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Mar 16, 2009|

Moments after breaking the story about the Patriots possibly trading the #34 overall pick for Julius Peppers, Vic Carucci joins the Big Show to break it all down.

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-- stuck to our body of the crew chief from the nfl.com. -- -- -- the -- -- -- and -- -- it's nice to see you working on -- the street today likeness. You know I gotta do it out to a couple things that -- help pay the bill. That's trying to keep empty and keep our ratings up we like this aren't telecast at all tell us how serious this -- Well I think are serious shot -- people. What I've spoken. Say that this is just sort of -- on all be playing at that oh a lot of us were focused when when the trade was made that shot. Matt -- the Kansas City. And and I go ahead accomplishment you guys a little bit scratchy at one out of a lot of that script and at one. About why it was only his second round pick in what you know there are we -- chomping at NC is. As they say the rest of the story that that the Patriots. It looked at this in the big picture way. Will be Cassel. Four Kansas City specifically to get that 34. Overall choice that second pick of the second round. In knowing that that would be attractive to Carolina. Who. Deficit which step watched them move. Peppers and end he's in the -- mindful logic in and then there's finances in this little two pitchers do not our first round pick in did not -- -- -- I don't want to say a first round pick they're comfortable with getting a second rounder. And they would take that -- writer for -- even though that below his market got. -- -- It's Tom current and I'm appreciate a lot in the story on the radio. And the opposite. Ends on some stuff and that's -- just sucked it up listen he cared he would carry with them at seventeen point six million dollar franchise tag through New England. Has -- been conversation yet of Peppers being amenable to a new deal with the Patriots is an attitude it would have to drop previous to deal we made. It's it is just about seventy million as adults sixty whatever -- act. -- trade according to your -- today. -- -- it it is. That the number it excuse me. All amenable he would be has been discussed from what I understand and is. A factor in in making this work out I I think he was amenable to doing the same. We have the Panthers and and they're very. You know for a in the it's an historic Carolina they have -- as you know I'm very well but these -- Looking hard at their finances Patriots at the same. Well what -- Yes I think Cleary the cap money. That they gave -- with. Revolt big castle from there they're all they factor and that the the ability to do something longer term weird. -- much awaited the chief should look -- doing the same with Cassel because you make -- big contract fit better. The players certainly realizes. In terms of signing bonus and such. Topic substitute that doesn't make you feel like he's taken a pay cut from which I expect to what to make this -- so I think he would be in. Ought to make this clear because you. Brought up an intriguing thing it said that Carolina. Is is interested in that second pick the 34 overall rather than taking a first round. If that is the case is that not answer. Maybe part of that question we had. On why -- check. Seem to be. -- 222. That that pushed a button and make that deal maybe because you've satisfied what he needed. To get Julius Peppers which was that 34 that. And that Denver pick. Was not go to do the truck with -- that. -- and what I think it hurt our liked it except pointed in the piece article back that this may be and I am not saying this is. I acquired back but. Just apply some logic to what seemed to be you know logical situation. Yeah I think that maybe helps explain that. So -- criticizing him for not waiting. Maybe he got what he needed. And if he waited he would have got what he needed you might have gotten -- that was going to take out of this output deal -- -- Cry. The alphabet the -- that the oddity here is that our first round choice might have been worse thing to happen. With regard to demand Cassell trade if it if he. Worse means not getting Julius Peppers and -- -- -- The other apparently this fool guys and and that is what do the Patriots do in the draft -- eight point -- their overall. You know -- -- -- -- Point two -- whining still an inside linebacker. The pair up well with Jerod Mayo and and they were. You know I I think again triple what Bill Belichick -- typical of a lot of teams do you look at the big picture that you try to see. What did you need to do to improve your -- all these spiritual walk work and I. I I think a guy like -- -- it's so what they look to get I don't know that he's spirit 23. -- you look at different projection. And he gets pretty -- She'll take so is that a study inside spot in the draft. And in the trade days satisfy the outside good one question have there is it was Dylan Thomas he says five playing the left or strongly and so strong outside backer over the -- tiger and let. Yet that that -- -- a -- if you are not sure I I my guess is it all if the if it. If bill telecheck police that he should. I don't think there's any we know -- for discussion there other question is does he you know it -- -- -- Football and and I -- would be dead. You know you must think that that he could. Mope over there and -- -- -- and yet there are some questions about. Peppers and I I rate this act -- includes some comment that I got from personnel value later in a Liggett and someone that I respect his. Talked about the Buffalo. On the spot right here he says you don't just -- assessing Peppers he he says that wall. To him it's. Slant thought that he picked this conversion -- easy -- 34 you know he's. He cities he's still bothered by the fact that the guy and he put it as he -- holy one match right when he is upset about Patrick two years ago. Let me welcome -- -- local don't have regarding and they you can you can comment -- -- because obviously you talk to. A quote this is a guy who totally went on strike two years ago. Because he wasn't happy with his contracts -- the player personnel source who requested anonymity you know we still don't think. He's also very. He's also coming up he's also very long in the torso. Which is not ideal for a 34 outside linebacker. And he can't drop into coverage he's very stiff. But one of the things the Patriots are looking at is defected in passing situations. They can have Peppers up front. -- Richard Seymour and Jarvis Green. That makes it easier for them to -- nose tackle Vince Wilfork. Out of the game in passing situations. And just play him on running downs. Yes it and that's it and the part of it long torso and and we know we -- Peppers for awhile now. And not really seeing him as a guy who dropped in the coverage I think he's got to do those things right he's got a piece. An outlet lap record of three or has got to be personable he's he's certainly got the quickness explosive that saw the -- dramatic question about that but I but I also think the dynamic if he's he's got to help them and -- are not. Over a -- It in today's NFL defenses are so multiple moves so -- situation scenarios. Even the idea of him dropping into coverage. I'm not sure that that would happen maybe one out of five times he's on the field -- you know most. But I couldn't quite get it and maybe that's something that you know from the on the perspective and you're right everybody's got a little different. Spinner twist at all they they brought. A particular scheme -- 34 doesn't really. Mean anything because it's it's it's how you obviously erotic -- the Patriots run it out of the team up another he brought it. And and our differences and and your point is well taken that. There. And again if you're going out of wrote with the pitchers would be investment that would be involved here I think. I think you gotta be sure that he's been -- the spot that that. They think he could go into my my accent has not argue about that with them because they're usually -- right the right to law. The funny thing is we're the guys were pointing out was -- -- guy. On to a sort setter was the third overall pick him and has been approval where not not to cast dispersion usually what not a lot better. I don't know -- Right raw talent of him. You know warranted him but his -- he's the one that it that is talking about playing in the 34 he wants to do one aspect about it you're able to ferret out the information about why he has -- So quietly adamant and if you talk about a -- Kerry you know -- in subordination classy way it's been Julius Peppers I'm like Jay Cutler right. Why you've been so adamant about not wanting to ever wait for the Carolina Panthers again it's such a quiet but. Stay at best way. This is the best I can't right now -- it's still -- and what a shock spoke -- about I think some money and yet they've got the tendered -- got admitted yes that commits that anticipate that nearly seventy billion a year but I don't think he. He's the long term commitment contractually. On this football team and I think he set is that their preference is. To what do you make him someone else's problem at least financially. The airport and a lot of there or there and as as an organization as a graduate you know that your Richards and their water has not been. Well he's had -- transplant and and you know what I picked naturally there's apparently concerned -- apparently -- -- so. I think all the focus has been. Probably more on the financials. And a little less. May -- saying you know this guy is great let's figure out a way to keep no matter what. Is that thing about that financial aspect of trees in two victories that at his aides this is going to be his deal to catch again. If he's looking at at least defensive front seven guys he now has a seven year. Hundred million dollar contract and is probably one guaranteed. From Albert Haynes worth to which he compares himself. And then you're also going to have guys on the backside for the Patriots there. Or global with mine with a B Vince Wilfork Richard Seymour. Do you think you'll be -- money motivated. -- if the Patriots are landings why as opposed to a team that maybe not the lure temperature there. Yeah yeah yeah I didn't think I I think you hit it right up ahead. And out of what makes you agree. Aware of it. You are ultimately marginal audience asked what she did a much easier to explain here. But but I don't I I do think he -- he differentiates. They've between that should not to say that you don't you we used that term loosely about that this cup together. It will I don't always like -- -- out -- out of state put it in his case. Yeah I think the war -- upbeat part of a championship he can be you know which could be as strong as the frustration. Well what -- -- experienced last year when there's so much. Opened and and so much that was -- resentment rushed it in that playoff in the horrible performance by. Jake the -- that offense I think he looks to New England. As a as a place. Is that that's sets itself apart and it is special -- these governor. That it took place for. It is my peanuts all right but I don't think they ain't worth the -- I don't think he's he's that he's repeal it up and that he has absolutely scary than anything close to that. It would be among the top you know higher rate that's two players in the game in the Whitewater somewhere else city Patriots. Have ever reconcile that that -- that have the ability to do that but I think it's also -- he'd -- what they thought they made the west. What dramatic offseason move. The pace side was that the only honest. -- we know they're not opposed to -- we got it well but they do it once they would for picking certain players what yet he goes and their. Herbal and all I think it is look at for eight responding and -- situation was a ridiculous radical. Move by -- -- that's not a lot of ridiculous radical but at the -- Early on to EI is it possible that that the Patriots might be looking at this saying that they're not sure they can re sign both Wilfork and Seymour. Because you're going into an uncapped year. You don't know what's going to happen with these guys what the market is going to be like I I I think we're going into the great unknown when all of that. And yet this situation they can make a trade and they can end up signing him now so they have the guy under contract going full. Well what -- -- what if if if we think that and I kept your attic and I kept debate. We are -- in that direction are definitely. Bennett not an issue Jews to you know spent my body. It gives you the world to do whatever you want because you've got most feeling. Cute to prevent you from from making certain moves if you want to keep several players imagine etiquette in the Patriots way. To let's suppose player and I could say it got that list but I I know there's a there's a there there there were several. -- of players or -- -- work coming up having to that territory there are. I guess based I think those guys are going to be cast a threat I think some of what took place this off season. As has help rectify some of that but on the road or chapter this night season. Our during the -- my agent I think some most could be made. -- -- additional money being paid the player that a player that would have been paid to him because there is the expectation cap room with no. It happened 2000 that and then and other -- just. You don't -- now. Sad -- -- anonymous obviously known we've got a new players association. And -- anonymous no. Where this thing is going but the more I read about it -- were convinced. It's not the free for all I thought it was going to be with the players not only -- -- a franchise player now but you can have to transition players. And that it's going to change. The years of service guys that thought they were coming out after four down at the weight of five or six years to be able to do it and I'd then there's even another provision about a playoff teams that of success in 2000 and they'll be able to do less in 2011. It -- out. -- yeah let's said the economy. To smaller market teams let's look at Buffalo for example where you on. And the -- really affected by it notes that next season because I -- exactly get a little money coming to be able. Sure it's going to be great free for all for for players that they might. I don't think so either in the biggest -- you're right it it probably is not. The bonanza financial bonanza that that they might anticipate. -- teams will do what teams do. Rolled to their markets relative to their capability. Of of handily take out this money in. You know when you do pay the bigger body and -- going cash over cap. And order is probably reaching into -- and that our apartment -- got. What is it is football investment and and for somebody's daughters are you look at the Angels starter Washington. He's got other things that he gets going Six Flags amusement big want to and that goes -- -- company hasn't been good way to beat her bankruptcies a lot like. Okay so so and there's been a lot of quiet that you all the money that they had there. He's -- some money from the apartment profitable venture right now are -- And that being rescued -- that it the other places so is this happening elsewhere. If among owners we can suspect that that different figure going it right I I think. It'll be strong teams with certain players still getting the cash. Still the -- as -- but by no means is necessarily going to be habitat. Wonder. What numbers. In. Like sixth or seventh drop them and please please -- more behind JaMarcus Russell now he's blind Alex Smith -- -- he's okay. That tells the -- our other. -- -- The only person go. To refer to dissolve all -- Yeah you guys know debate -- facility just leasing basically go through thousands I don't know I don't look country. Are. Happiest day talking about. The Patriots and they -- is getting together -- about hoping to complete the deal at some point. Between march 22 twenty that that would be the NFL owners' meeting. And the start of the draft on the toward that we know obviously you want to do it by the draft as a as a draft him involved in it. How quickly do you think this thing gets done and what. Is holding it up right now from getting done beyond that NFL owners' meeting next week. Yeah I outlaw it I think the potential all look it could be very much work I brought up role that for the fighting. Peppers contract. Well not necessarily an easy thing maybe -- sort out and make sure that it fits. Although although. You know all the look at all the implications that occurred heparin and making sure fit. Everything the Patriots want -- to in terms of their their role. And that would be one pick but you know -- I sent through the years -- -- you know does he press you better I do is is that Joba crap from. Patriots and it -- Richards and for the Panthers have been kind of kindred spirits right him they'd been. L as as -- -- -- of owners of teams. Kind of calm through the ranks together and and I I think a better. That the positive relationship that exists between them could have could go a long way toward this working out of their understanding of the finances of at all and of course not the should just keep. For a second that they -- bit. Won't be involved or have a major say -- this but I think it -- a lot of the late work that needs to get -- That level they would probably be able to to achieve some that it just because that would. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- yeah -- football. Okay they've picked a terrific stuff as I -- at the top we're glad that you're talking about us recently as a real quickly just yes you know -- get traded. I've -- where. Does this and. You should now. Knows what Cleveland for equipment that -- lights and no good deals won't look. At Hendry and quit. Understands write it itself it is they're -- you got. You have to throw something if you're if you're Cleveland you have to throw something else in the platoon kids of. -- I didn't necessarily mean it would want for one but I -- do you think Tibet -- Potential place I don't know about the -- destruction so much it's in the air. But but is it you know Patriots spoke second pick and not the person that put the ball I enter fixated I'd -- first become -- -- and. Just don't just -- -- conference -- is cool calm on the going to the Cutler is a national here so bad apple and send him wherever some good. It. Isn't Detroit the guys with the Detroit don't know maybe send them to Detroit's we'd like that I'd bet next. -- loaded well that you know your great stuff you give you give us the thought about that -- into -- that we receive and you know the public a victory Richie NFL. Not count and film. Work if you missed the story he has the -- just posted moments ago. The Patriots appear primed to make a deal with the Panthers for Julius Peppers. -- according to he has sources multiple league sources. The two teams have been talking to complete -- support between the NFL owners' meeting which are coming up this week next week. And the start of the draft which would be April 25. So why throw out the course and few out there Patriots nation. Nobody it. -- do you feel about all of us.

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