happen that you got a second round form and was that what you expect that you were going to get when you first franchise. Well you know -- -- -- -- -- don't into the hole situation and it you know. -- it brought. On. But first all week we but the franchise back on that because we felt that you know -- eight -- all demon. That we want to protect value and and it -- Aren't in and it wasn't you know in which -- not -- then you know about that option -- but. We certainly were prepared they have not art in this year and would welcome now in. And that's why we've made that move. By rule you can't -- and contract and what we tendered at early February com. That being at the right to do any thing now in discussions with Matt. As representatives interrupt wanted to contract. That we receive. Ride at the end of the India com on Monday. The comp one world would actually -- labor bias has. The boy though. While we have our contract in -- -- We that it tactic they talk about trade whether but it sold and he can't go. Not to digress but like with the Julius Peppers situation. You know that red thing out there well there's -- are now there's a trade our own Carolina that contract. They can't talk about trade or not I'm so. That really wasn't an option of then you know at that time period between. That Sunday or Monday of the on line. And -- read -- which was Thursday. While we talked some teams about. That's availability in the contacted that again because he wasn't mine we we really couldn't talk about but what you what -- we. All back up on some of that interest and and then. By the end of the week -- leave -- -- get the deal done with. Kansas City. But I think you know big component that was the fact that now a contract and and you look at a situation new you know we don't know effort great player and you know still young player has good future in this week. Is under contract. Isn't can't be traded by Carolina and -- is picked up or cap space on the roster which you know it's worse than to do -- thanks to manage that situation. You know all -- standpoint though it's been a little bit of a complicated state but that you know that basically. Yeah it is that we era. Columbine and and that. Attractive -- treatment do. At the city where in the end. You know when -- where it only has one year contract and we weren't a position where we can offer now long term contract. You know that it wasn't something that we could do. We had not trading point one year left on. Contract the world that franchise -- more so right now easing into city one year deal and in you know we almost historically. We -- players don't have when your contract that you know that ought to concentrate later in you know -- multi years that he can commit is so. You know and another situation we we you know you might have been able to get more for player. Over at the -- player with three years left on the contract is worth more on the market then you know where one though. That. I think that probably functional at the you know the overall value. If you weren't why did you do with that Saturday effort people argue the point that that you waited. The next couple of days. Since we are already heard stories out of Denver that they came in and might have come in late now asking that question it was Denver ever player. In the deal for Matt Cassel. Well after we already gold you know I think. You know he'd like Denver certainly knew what the situation was I think every in Italy you know they have good personal people. And you know there are on -- the personal situation franchise naturedly get with the situation was with. Players and situations and you know there and over people that we contacted or not contacted the ought to. After Matt and -- because that was that the change of circumstance want -- that happened and on. We pretty much had to deal done -- camp city. Because there really wasn't any interest and -- at -- a you know our street -- straighten that kinda thing. You know post -- mean. I want to get into the Pacific. Believe me those 28 I personally have contact with. 18 or 48 hours before that our nation of Matt straight -- city and they said they had no interest in the players though. You know now we -- situation world right at the last minute. Well we've done this that there was no offer I think there's speculation. What team might or might not been willing to trade. I would first like our first it was I think that but I think that comes back to again. The contract and end of what I didn't want to do. In the whole situation was -- You know have a trade that kind of dragged on because. Were negotiating long term deal. We can't get it on. It and you know in a situation where. You know it just is it is it just would drag on and it worked well that and -- we -- opportunity. Improve our football team and calm when we. You know made the trade from that brought the draft and -- -- gave -- ended on some. The players that we think will get a good that in audio anarchy. You know thoughtful idea together on one thing that. I think a lot of what audited all. I've heard out there about what what it would have been done was. You know eight after the fact the would've been conditional on. A lot of other things work and now it and there's no guarantee that all that would actually come together. -- are really trade that we it. It's that that he can you know -- all that happen and trying to negotiate -- long term contract like like it would probably taken to trade apple. A more well. You know they got it done and that it. Get through. So the bottom line -- really really it was never it never really they're that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- been reported there was a first and third from Denver on the table you're saying that never happened. -- -- You brought up the Julius Peppers the deal and you talked about the difference in that. Matt Cassel had already signed that under the what might have been. Timing situation for you he signed Peppers is not sign. The franchise tender with Carolina so therefore you cannot. Negotiate any type of deal with Carolina but you -- Okay well all the none of that's not true the only thing you can do it you could. You could go to pepper. You know to be any where but it in this case ever go to pepper. You could do a contract with him if he'd find our contract. Then you could present at the Carolina. And make it easier matches or they could not match -- and then they would repeat their compensation based on a franchise and that they gave them. You know one -- so. For him to be traded by Carolina you have to go in and either find that under or sign another contract with the Panthers. And want it there -- contract and Carolina could go to any scene in day. You know you want to trade that player a and then that he'd done it on. Right so -- I just follow up question is have you had conversations with his agent could you can't talk to his agent correct. Yeah we -- thought -- agent but again. If we were at work out a contract deal with the -- like that franchise where it you know more. And he hit a -- to a franchise that -- I haven't on their Anders and the compensation between -- one draft. But Carolina could change that right that's been changed in the past where they could lower that comes to let's say. Let's say they can't. And make it you know they can't is that -- -- Not until they have a fine contract what they have a signed contract and try to wear whatever they want. While it let me ask it this way -- -- from. If Julius Peppers does not want to stay with Carolina. And they finally come to an agreement that he's not going to stay in Carolina. And he works it out they needed the money -- it needed the money into the -- right now they're tying up sixteen point 68 million I believe on the cap. Him. He had his agent work out a deal elsewhere and Carolina because they want to unload the sixteen point 68 million and the you know he doesn't want to play for them. And they facilitate a deal. At a lesser price the 21 round draft picks with the team what's it like the New England Patriots. Well I I think it would be. It's probably possible that it happened land where he'd do. What essentially what you're saying it is too worked at a trade treaty eight correct you know they can't ought to eat. The team camp ought -- the player but the team. Or agent and kind of work trade out -- agent and yet I guess that would be possible. I hope they got to -- -- way to do business. And I I personally would not do it that way. -- I'd like they are -- I think if a player. Wants to be traded or want to be in a position where he could be traded. And the best thing for that player to do it it would -- apple this which is the iron to ten under the under contract. And then go to the team say okay you know I don't want to be here. You trade me here for awhile ago where he can but it look here's what you know we went up -- yeah. I mean that was essentially the Deion Branch situation Deion branch at one year left on contract. You know he ultimately wanted to be traded. You know we gate it would -- remission it ought to -- and all we traded him to. ELO. -- outrage like that would work is. If you're on now on making it readers network developed player than he might in the player. Permission or the other teams or you might pocketed -- directly about that player in a trade and you know that's that's -- he he can't trip where that. In. The rule and and -- -- have tried to do and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and find it and -- I would have done it. Naming of the same difficulties that you were talking about earlier with Matt Cassel when you minorities item to. That franchise. Tender which was fourteen point six or or whatever. And that another team may require every week we don't want to take fourteen point six for what you we want to stretch out a three year deal. He would have to renegotiate the deal would he do that with Carolina to facilitate -- entry or would that team have to have that cap room. Actually take him in and and redo. Well one or the other bank in any case they had to cap room to you know take out or. Whatever oil or -- -- Franchise contract. On their cap they had they did. Again I would just say today. A trade and point that if you're trading for a player with one year left to go on contract. That you're gonna get off what that Boyer and if you're going to trade for player with all years. You know were you know which kicks off arguably you have the player locked in or in fact number years on the contract though. Again. You know a player were going to I don't wondered deal then yes it would be traded -- What they it will maximize their trade -- one year contract I would say in general no. And then you know ready get more out of that -- and they -- you know you figure out another way to. You know kind of make everybody happy the players that new team and in the trade though. Again I think the big part of it and as -- autumn movie part in the situation like there ought to ought going to have to be worked out again. In all honesty when you're talking about that well when your outlook on track. Those different level of commitment. You know -- it's usually not the kind of thing happened in in the net -- -- in a long time. In Macon bacon on a lot of time money and resources. And they may or may not ever get -- Again I expect the Deion Branch situation that the results though. You know in the contract done trade and -- all -- you know. That that when he that that's going to happen I know and in the situation like that. That came up that we again which is. You know I think people. Put out there. Tickets early accurate. That. With the Matt Cassel did a few waited could you have got a lot less could you have been in the situation based on the what you saw the landscape out here could you have been a situation and you already said. That you would not have a problem keeping both of those guys on the other hand -- You would have had no cap room to go out and signed certainly springs and -- and I wouldn't think. -- -- Yeah there's no way no there's no way I mean is intrigued. And again I mean all of America or locally -- -- all human and I think he's real good football player. I would love to have back a former team at the same time. He got -- respect your football team and well oh but our football game we almost an organization that's our football team. Well and make -- in well. That much about like Matt much like you know on grants. You know I like Mike Vrabel much like other players -- -- -- -- He just had to do what. What you feel like in the best interest here came. Three decent players trade players are. Whatever happened to be you know unfortunately -- that's part of that but that. That well I feel like my obligation franchise in the -- all in the. Let me ask you about the -- -- is that kind of cut me off guard -- a lot of people off off guard what was your thinking there I based on. The money that he was making at the time we talk a lot about value -- for you on the show many times bring up the value of of the player. What what was the that the thinking behind. Including Vrabel -- that deal. While it and -- You know those decisions are based on what that's all these. When you trade a player to another team obviously -- other teams want that player that would trade. You do what a bigger team in. If -- it would they vote that your team ultimately we we've reached the point. The other one that gets me that I think is is pretty comical as that people have accused you. Of trying to set up your buddy Scott pioli just talked about the than you do and everything for the benefit of of the New England Patriots an effort to say that many times before. That everything you do is to make this state a better team. How did you react when you started picking up the stories and reading some of the national publications that were claiming that you're trying to set up your body. Scott pioli to get them off to a good start in Kansas City I'll reach across and -- imported right now. I mean look I -- At all the respect and or gotten everything he's done. He's great Brandon and -- terrific executive arsenal. Manager. I worked for the Patriots. I have no loyalty to anybody or -- -- -- and we'll all be news. You know -- team to win these successful. I imagine they think that if I can just say what I do. Michael like you go to masters funds football stuff about this African media. Clarkson or break up that's interpreted. I. I I -- going to -- it listen and then be in a Steelers fan and I -- there's I want to ask these questions today but I am more curious of that we had a chance and it's couple springs in a row to get from for some guys -- -- team needed -- arguments when he goes -- and and I've always fascinated by both of your approach is the personnel and I know it's such an incredibly. Integral part of building -- -- club but Adam. I'm curious to know from a from a football fan's perspective this you're going into the season. What team in your opinion at the address and eager to in the draft as the best chance to be in that kind of years on the Cardinals of 2009 going from maybe Obama top of the draft teams you. The potential bottom the draft playoff contending team. You know that that such art class and and go back to minors you want to go it'll. Well again I can't relate and or -- that I didn't look all. You know there's. There's so much integration between what everybody. And and I think that there's kind of -- oh we needed our. -- up from Europe we need to. We you know linebacker will draft back from Europe but. You know how little -- together with all these players go from one team to another. And I'm I'm a lot better than him with the new team -- -- -- -- In a team like Carolina last year you know. To be creative. And release in the next year and then -- other guys committed anymore the world or whatever and in a catch 25 touchdown and whatever so. He just never know -- those things work out there there are only only that have the nest together. I know -- -- you know nobody was that all about you know Miami beat that he'd be in the it turned out they were. One of the -- You know you just don't know -- you guys -- -- think that with the the competitiveness of the National Football League currently in the if the it doesn't take too much. One you know take over another. And we all year and they gain gain to -- here they're. The game and yeah. Then pet and help -- that you know -- them. Yeah that they are going to do that that that it's such a fine line. As we -- know between it and he. And I aimed at the division titles championships that. You know two years ago or 35 seconds away last year -- -- 35 seconds away from when -- championship that its on line. I don't I've really I haven't really -- a lot of time letting everybody else's it would be honest it got really just try to focus on. -- -- we get better we have a better football ER do a better job coaching it and prepare our players and and well that created the draft were in preparation for. Spring camps and training camp beaten like that goes really well. That actually kind of goes down -- my second question as someone who's as intimately involved with personnel in and obviously recognizes someone excessively tell that it valuing personnel. The first part the question is how much work do you guys do on other teams potential drafting. As you get ready I mean. You can have a laundry list of players you want to -- -- slot that you know for a matter of fact there's X number of players deathly going to be gone. Then there's kind of a greater players that might or might not become how much how much work do you guys do kind of mock drafting with with scouting reports based on input from other clubs in what they're going to do in. And and that. Danica Lisa might might the one I really want to know is we put the Columbine someone that is as in tune and in touch with the off the field. Impact the players have the that they do. The physical part of the Columbine. Or the or the one on one interviews what is more important to you to get a great read on the player and an -- in in that question how. How is it easier for a player to jump way up when your draft board of fall way down based on on a surprising physical test at the combine or are on a more surprising kind of an interview. Want to want to interview kind of thing. You know the -- they're really great Weston. And and I don't know that that there's recite it to but. On just you know ball back for the first one. As far as you know personnel. And other team I think. We try to do it about the week before the draft that is a little early to do now that we beat or addressed we go through all the other eight week. And we look at what their needs are and how they've been built where they aren't creative or. And and go through other sources rather just information that we or maybe it. You know media information maybe it. However we get it become I have an idea what that -- within four or there's the that they players that they white. And you know we we have that on information on each team. You know sometimes that's more accurate -- other you know we we have that in. Well use that in the draft but in other words were Pickens. In the I'd seen at a or he's AD TV eight. As were get ready eight we. I'd be. Oh what their needs -- and what players we think would it now or have they shown interest in the of the need. And I'm -- that affect our decision to move up move down in the draft based on what we. Happen either right had a or right behind. As far as Indianapolis on line goes. You know I'd say the most interesting -- need for me. Is that ought with the kids it is kinda get no. You know these kids all come from different backgrounds. Different experiences like experiences college experience this. All the appearances. I'm on they're open about their background. You specifically want -- about and kind of get there. Get their side of the story here -- get an explanation of what happened or what did happen. And and I can be a little bit enlightening but you know and fifteen minute I don't think you can make character -- -- So. I'm not smart to do that I would try to do I think I've -- -- -- And I think the physical testing part of it is. It's just one component of -- I think it to me it would be like if you put together all bowl of eye opener piece audible in in round two pieces. Well you know you're a little bit closer and put together. You know it's not like those or are those two pieces are eighty all of you know that are there maybe one or 2. Whatever it is. You know it's just one factor that. Hey if if you trying to draft you try to draft a receiver and -- guys really good player in college and you wind out. That the comp line and it you'd take this player receiver he would be what was the wrong your -- and maybe you didn't realize that you were out. But now you've actually you know watched you know on the fact of the matter is that this now -- will be on -- team. You know that maybe what you put him out there with your guys -- he wouldn't be quite as good as what you already would be just watching them play an -- for so. I think that there might be one or two guys that -- the you know a little -- Of the bigger chip on an eighty what you anticipate that. You know the game is played on the field and up and you know guys. And when he 3040 college in -- history. Watch in the rule in in have that outweigh it would I'd 234 years. You know college football I would never do that. I -- one last one and and a this is a hypothetical. This year your team the loss. This year your team no cap you've got the number one pick but he take. It -- about. Nobody moved down. Okay. You know I think you could trade out -- out. About that you know what weighted out now most -- cant trade out. You know again to be honest its point three a lot of players that are going out why are we and hurdles aren't looking because. I know there's no chance they would eaten any word reach -- so. It doesn't matter a lot like connect. I really kind of looked at them very carefully -- more guys that you know I think would be. You know like need it'll later first round -- exactly -- I have my doubt on out now that the and it looked. It was a lot different slant or pick up and you know then that you really needed to know although players at the top of the draft and and you know again more so than than guys in the later part of the round because once you take your pick at seven and whatever is. You know you're gonna lose another group of guys keep it again though. You know I really haven't focused on that article. -- out of that I'd. You just alluded to the fact that teams have trouble moving down out of that spot -- that over the last couple years than. Maybe you can characterize what this year's draft is like in weather we're having similar conditions here but I keep on people keep on hearing stories around the league. Of teams right now that we want to move. Doubt is there are real fear you find more more imminently. The teams are scared to death of drafting and that even that top down the logic would tell you. You've got a better chance of getting a better player if you drafting in the opted verses drafting in the bottom ten of the first round. Are you know there's no doubt about that I think -- it's the cost and its related up on you when you pick in the top five. Like Jake Long last year for example when when when the ball and what -- Jake Long is I -- at one week. You know and you're you're an act out -- -- certainly it has been a great one now so. You know that's not really good value that you have to do that that that's what you have to do -- on though. They're really much optional now I think that Connolly you know mr. Marcus Jake Long like not that they're not what are. It's just. Nobody really that good you know nobody is -- -- and value. Who's never played in. I think from the moving down this year in the draft is all week a little bit of reflection I think of the that this -- -- -- You know good players that are going to be available later in the first round early in the second round and I haven't even up the bases with conviction. I've hurt kind of that many things -- -- probably get the main value where we're at forty. At one or you know that kind of range now let -- exactly true I'll think about it is. You can pick those players the biggest value pick war is you'd like it the same values you get the like which -- though. Again are you sick you know the more options you there's also arc off in the first spot X are there they're there. -- -- -- go back to the media while questioning United's one -- your take on. Terms of what you think Joey Galloway can bring to this offense. Well you know it's always. Bennett terrific football player in this league he's. First all these. You know treat all the news is well any player. You know and I think that he is the longevity of career. Detriment to the explosion. And very productive at the perimeter receiver and in the year. You know coach gruden -- off and read -- last few years. He moved around a lot. I've got an opportunity you know a lot of different -- you know lot of versatility as well a lot of skill. You know got on return ability is that with all of -- and after the catch. I just think -- a lot of different things that he can do all. Looking you know again and Lewis. Those two addition of Welker on. And make and the guys Jerry. You know I think that we have some good versatility. And talent and also versatility and groups. You know hopefully people will be productive wrongful I think Joey if -- -- -- also. Is that it for the first -- and a lot to thank for. Let's look at the defensive side of the ball Shawn Springs you bring and -- Baden -- and -- you saw him obviously two years ago in in Cleveland. In a system that probably was similar to what yours was. Is that more of what he is as opposed to what we saw in Detroit last year. Well in you know Detroit last year they played him on the perimeter. Usually on the -- -- lefties. Are off -- on the right that you -- in the play on the perimeter Cleveland. They used him in the perimeter but they'll be -- demand side in law. And at on the Detroit it is so. You know be shown the ability to do both in his career he he played in our system in Cleveland and I think that you know people around a lot of respect for him and and light in. -- -- And that's apparently want to trade him but apparently part of what they had to do in in the on rogers' deal toys and upn Detroit. You know again I think he's the player of the -- versatility. It's. If we -- act or. You know dispute with another guy in the secondary. You know all of the in the passing game and what what are stronger last year so. With an -- on in in re signed in standard. You know -- feel like we. You know we've got to be -- that are -- warrior. Bill view of project springs is playing both corner and safety. -- on another personal where -- at that time all those he'd play outside he weighed in on any way that they the end. Again what exactly will be right next. Barber or eat at the back and make -- like game and a body. Personal group -- In which our receivers situation with. You know -- scale in Moss and Welker now -- that'll work together. Part of -- we want to do this spring and and intriguing and it is you know we we got off on -- that on it -- look like on the field. They look guys and different things in different combinations. And you know -- out -- work best for them and I'm not I don't have -- that answer that for you right now. And again that may change a little bit and and on you know who we play in in what what he planned. I think in the end -- their versatility -- -- and you know will will try to do we feel that's all people are we package long ago. How about that outside linebacker spot with Vrabel gone to UC somebody that you've got on the roster right now one of those younger players taken that spot. Or is there a possibility you will go elsewhere we talked about Peppers earlier in the in the interview would you go elsewhere to fill that role. Well you know we end up playing quite a few people out linebacker last year after they do it better off -- game here got hurt -- -- game so. You know we we he -- you know players like -- Shawn Crable and get the win mustard seed in injured in. Training camp in -- all the and red. Right so you know I think we've got a good competition there but you know we we never turned down I'd never -- -- could be a football player anywhere so. It was a draft choice or or both free agent traitor whatever happened eight. There was a player that can upgrade our football team at any position out on linebacker or anything else. Certainly. Consider think he can have too many of those guys. I like the want to -- out if there's more competition they're great in that there is. I think the guys that we have have shown they can in the league went well fourth and I think that built that this year. What -- ask you about a guy knowing that you absolutely love and you talked an awful lot of on the weeks leading up to Dolphin games. He had any interest in the Jason Taylor he's out there. Right yeah yeah yeah a lot of players that and he's right now and part of what we do it look at all alone in. You know I -- in -- -- situation. And we can do well actually it competitively in the field. I would want to comment on any player in the -- he. As far as. You know back goes. You know we -- respect for a minute and a lot of other players that are out there are -- in which is you know all that. You know -- possibilities. And opportunities to you know. Ultimately now it would work together. Only guys that that we have now. You know we have under contract. As you know Beckett -- and upper. Together region -- workers. And that a on the month ago. -- one. That. Well it especially generic question about a specific players -- in in Julius Peppers who right now was playing. In the defensive line of force through. He wants to apparently play outside linebacker in the 34 looking it is -- looking at his quickness looking at his ability. How do you see him making that transformation from a. A generic you know. If the -- -- -- small smack from our. All. Again there's there's a lot of good football players out there certainly Julius Peppers is one of the better players currently. He brings a lot of skill and analyze a lot of production though. What exactly he'd do -- and and how he would do it would probably be different and every system that he plays and but I I think that he -- whatever system. And you know that makes. The answer excellence. So what do you do in the next few weeks in a building up to the draft obviously these guys have got an awful lot of work to do you be going out looking at players what are you doing. Yeah I'm actually out on the road right now and they'll be more that. -- on or off season program started Monday. Our players that back -- -- and -- there. You know or -- prepare -- you know. In more he's an ethnic group work hard for airport and polls continue to by -- free agent. Opportunity out there and well that's all part of that looking at you know it'll be a couple weeks or the or -- part -- on them accommodation. -- -- Ought to all in the air on the draft that certainly. A bigger focus now and you know and that was a month ago -- created the -- period and a died down a little bit kept -- on. You know spring work out players in the draft preparations that that'll pick up and at all come together. You know spring camps and -- Get ready for those ready for -- drafted players in all these programs. Is trying to bring on the alert he. The 2009. Acquiring personnel in the ultimate personal. And trying to address the coaching him and -- used you know -- monitor it -- And in our own. Dignity and division like the Jets do. That made a lot of changes that the trial you know give it much at our own. Though it's -- almost. You know there's different aspect now. Well I really appreciate you coming on to -- -- a lot of as I said rumors and innuendo and speculation out there hopefully we've answered it's articles started mostly by Glenn by the way to start and I. All sorts of stuff out there. I'm glad you've been able to address some of those some of the stuff. Well always good part is my third rob didn't get a setup where again. -- -- against them. Talk before the draft how's that sound terrible if he gets people get needed yeah. It was at a great I've built -- the -- though. Selig and the Patriots. Suddenly it's there from some stuff he's going to be jealous it's Carrick and that's agree question did you better than Pete ever gotten. It wants and that's a good way because that's a good question -- -- -- -- I was as much of most disease that. And as -- here beat -- last.

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