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Curt Schilling

Sep 17, 2008|

Curt in the car calls in during an afternoon drive to discuss(beat down) Manny Ramirez.

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But it's another cool curt on the car is only opener at. What's up. -- -- -- a guy. Only. -- -- and I can opener almost opera guys pocket and it. I love it. I try to figure much jail he's an odd cat over the shoulder if you feel and secure in the passing winners on the -- right now. That's it's reluctantly have been -- and we saw everything hey. Any given a result people -- -- sport Olympic. Yeah. I don't know. That we said. There's still protect them with some of that stuff but there. -- -- -- but that's what no particular towards political laughs but the part about -- I think kick out of practice. The chemical agent and not all if you don't go to the ordinary everyday whether this is going to be the question everyday in the club out. Which if a player and Kansas -- like that okay. I thought they. And it seriously what is going to put our conversation. I have a single play over sitting here. -- did you ever have a conversation with him about this new -- tonight. I'm serious -- what what each day I -- I thought okay it's great -- as surely it was I think triggered a Buddhist parker yeah. He wasn't he wasn't such a great place is Joe Beimel one that they aren't a lot of what has worked out. And it worked as hard as anybody ever play -- And it put a lot of time and effort into -- this letter coming this spring training and passionate ticket particular -- and -- I didn't mind I expected. As sort of saw the chicken and any number you start out the door what's going to go to an -- and -- -- watching -- What it was like to talk about our -- opponent academic articulate that. -- broke -- I can't it's important to a number one big -- they're not always try to. And I think that they thank you realize that they are not going to sign it don't expect any but the Pacers local upon. Why did work for such a long period of time Francona. Yes absolutely it was a good driving force behind because if you don't you know -- call you know how -- And it was great but one particular article -- with respect. -- and -- you know although he's got guys. I don't know I don't for a girl I collect at least that's a blessing not a little bunny or older if you don't want those guys cover. Done any favorable or they picked up till I. -- -- Yeah sure it. So dollars in -- how much I think it was Boris I mean with this big debate it. That ultimately you know I don't journal in the charities a grown man -- it's adult decisions aren't really. What all of you I I thought that -- trying to force there's why they didn't order. It's our job parts are -- did absolutely nothing but Ramirez. Cabrera we does something to that I think that that's the theory which you know. There's a particular ultimately got into it critic -- the competition doesn't take -- jerk it through any day. Michael -- that you can kill you wanted to -- want to accept an awful lot of talk. About it and. Troy Brown and yeah now I don't feel like eight years eight years ago in the sky retirees -- -- he was paid the -- hired gun period. You've either -- -- super production players used them. You know they dealt with all this crap. There's some calls -- you know that a deal as the years -- governor happily with him his first 34 years and in Boston. It was a little bit different lately at the top and allow you guys we try to tell people over the last year he was impossible to deal with it wasn't worth it anymore. Basically. It was electric guy who I didn't pay when you look back on the history. He never ever cared about any of us and you know -- -- don't complain about a -- like that they -- you can about it. I don't like it but if you aren't forehead right in -- circuit like. But the black and I don't want that I I told Japan's batting -- donated. But it looks like -- -- -- -- -- clean up what. And -- and most important doesn't want to quietly went about her on the that's right you're probably don't support it. But I think it's important that is and it would open up. How did how did guy stay with it for such a long period of time current I mean you you've heard this debate still -- been going on. For years it was a real strong contingent of many supporters out there that no matter what many did they would back -- at the you know 100%. And yet. Never know they never do what we have to do what we went through and he ever it is every sort of focus our -- -- Do you watch any literate -- that bigger fish -- because we responsibility up about it you know if you don't. Well where situations where other players get -- course that's something we don't know more about it that -- -- complications. It would make it pretty adamant extort it was like say if you picked up slightly you have to get as well. Right see I also think though that -- In many cases when it it's not that extreme. As the -- he's -- in other cases media will take -- aside fans will take aside but really. It doesn't disrupt anything unless the players in the club house suddenly feel the -- -- deal with a player once that happens it's over. That's it. As you can you can Jennifer said you guys get -- as a group against the media against the -- sometimes it's great motivation for. But that that they are the best site for the first time their chairs the player sort of a chance. -- But but this situation that was. -- yeah. You voted off the yeah. Good points especially sort what was brought into the box and all sorts for -- reporters. He even though we don't go to post players -- it appears to prepare disrespectful. And purpose I'm happily. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eddie and I think it was the result what what -- pretty well everybody would have ordered some years ago. -- But how difficult was also four for David Ortiz who people think you know he immunity it's such such you know tight close best friends but he ended up being the spokesperson for many for a prolonged period of time that we frustrated. Didn't you know what and -- saw what was going on David it'll. Happy day in February. The 211. Event in our court had been a total sort that they. What is it that -- popular on the one of their respective spin right or wrong and respect and disrespect it would it would ever disrespect that you take. Even if that any disrespect him. I gotta tell you the I thought he showed. All of the whole story David Ortiz we have done in the Pataki he seemed to be. Very frustrated with Manny although -- and that thing had a fairly typical for him. They were still hit that night I know that's what I'm saying it's it's amazing that. We did. -- are likely to -- what you guys are there any change. There's generally a 20% -- like that. I gotta tell you. Since he's left I have heard so many stories and obviously since you can't confirm them and get first person accounts of them. You can't sit here -- go on the radio or write a minute in the newspaper the strongest in the you can't do that but if if if 10% of what I'm hearing. Ours are naturally it's it's some of these things are are are frightening. A disrespectful much -- to the players the other players but other people that are that are that working around him and I'm -- -- -- is eventually going to come out I gotta believe that. -- Is what I haven't -- -- cricket it's -- Europe and the biggest was suspended have been. I'll probably payroll for their -- support to a -- about not he should be okay I'm the last person or at least it's -- But -- rightly belong in August but I I would -- and I was a member of this family. And I saw it in any particular part of Portland in April and saw any post and don't put our big guys that play. Crucial roles might change towards the marquee players. Over the -- that would this respected the most because the doubles players ever practical -- and little. 2 -- you're acknowledging played opened up until okay. I don't -- stick at all -- any. Well that's a way out or get there because there -- superstars get away at the -- only connectors in Paris I'll select a role player you gotta be good soldier your role player yeah yeah and any kind of noise at all you're gone. You know people -- -- -- their respects the English actually like to recycle. You first look at every guy guarding you elect orchestrated his original hospital which in the lineup going to turn -- -- night. Doors there earlier written orders that's got to get other -- Giricek or you know what. Which earlier tonight. It's like you know. Are trying to the Internet without players. Goal were already you know -- like one duty well short tomorrow much as a player not going to find out what it would -- But certainly. I know guys are focused on what they're doing right now and obviously the team's done quite well with the without many. But do you believe there are a lot of players that are -- what they pick up the paper or watch ESPN sports center every night and he -- any stealing bases all. That mean he's winning games that they did you know that that -- rate it it cities that he's out there playing it right now and it doesn't seem to be hammy problem. Well I don't know about -- I think they've both Italian as an everyday player automatically. What you epic gold medal in every technical support politically you don't spend a lot of hurt him or thereabouts so like -- If it if I wouldn't say that I think probably disappointed more than -- think -- don't think about it. We are at what was whether it was a a apparently there it was a very soft. Just it was very kind very. Well but without -- since there -- as we know what. Any you know it was always kinda nice but almost arbitrage up the next -- -- don't trust him one out now and that well. Are you don't -- -- -- off bad it's that whole thing was -- give Theo credit you know being under the gun to get a player like Jason Bay and and really keep them from going to Tampa bay. I mean -- give the a lot of credit for that that. It would and what are I'd I'd been -- got a -- to benefit to Beijing typically I think you'd have been extremely to a point where I executed -- -- Break that Thomas after the table outside of respect at third all right I'm no matter what anyway. When he won -- -- like when it became -- lost the game. I can't even walk with the city in this environment that the way to interpret long if you get that you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I don't all the stuff was going down with Manny I'm a walk -- a -- -- picked -- a couple guys that I don't one response which is threw me for a -- that guys how bad is that I know. It was bad before but really how bad is it in all -- what's the meet only with. -- I live that there and that's all I hear it when I heard that I said okay I know exactly -- going like depleted at that bad listed column that's it. I didn't I think he I think what color but I know I've heard that -- -- luck -- -- again but what all of the all of disrespect to. It's -- -- UK or is just if it was -- out of order. Well I think I got the -- and walked away from the rest of the game. What salary years and they don't appreciate -- nobody else on the block and every day fortunate one to wonder if you have to play the game. -- million deal back there with them. Losing about. -- And it real short. And I always could occur in the car ahead. Colson never -- and Jackson he's never -- these. I was going to ask him to idea that you should apiece in the back this up in the neighborhood pinnacle -- apiece in the paperwork. He was up there at the NASCAR thing and obviously he's the campaign with the with McCain unicameral bodies in the Arizona Daze Jones jobs -- apparently did. There was some confusion and he was up there was Chanda and and McCain was there with with his wife Cindy. And apparently they get kind of mixed up little thing and she'll apparently walked away and grabbed the hand thought it was -- isn't so that was so indicated only got a lot in the president's first ladies. But I -- it was like gossip column I wanted to ask him but restricted and you never know whether that's that is. Is accurate but the.

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