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Aug 15, 2008|

Judith and Larry Theriault stop by to talk to Dale and Holley. Both of these two great kids are very energetic and fun. Don't miss Larry's great song he wrote for D&H!

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I'm not gonna -- idea -- need a little cheering up after we talked to Colleen not because Colleen wasn't great to talk to she's an amazing woman. -- it was a little hard. Whenever I think of cheering up. I think at least it all yet because Larry and Judith stereo are artists -- as a party starts -- the it now about -- tell us about. Your Brothers TV debut with the TV star what is your friends say to you when you saw your brother in theory. And on the message tonight he said Adam. It was segment about the -- I'm going to spring training and it was all Larry Holmes and. You let yourself heard and their primary you've got right -- Larry and -- it -- -- been with -- before. I'll have had the pleasure of being Jimmy Fund event at the international where baseball and brought the house down. They are fraternal twins. They all have had issues with brain tumors Larry has -- they're both fifteen. Larry was allergic to -- so he has more after effects been in -- does that both have had some vision problems. But. They -- the two most of the people -- L and it is always a pleasure to visit with them. And now Larry in addition to the spring training you just went to Chicago for the weekend right. That's right how is that called Chicago -- incredible it was so. Cool going to Chicago I've never been at war with night of the Red Sox to take time. -- getting ready for the game to concede that he would. I really would like eight -- so much to them at Oxford. Doing this era it felt incredible. Ports of the players who came to say -- guys we. Have you -- Today. And we also saw. I heard Tim -- yes came violent act Dustin Pedroia I. They said playing well my -- All Saints came to visit basically it would be easier to just say basically everybody. Came Brian and and said -- and this is -- an annual thing that that the Jimmy Fund does with these kids where. They just hike in in this case it was worth 42 will via the doctors and nurses and chaperones and everybody else hey let's go to Chicago it now watch some -- there was. It was quite a scene there -- went over their last Friday right before there -- on the bus. Just the excitement you can feel it a lot of it is just bounces around. Looking forward to see the Red Sox plan that Saturday and fortunately the Red Sox won I mean you can't control what the team is going to do. The whole group is coming out there. You want to see the Red Sox when that was that Daisuke -- -- state and you guys do -- that's -- mean are you feeling in the -- and tell us about some things have been going through in the last years I've talked. Judah we'll start with him. I'm in doing grain and feeling -- last couple check ups have been good. And I am just loving summer. And summer and and looking Floyd to starting nineteen year in high school junior year on a screen Larry how are you are doing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On it doesn't really bother me because we've had it on a great adventures this year. And it's all thanks to people like you are raising this money. I always wonder because -- you guys have really gone down this road together. I mean you are fraternal twins so you're -- pretty close to begin with -- has this make you even closer Judith do you think. I definitely think it did because there -- times I can tell that. I just know what he's going through so like I understand how he's feeling like when he gets home going to keep letting. Boyer just not any day you know when he needs someone to talk to -- always company. Any road to a song masters he written you any new songs lately. I mean it's not only did you guys here -- -- -- I don't I stepped down the road Estes on populace here let's Eric now. That is -- and great play they say. -- And I've seen the dial. They. That. Law is home means locked it up that crowd. Am in my well the and and in. -- it means. And -- made no. Game. Well I and and you're out yet. Be out today. -- -- -- -- Day. Literary they're grown. Everything had a big finished after I had already paid this -- and get it. Larry got that is the first time someone has written a song about me that that is not profane and. I really every -- that man and our thank you very much you know. By the way you'd and I told to this before you -- really nicely got a great ploy. Oh you knew instinct pretty well -- -- your singing voice is good news is -- -- and now are all now guys. That you maybe get to where. The next time you guys that would come back next year in the can add to that the hello Michael song -- Let next year you're okay that you get her to -- Larry. -- and you might have to start working on now. -- are writing an apartment his sister c'mon now -- Now we already know how enthusiastic Larry was about about making these trips to to tell me what it's meant for you in the past when. You've been able to go away and do something with with the other kids from the Jimmy Fund. -- It's just been it was just really special. Because he just get to spend time went. A lot of the other kids and they understand. Kids from homes are really down. Understand even though they say they do. -- -- million and they try to they try to it's not that you know tried to they do but the agents don't get and it's also that you can goalie and have fun with friends and they don't. Always ask like how you doing. Is you know -- odds and have fun and -- Is is the difference being that was wonderful. -- you guys had a different experience last year. You were able to meet Curt Schilling after coming on the show here what was that like a meeting with Kurt is also. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OIQ. Now. He never -- on board game. We went like that it. And the ball hard. Not doing so well. I've begging and we hope you get real matters. The Red Sox could say about you don't. -- -- -- -- met with you guys on a day he was pitching yes. That is very unusual I mean not to record but that's the major -- writers in general don't dont usually do that. I mean maybe they can get zoned in on what they have to do so you guys had a chance to meet -- that yet Chancy game. Loss so. And you enjoy your time at Fenway calls -- -- totally love playing the Yankees. Back right I forgot it was a Yankees game was an. Well at the highlight for both of us last year was what does that Kirk called in when when Larry -- -- -- -- with us and and and in fact I think -- just finished -- again when when -- called in and invited them to to join him. And we got to look at -- -- right out never forget it and you were yeah. You're up anything off the floor. I couldn't believe it. -- It probably doesn't take a lot though to get him pretty wrapped up as a unit. Now I think he's pretty revved up most of the time. And anyway is that like this to -- yeah this admittedly not a gradually and gradually build up to but he does the -- and he's going I think mainly kept thinking okay all the time. And see him I won't even askew while askew. Have you ever had a bad day. At every negative speculation. That's the kind. Whether that is that is the way got to go through life. Well it is always one of the highlights of of our year when we get to visit we -- we got to see each other several times in the last year the way. Things have worked out of the international by the way your speech. Was really good -- LU guys said they spoke it -- Jimmy Fund event at the international. And and I'm telling you they brought down I would not want to have to go on after -- -- not -- -- an actual problem I thought how long did you guys work on that. If you would go back and forth then it's up and they -- yeah. I think -- daylight we practiced throughout the week see the big. -- and I really wanted to get it down. Because like what we're doing here we really are trying to help raise money for cancer. It is true we really want to make sure that no more kids that can't. That's a pretty good goal. Judith it's great to see you again you look you right Larry then its your looks heroic it is always -- -- you went and thank you are song the song as well. And that's on by the way we got that thing on tape it will live forever we're going to be. Play and that thing. I gotta write it now which it'd just be our Capello or should do you want some music to a company that's on you tell us yet artistic director. Our version of me -- remixes the. Larry great to see it cute it's great to see him thanks you guys yeah oh that is Judith and Larry -- area there. They are some of our favorite people here on the dale and Holley show and I got a feeling somehow that song may appear again before this party on I think radio on is over somehow I think yeah. Folks will get an opportunity that to tune in and and hear that one more time.

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