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Milan Lucic, Boston Bruins Forward

Nov 25, 2008|

Milan Lucic chatted about the Bruins playing great hockey in November and how the team's toughness has improved a lot this year. Milan also discussed managing his fantasy football team and while he brought up how injuries have hurt him, he still blew out Michael Holley this week.

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Let's -- some hockey right now joining us on the line I did my research Milan. And and I've got I've got a list here of -- Cota Peter Cecil. Ivan boulder -- Sasha -- -- -- -- Dan casts a given that list I've decided you're the greatest Serbian hockey player in the history of the NHL. I think I mean given that list I mean -- -- you you beat all those guys and kids yet. Belfour I noble the moment nor what Beckett -- my mom's brother so -- my ankle and. You can literally put document. Ovals because of you know have been big influences -- for being in hockey. -- his first name is it really Dan now is. It. Would you would you say he gave you the all the spark for hockey Europe or where where did that that -- come from. Why I think his influence. Be in my two brother started into hockey so we'll. You know policies I think I think. Don't Hewitt. He was a similar type player than I was but you know. He can the only kind of did you think it has been -- from both in the but you know -- I think I think if you look at -- you would have out of -- athletic poker. Yeah like if that before you see the guy that knows the without musical that it who -- on -- in the and you -- partners that are in it because if they. That's true. We we know you're a veteran now at twenty years -- this is your second season if you could if you can put your finger on it. What's the difference in your game this year compared to last year when you had eight goals all all year long. Well I think confidence has a lot to do that I think you know one goal the first 35 games last year for me. But this here you know you'll you. You come in knowing what to expect and you know it's not much pressure or stress come into training camp. I'll put that -- -- policy one or -- you know you never want to take training camp in the previews into lately. Put -- going -- make these -- Odom playing with with the other Savard Buffalo. You know. I kind of creepy -- The hard work the the mean grit to outline and you know I think our chemistry has worked well between three of us in the I think that's just -- -- I want to talk about leadership meant. When you played for the Vancouver Giants. And you go to the memorial cup in fact -- the memorial cup MVP. You play for Canada team Canada in the 2007 super series they need you what captain of that team. You go back to Vancouver this year with the Bruins. They got your baby picture on the front page of the papers in Vancouver but your your return with such a big deal. Witnessed leadership aspect come from and and how do out of teams respond to a guy at such a young age is that. You know like that I think you can. For me it is because Bulls hold the lead by example on the work ethic you know on and off this -- Billick. If you become a good team -- and I get along with Oleg the team in. You know on this is that -- you -- -- to -- -- -- -- work ethic and but I you know just maybe even creating momentum with Hitler or fighters from like that but. Yeah I think so. I think. That I have been able podium and gave -- -- -- -- -- Russia to do with the pressures of leadership I think the -- along comes into. And vantage Owens. I think you know last year looked at polygamy in the way they weren't leaders and I think digital -- ought to. Asked about your approach to fighting. -- at a very enjoyable fight against Nick -- I think audible for 1000 job I enjoyed watching -- it was enjoyable for me so you're you're engaged there. And then you didn't you can to a fight with Iraq what sure approached YE a Boynton and not Iraq. But well -- it's a little bit of a different situation. You can you can look at. Well in -- public sector you know there are two guys that you'll play a lot of minutes for their teams in the you know. Our boys and hit in his Q if you -- -- because you know he's sort of a particular run -- one other players. And you know he's you know he's. You know monasteries the world because that is going to stick up -- his teammates solo. You know. That that's the reason why he didn't have. And Borowski. You know he's. I'm not the most trying to disrespect tomorrow because they -- respect more because he -- that he knows that it of course recently or like and you know. I have people call him the check out both of them it's -- but then again. You -- because it hasn't played much minutes and you know. It was it eagle my decision and other people's decision no real -- it was. You know the best thing to do was slow walk a list of it is as tough as it is for me because my personality. And in other words he probably you have more to lose than he does. Because if he if he's in their 45 minute major. Is not a big deal for -- it is really critical to the today. Then -- you know it's. You know -- really considered kind of that it's -- that trade off but. Belichick -- you know I don't I don't feel like carries -- in the batting order or -- being noble but peninsula so my approach. Against them. If you ever needed an example of that fine line that you gotta tread it's sitting in your front office with -- nearly. As tough a guy as who ever laced up skates. Would fight at the drop of a hat. And yet always had to walk that fine line about being available on the ice have you talked to -- about this. That he talked me yesterday opponent and you know he obviously would -- -- like -- just that -- he -- example look back and they wouldn't you know. He wanted to but he you know he he felt like it was better best of the team. For the team to have success. You know it'd probably either be the best thing -- he did an engagement those type of players brought. No he talked me he taught me -- and you know he he he understands that it. You know it it's hard to turn on -- play you know and but it. In the end it it'll work though lawyer who worked operative and and I came -- throughout the possible. So I think he had to overcome that a little bit. I mean he was a guy with a -- pair of hockey hands I mean a great -- hands and M was a fifty goal scorer in this league. And I think. You're getting an opportunity this year to show that you can play a little hockey as well. I mean you're playing with Savard now on a line so you're getting an opportunity to show a little more of your game this year. And you know I had a I had the same problems in junior my Lester and you know you -- let let let my team points and. Thirty schools mustard -- Nor had they were there were times when one goes. We're playing on the fourth -- -- junior who wanted to give you played but I had to they've had this signaled it was better. It was that was the best thing for the team and so. -- For me. I feel like okay I can contribute more than just still being a top guy in the league so that's for the. For the president and a producer. And the sport is hockey is not boxing understand that your boxer -- work on their game all the time because they've. Spar with people they're always punts and a bag how to you as a hockey player work on your fighting. Or do you just that if something by evidence of people doubt. I think I think it's been -- You know it's just think it's it's just like boxing Eudora. The little guy is bulldoze through we're the champs they're they're -- because they have a bit and the guys that are is because they don't have a fuller picked to -- and argue put. -- is safe to think boxing market but he if you if you do with a lot I mean. The only way you can get better that it is is doing it and the only time to do it really is in the game -- That's that's you know I've I've brought a lot or use Mike Riordan. And and yet so -- I guess the only with. I guess the way you -- for real -- is that if you like and I I'm lucky enough that I have a little bit that that the plate play to be in the top mr. Tell me what the differences in this year's team. From last year's team I mentioned you're really one bad third period down that the Rangers away from having. A perfect month of November wise this team so much better than last year's. Well I think I think a big part of it is the carry over from the low the -- I think you know we put a good run. The other in the -- to make the playoffs. And you know we had -- we had to you know we. We admitted interesting in the first against the Canadians take in the kicking the series to seven solo I think I think it's because we're close group you know we. We trust we trust -- your trust each other we believe each other and you know. Everyone -- into the game plan and doing what they need to do it and and a big part of our success sisters. Different you know every game sort of the step and particularly the unit because of the reason why it. I think that's the biggest difference from last two businesses. -- on this year's team seems tougher to me too and I'm not talking about fighting now. I'm talking about toughness team toughness sticking up for each other this team seems -- him. And I think Willie I I feel I feel that too but I think I think that all comes back he you know the guys like each other's. You know this team you know -- come together every day you know we like being around each other we like. Playing with each other really played fortunately I think that's the reason let. We have that team toughness. Milan obviously nobody likes to lose a playoff series. But when you lose and game seven. I imagine that -- odds that you throughout the offseason. -- first part of the question is did you feel that way into a what did you do to get rid of that feeling and what was your offseason work out like no offseason that training regiment -- All there was there was that bitter taste your mobile summer you know who's been through experience because in Canada. All over there's a lot of Montreal and so I heard -- for the whole program and you know -- -- it is that. You have that that are capable. The whole summer but it picked. Don't you know that their case could be just if you you know -- and he just makes you work -- summer you know keep the -- in. Even better shape than him to -- your game because you want to take your game the next hole because you know you -- you want to push -- -- to get into that second round you're. To give your team a better chance -- and so that's. That's approach says that that's that's the portrait ticket in the summer and that's that's -- little. I think this is a real blue collar hockey town I think fans in this town appreciate hard work they appreciate toughness. Why Cam -- is still -- god in this town and should be and and others like him. Did you find you spent a lot of the offseason here did you find people were recognizing you on the street and talking to the end and letting you know they appreciated what you brought to the table. And you know I I appreciate everything that it's over and and you look more war even this year's season school walked on the street. You know people are probably -- and like you said they're just appreciating the way that I play and you know I've -- that is the way that I play I don't I don't plan on changing because that. That's what you'll. Contribute to this team a lot of thank you both -- and the other club you know he'd be positive feedback. To they confuse you for Patrice Bergeron all the time. Yes they did. Over the Florida did a good time. -- -- a -- -- that I need visa you know very popular player around here meaning they must think your 3040 goal scorer already. -- you guys is that confusion to play a joke I'm -- ever think about doing something like that. Our north north that if Evan I've invented yet but I'm thinking of both of them maybe to -- on. -- just tell Savard by the way he wasn't firstar in this league to use skated -- I you know I don't open up your Alley he was if he was the first star in the NHL this week right. I mean I think it's the power of -- cheats on his wing that made the difference forum. All are powerful message he's probably an outline that that was more about what you want. To his defense he actually came up to me test. This morning if that they've hit. Oh did -- how good I'm glad to hear that. Everybody here's here's my final question Torre tell me about managing a football team called the five minute majors. How's that been for -- It's it's been a tough year so far for my team there. Note that the bottle through a lot of injuries but. You know -- Who is late you know we've been through a lot of Bruschi but you know this week with the big week for repeating you know Michael. I think. -- beat -- by I think. I don't know -- I'm not totally. That's. It was like the boy and fight to be honest Libya. I mean it was pretty one sided theory once went don't worry you know what a -- does mean is -- -- makes no excuses on the ice he's got every excuse in the world for his fantasy football team. Or -- you -- it's a different approach here while the players -- you really you'll normally if you make when you're in the matters is that. You. Just put it does -- basically because a week for me. Obviously -- -- -- that the pats won but Pennington had a great. Ricky and we have -- and they particularly has played in these quarterbacks. Been injured on -- power and Chad Pennington. Policy haven't been on an often but. My team MVP even though he's been injured that is all the. I also heard your assistant GM didn't help -- -- the draft either. You don't like he did a great job -- Gordon have let my brother there. -- he you know I didn't like he would critical and into. Going into this season this people that if this season but then -- -- -- -- -- Energy injuries put -- in the bottom of the list there. Outrage of Bernard Berrian for LaDainian Tomlinson he's up and down three I'll take Tomlinson -- Our pick of the total for us there's. That's a good plans let me know if you if you change your mind -- And this is Clement has for. Terry Francona to keep -- -- for all of. After. -- they feel like congratulations on a great season so far for you and for your team and best of luck -- I hope we get a chance talk against him. Thank you and no one more thing I heard there was a lot of threats from New Hampshire that wanted to come to a game yeah. For all problems are being and the rest the Boston Bruins so -- world we invited to begin Friday Paul Clark against -- You've got to be -- there you go out of it. All the bread and and it and pass on that opera get the information now not evil plot you forever now trying to have small talk with them is not. I don't know what -- Is that your real long conversation. Mile that's greatly appreciated it's always take care. And I that is -- -- to the Boston Bruins swapped and -- has gotten it done he has invited threat from New Hampshire to a game. Now we get -- -- -- and work -- believe me a threat at -- the I think -- from New Hampshire just fainted because beyond me not to mention him -- it in -- for.

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