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Dec 29, 2008|

Bill Belichick joins the Big Show for the last time of the 2008 season.

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I we're back here final second of the big show -- Patriots Monday and unfortunately a final conversation with a coach -- check for the year 2000 they go to Russia. Thanks Karen thanks for coming by once again your Patriots it. Well it's a star what your game we are we know. Result this result -- with the Jets in the final result but just your game I was interested to know you you get off the plane entry you know what Friday night you rival Buffalo. Saturday -- Saturday afternoon. Probably not as when it was on Sunday but when you walked into the stadium on Sunday and you saw one global space in one way and the other won't race the other way. What were your thoughts about how to to readjust your game plan retirement. Well actually. Friday in and ran a few plays in practice. That we though beat. Considerations -- -- situations and on Saturday week talked about it again and we. Can walk through some more plays that we thought would be more windy place and then on Saturday night we actually showed. Quite a few plays from the Giants Buffalo game from 2007. Which is the week before we put the Giants and end of the year. And that was a very windy day not pro record -- -- -- we have that it was very windy in the when -- same direction so. Truckload of that kicking places the ball blown towards their bench. Ball handling in and so forth and so on and so we've I think we were pretty well prepared for the situation for the players handled the wind conditions well Weaver judicious about the shotgun snaps and you know had 23 down upon so that come -- -- -- we were -- respectful of just the whole ball and then I'll hope ball handling number rationed to snap. And we -- you want lists the toss the coin toss and then to for. No we want to close and then in typical winter the -- ago we defended the furcal. Future host. It was rear Paulus vote but he was on that. -- deal with together. The win and right away yes yes -- the take the win with fellow at the win was more important than possession of the ball and you know we won that start with field position. You know I would just wish we could go a little more out there in the first quarter. -- -- it -- if 21 downs on the ground which -- some time. And we. You know of course the field goal that we you know open for mental more there was distant yet. In terms that you know the effects of stops and offensive production in Oakland three -- out there on the first offensive series so. You know we -- to start gambled that it will more advantage of that -- -- but. You know -- -- was at the kickoff. That Slade almost a puddle on articles on anything -- -- looked like his fingers. How to shoot -- -- you have got to via direct the film on the ball in the hands and so -- I mean when they are government that we recovered it and you have to look like we've got to -- it was project with a if that's the case with the prospect -- But Jackson recovered that we weren't there really Mitchell report on TV that showed a commitment over stringers but they're really showed it was a great fuel rejection. Start to run out of the end zone members Crittenton coming -- I I didn't see all I just lose that explanation official gave was that Tom. On that the ball did touch Mckelvin yeah. Man moments later. Yeah it will touch Mckelvin so it was a free ball but they recovered it in the end zone heating get into the run out -- at nose and it. Now -- Purdue who would subside are also going to Chris Edwards who would more now I think it just it it gusted. And so there were times when it wasn't as bad as those times but it was it was steady on an -- factor on every play because he threw the ball it was through a couple times pretty effectively. And he threw it you know I think if you throw short and -- line drive it like Mike Cassel did to Welker -- for a touchdown like he did Kevin fall on the but halfback option route there on third and seven -- -- complicit that if he just you know drivable hard you can get in and there's the it is really you know -- an -- Degree view of the field field goal with -- -- when they kicked you kick it like the Buffalo picked you to kind of powerful left. Look but with the right throw yeah it was we were close to -- The only time I've I've ever seen a situation like that was along time ago mostly in the in the forties late sixties. And -- played Vanderbilt and the game and the and the ball actually went. Up across the upright and -- long back on the field. And the kick was no Gooden they lost 3530 force remember that play just because -- Play the game was that. So but yet this is a strong wind as I've ever. -- but it was all going -- and swirled around the -- it was kind of come -- from the our bench. Across the Buffalo benched and -- downfield from the -- closed and into the tunnel where we or became now so was -- a quarter and from like the one. One corner of the field to the other corner of the field but that it did its world and it did go so it was a little bit unpredictable -- -- next to the blow back -- Yeah record who have crossed first they god going to pull back now yeah there's no fifty yard field -- and -- him that's going to be well in pregame Steve hit one from 65 going the other way obligated yeah I mean it's a distance but the problem is this what you get through the -- rights and you know we saw. When -- skakel -- a couple of months for parents every every every every -- to prepare over Barrett for wetness -- even slip because you can prepare by. It must be near impossible to hear of that kind of a condition obvious to catch simulated practice. Yeah those are they say it's seventy mustn't Saito came on our wins -- -- -- you know used as seven -- -- hour -- So it was I mean the best preparation for obviously was in pregame warm up. But it's gone down kind of you know the quarterbacks threw the ball different directions. You know with the wind against the land to the right side to left side over the middle. Longer shorter just the kind of get a a sense of I think you know by the time we -- radio play games that matter and Kevin. We talk to both of them I think they both had a pretty good field with these routes -- -- throw these -- camp throw. We call the bootleg off for than to afford three. Well we had that place set up ago. On our right hand that was really into the win and we actually call a timeout before the -- talked about it and you know our feeling was that it was going to be a tough threat or even to the fullback in the flat that we really have to drive that. But you know that was think it will run first and it did open up form any any data on the run as its played -- castle. Deceit that quickly get the first down on -- chance that throws you know I think it's just another example mats. On maturity decision making -- and you know execution and in that game. -- -- they've drawn try to surprise you third down and it was 51 with ten my third goal was it. He you're quick. Dive with no timeouts in the -- -- We're you know trying to ski catch of leadoff guy but don't. Don't anticipate wrong not really sure. If you just try to get you know they'd already missed the one field goal maybe he was trying to get a few more yards. Because believe me I understand every earth in in that game is important kick but it. You know that's the risk you run I think there were like 22 seconds or something like that the ball's snapped which. On should be enough time but then at the end of the play -- -- linemen Connecticut little -- and seven thing and there was no need to reset the clock and in the refereed didn't and I don't think he should. And just you know it's -- knock them out of that and so. You know I've -- situation like that we certainly try to emphasize to our players. You know he can agony pushing -- seven matches in the two minute situation at the end of the game. Is going to forget about it then and you know deal that after the game he can't -- we can afford them. Oh -- -- often featured -- -- control the ball on the ground how much do do you use a host and as tiger and them -- quite a this two thirds again. They have much adjustment that situation -- doing personal groups though they they pretty much played at the way that they were played because he was in and out of their quite a bit and sometimes is tied and sometimes it was at fullback Heath was and Dave Thomas. We -- different combinations I think it is treated all of -- group as. But to -- and two back group and they use their regular adjustments. Until -- at the end of the game when they. Went to a 53 front but the dresses and work on in their normal. You know ahead of but it -- scrimmage it was there there in the that's a personal Jackson had 203 yards in the first step the second half besides that garbage like geography and really -- -- -- map is right was like five for only thirteen -- you're surprised. How little he were to go -- went to him in the second half well we had a lot troll attack -- -- and he he balancing and how many times or look like we gotta we gotta in the -- Sunday you know as -- out of there. So. He's he's -- -- it -- strong runner you know we had trouble with and the first and everybody has trouble and lynch. Those two guys are both excellent runner so. Excellence in play but -- was -- markers or Jackson. Or he's he's very good. You know you're surfing -- progress of this team and yet all these injuries and Kamal for the limited five. It's amazing how it when play started playing more on the same page as it went on in -- doesn't mean everywhere job that offense tell them. The defense Shell that it was an amazing one -- fought from a coaching job. Does this -- Who's frankly you know it's tough question but it just seems like it's if to have that amount of players current and the guys fill -- and still play at that level was pretty astonishing year. Well thanks -- but I'd just. I thought that we played our best football toward the end the air and you know with their final five games and in bad weather. The first three rain Pittsburgh. Seattle and Oakland and and snow and Arizona and then heavy -- against Buffalo -- You know I thought that the players especially offensive guys really handle those conditions pretty well you know and then turn a ball over. Ran the ball where it'll take advantage of it opportunities that we haven't. You know I'm proud of the way the team just kept improve all year and in -- we played better at the end of the year than. The middle or the beginning thanks a testament to the the hard work for the players and their. Commitment again better get things corrected it fixed and and moving on and and they -- that -- great job of that so. Of course -- disappointed at the and then and -- -- after the Pittsburgh game which which was disappointing game. That the players did all addictive they want to last four games and ultimately it. And get us in the playoffs but it it it's all they could do and so in -- respect that I respect the way they played in. You know it was a good collective efforts the coaches that are great job of preparation and again with the conditions and so forth that we had to deal with that last third of the season I thought that you know as a team we handled pretty well. Besides we we saw what was sort Cassel isn't. And Mayo besides the those two guys in the younger guys sort of surprised you were Steelers football we'll know. Off earlier contributions from a lot of those players the course of benjarvis in the first Buffalo game. The it was pretty. Nondescript was on the practice squad and then ended up contributing quite a bit you know Jonathan -- got a little bit playing time as -- nickel back early in the year and opponents are at the last it was a spot for five games of the year quarters wells plan and aqueduct and thought that he. He played very competitively. You know cut the good plays in the kicking game -- -- Slater. You know Wheatley helped this when he was in there and accorsi -- against Indianapolis and and that was it for him but. But that he he certainly showed some signs of and no Kevin was just Justin to really get an opportunity to do much this year has -- is that Shawn Crable. -- we think both those guys have a chance of us in the future so. Overall pick was good young group that. You know -- throw Guyton and and -- and there you know two guys that work. Were draft that is walls you know tied every two you know plates on the tight -- -- but problems that it was pretty good young group. -- how long before the start knocking at the -- council was recreated through your. The season's over time. Just come come opponent by Donald -- thinkers. Isn't that sort of knock on I mean every team has the make its roster decisions between now and the start of free agency in March and you know go through the process and -- or. Personnel options and and so forth and and due course. And do we Felix that's for football team going forward -- I don't really know. There's what that is or Anderson timeframe for that you know we'll start the evaluation process and a couple weeks and and just were -- which there. Funny that this ago -- going to be a lot of people stood. -- made huge mistake not getting a veteran veteran like Culpepper in here. Vincent -- with cancer incidentally before and I think that's and -- we have indicated that worked -- a lot of millionaires into video channel and watch them practice and in every game and -- brought this up when pre season is virtually just practice and it -- every day. Did you think he had this within -- Why it. You know I think that -- improved through the course of the year. And no I don't think he played as well the end of the -- it at the beginning but. I do think that network -- and improved every single week and you know again that's a real credit to him and you know his his diligence and in this coach ability that. With a -- on practice field in meetings in the classroom. In film sessions or in games that things that he. Experiencing learn from the proved Allen and get better you know week by week although it through the season. So that was. You know very encouraging. I don't know if any of us know how far he can go. But he's continued to progress and and get better every week so. You know don't think he's really at that point -- level field so he's got a great future and immensely so much of that is. The system and how much is in the individual. Well I think the system is pretty much what it is this is not our system for. And it really since 2000 when he came here. I think a lot of most of the credit you know goes the map for what he did that certainly Johnson and as the great job tutor Neman. And you know. Prepare him to play and and execute our offense -- system that's not just this year but you know all the elective courses for your -- are true that. You know learn a lot this year but he also went on -- -- three years you know watching -- it's in the offense function in -- he knows Dallas disposed work in a chance to him and he should be the next it's mostly guys -- Hello against him and we understand that also what. His decision breaking loose and -- it sure -- -- and it just got better and better yet -- inserted here. A lot of punts -- he threw the ball away or or you know even took took a sack that resident. Lose possession of the ball one and when he had to make -- decision on third fourth down -- a lot of great ones we have scrambles or. You know from the ball and then you know making the plays at the right time. He report on yesterday notes as -- knowing that that report yesterday breeze behind -- or sport today. Peter king and and a couple of others that he's ahead of schedule. As far as three have bruises there. Is there anything that that you can share with -- -- -- about. About a division are we up with the July with a first exhibition game is and I'd love to. -- I would. Because I don't hit it injuries. But he has been he's been around he's been at odds Internet -- -- on the -- -- people you know people call Balkans and wise and Thomas to try explain the guy has a bad knee. -- -- allow -- -- a closer. Look at Charlie Weis is quickest and that it was John is he could get on the way. Going to a ball to myself this week ends. But -- we're trying to figure out that was your if that's restored with a -- that we watch him and until -- went down with -- and gorgeous for a and adults experts on think he's okay -- -- form on the Internet and -- Outfielders -- Doug does this time a year or you know -- to go to or have been fired people knock it on your door about this cup if you worry about losing. Coaches and personal people like Scott pioli possibly you know sure just name is going to pop up from rumors here -- is that -- worry about it just going to go -- what happens happens if not -- What Ricky you do that on a case by case basis -- you know sudden comes up and we -- we deal with that in. I don't follow all the rules that are set up by the penalty for. In a cramped position interviewed candidates and so forth. And you know with people and have been here conduct the -- Charlie and Romeo and and so forth you know all of those people have done a great job then. Open this organization be successful and were probable we've done what they've done with their contributions then. And an opportunity comes up that's you know a great confidence that we just can't match. Then you know then we understand that and that's the lesson. You know every team has as personal changes every year and you know we don't want to lose anybody but we understand that there are some. Opportunities that we just can't we just can't match and then if that happens then -- -- as a duo closes and opens some guys -- for -- -- -- You know Mangini use. So fit for the a. Though to do. -- I had to ask you you don't. Do you have to go through January without you coach football allows them some thousand -- -- to him through. Well it's not that's earlier you know it's not where you want to be wanna that you want to be playing right to the end but. That being said since we're not there. We'll try to take advantage this time use that and the best way we can't. By we were were Dillon help build our team scout the college draft prospects and and it's gonna get the jump on those things and you know I think for the players we've been through two real long seasons with the 6 season AFC championship game and then last year -- a -- in February so. You know a lot of these guys that Federer short off seasons and you know I think some extra rest and then jump on an offseason program. Against much we don't want to be in the situation since this is where we are the you know that'll be they'll be. You use that that -- advantage and hopefully we -- -- -- advantage in terms of in our 2000 integrity. We must surely -- the social work the complete game each time skier than cricket the other candidates. -- I totally appreciate. Coach you're that you watch -- football over the next Baltimore for the playoffs than in the NFL. I don't follow I think that you know most of the college football no watches his game tape you know it's -- players. But I'm sure we'll see if people and and -- pro analysts on the playoff games and number it's easily later in the playoffs. Will be instance they do matchup -- week's course next year we played them. Tennessee you know so Saturday Carolina and in Atlanta you know schedule next year's you know it's Tennessee. Those -- sending guys to India again. At Indian and and Baltimore so in oval and he monitors scandals. That's in postseason play some minutes and number teams there that. -- you know we're going to see sooner or later. So who knows how ridiculous stuff mysterious. Green ball both play well. Welfare and always slant pattern Andy you know that won nine straight and then they can be. You know very dangerous and they match up pretty well against. In matchup well against Indians and news -- and I agree -- and the passing game and in his and he can throw it. They -- beaten Tennessee and Pittsburgh juncture in Baltimore -- it. You know I think that there. Wallace's team to beat but I think they're very dangerous but it with Manning. Minorities I mean you know and they play good defense here you know part of season -- in Russia. -- at Tennessee this week analysts Alaska in the year but it still. If they played well so I think he would be careful. Yes Romo rookie coaches could do very well this year and to room with a rookie quarterbacks it's not that common in -- -- isn't you know I think that. All of -- -- kind of surprised to see. You know Flacco Ryan. Not do well let you know to be in Austin falls. You know -- good good good players around and certainly. Both of them have good good running games in terms -- back in Atlanta so. Gets and as it -- to take little pressure -- passing game. They've done well in terms of management in not turning the ball over making good decisions. That's the BC pedigree yet. What sort of look Steve what's one thing -- Rookie head coach might have to look out for in the playoffs. They might double while. -- anything -- -- music change routine is what do wherever it is or some out there entity. You know -- -- -- you know I've I think the whole thing about the playoffs today is that every team in the playoffs is good obviously that wouldn't be there. So every game is. Really expect to be very close tight game and there's so many situations so many wonderful eighties as any play in the game -- could change the outcome of the game and it's. And everybody's at that same point this season their skins season they have all their stuff then and all the plays an anabolic gadgets and they have all the all their situation plays and -- I just think you have to do. -- child or parent team and in -- decisions during the game. In those critical situations because obviously so much is at stake in Europe against some other real good football team where there's very little margin for error so. On relief. This best way to put will be you know every play can really be the play in the game I know it's like that every week. But it seems like in the playoffs it's is sort of more competitive than that in his you know -- arguably the best twelve teams out there. I caught with a coach brought to buy duck in North America runs on Duncan coach time now father the final time this year for our clean energy action -- that coaches question of the week this week's question drug from Bob Enrique. The as a coach where do you rate -- first year linebacker versus other good great linebackers. Although I've -- pretty -- I think that you know drug. First of all I'll pick you missed practice all year. Or game and he was out there consistently got better every game practice. I think he showed all the aspects. Of a good inside linebacker. Stop the run tackling. Range pass coverage. So formation recognition adjustments is smart kid so I really I think he he had a lot of positives in just about everything he did. Think that the thing for him is to just build on that this consistency. And continued. To recognize things a little bit quicker -- -- you know then threw -- a year. Plays situations. Play action route combinations. Miss direction play -- things like that it's just you know gain have half a step on some of those plays and and you'll be for more productive but bill I think get rooted here you don't generally don't draft review a -- for from there to -- coaches -- -- Right -- Cleveland Indians -- -- in his first year but and then to reevaluate this -- -- would you know -- we talked -- -- fugitive -- guys in the -- -- -- I'm in the -- you know Carl banks and Lawrence -- those guys and a I was but you know at first but to evaluate him and out of -- these evaluate what you said guys in the NFL couldn't see -- -- gets more complex systems and all of the and -- -- -- -- -- all that information. What may have standout Q when you when used to look at him. Well I would say that the things is that a -- -- college word number one level competition plating Nancy putting up some very good football teams with good backs you know LSU and Georgia and and teams like that that Florida you know guys fast that were elusive and a thought that he showed a lot of range and very good tackling in the open field and in those games. And Tennessee you know again at the -- conference they saw a lot of spread wide open offenses you. You could see him in the passing game cutesy how much range and quickness and coverage ability has enough -- a good job on that so. You know his level competition was those productions high in both the running game. And missing intensity and positive thing as you see a lot of other at Tennessee's Monica linebackers and other spheres that sees it and compare him some guys seen. And I think he you know. Against all of competitions that have productive. The repairs it's money this year without the coach to have a chance to big question for us to ask the coach to WEEI duck comes football got this page of your question is chosen. While you automatically went have -- -- -- -- they on the Dhabi goes a Patriot place to go to question -- offseason by the clean the dot org log onto the clean dot org you'll find a strong wind can to a lot more than push that winning field goal for the upright just like yesterday. John Olerud Jeff Coston alternatives that the -- dot org today. Well coach what that you once again Soria fights she's coming down here -- are that the wait did that. The play here play there and play here play thereby and -- team on the road if you know when your rules via any quarterback viewers Stacy you know the Patriots. Personnel for a having just aren't an honour pleasure once again and best luck during the offseason thank you -- Threats they appreciate sports a lot of fun you know peca as a weekly basis and for the fans for -- it and and questions they send all that sports and also in and I know it's a long way off but you know we're looking forward. The next year in and hope that we can. Be played football Estonian -- -- children are crooked officials have a happy new year.

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