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Bill Belichick 9-29

Sep 29, 2008|

Patriots Coach Bill Belichick on Patriots Monday after a week four bye. Belichick previews the upcoming west coast trip and why the organization decided to stay out west between both games.

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-- back nearly a big show it Patriots money were alive down here at Gillette Stadium it's time for cup he -- the coach -- got. He was always like Dunkin' Donuts America runs. On Dunkin' Donuts bill. Good decline that is so. A little worried about where you were little on where little worried about for you haven't heard anything through transactions. Because I might be gone Jim fassel has taken over is going to do. St. Louis were afraid of going to lose Brett were really worried about it -- wouldn't lose -- your bids in now could submarine Patriots or or her -- So he's out the back room just warming up -- -- and I and then we'll -- to handle it. Difficult to handle relax and refreshing to Florida for weaker somethin' to jolly so attainable and a. -- Yeah it was good have a couple days break and sit back watch the games yesterday in its market rate for. 49ers and me we were from last week that. Really hit the game planning hard yesterday so that's good. David Beckham on the field today at the Buick who got a lot of energy in. And that's -- you're going to camp. What was you think. You know don't vote if these teams undefeated teams up. They're receiving years there's really -- solidified you know and I want to beat anyone on any given day more so this June the last of his that you had. True guy's a good -- at Kansas City it was considered. Great the worst team in Denver was up the next thing you know 33 points against them. It's. Seems like it's like that every week but it this weekend that just epitomized. You know you had Oklahoma fifteen enough and to have -- San Diego's head. St. Louis up over Buffalo. And in Denver Kansas City game miles an exciting game. An assist those wild weekend as while we can drifted through after the week we had to get our coaches about was -- book. You know say get away for 567 weeks -- -- every -- and and you know you I mean I was an 3 -- Washington down their -- you know control clock the end of the game -- stops on twelve guys on the field and it's as you know just a lot of lot of turnovers 35 points fire zone on second and and suggests it was a wild day. -- this is. Guys getting to know each other new were coaches systems or whatever -- is that is it. You lost you know arguably your best offensive player. And the first week of the season other teams are going to lose players we saw some players -- out yesterday and it's a matter of whether the guys on the depth chart. Can raise their game up to that level as to whether your team can stay -- Well yeah I think it's some of that Oakland also think it's just you know it's one or two plays on the -- -- turnover. You know with good catches dropped ball this block this tackle. In -- if you look at those games and you know couple turnovers. One where the other -- and there's big difference I mean even Owens in the San Francisco in the world once game day. You know they give up long past San Cisco is -- -- for the NFL's that they play and it turned over twice in the red area but in this -- it's a competitive game. -- -- Arizona 450 -- offense and seven turnovers and and in so. It's I think that's the way it is the national football -- -- -- any better be ready to play veteran play well -- and is going to come down a few key plays in the game and you need to make those -- -- you know make them. I'm not like the result. We brought the St. Louis and they were -- about the influence of -- for a for touchdown there at there in the fourth quarter you know they're stronger points eighteen points before Julio. That's there and a fourth quarter interception for the interception that turned once you lose momentum everything kind of that's -- -- bill -- era. And the bills have been a victory taping Jack was behind that line against the the Raiders by fifteen points -- so yeah I mean that's that's a team that's -- conspicuous being consistent not make the keys those big plays Achilles. -- and Houston Texan game I definitely watch the end of that one and it's second and goal in Houston comes -- but it's an all out blitz thank them. Hope they don't have a quarterback -- on here at the front right and a and an eight man blitz and they ran and he walked right in and so a and and Houston came back and -- so. It's. Who want to place by yourself. When you watch the film did have a Giricek who -- -- -- have -- notebook you going to watch I don't think -- as well we knew we were we're working on the game plans stuff on San Francisco yesterday so. That's that'll break and on the title watch a little bit of the game but other games but. It was those -- the San Francisco that I was the mine's seven players. Them practice today you know I thought everybody came a little bit of energy you know fresh and little little break from football is good bright for all of us you know through weekend. And you know rated ago and and we. We got a lot of respect for the 49ers they're certainly. Improve a lot over last year and you know we know rift goes terribly good football game or. They reiterated. How much we copycat. From proceed with Miami didn't try to emulate them. That was one time during the well they ought to that's hard that's -- itself right you know when here. As you know when you're on the defensive side of the ball you can do is react to what they they do you know Francis you can control ball on. Who gets it what place you -- around so it was after react to a bit you know Mike Martz is that a lot of success. With his offense through the years I can't imagine him you know deviated too much from that. But I'm sure -- you know will certainly be prepared to see some element of that. That type off Johnson and Mike's done a little bit in the past two Horry said and Marshall Faulk at quarterback war or even into this year of course. Was Ernie else particular. Point of emphasis this week with the offense whether whether it's the passing game running game more in these. Do we yeah we're really try to work on on everything Steve who worked on our first down stuff. Third down red area. Blitzes so and same thing on defense -- defense third down defense first and second down. You know get a formations gadget plays things like that so -- You know -- a feel like we we kind of need to say. To work on everything and so we tried you know take take two days and make sure that we got. Kinda hit everything and then didn't just work on one specific thing in combat in -- and -- well you know we caught up on this but -- -- know -- -- have done. For a week on some things in season fortunate -- -- emotional than what. I was unit was to bring to the table that maybe some of the quarterbacks don't know a lot of the wrong here enough -- we compare to Korea were to compare memorial which if you've seen so far. Well. -- similar to the other quarterbacks that that martz has had these he's got a good arm you know we out of here. It's got a good arm he's athletic and you know scrambles well and keeps his eyes downfield. So. -- -- seek to make all the throws mean he's he's got to he's got to live arm. And you know Bolger and Warner and you know Kitna all those guys had you know had that some more mobile than others but it. -- -- throw a ball deep and martz is offense -- available to throw posts and goes and deep comebacks and I was twenty yard in cuts it and he you know you gotta be able to throw it and certainly JT can do that. It great success in the first quarter yesterday than the Saints started blitzing them from Montana -- but -- -- -- very good friend. But the thing I noticed the bottom bill is that he makes some phenomenal plays if you don't get him in at -- get him initially. He gets free and he's very very. Dangerous because he doesn't give up the ball seems to -- like he just holds onto that ball as the traffic is coming out abstracts. Right and -- canceled a characteristic of Mike Martz is offense is that they they'll they'll take a few more sacks but on the flip side of that -- have. You know more big plays passing down the field and then have been playing years where they've led the league in that you know. 20/20 five yard completions. And you know that they won't throw some check downs but they're not really a ball possession. Type of passing team their their team that that chuck it downfield and so okay it'll take a sack here -- there but in the second and eighteen at doesn't really bother them because they can hit an eighteen yard and cutter and -- senior come backer. You know and eighteen -- seam route in and pick up and one down so it down and distances and I'll pick is -- A huge factor in their offense or in their play calling and they they can get those Chauncey our -- they Needham and third nine -- third and fifteen. I don't think they really care that much should rather have a 915 but it doesn't doesn't affect the plays if they hit and it's going to be. Nine or fifteen they're going to pick up anyway how much different is your office from what -- with the with the other teams into the hazard to our -- really any difference I think the differences just the personnel and you know and have Marshall fall key. Utilized Marshall Faulk now he's cut Vernon Davis and runs for four Summitt -- and utilized as a little bit differently in you know scorers. Is a different back then than Marshall Faulk was so. They key utilizes personnel well. And he has his playmakers an opportunity to make place and you know some guys are. -- little better something's there's an interest but in those positions but fundamentally I think the offenses that sent. Knowing how you know Michael over the years ago as a coordinators approach -- playoff that as far as you know of course the follow that but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of games. Well I would say this year. That that's been a little bit less true -- because the running game has a better idea of course it's I think of course going good he's going to balance that. Believe me it if if the running games on good everybody -- Colorado plays that problem with the running game is. When he called plays game one -- second and nine again on the -- its third name how many of those going to keep call. You know and that's that's frustrating when you. You know you want to run the ball but your game and one or two yards in its how many and can you call -- can't and you all thirty of those and gain thirty yards. -- -- And just you know senses this too many plays so. I think as long as it's going good any coordinator Marty play caller would would like to run the ball -- -- not go well then. You know just how many Angels can commit and that's. You know that that's really the question but. I mean -- they might relate to be balanced and they run. They this year there within ten or fifteen plays have been balance between their they're running and passing game so. You know you've you've got to respect though he certainly better respect toward you gotta respect their downfield passing game there receivers tight ends so. They'd they'd they'd they'd do at all they might do little more or little less again one -- the other against us but. Get ready for the game -- prepare for all they give so many formations and personnel accidents can't zero in on anything but an -- improve there -- personal. You know I think they have Steve -- they play they -- ever experienced secondary you know with Roman Lewis at safety and and Clements and and terrorists and at the corners and and you know picked up spikes and so he's he's playing more form on -- linebacker along with. You know Manny Lawson and and a course Willis and you know up front they. They drafted a kid Ballmer from North Carolina couple they're younger guys have released -- it to the come along little bit and so there you know other strong they have strong front linebackers are athletic ever experience in the secondary. That throw brown get a trip that Texas -- years. And moved in their third quarter now and so. There they get a couple young guys in there and and then goes good veteran presence especially in the secondary with not a team we -- so. What -- -- visit it's funny and and we really you know we don't see him very much either. You know a lot of times it is kind of crossover you Watson. Buffalo or Miami or Indianapolis or Pittsburgh of those teams and and they -- against them that. It's a team that were really an ever familiar with -- either and as a coaching staff and and a player should really have to work hard this this week not only knows tendencies of the team that another. The -- and weaknesses the individual player as as there is a mechanic or if he's going he's on he's on right now doesn't definitely. He he's been inactive for. For a few weeks here but -- we go watch them on film in the offseason and we know what he's capable of it certainly. All big guy that's athletic is a good upfield pass rusher and so. -- it than me he's one of the few guys we do not on that team pretty well. They'll lose you don't see them much and they were they see you want to even I don't play. Who would that work wasn't equal or more experienced team have an advantage when you don't hear you very much in preparation. It's a credit team that does a better job prepared mean. Me neither team knows each other real well so like a division game warrior the planet twice a year but you know both teams have the same opportunity time wants to prepare and whichever teams they'll come out ahead on think that'll that's an advantage now he's still have to. You know. Play in the games and make plays but as far as preparation goes I think you can you can win that preparation that alternately. You're staying out here in between the two west coast games right we're going to after the at the San Francisco in -- stance and Tuesday and practice there in an announcement and play San Diego ten and -- you look at that schedule the beginning of the year he says all right we know of get four west coast games. It's two back to back in the December we get to back to back but that's -- -- -- came right to your mind this is what we need to do. Well yeah actually. I'm not sure exactly how it worked but there's a little bit of the scheduling preference on that if you wanted. Back to back west coast games that. You know -- If they could do -- they try to do whatever so. Particular resident yeah residents should that cross country four times. Over distant at toys but. Anyway any and I think it just comes down to. Get rated plan planned well in -- practice here practice somewhere else there. You know practice on mars if if we have a good week of preparation ready to play well I think will be all right if we don't -- where it is then. Pride intro. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gordon who started at Vegas mail that's like -- -- -- well I think that that's some though you know we have you know we've talked a little bit about that kept the in you know I've read in stance with the purposes. The trip -- and it's the business. Case that the proposed Olympic job. And approach it you know like we do. Our other road trips and we've had other games we've been you know wait for a week of preparation post seasons like that so. Street sense to lemon -- stereo for sure the reporters and situations so. Well I certainly -- in the post season post those situations. Which you have meals for the public. You know the whereabouts of don't look at that just optimize the Czech Italy. I was going to ask if you don't have the price of it won't mention -- you know we've we've we've almost all week we feed the team all the -- -- and that's yeah. -- an agreement for the two weeks ago BO a mile up the right there were very concerned about us that we we feed the team all all the -- on the road and and you know some guys in some guys go out but you know -- -- as a cult Torre does a great job with or with -- -- -- -- India hotels and so forth you know guys used to certain foods and things they like you know mystery team. Superstition -- or whatever and and we get that's effort foreman and so you know notes there adding count Timonen not. You know while the night before in Sampson in the -- -- blow them whenever so. That's going to have that happens during the week. Tonight which referred -- The errors on the play. But I was at two hamburgers and appear that we'll overthrow by -- -- obsessed about receiver bill overeating -- support but you know that -- -- -- -- Britain right now why they they'll like I I -- you talked a lot about that Troy Brown the other day. And -- -- was fifteen years when you think. When he came in the league eighth round draft pick undersized and all this other thing. But when you first of the discussion and you needed him to play in the defensive side of the ball. Wide receivers to me seem to be guys get back eagle again seemed to be like I definitely like at a pretty -- -- -- -- -- a -- of myself but I. Aren't yeah that's -- guys like. More of the attention you know offensive lineman. Nose tackles imports we get -- they feel differently it is how difficult was that to get him because Selig was difficult at all to get him to accept. We need your help -- the other sizable. Yeah no I really wasn't and there it started in training camp -- we were you know were short on some guys they're training camp and and so we started given in Detroit few reps at the at the nickel back and it it really didn't come and play until the they St. Louis game you know four and that's one that the beginning of the week. You know training camp he'd do it and that it throughout the pre season. And then we get the St. Louis and we sit in Detroit. We need to then I think that's one it so well or. You're there you're serious about this interview I don't know that I haven't Rabin was epic game and WG and I also was I was the other renaissance date if I'm not mistaken -- they got hurt like the second play of the game right front of the bench. And so you know we were down. Five or sixty days. We -- him and Aaron and he -- play well night game that was the from three feet -- -- to write about and touchdown pass -- right -- It was funny we're talking about when Troy came in on. Before we had press conference who we brought him and then and for the whole team -- -- -- -- pedal a tribute Tillman and shuttle pilot film and we should be -- a touchdown pass in Miami and that the game went past -- knows. I don't thousands along this past but I think it was in his career and and maybe the hardest and maybe the most meaningful visit it clearly won the game. To the easiest one which was St. Louis they Google -- for a from Adams and recovered yeah and it is a stand out there. A. While the other one was the San Diego game. Where -- both offense and -- -- -- he was the -- the interception that he gets the ball right back and mr. that would make it as yesterday that was the game I mean that's just. The highlight film LaTroy could open -- hours and it is return greatest kick returns block kids kick coverage blocking receiving long as sister that's a football player there you would do -- -- different -- -- -- Yeah when you go in his dictionary -- and turned the football player and you see Troy Brown EC Tedy Bruschi Ian. -- you -- Mike Vrabel and it's you know that their pictures does that. And me as a football player when you go see food you see a picture for its moral technically not a right LaTroy got to Zamora struck the conference we've. You know it's also it's if you tell it's gotta be taken that much from an admiration and not you know -- stymied by. -- learn different things and taking it was a regional let's go. There's a reason why the -- but. Who is most that was redolent coverages but there's there's not a lot of guys that can take them on information and make -- -- you know the correct read and that call. Well. Right end and I mean I think the good thing about it is though because Troy played. The slot position on offense so much that when he played the nickel back on defense which is that things slot position. I think he understood. Conceptually a lot of what that guy was Dillon you know when he with tightness split down when he would -- now. Back off the ball the you know a lot of little tricks that those guys would use there where the same ones that he used and I think that that that's sort of helped him with a but. That the thing about it is the play that position he had strength and quickness and great hands on offense and and that's really what made him a good slot or zeroes -- the strong. And he was quick and -- caught the ball away from his body in tight spots well defensively. To have that same strength in the same quickness be able to match -- against set a verse Seaver. It it was a really good matchup and -- good fit -- that he was kind of the perfect slot defender perfect slot receiver. I see here we have spent some time tomorrow with them -- -- local kids here. At the showcase -- the likes watching the express which is trying to. Is the real story here at Davis doors -- -- been terrific movie. And expressed deficit mortality and confidence. You know one ago. Have they off -- get an opportunity thought that he would lose another to subject of the street. -- the Pittsburgh forward different boys and girls clubs and -- in the schools exactly what it is though weren't girls on the east Providence. -- most of them at Yale school in Providence boys and girls -- girls well. -- Or middle -- to force Brees to supplement I didn't hit the stadium tickets at the same because. I doubt very few really -- story right -- courses like cut short. -- more convenient thing. See what they they feel about them but the movie that just watching the previews looks looks like those little. I think actually but the experts do you act sounds single -- one year old ahead of weather problems popcorn what -- -- -- -- some don't go to -- like that what you're a kid get outside had to wear helmets some superstars wants to -- -- Eminem's. Register particularly that they refuse go to -- -- to -- -- particularly that would let's -- the coaches a question. The clean energy action not count coaches question of the week this week so the question comes. From David -- shield on Woburn Massachusetts I know and David as you know audiences are ready. I'll win would you prefer your bye week all at the beginning of the battle with the end of the season. That is what it is what it is whatever. Falls -- that'll beat you -- -- close have we just witnessed a model -- -- and we read and we and we pray that we -- reputed to repair it recruit him to know he's got that speech pattern I don't know like it might go out of -- -- while -- for the Alabama causes we Cabrera about it between -- Yeah not to talk to nick before the before the game some balls and that environment and in. Destroy that I think what -- that second the second half without adventure out what it was a close game -- get a first down record for the at the -- bloody -- -- -- that is Arctic. Yeah that'd that it it's that they got a lot of young its plan and it's like the playing pretty well. But still USC's the best one that's going to playoffs is to have some Cinderella. Right scheme you know it's always -- -- computer at some facts Long Island league with the removal of small school. You know slightly concerned particularly results can we can move on I think. -- every Patriots money this year we talked to the coach we'll give you which has the submit your question. For us to ask the coach WEEI dot counts football page. If your question is chosen people -- cancerous you'll automatically put on one at a delicate Garko and Julio that -- obviously Patriot place the coach's questions -- alternate one. Likely. -- gotten that. When you log on to point energy action that you can find the wrong way and can do a lot more which took W. Through the averaging of that right tackle your energy cost an alternative. Clean energy action that the legacy of the next couple weeks ago -- we will be goalless we really -- you load. So trust your ability if I enjoyed going to block out here and there will be -- me by phone by its announcement okay -- would Richard dutrow.

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