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Mar 12, 2009|

Curt from a car checks in with the Big Show boys to echo and add on to the comments made by Jonathan Papelbon about Manny Ramirez. Manny mania rocks on !

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Joining us now one of his -- visit this former it's -- interaction -- to -- -- Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling. I felt warmer. When we. Nobody. I use the word that sticky smelly Roethlisberger shirt. What are changing to the world chip future I'm going to have to beat you Bears won Super Bowl. Oh yeah -- Pope wherever you also -- listen to you break doing. Now our books I have a cute -- -- that. -- you know going to put -- bet they would spend almost specific you know. Steelers and Patriots you know it's a win win obviously -- today it. Pornography and Manny Ramirez by the way on its art but that many are writing a tricycle today giant tricycle with a basket on the back is that was supposed to report the Dodgers. And what will not report. Incredibly. So while he's there are we are reports the Wednesday because he hit his hamstring is acting up and -- -- -- -- -- Dollar because that's the message and not make his spring training did you did because of the hamster but sure you're you heard about on the problem bonds' comments about that were Esquire magazine in April addition in the role of the world and national news I was wondering what that. Are you -- the -- I actually did not here -- just let -- read read -- I heard that -- heard about it but I haven't heard you know any specifics other than that. They -- said that maybe it was a problem. I -- the I think he actually I think what he said was actually right -- the he'll win once you start mentioned he was a cancer because like that we take that word cancer out of it them -- even admits that you know that he's a great player and hurt this team when he. We better yeah it's great hitter great hitter yes yes. -- -- It's that thing I had that you about it when I was in her about it was that fact that. It which I know that some -- a building you wouldn't -- Is that you could always seek him from a guy immediately. And you don't let it go because if you let it go in and the guy leave -- locker room. And all of a sudden I used to talk about it it just seems a little lot good to me they. That that's hypocritical. And that was that was my issue from day one -- -- I -- into it is this manatee -- even ever want to say it was a -- game -- for my first year here. May take the ball on eight and you go back watch the replay. On the record was injured idiot. In Toronto he gave up at all dial up July it out there and optimistic interest double. -- -- of the game is achievable Grand Slam that Obama's. In the in the eighth inning I practiced the way. No it was all I think it. It never had any player ever at any level do that and when I came back in the dugout -- -- my -- down with the county addressed issue. And I was stopped by multiple people. And and the comment was integrated hit people Malone. What I'm like well you obviously got -- reading -- -- -- I don't give a Brett that we get ready freakish stats. Take the ball he just -- the ball -- -- that's you know made -- it would -- just -- about just -- -- myself. Only Chris that's okay. But that's all -- unless it's some of the biggest Manny apologists are actually you know his teammates and -- at that point -- I think. This year -- overboard that they just pretty much cut ties up covered for the -- Well I think this year was the first time that he made it very clear all of us that he is not going to quit by not playing party's gonna literally quit and you know again gave it is then be asked over and over again that what you see someone that supposedly. Is just good. Given away. If it -- -- they put him on waivers. Which is that you can't get left for a player that you get when you put him on waivers. -- -- -- -- -- did that told you -- you need to know about that that the opinion. They'll and that was the hard part was that he you'd be you'd -- you play with guys. That -- live and I didn't read baseball 247. You know. That that it -- of the world the Wakefield of their tax and in the old in the Detroit hasn't. And then it's okay my biggest problem -- like to come back this one did it become okay. How good how good. Do you have to get to where it's okay that you do not are bigger contract. Because of the -- that's what we're talking about. You know he didn't he was not held to the obligations is -- just isn't anybody else was that because he hit so well really what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rudd wow for a day that you can count controlled it but -- run -- -- 23 years. Seven years and I love that you that you Hillary demand. It ain't happening it is -- it just is much your ball as it is his ball. I and I think everybody recognizes that I think everybody's culpable -- what is accountable in this but ultimately we all more trouble than Manny. I mean he's a grown -- -- the -- he should he be accountable for his own actions. And and the problem was and then he you know -- Well well Amanda back like that at that birthday though you are you are -- palpable if you -- that team mate in teammates. In your management if if you're not -- lack of me that you can't be treated McNamee that you got a -- aka child so he got -- -- dollar rile. He want to act when he -- treated with respect and a lot of people just didn't do that and you know that maybe you're right you can't really carefree years as participants. That's really what happened for the for sure for five years he came in. Went physically and -- -- do you allow players to have more control of the orient and and and pushed in a club and -- manager -- that a manager he wouldn't fire. Did you were out just try to get back to this point oh what did you date when he -- the ball. In you'll walking down a new shortstop one person but without about 23 people you Ricky. Well my first thought was it was going to probably because they come elect when I was -- -- -- physical -- I didn't admit they -- -- hit the beit about it it's not anything like debit. That is one vote split out and -- more and -- You know I I've been in a lot of about doesn't -- in the end doesn't -- you believe. That's what you know that stuff happens all the time and it happens between mature responsible Colts next they've played well in order it's okay -- screwed -- -- makes Robert -- at the very. It makes you buy it helps people grow up whether we need to be near somebody else but -- play of the bottom line is I spent the next two -- -- -- pissed that their. And not expect not everybody that's totally my fault. Lies it was not an amount not execute pitches that would matter that -- I ended at this point 61 lead and we lost the game. Was you may first game near me he was exactly what it was for seven and half years seven years three years of he's hired gun you brought -- -- hit. It yet him when he -- when he -- -- that hit we turned our head on everything that he did as long as you went out there and hit. When he refused to go on the field people signal mean that you wait no more. You gotta be out there nephew but we all let him do some things a lot like like other guys that when I was -- with Angel when you let these guys do things. That you -- lesser talent did not going to let him do. It's it's a societal issue because what we. We've come through to. To agree on as a society is that the more successful you are the less standards we -- going to hold to in enemy due to our weakest argument. Across sports and pulpit they. We we hold our portal quotes superstars to -- little accountability but it it's it's embarrassing it's pathetic and and you know that there are people in this town and then there's a large that despite -- Full for I'm not really sure for what other than I have a big -- I talk a lot. About Atlanta that always play the game. Game right I've always play the game I've always respected my teammates have done everything I was right. I tried to opt that it that your look at you couldn't you couldn't you're gonna have people come out of woodwork -- already about obligations dark object I'd -- watch on the payroll and I didn't pitch an inning. But there was not one ounce of -- -- or not one out of of bad character behind by I was. In my mind that was completely healthy when I signed this project I had every intention of going out party every dollar of this deal and I think played out differently. A lot of things could happen but I never ever missed letter her or try to dishonored disrespect your position of arm but. That's the thing though as long as you go or regardless of what people think of you as a personal -- you handle business as long as when you step on that field. You do your job. I -- and that and that's when it comes down to a fortunately and in sports. Here you can do whatever you want off the field you could be a bad TV but if you're on a Feely guys they -- -- went on to feel I want him out there want to throw in that game wanted in the box and and that was one of the problem winning. Two years went always one that we think it was Q that it was all a sudden it was okay for -- the use that lack. This man be a man. Well it is an apartment that outlook includes entered the game and there was additional floor and Derek Lowe was pitching it was just sat August September in Brooklyn Dodgers. Below pitched eight innings and we would want and Upton and two outs in the ninth runner -- like -- Seattle two outs runner on second. Pop up the left any -- accident and likes the ball to run scores to tie the game we what are the bottom of the. Might thought that entire night was Derek Obama to disaster for eight innings. And had done everything you need to do to get away and and been -- that's what your contract is predicated on wins and losses and all those things. And after the game many -- -- up there most Michael well poppy hot it was -- it was funny to him and I saw obsolete year old humor. In the end I don't below did as well but but the media top Manny being Manny you know Bob Bob Roberts. That's it I think not and I'm not that I'm not I'm in Florida when I was playing with a there was no competition like -- on that note -- you think -- with the apple -- statement you'd you know John that never did confront. Anybody that you Hollywood. I -- -- -- -- Obama people that did as well. You know but but that again it was a few and far between because. Many was to -- the first players ever played lift that. At the end of the day you get Pollack had to have him in the lineup to win games to be a better team. And in -- if you pushed him it wasn't about lack of effort anymore it was literally he's going to take this stuff and the whole. And that's different that's a different philosophy. The end and Bill Clinton you're talking about he played for a manager and and I identical to -- for him in nineteen to 2000 when I was in. Well at -- yet to doubt speculative I would as the Philadelphia. Bobby Abreu is playing right field and Tito Bobby was come into the park and Tito became apart with one billion people sit -- and people sparkly again -- have you packed your bags and you're going call a dot for the year he came in late Sunday that very next day. You don't -- pack your bags and -- -- that GM came downstairs an hour later cities in the lineup and and that's the kind of being that undercuts and on the. On -- -- yeah yeah definitely that they hereditary it was going to get. Does get brought to work with Manny is it that if you did something like that like match you talk about -- do we take what he loves and that's playing the game if you Sydney anyway going to sit for two days. It makes you wonder if maybe yeah. -- I don't I you know a lot of a lot of key hits and allow the people will will will a good faith. But that the best way to discourage it -- -- how the how the become you know great because he played the certainty if you to take them the way it is hopefully. It is very very probably. And you just think about TO would yell at the TO is will be a better player because you know Dallas made them humbled -- that is as incident someplace else you take away something like depth prop eight earlier. That the that he loves more than anything else is to play -- he can't play anymore or while it I think in the he gets the message but if you -- you if you looked the other way. And you turn the other cheek and you don't confront it. It becomes more and more about five and I don't care if if the house is already Burton Burton now. You -- -- up our department and is too late in smoke if you don't you can staying. Well -- that that's up that's you know I agree with that the but it every cases specific to the people involved with each parent Philadelphia. -- your team sucks for a decade. And these pitchers are player down don't really care -- -- their -- basis and a great message to play Boston it's about what in the pennant and the World Series every single year. Well isn't any Ramirez for a day or two or three was was obviously seem to be in much more detrimental to -- the team -- sitting there. Well did it seem now it seems. This is destined that your -- the way people write or talk about stuff that happened. The people want to talk about the fact that that Jason Jason Bay hit a phenomenal job do you. But if I would argue that -- maybe I'll honor his contract in this study were defense because the many good artist contract and done what he did. But aside -- back and here we would've won a World Series. What I did aren't -- -- was it you know. I totally different is going to be a monster player is going to do phenomenal things here did one man. Ramirez. And when anyone's been hit there's nobody on the planet that at that hasn't taken steroids that's better than many. But nobody. It and Andruw took steroids human of the better than them. Bet it but the point is that that he was a force and he used his position. To manipulate the system and -- back everybody and and Terrell unfortunately it's evidenced. If vote if a guy takes -- if if I think is like this to me. And I plea would -- like this who had their old ball. You played in their -- or the yeah or they'd -- away at the market they. Didn't want to -- he knows my ball I'm going home with -- you know what take gas home -- -- home with it you don't have -- don't combat. You know -- back he got to -- up to date. On. And the problem is that you go to Watkins your date one deal locked into something that have been on going and you know I would argue that from your point forward. It's on his terms. This team has rebuilt itself and it from a chemistry standpoint to to not just be a model franchise in the weighted draft and develop players in you know what what the Red Sox way. But the Red Sox waited and actually means and indeed that is like anything like this organization but it there's going to be a sense of pride in the source of pride you know. You know this. I'd Amare revenue market that the -- under a lot of dignity respect where. It. Has its big messages any. In it in the stray -- franchise -- -- -- will go through that. I was with a balls and so that's when they would the most respected team. You know around. And I was with them for to a three years with Sidney wicks Curtis -- -- haven't -- -- in his career and I thought this team really go to pot for a couple years -- Larry -- again the mindset of the team changes that you go all the long losing streak we lose again so it it changes seems to me I'll get what franchises it is it changes from year to year based on how you're team is before it would. But the thing about the but if you think about that and -- a year talking about that I held in -- sport which it applies those changes happen year to year because -- -- allow the players to change. It keep that up front office and a manager the coaching staff that don't allow those things that happened it can't change from your your no matter what you personal bus because you don't put up with the with a BS of some guy coming here as an outdoor in my -- while you're not. You don't at the way we do things or you're not donated all. And now that that they'll post these -- place for this organization to move forward with that mentality and I think that's as big as any. It's thing in the locker room -- -- -- when neighbors team media Pedro kind of -- and his own thing. And a never never got to have that this cup point but. Now they cleaned that locker -- months of the young guys that are coming up and they'd look bought the -- election is not that's not acceptable anymore you want to watch somebody look over Pedroia that I play the game. Anyone Obama about that I do that was not acceptable are they told. You know I I. That was that was never accept a delegate to my apt to vote without ever thought of acting that way are doing that. And we. It meant he didn't know developed an acceptable if biggest nudity was an apartment that was point been able to do it and that huge if you talk to people went when he didn't think they'd better. And guilt that I think that's the thing that you know you can take people inside resolve those those those idiots and and and watch the things they're saying and listened. -- -- -- If you think Manny was pissed off about the fact that we wouldn't give him a four year extension broader million figure out just picked up -- two options. I'm really curious to see how this whole thing plays out. Because I can't imagine he's even remotely happy about the way it is displayed on the DL he eats up a lot of things he did here as well. In LA it's okay poppy on this here about the game it -- well played baseball. You know now we find out that he was miserable for eight years because the fans adored him in in treatment and worst of government and -- to some extent I understand that it is hard. For people that are comparable with the did an -- and our social guy and that not a bad way to be but it doesn't want to block. And commiserate indentured -- -- and bomb just people public so in this a couple of public if you don't want that has -- are very. Energetic very positive and they like to reach up to players that are Republican if you can't accept that the new. They don't go to -- public could be you don't want to play here. Body think Joe Torre Nickelodeon some of the dodger fans if there is authors passes in which they're they're not and that it did that and -- are Roger the -- offense -- but not like the -- -- yet. Musica award flag goes up today because many decided does hamstring -- and didn't really feel like participated. It'll take more than today that that you know one of the things I'm going to be very -- -- is by nature to liberal to book a very old school guy. You know he he's always been about tradition and respect and all that other stuff and and he's going I think you'd ME that many errors as long as -- thought I saw the photo the other day. I -- Joe's going to pass from the got it again and that back could be the first fund on this board out of spring about. Begin Aston last year to weak but it just a little you know it's it was against sinister when we're always -- and -- -- you -- -- new contract -- do anything. Can you you're stressed economy is the I don't I mean -- away from what you got what you left I got fifty billion government police and shooting -- Scare me isn't Manny last year the first time in along in his entire career at that uncertainty what was going to happen the following year and -- we saw the way he handled that he didn't like he wanted to know. What was going to happen next year. He's in that same boat this. Team all. He doesn't -- the next year. The thing about it is that I have a front row seat to that because I had two separate propositions. At very divergent points in the year the first -- spring training when he showed up -- phenomenal shape which Mitt and the -- he's always. These sort of been phenomenal shape and his spot was I worked my ass off are they going to give me an extension and might response was. I don't think that they beat quietly if you want to -- two option years I've I guess I'm gonna get -- -- -- to want to make sure innings okay go and -- that you know will pick up option. Option -- option -- want to get afforded -- ought to well. You -- gate strong and interplay in the the game right and doing things in you're not caught anybody that questions about your committed the thing I can imagine it would eventually talked. -- too much later -- the season their adopted -- started -- well -- help these past that they haven't done it yet and ended you know that was when I was it was very clear to me. You know he would do whatever he could do to make it because -- -- early last year there was no problems. It was great you know he was I play and I want to play blah blah inspector there -- to play -- 45. I love the Red Sox also -- expensive moment just screwed -- -- -- out the Sox. I want asked about just changing a topics were quicker to Alaska and -- the WBZ if following it and I know I -- I'm sure to address with the NC he would his items -- -- -- interview them unfortunately but. But what what you think about the I mean this Netherlands and do you believe in miracles crap I'm -- I I -- a buddy -- -- while -- while -- feel about that that I mean that was. I would argue or chemical out of the Russian American hockey upset I didn't. You're talking about a team with with 23 mutually players on it versus a team with two. And and they they beat them twice and you if you elect the first game and the simply below his proposals illegally got print them. That we should be combined Upton not only shows the lack respect -- -- for that it I mean I thought that was. Severe slap. After getting -- -- not only should they got to -- it should be combined not. And then -- cannot beat him again I mean that was that's an enormous upset. Yeah -- But it's it's still not it's. No it's not always in -- it's not viewers I don't know I don't know I don't know but I didn't baseball eternity huge upset I had heard. It was it was a Phillips of them ESPN news comparing them it's us that's tomorrow we'll visit as they're presented that that Dominican team isn't exactly known as the greatest team in the world -- -- the problem is not rob I have this whole tournament and community. You I think Youkilis and that's not the best of the -- just just like. It's just so you know it is not it has not do it. -- the World Baseball Classic in -- -- showcasing some of the best baseball players the world but the best in the world problem. Are you watching you watch him. That's the occasional inning here -- it would just like it's just not it's not at this that I don't have. I just want I don't want my guys with a team might want to see when the Red Sox get hurt and that they were murky situation about player first race. Of the fact matter -- what you're watching his players in spring training shape you're just watching. You're watching won't be like the Red Sox and their starting lot of public respect and then you know really talented but they're not in no -- no way shape or form indicated midseason. And then they're not going to be. I mean so you're getting that you're it's still good baseball it's still kick the crap out of minor league team and -- -- best players in the world but it's not the best in the world and. When this be like that in the -- about the -- lives that that wouldn't be like that that that movie cool running. When you had the kind of make you graduate at bottom d'antoni and the Netherlands team Cubs have beat beat the baseball deal like that goes I think both physical running reference and reverend mr. -- -- it was also. -- about that game to me was that all those games -- -- the Dominican team couldn't couldn't hit with guys school position that made three errors a game they play that these guys have played in the big -- -- -- pop ups man but it is it's early spring pretty smart as that the topic I just can't I can't get overly excited I know the other countries side and I -- passionate about. I I can't get over excited when I know that the best of the best not playing the best. That's it -- -- the baseball that particular day that's all you really want out of this is for the countries that baseball not the top sport and for it to become more popular effort to gain. And I guarantee it is more baseball fans and benevolent this week was -- it. What about six. That I'm humble for that ask you about music is yourself I mean you still have aspirations but one pitch at some point. It. Ticket. -- not. I'm I'm idea as the days go by only more and more against making -- move I have may uses -- I don't feel it right now that I did in November December January. In on not I'm not I'm not flipping by sports in the oracle which. I shields -- list of top Paul Pierce but it varies they'd said because we talk -- into while walker. Antoine Walker's now like I Padilla you know who was a great -- the player. He is now do one Rose versus jokes and yeah at some point you say it is over at all of that property is now a top but -- -- -- you know when it's over it's over a few other first person that understands thousand IU fans feel -- you white feels -- You to civility you'll have that are you bet -- -- Me when I saw John rocker rob double on the that that could -- told me that that's the place I don't ever want to get. Well plus this Sammy years when you would know that expert and I watch games and elect -- and when it would fuel it's if if if -- feeling than this time a year you know that's it. Yeah I'd -- I guess I'm I'm I'm. Jimmie -- on make -- apartment decision that now if it goes -- today it would it would -- probably won't that would be you know. Well it always would ask you this one question is always in it as a the other. -- catch -- I would ask you about what they ask you about. What did this motivate you could have motivated me beer motivated me more than anything yeah. To get out there and it is to be fearful a failed. To me is what motivated me more as a player and then -- -- -- what you Yugo really going to be good did it motivate you like. And saying I have always used his on the -- -- -- it's important how my ass with a tractor. Nobody was more afraid of of doing poorly imitate that I played than me. I was. Scared to death of failure and I think that what that ended up doing boozing and getting beat created such had a negative things for me it was such a horrible environment. That I wanted to do whatever it for the big strike didn't do that. And that was I think one of the reasons behind why did the preparation -- to work department for him and I did. And that you know back to -- was posed the single biggest motivated. If you did decide to come back if you know if you. If you decide and I noted read and read before you know thirty pitches blog that you don't necessarily Paducah backyard need to pitch for a contender fact that you mentioned the team like the Kansas City Royals wouldn't mind. -- organization like that justice. You know have some younger guys on the. -- but in the one of the things that I book about the -- that was. Coming back in the end it. It's right but to come back it would be a July situations I would be in the big leagues. But again there's a lot of that ever happened before that Bobby said he'd be a -- was 7 and -- other stuff but. For me it was if it came down a situation where. I have my pick I would obviously look this is it would be half we played out like be able to get appeal of who was where it was good and it wasn't but. An article somewhere like Kansas City for a month with fit with -- in my contract making sure I was traded to a contender but yet. I could give a team a chance to get a couple of young players while working with young players bigotry to a contender at the deadline if I didn't play with a contender and I would be coming back trying to win a World Series and be with a team that when the Dodgers and help them do that did. But it by had to go to a team that wasn't really contention would that would a contract -- place -- at MITRE to a contender by the double and I would of done that too. You know that there's a lot of different potential snarls and there are a lot of different. In -- by -- comeback but the biggest piece was sitting back -- stop watching -- on Fulton and deciding if you know if if that's what I want to do that a lot of prerequisites for veto what I needed to make sure I can pitch and be healthier but I wasn't 2007 because that would never want to go through that again. Parker -- best of luck whatever decision -- I'm sure will be talking you in the future. I got to figure hey let me just say keep the show which you so it is so much crisper. And cleaner and more enjoyable listen to. With and Tobago that I don't know I don't let yeah chapter and they are. Our hero's welcome on the show that's -- Right thanks a lot but it's at emirates -- to ease up on the thirty pitches and W yeah I got job.

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