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Aug 18, 2008|

Pats QB Tom Brady joins Felger and Zo to discuss his injury and the pre season

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-- let's go to the hotline here is a lack Felder and on the line. Tom Brady joining us from the New England Patriots -- time. Good morning that but I'm alone I gotta do look good doing great he'd be. That's what supplement what's happening man -- the -- Don't get there get there. Which I could have been out there last night but I have got their. So you're saying that it was more being maintenance thing and then a truly being hurt that. Well this kinda trying to -- marginally. Preceded it is important but. I think. -- -- to be ready for the regular season kick off so. I can be -- there would be out but I. It remains to be seen and and you know spent some time that we kick it and it treatment on it on the button and the opener respond quickly like he usually -- Not to belabor this too bad but is that something you've been dealing with for a while or is that a new injury for example -- is the same issue you have the superbowl. Not that they. Are totally different and -- -- the body and then wake. Up and injured. Without the thing on August 2 you pulled up after making one play I think during the -- the time which -- just pulled up after one plane went back in practice that day but. Is this the result of that day. No no -- I got kicked that it got kicked I think championships and election. Definitely get but it took twelve figure training camp is is physically demanding and at some things that come up in. Whether it be a foot or arm and a -- department he gave her good arm and it just trying to be smart. Trying to understand that the the -- he's so. Not to blog aggravate anything but not when you're what I'm not totally ready to go although I would like to be out there -- my teammate plan and trying to prepare that would that that I guess coach coach made the decision that's a smart thing to do right what's the idea body. A -- I'm actually not I'm trying to get a treatment this week in a feel better. Is it going to end up being up to coach what he wants to do. You know but I think he's been. Coach at all -- understand -- -- first and September what's going to import. Tom I think it's pretty evident you know well documented what you've gone through this offseason you know after the Super Bowl loss let's go back a year prior to that. You know you lose the AFC championship game out in -- after you had an eighteen point lead. These two offseason similar or was it just you know the Super Bowl the Super -- on this one. Was much more tougher than a year ago. Yes they were -- intimate like you'd you'd lose that left -- the channel it's it's awkward because if you are very competitive and we work of a long time to get that point and it's great to have the opportunity in those positions there's teams like the ball and belt -- one game last year and I certainly wouldn't want to -- that he and I'd much rather have the -- that we which. Last year with an incredible people -- -- right at the same time we didn't. We didn't. You know the goal that we set in defeat that we get accomplished so we came back the off season and the team I think it's worked very hard. And it's very demanding played for coach Belichick -- expectation that there. And training camp the off season program I'd have put been put the work it and hopefully we've we've got a lot of guys come back from the team last year we've. We -- some guys that hopefully can help it. Now we're going to fuel out here shortly and and I like a team I think what code ago that you. It's a very good teams that are as good teammate. Smart player top players. I think that the goal for which are bigger the particular team like that so I'm excited about -- You know I wish it shows a little bit more hit the first two preceding game but I. And that's okay because. Every team that's what can get better you can before don't repeat of that but really matter. I think the goal at the play good football. What you Whitney's interlude -- -- you want a well put on a good showing confidence for the year we got two weeks remain at the -- Tom what we -- recently is you all had a little internal ceremony. Where your season last year was commemorated the perfect. Regular season the AFC championship you've got some rings. For that and apparently is going to be a banner hung at Gillette Stadium for all the fans a seat commemorating the perfect season how do you feel about. Celebrating a season that ended not the way you want it. I think it's I think it's great you know lesson you learn you can control. How much effort you put and to what we do it and we it would put a lot at Purdue's collective -- -- We prepare better there was an incredible victory that we had. But but feel remembered because in the game that we all. And I understand that understand the reasons for that but it was still a great season that we we allow I was -- I expect that he's which is. About as many that I never experienced it once he's well. It's it's good to remember that because it's good to remember the good thing you do that well and I think it's cooler or the second team effort that an undefeated regular season. A lot of -- future Patriot is will be able to look at the -- Know that they're playing for team. Has. Accomplish like and and that the ball well if we can do that again. If any team could be that it's it's an incredible accomplishments well it deserves to be celebrated. I'd much rather have the Super Bowl. There are heading in both -- sixteen -- -- but I was with streaks special pretty cool it mister Kraft came up that idea. Tommy does have added depth across the board -- nice draft you know male looks good so far you picked up John Lynch here last week. But there's adjusting battle going on behind you obviously for the backup quarterbacks what I've been in that spot. You know where -- they've tried to bring young guys in a draft somebody a free agent. You've got a nice relationship Matt Cassel he's been around for three years how hard is it for you watch in this thing unfold. Not that you root for one guard the other how do you separate feelings -- towards each guy you know you get the new -- Kevin O'Connell and guys but a third round pick on. How do you approach that situation. Yeah I would all the quarterbacks and and watch about last night in the -- monkey Jack I don't even know what that was coming -- -- -- that was. So far from. From what I would watch and you know the quarterback but a lot of responsibility out there. I thought that was making good decision if you truly decisive with the -- whatever so perfect -- that. -- other -- that it happened so often anyway. I feel -- -- and practiced in the improvement you've made and I love what the I have a lot of confidence back. Like if -- in the preceded it does not show up there's a lot of movement part the -- lot of things were experimenting it well. I have a lot of confidence man I think back here and done a great job he was limited the last few weeks with you know we got hit last week in. And you know begged the shoulder a little bit but you can have -- okay. I really liked it up and his ability all the forward Kevin. I think it also got a lot of good things so. They the idea for the quarterback and eliminate a lot of bad play or entity that myself included. I like the -- of quarterback lead that was out there like the way they played effort they put him. -- very well coached. -- we looked at it another. I mean it's. I think it's for three guys that have -- but I was pretty unfair. Criticize. The way they were criticized good. They they really knew what what. That you mentioned conference I think that's one of the most important traits to the play that position. Go back to the Miami game of last year when you were taken out Matt came any through the thick. A lot of people breaking down body language and you've gone through the body language they were before getting on you two years ago about. I think we read too much into that but do you think Matt loss of confidence you know. When you were re inserted into the Miami game with a big lead. Yeah I mean I I think any of the one that you want to play you want to -- great. And -- every quarter perception is. Pro quarterback to. It's kind of want that you never wanted it. It that -- -- competent of that I don't know what about the effect that are now that they keep. It would it would also. You know the -- defeat but it. At the same time I think -- -- -- it -- about the next few weeks back if practiced very well well. He didn't get the opportunity late you know because I think against much closer. That. Added a -- off of player. I think he's got a great attitude. Book by the that's what got -- He wants to be a great player and I love that aspect about it. In a confidences. It's hard for any young player that but it Fortier to beatable extremely competent player but think that takes so long I think a lot of times on interceptions. -- an opportunity to come back out there and do better the next week you gain confidence so. I I liked my ability -- -- -- you work and I'm proud of the way that you are over on the book on the field regardless of what anybody -- Thomas utley talked about the first wicket camp -- I I found it interesting is want to bring up here because it's your first appearance. On the -- The issue of the offseason conditioning program and how. Over the ball that your career you've been one the leaders in that regard always got the parking spot as a result of it but. Always spent the most time here in the offseason or among the most of of anyone on the team and this year that change you stayed away you said you even care to compete. The offseason Award this year why the change for. Well Mike I think everything you know things happen in your life the chains and -- -- a lot I'm on the west coast so. -- tried to be out there as much I could. Outlook for family reasons and that's important like -- I was making sure I was. It condition and ready and prepared to play football. -- -- participate in the can't that we had. But that was good preparation for me and also going to my. You know. -- its tenth year I think it's center while I was only 99. I -- my night here. I think I don't know I need to do to prepare. So I'm going to be put to be in good shape but I commend yeah. -- -- -- What that looked like in May for the last five weeks have been it would match so. I feel like a good place I'm anxious. I'm making -- yeah. What. What we're going to be like only a few weeks. I had some how much of it is the burn -- factor and -- US at this stage of your career in this it was 31 New York. Do you have do can you grind it every day as hard. And out march April may as you did when you work 23 and and -- that's something you have to sort of man is now going forward as well you've -- you know. Did you need a break in other words. Aren't. -- to need -- break what I don't think I would take -- much will break so. I was working out. Now what about it so I don't think it's on out I think it's just. It was that calm might. Life is such that. I'm on the west -- so. Toward could make cross country trips -- we pick and determine it took what coach early. In the offseason not commitment and as a -- back here but and he can't -- and then. She got a lot of confidence albeit very couldn't think you understand that it. -- apply and there's nothing that's going to get away if replay and it's like -- effort. And be in the tightly you don't want to be so. It's. I think that it would it would go off feet from the attic I got a lot of things accomplished that. I wanted to accomplish and now I'm back here apparently -- The great -- fourteen and and I hope that it is successful as we've had in the past. Dominant he says he's little nervous heading into the season because of the bar that's been set only about a team but by the coaching staff. You know haven't this guy around you talk about how to different you know this pre season as opposed the last where he nearly participate walker was new. Now you get all these guys healthy and in there there your -- to them every day he -- Brady's nervousness heading into the season. You can call me as funny that we talked before it can happen you'd try to not from. I think -- against Florida. And he -- He said -- I'm nervous this ballistic. You know if a player. And teaching and phenomenal shape. Ready to go and I think the end I think nervous and anxious and I think boats that. Catch -- kinda describe. You know what he's. How how exciting he gets when he's. Get ready to play so I think he's gone four games you -- I think he just anxious to go up there perform at. He had a lot of ability of every time he takes the field that you're gonna go on top well. I love being with the big unit phenomenal player in the phenomenal person. Carried a perfect teammate he just. He felt going to be out he's got a great excitement in the game the other let's play it. And now that the performance. As well and keep players that played okay so I love that on this team. Have you guys done any thing internally Tom symbolically. To get over. The Super Bowl loss tonight I just remember just summit jumps in my head is the first year you started in 2001 -- was your first loss. You go down to Miami to kill -- you guys come back and -- Mary's that game ball in the ground the practice field out back of the stated to us about -- put that thing behind you. If anything similar like that with that Super Bowl game. No I think part of it is just dealing with an acceptable what happened Arafat then moved forward and hope you don't want to do it that's one thing but. Complete -- Mike I don't think they. One off and connect any effect on what we do go forward that it really doesn't. Last years season win or walks. In that last game it would have nothing to do with disk we've gotten clearance and their schedule that new challenge. You know an optional used to work as adept at one effect on the fees and then. And a -- beginning so I think this team has worked however I think our coaching in. The best couple weeks and our preparation will be at the props and anybody because I've been around here so. We're going to want to -- we're going to brought them close as we can that we can I think in the same -- that we approach last season. We're going to close -- -- because I think that -- now might not work perfectly but it was true. -- trying to brought to our approach every day like. It's one step in the preparation for the game that week in the -- gain -- just. Just like one Sunday because the next doesn't affect. If we lose again on under the policy but the ones that go to. I don't know it just means we lost a lot from those mistakes. And we don't look at what the team did but we will poignant because that open next game. It's going to emulate what a lot of achieved literature and watched I think in the six okay what did the Giants do. Offensively be cup and Busch teams to stop this could could be Patriots and we're going to total -- -- look at -- if a team's approach. It wouldn't be trying to correct order. -- with the -- so. And that's part of this game as part of every year every -- -- transition that you coaches leave players leave that we use -- so. I just hope we brought got -- the same approach that we ticket and -- and I'd look out approach except that it was there. Don't sit here and ask you about earlier skill people offensively you know through camp who excites you -- -- more concerned with the deep sense of the new guys you mentioned you know replacing it's not they. Out there in a corner spies guy a veteran like Fernando Bryant or is it Wheatley is it is it will height. You're if you go against these guys and seven on 7-Eleven 1111 blitz pick up. Who are out there makes your eyes pop you know you don't want got defence -- -- it is the -- your week once -- this guy's got a shot contribute big time defensively. Well liked what those guys compete associate corner it's a very competitive position approach right now so Fernando put veteran he's. Played a lot he's extremely competitive. We believe this first you're but it obvious. I mean why you distracted so I got great quickness. -- accused of those smart player. I think that quarterback position Ellis is I was compete as far as anybody works hard as anybody. That you have Rodney and James Sanders and their whether John Lynch now elk. I think at second don't want this product group they're really going to group throughout the course -- the season. Challenge particularly in -- because they're trying to shuffle guys in and out gave guys opportunities to compete for the job. Another guy who will play together so often well. I'd love to see what that's like they cut the other way when it kind of be like I think they are all very -- that they all have different strengths so. -- the strength of our defense has been for a lot Comedy Central line which Richard. Tiny jar with. That. Yeah a billion in group. In effect -- at -- It's a strong broken -- seventh that a bad about that these fences. We're where that competition between ligaments were so far but I don't competition being double that never. Well when those jobs they're going to have on 'cause you know -- -- Bill Belichick coach speak offensive. If -- not. All the things that you -- you'd be. Now some people raised the issue that one of the reasons you didn't play last night is because. There's not a tremendous lot of faith in keeping you -- with some injuries that you've had on the offensive lines of the mix and match nature. Of how that looks especially at this time of year but. Also given light out and meal out of such. Any truth to that do you still have confidence in the guys up front. You know I got a lot of -- that god could. I think. The commitment again. Coach go to Mexico take coaching you would be a part of this team repeated comfortable so if if you're out -- to step -- -- -- -- -- we appreciate it more suitable. The coach has confidence that you could become a competent and he would be out there if you are confident that I'd have confidence and the great part about playing in. Quarterback fourteen to collect the word a word about. Collect I spoke out about the right guard spot it was about he dropped the bat make partly on the ball and I brought temple I don't always do the right thing I don't always do it below the hole just like they built -- That's what to be expected but at the same time you could still make it successful. This could. We don't block guys seven seconds back there that's okay -- we don't need like seven seconds. I'm not I would about the last night couldn't make the trip could not put them about it. I'm excited what I'd do get out there that. But the -- -- play very well cause they're they're well coached and and they take a lot of pride in what they do so. We have seen what they go to a lot of things we need to do to improve on which about it last few weeks. On the try to get out there and helped improve. -- just to close the circle on that fourth at that or regular season game. Last night you're playing right. It'd take reluctant for any truth to not be out there so yeah. Now want to be up there -- -- takes feel -- -- but I can't it's the coach's decision not to put out there so. I listened to him for the most part. And and hopefully I'll Mabel you know get up there soon. Okay straight out the -- -- top thanks so much for taking the time had to next Monday see -- Radio on decency.

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