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D&H with Dan and Elizabeth Rose

Aug 15, 2008|

Dan Rose, who beat cancer, ran the entire 192 miles of the Pan Mass Challenge (a bike race!) to inspire those affected by cancer. Dan is also joined by his wife Elizabeth as they talk to D&H.

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Joining us in our in our studios here at Fenway Park is so our latest guest Dan roses with a stamp first -- thank you for being with a -- -- and like and Elizabeth. It's lovely wife is here as well -- was diagnosed with non hodgkin's lymphoma in 2003. Wiley was being treated he decided. Did almost sounds like one of these pacts with -- god you know -- -- get through this -- if I survive this thing something like that. I want to do something to inspire other people who are going through. So on July 30. I can't be right that there's no way you started on July 30 and finished on August -- -- that is correct he had better -- that I did so my -- -- incorrect. When did you start it was a vote. 4:45 in the morning on Wednesday July 30 I started running mid -- that's what you didn't finish August 1 yeah it takes that long to run a 192 miles. Says that that's a funny thing now that's clearly weights no not it would go back to you ran -- you -- basically 200 miles in. Two days the end of the two and a half days it worked out some numbers once -- a journalism. So wait a minute we're off the year deal sit home one out 200 miles that's crazy goes well. It's only a 192 if you look at it definitely not all what they ask you take off those eight -- no wonder it only took two very bad day you have to 200 you know maybe that's a three day process but 192 that's. I can -- that's manageable form din became as far as we know the only person. Crazy enough to run the pan mass challenge course I mean I think those people on bicycles or doing something unbelievable you ran the whole thing. Right in the point was was basically to inspire you know being official myself. Getting out you know I had a treatable disease foreman on Hudson's and Salma I got out -- I'm in a lot of friends in there you know like earlier today has -- stand on. Just and I was lucky in when I walked out of it you know the hospital for last time it was a huge sense of responsibility human shields to trying to back him I'm not a rich -- don't have any political sway but. I do a lot of determination and I had Dan Rose two point -- -- dirty -- -- right says just do even end and sell -- at night you know -- run marathon before but I never anything longer than that. In a little crazy dream when I was thinking of how I give back on the most on the highest level to inspire. In a -- -- mass Chandra might just have to make a run. The Liz the Elizabeth what did you think when you heard about this idea in this this mission that there was -- That's inspiring that is such a big game but he worked at it every day for years -- reading -- half miles every night you know 4050 miles every Saturday. So that they -- it was amazing but the every day. Pieces where amazing awesome. -- you guys have been married how long Elizabeth. Too much. Two months two months and every night he says sorry honey I gotta put the shoes on because I'm going out -- run. Yeah he ran in a hundred mile race that weekend before we got married and then the week after we got back from many many did the same south. He's been working harder than it run on the wedding there. I don't know. Or did you run on the way to go away and maybe -- -- it yourself finally let now that was my little rest period and one makes in my legs -- -- terrier cross the -- and so I was an idea I was kind of half joking about you know one of those those. -- you make with guys in. But this really -- sound like that yes you know life and I knew -- you know when you're diagnosed is scary -- you have doctors in support of family and friends but you know a lot of -- internals late at night when -- -- in. You know like lance Armstrong's book was inspiring to me showing me he came back and was able to accomplish what he did. The Lance Armstrong as a professional athlete to begin with and you know it's great -- -- colon Jon Lester and Phil -- these guys. And they were great to be you know and in what -- side is being unique in my said he could maybe speak to more patience more personally as I'm just a regular dude I don't have anything special going on anywhere is athletically. In the fact that. I have heart and desire and knows -- to work at it for basically four years. Still accomplish this goal never gives up no matter. We had. Well it wasn't our show I think it may have been on glad show yesterday. We're talking about it earlier there was a woman who say when she was diagnosed with cancer. Her husband heard the word cancer and he was out. She was married for a month. Is out I'm wondering. Did did your diagnosis. Did change jury it didn't change your relationship and I'm I'm sure did that. How did it change your relationship my guess is a better question. You'll Elizabeth came in after after I was treated him or her the a year to master and and it was -- we talked a little little bit. You know. Basically hurt her warring you know the type of cancer I had was pretty aggressive cancer and it's one quickly I -- -- the -- very quickly so they were able to. Get -- give me through chemo. And because it's such an aggressive form if it was going to come back it was going to come back quickly so each month I went out and check if it was clear became less and less of the possibility of coming back in the day before it went on -- the pan mass run I had much for your checked up which was clean so. I think Elizabeth's comforted by the fact that it's it's clear in my hands but inside I mean I have so many more. Friends and patience left and they keep fighting for so that's sort of where my battle is now against Kansas not my own but. But he wears it on his sleeve it's a part of serious diseases -- every -- to remember -- and think of those friends. I think it's a part of them. See that same -- gone Michael -- had to take. Very similar if not don't knock your right and hard and I'll record ten commandments are low maintenance dressed and they're looking at -- TA if there's any if you're ever going to run for a 190 miles straight fifty. -- there's an old joke about about women who give birth. That if they could ever remember what giving birth was like nobody would ever have more than one kid soon they forget thankfully it's. Would you ever run the pan mass challenge -- again. I would not -- you know I know. Learning to run this kind of distance train myself I've I've sort of gotten comfortable with the -- I was running a hundred mile races but as a much more satisfying the reason why the -- -- wouldn't do unless of course. Anybody was to step up and say we'll donate 10000 dollars and and that Minnesota to consider again. Just grassroots organizing I was able to -- 7000 write this I'm pretty proud of that should any corporate sponsorship so. But but the hundred mile. Justice in my head as a lot easier to handle mostly because most of those races are run on dirt trails two in the mountains where. Ten masses of bike race it's on busy road with a lot of traffic in its asphalt. Seniors taught during the day it was serialized sections of -- Willis doesn't buy you win. You get did he come from both sides reflects off you know my feet were. Absolutely destroyed and about a hundred miles 120 miles just excruciating pain in the heat coming up from the pavement just makes it even more so. It was a lot of torture a lot of fighting in and 120 miles -- after what 26 hours of running actually passed out. And and and I need to -- our to come back to again and it was one of those moments were -- looked at the -- on us and -- need to be somewhere I'm supposed to be running a lot of people count on me. If this story's going to give the inspiration I want to give to patients I gotta get back out there fights. Through this that's that's that's that's a perfect -- since you've made this race sounds so fun for people. If people want to join you or if they want to learn more about it do you have a website. Where can make it over again I ran a great blog that was update all the way through it sort of tracks my training and I'm always going to help people out even if they're goes to run outside today. You know I've I've pretty much -- all the ins and outs of running at this point. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It'll come up this -- has run 192 dot Blogspot dot com but the Google search for run 192 and come up you'll see me UCL a links there's a great recap. My personal account of lot of photos up there right now -- for you guys -- going to -- -- Jimmy Fund -- website on there. And and it's it sort of the phrase is it was. It was a viral events -- -- -- words spread as I was doing it friends updating the blog -- that I discussed thousands and thousands of hits on it. That's just the way spread the word great a that the pan mass challenge has I mean hundreds if not thousands of volunteers this support system rights. I guess the what was the support to great advantage in it was a lot of logistics to. It together but I had to the crew vehicle which was my wife Elizabeth here my parents Stephen Jones Costello -- might want to really good friends Emilia. From college and they stayed with me about every five miles. -- meet up with them resume a lot of balls head back out -- let us early running and running -- -- if you keep going in my brother worked the overnight shift the first I think graveyard shift and you actually there when I passed us economy and -- safety so big thanks to Hammond. But it was that you're the -- his tires me by the end it was exhausting you know servers to probably sounds a long way to go and it was -- illogical as me finished it was a very excited. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The last 47 miles which is basically from side to -- and on the last day on the table it went by really fast and really easy. Knowing SSI was there hearing -- -- -- of all you know we're meeting patience along the way we -- meeting friends that had stories it to a following along on a blog and and that's sort of inspiration -- going and that's what keeps stations going hostile to his when they when they hear about you know inspirational stories. And now they keep fighting themselves -- the whole point of me doing this was to tell everybody give a little hope keep fighting this this how politics of folks are donating now. You know your money's not just going to researched their research is going to eventually. Leads a cheer for somebody like me and then somebody like me is going to interns go back out. And trying to achieve something to give back that way so to snowball effect turns into an Avalanche just -- you know donate twenty bucks a hundred bucks now it just keeps going and keeps giving back. -- we really appreciate you taking a few minutes to share your story with -- Elizabeth it was great to meet you as well congratulations thank -- -- -- wouldn't do it again neither -- -- -- but then I could Madonna once like you did tonight Dan -- his wife Elizabeth thank you both -- -- --

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